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Leanpub has a podcast series in which we interview authors about their careers, their interests, their books, and their experiences using Leanpub. It's a great resource for learning about who our authors are and why they chose to publish on Leanpub.


We have a blog where we post news about Leanpub, descriptions of new features and updates, transcriptions of our podcast interviews, and the occasional guest post.


Check out the Lean Publishing Manifesto to learn about why Leanpub exists.


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Leanpub Brand Assets

Leanpub Logo Usage

Please Do Any of These Things:

  • DO: Link to the Leanpub homepage
  • DO: Link to your Leanpub Book, Bundle, Course or Track page
  • DO: Use the Leanpub logo in a blog post or news article about Leanpub

Please Do Not Do Any of These Things:

  • DON'T: Use the Leanpub logo in your product or app logo or icon
  • DON'T: Make a modified version of the Leanpub logo
  • DON'T: Change the aspect ratio of the Leanpub logo
  • DON'T: Add your own text to the Leanpub logo

Leanpub Logo FAQ

Q. Which is the Leanpub logo? The in-progress book icon, or that plus the "Leanpub" text?

A. The Leanpub logo is just the in-progress book icon. However, we often use it with the "Leanpub" text underneath.

Q. Which is the Leanpub logo trademark? The in-progress book, or the in-progress book plus the "Leanpub" text?

A. The Leanpub logo trademark is that of the in-progress book itself, without "Leanpub" attached to it. This is a registered trademark.

Q. But I saw your logo in Font Awesome!?

A. The Leanpub logo is proudly in Font Awesome. This is true of many fine corporate logos which are registered trademarks. (Yes, this is actually our logo which was added to Font Awesome. No, we didn't get our logo from Font Awesome!) So, if you are using the Leanpub logo in accordance with the Leanpub Logo Usage guidelines, you can also use the version which is in Font Awesome for these purposes.

Leanpub Trademark

Leanpub and the Leanpub logo are registered trademarks of Ruboss Technology Corporation.

The Leanpub logo is that of book with a progress bar in it, i.e. an in-progress book, representing Lean Publishing.

Leanpub is built to enable Lean Publishing. Lean Publishing is the act of publishing an in-progress ebook using lightweight tools and many iterations to get reader feedback, pivot until you have the right book and build traction once you do.