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Who is agile? Volume 1


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Who is agile? Volume 1

A book of personal reflections on journeys where people stumbled on agile.

Who is agile? Volume 1 cover page Edit
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About the Book

In 2011, the agile manifesto turned 10 years old. Some of the agile methodologies are even 5 to 10 year older. In the agile world, we pay a lot of attention to the people in the teams. Thanks to mailing lists and social media, agile leaders are very approachable. Yet we don't know them. This book gives you access to learn a little more about agilists. You will find all kinds of people in this book, people who have been on the Agile Alliance board, Gordon Pask Award winners, Scrum masters, Scrum trainers, people who started movements, people who organized agile conferences, famous authors, hard core teammembers, etc.You will also read about people who don't consider themselves agilists. They are in this book because they have inspired agilists, and we dare to say that they actually agree with what we call an agile mindset.

All these people have 2 things in common: they are interesting people and they have remarkable stories.

Yves send them all the same set of questions and asked them to select an extra question from someone else.The answers have been posted on Yves' blog for a while. The book contains one extra answer, per person.

We have finished adding people to the book. It now contains answers from 89 people.

When we have finished and polished the book, we take a nice break and then start of Volume 2 https://leanpub.com/WhoisagileVolume2

(The "Who is" backlog contains +250 people, the order of publication is in order of answers received.)

These are the questions we asked:

What is something people usually don’t know about you but has influenced you in who you are?If you would not have been in IT, what would have become of you?What is your biggest challenge and why is it a good thing for you?What drives you ?What is your biggest achievement?What is the last book you have read?What question do you think I should also ask and what is the answer?What question of one of the co-authors do you also want to answer?Who should be the next person to answer these questions?

Have fun reading their answers.

Andrea Chiou, Peter Doomen, Marcin Floryan, Yves Hanoulle

Europe 2012

This is what other people say about the book:

Johnnos Nose: http://johnnosnose.blogspot.co.uk/2012/07/returning-to-who-is-agile.htmlJohanna Rothmann: http://www.jrothman.com/blog/mpd/2012/02/who-is-agile-a-book-on-leanpub.htmlShane Hastie from InfoQ: http://www.infoq.com/news/2012/02/agile-who-whoThe podcast: the agile revolution episode 31: http://www.theagilerevolution.com/episode-31-an-apple-a-day Vickie Gray: http://simplerulesandtools.com/2012/06/06/who-is-agile/Portia Tung: http://www.selfishprogramming.com/2012/04/28/who-is-agile/ScrumDesk : http://www.scrumdesk.com/the-book-who-is-agile/

Leanpub Interviewed Yves Hanoulle about the book and the service: http://blog.leanpub.com/2012/05/yves-hanoulle-podcast.html

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Table of Contents

  • What are people saying about the book?
  • Why the “Who is agile” book?
  • Who is Lisa Crispin?
  • Who is Laurent Bossavit?
  • Who is Ralph Miarka?
  • Who is Liz Keogh?
  • Who is Bob Marshall?
  • Who is Oana Juncu?
  • Who is David Harvey?
  • Who is Johanna Rothman?
  • Who is Chris Matts?
  • Who is Mary Poppendieck?
  • Who is Jonathan Perret?
  • Who is Jutta Eckstein?
  • Who is Don Gray?
  • Who is Rebecca Wirfs-Brock?
  • Who is Jerry Weinberg?
  • Who is Esther Derby?
  • Who is Gojko Adzic?
  • Who was Grant Rule?
  • Who is Yves Hanoulle?
  • Who is Mary Beijleveld?
  • Who is George Dinwiddie?
  • Who is Michele Sliger?
  • Who is Dale Emery?
  • Who is Elisabeth Hendrickson?
  • Who is Patrick Debois?
  • Who is Nicole Belilos?
  • Who is J.B. Rainsberger?
  • Who is Linda Rising?
  • Who is Vickie Gray?
  • Who is Dennis Stevens?
  • Who is Lyssa Adkins?
  • Who is Peter Saddington?
  • Who is Zuzi Sochova?
  • Who is Ola Ellnestam?
  • Who is Yvonne van der Laak?
  • Who is Shane Hastie?
  • Who is Jenni Jepsen?
  • Who is Jukka Lindstrom?
  • Who is Carlo Beschi?
  • Who is Joke Vandemaele?
  • Who is Steve Freeman?
  • Who is Niels Malotaux?
  • Who is Rashina Hoda?
  • Who is Alexey Krivitsky?
  • Who is Henrik Kniberg?
  • Who is Jean Tabaka?
  • Who is Kenji Hiranabe?
  • Who is Bjarte Bogsnes?
  • Who is Portia Tung?
  • Who is Naresh Jain?
  • Who is Brenda Bao?
  • Who is Patrick Wilson-Welsh?
  • Who is Dusan Kocurek?
  • Who is Joshua Partogi?
  • Who is Paweł Lipiński?
  • Who is Siddharta Govindaraj?
  • Who is Marcin Niebudek?
  • Who is Alan Cyment?
  • Who is Jez Humble?
  • Who is Ken Power?
  • Who is Maritza van den Heuvel?
  • Who is Michael Dubakov?
  • Who is Dhaval Dalal?
  • Who is Yuval Yeret?
  • Who is Alistair Cockburn?
  • Who is Bas Vodde?
  • Who is Elad Sofer?
  • Who is Vernon Stinebaker?
  • Who is Petur Orri Saemundsen?
  • Who is Rowan Bunning?
  • Who is Guy Nachimson?
  • Who is Xavier Albaladejo?
  • Who is Julien Mazloum?
  • Who is Israel Antezana?
  • Who is Sergey Kotlov?
  • Who is Asad Safari?
  • Who is Renato Willi?
  • Who is Gustavo Quiroz?
  • Who is Lv Yi?
  • Who is Vladimir Tarasow?
  • Who is Daniel Teng?
  • Who is Masa Maeda?
  • Who is Martin Alaimo?
  • Who is Agustin Villena?
  • Who is Ionel Condor?
  • Who is Sergei Sergejev?
  • Who is Maria Diaconu?
  • Who is Aslam Khan?
  • Who is Peter Armstrong?
  • Where are we?
  • What are we reading?
  • How do we connect?
    • The Agile Atlas
    • Agile Beer Drinkups
    • Agile Conferences Calendar
    • Agile Coach Camps
    • Agile Games Google Group
    • Agile Manifesto Translation
    • Agile+?
    • Awesome Coach of the Week
    • Agile Retroflection Of The Day
    • AmazingCompanies
    • Bathtub Conferences
    • Coaching Dojos
    • Coach Retreats
    • Coding Dojos
    • CodeRetreats
    • DevOps
    • Entaggle
    • Free Life Time Support
    • My Daily Thank You
    • PairCoaching
    • PairProgrammingParties
    • Play4Agile
    • Product Camp
    • Visualizing Problems Google Group
    • xALEc
  • What do we care about?
    • Norm Kerth Benefit Fund
    • Agile and Civic Engagement
  • What are we asking?
  • How can you contact these people?
  • Who made this book possible?
  • How to give feedback?
  • In what languages is this book translated?
  • Other books?
  • How many times was this book published?
  • How did we decide on the price for this book?

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