89 Hybrid Working Tips From Explorers
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89 Hybrid Working Tips From Explorers

About the Book

If there is anything positive about COVID19, it is that the whole world went working remote, without much preparation, and it work more or less ok. Luckily for us, there were many resources about remote work, as many companies have been experimenting with it. In this book I want to gather what we have learned since that period. With a special attention to hybrid work. How can we make hybrid meetings better.

This book will end up with 89 tips.

When you buy the book now, you will get updates. Here are the tips we already have

  • Host an engaging online review session with the 4Cs Map (Barry Overeem & Christiaan Verwijs)
  • Simultaneous eye contact in remote one-on-ones (Ivo Peksens)
  • Remote Amplifies and So Should You (Mark Kilby)
  • Make meetings meaningful (Joanne Perold)
  • Shift from managing things to spaces between them (Andrew Blain)
  • Facilitate Meetings (Petr Celestian)
  • Remote/Hybrid Governance (Tony Ponton)
  • Inclusive Hybrid Meetings (Dominika Bula)
  • Consider individual's preferences and feelings (Dominika Jakubkovič Sedláková)
  • Don’t try replicate face-to-face (Siddharta Govindaraj )
  • Intervisibility: a hybrid-working superpower (Judy Rees)
  • Work from a designated place in your home (Faiza Yousuf)
  • The Attention Flow of Hybrid (Lynne Cazaly)
  • Respect The key to a successful remote/hybrid collaboration (Jutta Eckstein)
  • We Need To Talk ... (Martin Van Aken)
  • Make time to connect (David Spinks)
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About the Editor


The Agile community knows Yves Hanoulle from his many contributions, such as the public Agile conferences Google calendar, his Agile Thursday Quiz, the coach retreats and conferences he’s paired to organize, daily coaching questions via @Retroflections, and the Agile Games Google group, just to name a few. He promoted PairCoaching, an idea which has been adopted by many agile trainers and coaches. He’s constantly learning, and passing on what he learns as a coach and trainer to organizations large and small.

A self-identified change artist and first follower, one of Yves’ unique qualities is that he gives free lifetime support on anything he does: every client, everything he writes and presents, every workshop he leads.

Yves believes in maintaining a sustainable pace both professionally and personally. Yves has parentpair programmed an android game with his 13 year old son www.anguis.be You can learn more about Yves at http://www.hanoulle.be/yves-hanoulle/, and find him on social media as YvesHanoulle.


Episode 2

Table of Contents

  • 1 Tips
    • 1.1 Host an engaging online review session with the 4Cs Map
    • 1.2 Simultaneous eye contact in remote one-on-ones
    • 1.3 Remote Amplifies and So Should You
    • 1.4 Make meetings meaningful
    • 1.5 Shift from managing things, to spaces between them
    • 1.6 Facilitate Meetings
    • 1.7 Remote/Hybrid Governance
    • 1.8 Inclusive Hybrid Meetings
    • 1.9 Consider individual’s preferences and feelings
    • 1.10 Don’t replicate face-to-face
    • 1.11 Inter-visibility: a hybrid-working superpower
    • 1.12 Work from a designated place in your home
    • 1.13 The Attention Flow of Hybrid
    • 1.14 Respect The key to a successful remote/hybrid collaboration
    • 1.15 We need to talk…
    • 1.16 Make time to connect
  • 2 Contributors
      • Andrew Blain
      • Barry Overeem
      • Christiaan Verwijs
      • Daphné De Troch
      • David Spinks
      • Dominika Bula
      • Dominika Jakubkovič Sedláková
      • Faiza Yousuf
      • Ivo Peksens
      • Joanne Perold
      • Judy Rees
      • Jutta Eckstein
      • Lynne Cazaly
      • Mark Kilby
      • Martin Van Aken
      • Petr Celestian
      • Siddharta Govindaraj
      • Tony Ponton
  • 3 Resources
  • 4 Library
  • 5 Versions
    • 5.1 The e-book
    • 5.2 The paper version
  • 6 Errata
  • 7 More from Yves Hanoulle

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