Thrive with The Hive (Thrive with The Hive)
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Thrive with The Hive

"A practical guide to service excellence with lessons from nature’s most powerful business organisation – The Beehive"

About the Book

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She takes a look at the importance to a successful business of its customers.  She uses a powerful analogy from Nature, describing the work of the humble Bee and its ultra efficient work ethic.  

Beehives are fascinating, well-oiled machines; the similarities with the running of a business and the running of the Hive are incredible. Adapting some of their work ethic and re-focusing businesses to create a real service culture throughout their organisation is the key to success during those challenging time.

This practical guide is The Busy Queen Bee's very own view of delivering exceptional customer service and will focus on 10 helpful steps “Buzz” to follow to provide your internal the tools to deliver exceptional customer service to your external customers, ultimately creating an unforgettable experience:

  • Assess
  • Develop
  • Train
  • Measure
  • Act
  • Feedback
  • Consistency
  • Value
  • Loyalty
  • Service Culture

She calls it "The Customer Service Waggle Dance", 10 steps to follow for Successful Customer Centric Businesses; to start changing the delivering of the service to actually providing, consistently, their customers with an unforgettable experience every time they walk through their doors.

About the Author

Claire Boscq-Scott
Claire Boscq-Scott

Claire has over 25 years’experience in the hospitality and tourism industry and is fully committed to high standards, customer care, service delivery and service excellence.

Originally from France, Claire has worked all over the world, including the EPCOT Centre in Orlando, Florida, the UK, France and Jersey.

She set up her own business in 2009 and, today, is the only Jersey, Guernsey, Isle of Man and Isle of Wight provider of unique and tailored services specialising in customer experience, customer service support, mystery shopping and customer insight.

Claire was awarded by The Institute of Director, Jersey Branch, Director of the year in 2014, for Small Business. And was also finalist in the Small and Medium sized Enterprise of the year, at the Award for Enterprise 2014.

Claire has become The Busy Queen Bee. The idea being that the queen bee is the head of the hive and when all of her worker bees (her mystery shoppers) return to the hive aftercollecting the pollen (performing the mystery shopping visits)she can collate the data in order to present a detailed report to her clients.

Claire's vision is to inspire businesses to thrive and grow their profitability by providing exceptional customer experiences and ultimately grow the local economy.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
    • About Moi
    • About the Book
  • BEE the change
    • Change: Why?
    • Because the customers’ expectations have changed
    • Because customers hate…
    • Because of the power of the big WWW
    • Because of ‘word of mouse’
    • Because we live in a small community
    • Because we need to ‘Bee’ responsible
    • Because we all need to protect our local economy and ultimately our future
    • Because our town centre is a beehive
    • Change: How?
    • How we do business
    • The waggle dance
  • Buzz 1 Assess
    • Assess - your internal customers: Why?
    • Who are your internal customers?
    • Recruitment
    • The voice of your internal customers
    • Assessing - your internal customers: How?
    • Employees satisfaction
    • Personality test
    • Assess - your external customers: Why?
    • Your external customers’ needs
    • Who are your external customers?
    • The Good, the bad and the ugly
    • Assessing - your external customers: How?
    • Market research techniques
    • Market research accuracy
    • WIIFM?
    • Bees vs. drones
    • Buyer personas
    • Neuro science segmentation
    • Assessing - your environment: Why?
    • Assessing - your environment: How?
    • SWOT analysis
    • Macro-Environment
    • Micro-Environment
    • Benchmarking against the competition
    • Finally
  • Buzz 2 Develop
    • Developing your own standards: Why?
    • ‘Bee’ healthy, ‘Bee’ efficient
    • Developing your own standards: How?
    • K.I.S.S like a Bee
    • Never wasting Bee time
    • Developing your customer journey: Why?
    • Developing your customer journey: How?
    • Touch Points
    • Developing ways to BUZZ: Why?
    • Developing ways to BUZZ: How?
    • Healthy environment
    • Step by step to developing ways to BUZZ
    • Feng Shui
    • Touch Point 1 - First impression
    • Touch Point 2 - General Environment
    • Touch Point 3 - Sales Opportunity
    • Touch Point 4 - Service
    • Touch Point 5 - The Departure
  • Buzz 3 Train
    • Train - your internal customers: Why?
    • Impostor syndrome
    • ‘Bee’ confident in yourself and in your team
    • Train your Bees: How?
    • Learning styles
    • Develop yourself and your bees
    • ‘Bee’ an effective communicator
    • How do we communicate?
    • Questioning
    • The art of listening
    • Communicating effectively
    • Physiological State
    • The art of co-operation
    • Ayni
    • Causes and resentment
    • Product knowledge
    • Focus on benefits not features
    • Guiding not selling
    • Up-selling
  • Buzz 4 Measure
    • Measure - your internal customers: Why?
    • Measure - your internal customers: How?
    • Measure - Customer Service with mystery shopping
    • How to set up a mystery shopping programme?
    • Measure - performances with an appraisal
    • Measure - Wellbeing
    • Measure - your external customers: Why?
    • Measure - your external customers: How?
    • Customer Satisfaction
  • Buzz 5 Act
    • Act - your internal customers: Why?
    • Identify your gaps
    • ‘Bee’ clear and act now
    • Procrastinating
    • 80/20 rules
    • Act - your internal customers: How?
    • Empowering your bees
    • ‘Bee’ flexible
    • Performance Development Planning
    • ‘Bee’ SMART
    • Deploy your workforce
    • What’s your bees’ talent?
  • Buzz 6 Feedback
    • Feedback - your internal customers: Why?
    • Celebrating Success “The Bee Way”
    • Thank you for being our customers
    • Feedback - your external customers: Why?
    • Feedback - your external customers: How?
    • Learn from your customers’ feedback
    • Create your Handling Feedback Guide
    • Facilitating feedback process
    • Walk a mile in someone’s shoes
  • Buzz 7 Consistency
    • Consistency: Why?
    • Consistency: How?
    • Before-during-after
    • First impression
    • Personal appearance
    • Filters
    • Attention to details
    • CONSISTENTLY exceeding customer expectations
  • Buzz 8 Value
    • Your own business values
    • Your internal customers being valued: Why?
    • The value of your internal customers
    • Churn
    • ‘Bee’ fulfilled
    • The lifetime value of your external customers
    • Added value
  • Buzz 9 Loyalty
    • Loyalty - your internal customers: Why?
    • Loyalty - your internal customers: How?
    • When trust appears, magic happens
    • Reward
    • Loyalty - your external customers: Why?
    • Loyalty - your external customers: How?
    • CRM
    • Advocacy
    • Net Promoters Scores NPS®
  • Buzz 10 Service Culture
    • Service Culture: Why?
    • Service Culture: How?
    • Start with the Why?
    • Transformational leader
  • A final buzz
    • Rapport: Why?
    • Rapport: How?
    • The Busy Queen Bee RAPPORT
    • R - Relationship
    • A - Authenticity
    • P - Profit
    • P - Passion
    • O - Organised
    • R - Radiant
    • T - Trust
    • The End

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