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    Leanpub is the best way in the world to write a book. This is especially true if you're publishing an in-progress computer programming book, but you'll find all kinds of books here.

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    We're building the best publishing workflow in the world. Sign up now and help us create the future of publishing, as Leanpub for Publishers evolves with your feedback.

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    Leanpub empowers authors to support their favorite causes directly, by automatically sharing their royalties via our Leanpub for Causes program.

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Introduction to Lean Publishing

In this video from TOC 2013 in New York, Leanpub cofounder Peter Armstrong explains the definition, origins and practice of Lean Publishing, which is the idea behind Leanpub

Introduction to Markdown and Markua

In this video from Books in Browsers 2014, Peter Armstrong explains why Markdown is a great way to write ebooks and why Leanpub is specifying Markua, its Markdown dialect.