Accessibility is important to us at Leanpub, particularly with regard to electronic and information technology, as we are a web-based platform that helps people create, purchase, and read ebooks and online courses.

Our ebooks are all free of DRM for a number of reasons, including accessibility. This means our ebooks can be read with a variety of assistive technologies, without any artificial constraint imposed on the use of those technologies. Our ebooks are also typically available in a variety of formats, including the PDF format, which many people are accustomed to reading using assistive technology.

Our online courses use web-based technology that can be used with a variety of assistive technologies. Also, authors who provide videos along with their written course content, can use text-to-speech technologies to provide high-quality automatically-generated transcripts of their video content.

Ebooks and online courses created using Leanpub’s workflows are written in plain text and based on an open standard, which makes them easier to create and edit. When people write Leanpub ebooks and courses, they can do so using their own plain text editing tools. In addition, we support a number of different writing modes, to suit authors’ preferences.

We produce professional transcriptions of our podcast episodes, so they are available to people who are unable to listen to them.

Finally, disabled individuals can use a number of assistive technologies to obtain and use information from our website. We impose no restrictions ourselves on the use of such tools for reading Leanpub content, although we cannot promise that every tool a user tries to use will be compatible with all of our content.

While we do have limited development resources, we try to be very responsive to requests for features and improvements from readers and authors alike, and we welcome any suggestions regarding accessibility, which may be sent to our team at