Agile and Lean Program Management cover page
Agile and Lean Program Management

Agile and Lean Program Management

Scaling Collaboration Across the Organization

Scaling agile or lean projects to a program is difficult. Dictating to a program doesn’t work. What does? Autonomy, collaboration and exploration. Learn how to become an agile and lean program manager or become a valued member of a program team and collaborate across the organization.

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About the Book

Are you a program manager trying to coordinate many projects across your organization? Are you part of a software team, waiting for the software, hardware, or marketing to be ready? Or, are you are part of the core team, in HR, Marketing, DevOps, or some other group in the organization wondering, “When will this product be done?”

Learn to select the most pragmatic agile and lean approaches for your program. Increase your product’s business value, reduce your risks, and release faster. Establish a rhythm for your program, reduce work in progress, and see where you are missing key players. Provide autonomy for feature teams, a collaborative and exploratory environment across the organization to realize business value. Everyone on your program will be able to answer the question, “When will this program be done?”

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