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Supported Languages

Leanpub supports a number of languages for book production. This is in part thanks to the great feedback we get from authors, especially those who are the first to write in their language on Leanpub.

If you don't see an example book for a given language in this list, then you may be one of the first people to write a Leanpub book in that language! If so, please let us know if you run into any issues and we will do our best to resolve them and improve the experience for you and future Leanpub authors.

If you would like to help translate your book's landing page so it can be presented in your language, please contact us at and we will set up a file in our repository of translations of Leanpub for you to contribute to on GitHub. You can also help improve existing landing pages if you have any suggestions by submitting a pull request with your proposed changes.

Language ISO 639-2 Code Localized in Storefront? Example Book
Afrikaans afr Yes Tyd om Alleen te Reis
Albanian alb No PHP dhe MySQL për fillestarë
Arabic ara Yes اختراق تطبيقات الويب
Armenian arm No
Azerbaijani aze No
Baluchi bal No
Basque baq No
Belarusian bel No
Bengali ben No আকাশ কেন ডাকে
Bosnian bos No
Burmese bur No
Catalan cat No TEORIA DE LES LIMITACIONS (TOC) Conceptes Bàsics i Presa de Decisions
Cebuano ceb No
Chinese chi No Rails 101
Croatian hrv Yes WPB3 - Wordpress na Bootstrapu 3.x
Czech cze Yes USA Trip 2016: Cestovní deník
Danish dan No
Dutch dut Yes Fotozoektocht door Lier
English eng Yes R Programming for Data Science
Esperanto epo No Mallonga Trajnvojaĝo
Estonian est No Maksuvabad kulud ettevõttes
Filipino fil No
Finnish fin Yes Kaukamoinen
French fre Yes Le Guide Ultime et Zen de Max for Live
Galician glg No paseniño
Georgian geo No
German ger Yes Webentwicklung mit Zend Framework 2
Greek gre No Ο Προγραμματισμός της Διάδρασης
Gujarati guj No
Haitian hat No
Hausa hau No
Hawaiian haw No
Hebrew heb Yes מיחשוב ותיכנות מערכות מרובות-ליבות
Hindi hin No Agile Kids - Hindi Edition एजाइल किड्स मेरा बॉस कौन है?
Hmong hmn No
Hungarian hun Yes Laravel Tesztelés Egyszerűen ( Magyarul!)
Icelandic ice No
Indonesian ind Yes Seminggu Belajar Laravel
Irish gle No
Italian ita Yes Laravel: Code Bright (IT)
Japanese jpn Yes Everyday Rails - RSpecによるRailsテスト入門
Javanese jav No
Khmer khm No ធ្លាក់ក្នុងអន្លង់ស្នេហ៍ (Crush Series)
Korean kor No 개미 수열을 푸는 10가지 방법
Kurdish kur No
Lao lao No
Latin lat No
Latvian lav No Maroka
Lithuanian lit No
Macedonian mac No
Malagasy mlg No
Malay may No
Malayalam mal No പുതുക്കിയ ബജറ്റ് പ്രസംഗം 2016-2017
Maltese mlt No
Maori mao No
Marathi mar No
Mongolian mon No
Nepali nep No
Norwegian nor Yes Bjørnen og løva
Nyanja nya No
Persian per No
Polish pol Yes Agile w praktyce
Portuguese por Yes Laravel: De Aprendiz a Artesão
Punjabi pan No
Romanian rum Yes Cugir
Russian rus Yes Laravel: Code Bright (RU)
Scots sco No
Serbian srp Yes Laravel: Code Bright (SR)
Sinhala sin No
Slovak slo No Produkt rýchlejšie
Slovenian slv Yes
Somali som No
Spanish spa Yes Laravel: Code Bright (ES)
Sundanese sun No
Swahili swa No
Swedish swe Yes Riv pyramiderna igen
Tagalog tgl No
Tajik tgk No
Tamil tam No
Telugu tel No
Thai tha No Git สำหรับโปรแกรมเมอร์
Turkish tur Yes Laravel: Code Bright (TR) Türkçe
Ukrainian ukr No Веб-розробка з Python та Django для Початківців
Urdu urd No
Uzbek uzb No
Vietnamese vie No Git Basic
Welsh wel No
Yiddish yid No
Zulu zul No