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Fun Retrospectives


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Fun Retrospectives

Activities and ideas for making agile retrospectives more engaging

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About the Book

On this book, we provide you a tool set of activities to transform a group of people into an effective team. Keeping the participants amused and providing a setting where they can reflect, discuss and have fun is fundamental to continuously improve. The catalog presented here is composed by a set of activities, each one appropriate for different contexts and teams. There are Energizers, activities to start off any meeting and getting people to know more about each other. You will also find activities for defining ground rules and getting a team started, which we call Team Building Activities. On other contexts, maybe when running a Retrospective or a Futurespective, you will want to measure the participants' engagement and understand more about their feelings, for which case Check-in activities are suitable. 

To the extent you want to be a part of engaging people deeply and fully with fun and effective activities, you will yourself be invited into a journey of reflection and self-discovery. With this in mind, in this book we go deep into some of the activities and ideas for applying high engagement to typical retrospectives and similar meeting settings.

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Table of Contents

  • Introduction
    • Planning
    • Agenda Structure
      • Setting the Context
      • Prime Directive
      • Energizer
      • Check-in
      • Main Course
      • Filtering
      • Check-out
      • Next Steps
  • Activities Catalog
    • Energizers
      • Punctual Paulo
      • Geographic Location
      • Visual phone
      • One Two Ping Four Pong
      • Forming Triangles
      • Zip Zap Zoom
      • Balloon Battle
      • Untangle Yourselves
    • Check-in
      • Safety Check
      • Creating Safety
      • ESVP - Explorer, Shopper, Vacationer, Prisoner
      • Happiness Radar
        • Happiness Radar for a Timeline
    • Building Teams
      • Defining the Team Vision Statement
      • Collaborative Product Vision
      • That Guy & This Guy
      • General Behavior Activity
      • Clear Trade-off Sliders
      • Role Expectations Matrix
      • Peer Introduction Game
      • Defining the Team Principles
      • Ground Rules
      • Defining Nirvana
      • Token of Appreciation
    • Retrospectives: Looking Back
      • Peaks and Valleys Timeline
      • Empathy Snap on Big Hitter Moments
      • Repeat/Avoid
      • Speed Car
      • Hot-air Balloon
      • Anchors and Engine
      • WWW: Worked well, kinda Worked, didn’t Work
      • KALM - Keep, Add, More, Less
      • Open the Box
      • The Story of a Story
      • Problems & Actions
      • Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down, New Ideas and Acknowledgement
      • Timeline Driven by Feelings
      • Timeline Driven by Data
      • FLAP: Future direction, Lessons learned, Accomplishments and Problem areas
      • Dealing with Failure - FMEA
      • DAKI - Drop, Add, Keep, Improve
      • The 4 Ls: Liked, Learned, Lacked, Longed For
      • The 3 Ls: Liked, Learned, Lacked
      • Starfish
      • Small Starfish
      • CAPT – Confident or Apprehensive x People or Tech
      • PMI - Plus, Minus, Interesting
      • Lessons Learned - Planned vs. Success
    • Futurespectives: Looking Ahead
      • Defining and Finding the Path to Nirvana
      • Pre-mortem Activity
      • Speed Car - Abyss
      • Plan of Action
      • Future Facebook Posts
      • Risk Brainstorming and Mitigation
      • Hot-air Balloon – Bad Weather
      • Letters to the Future
      • RAID – Risks, Assumptions, Issues and Dependencies
      • The Catapult
    • Filtering
      • Dot Voting
      • Plus Minus Voting
      • Most Likes and Dislikes
      • Tell and Cluster
      • Fishbowl Conversation
      • Into the Graph Feasible x Useful
    • Check-out
      • Feedback and Return on Investment
      • Grade It Please
      • Learning Scale
      • Who-What-When Steps To Action
      • Insights and Learning
      • QCon Quick Feedback on Talks
  • Closing Thoughts

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