Who is using Clean… by Andrea Chiou et al. [PDF/iPad/Kindle]
Who is using Clean Language, anyway?
Who is using Clean Language, anyway?
Who is using Clean Language, anyway?

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Completed on 2015-08-09

About the Book

We, Andrea Chiou and Sharon Small, have created this book to help connect the community of people using clean language questions and methodologies to others using or interested in clean models and methodologies. We wanted to create a fun to read book filled with personal stories of how people came across clean and how it has changed their work and personal lives. And we also wanted to create a book with the potential to grow, which is how we came to use Leanpub.

Clean language practitioners and enthusiasts use a certain set of questions, called clean questions and a different way of listening to encourage independent thinking and discovery. There is a philosophy behind clean as well - one that holds a person’s experience and understanding of the world in highest respect with the intention of non-interference. We are taught a way of listening and asking questions that gives the person we are with complete freedom to have and own their own way of being without our suggestions, input or creative re-interpretations. There is more to it than this and our hope is as you read through the pages of this book that you will begin to see the difference being ‘clean’ can make for you and those you care about most.

Clean is practiced now in a very wide variety of professions and domains. This book will begin to give you a flavor of the breadth of its impact, from equine therapists, to small IT shops, to music teachers, to ISO 9000 auditors, and much much more. Clean is universal because it taps into our most innate desire for acceptance and connection and does so in such a respectful way.

About the Authors

Andrea Chiou
Andrea Chiou

I am an agile coach working in Washington, DC. I like to help increase understanding, communication, collaboration, workplace engagement, joy and compassion.  These include Clean Language, Non Violent Communication, The Core Protocols (for software teams), Temenos and more.  I blog about these interests as well as my personal journey in becoming a coach at www.adaptivecollaboration.com.  I edit/create the Who Is books because they contribute to this community and broaden the reach of these tools in a very personal way - through the stories of individuals whose lives these tools have changed. I've recently started my own company called, Connections At Work, LLC.

Sharon Small
Sharon Small

About Us

Sharon Small

Sharon is an internationally recognized Clean Language trainer and assessor. She has 13 years experience working in nuclear generation. Sharon has a degree in Psychology, is an NLP practitioner and certified in the MBTI.

Sharon has traveled far and wide over the past 10 years to bring some of the most innovative change and investigative work to the US, called Clean Language. She brings humor, insightfulness and new skills into the fields of therapy, coaching, management communication and investigative interviewing. Sharon has dedicated her mission to helping you gather good information so you can do great work.  She is a vibrant and engaging trainer with masses of energy. She is able to convey the “how to” of Clean in an accessible and friendly way. Questions? You can reach her at cleancoach@icloud.com

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