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Best Books to Learn React Js

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Best books to teach yourself React JS in 2021

React JS is a declarative and efficient JavaScript framework to build user interfaces flexibly. It was initially developed by Facebook and is now maintained by all the open-source contributors. The flexibility, better performance, and better usability features of React.js make it a very solid front-end development app.

Some of the most common questions students have when deciding to go into react js are below, hopefully these will help you decide if React JS is where you want to take your development career into.

What is the best way to learn React JS ?

The best way to learn reactjs is by combining some books and courses on reactjs. Key books you need to read are around these subjects: 

- Getting started with react js.

- React JS Documentation. 

- Performance Optimization for React apps. 

The courses will explain the basic concepts to form a good understanding of the whole framework.

How many days it will take to learn react JS ?

Getting the basic understanding and learning React will take you between one to six weeks provided you dedicate at least an hour each day. Combine some days of studying the best books you can find about React and some other days work with the courses. 

Use the books for grasping the technical and theory around the way reactjs apps work, then use the courses to see additional examples and practical explanations.

Is React worth learning 2021 ?

React JS is one of the most popular frameworks developers are using in 2021, therefore companies are opening more job openings for senior react js developers. Salaries are high enough to be super attractive and demand is growing, this means there are still many opportunities to find a high paying job.

Is react JS hard to learn ?

No, React Js is a well documented framework. It is intuitive and easy to learn. Once you master some basic frontend concepts then you should be ready to appreciate the beauty, simplicity and efficiency that React JS has to offer.

Can I learn react without knowing JavaScript?

No, in order to learn React you must know Javascript in advance, it is not necessary to be an advanced javascript developer though. The more experience you have with Javascript and even other frameworks the better since React JS is based in Javascript.

How do you become an expert in react JS?

In order to become an expert in react JS you must study and practice ReactJS from basic concepts to more advanced ones, then you have to take those learnings and code some applications using reactjs. Start with simple apps like the to do list for example.

Use resources like React JS Documentation PDF to study on the go. This will let you keep a reference close by when needed to double check the implementation of some methods for example.

Finally once you master the art of coding your own applications you can move into how to optimize reactjs applications. Remember a good part of being a react js expert is knowing from experience how to identify and fix bugs your react js applications might have.

How do I start learning react?

If you want to start learning to react in the right way, then I recommend you start with the best books to learn to react. Some of the best books are available together as part of this bundle.  

Read as many react js books as possible in the beginning then move to putting the concepts into practice and take advantage of some of the advanced techniques discussed in other materials like video courses.

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About the Books

ReactJS Documentation

Offline Ebook PDF Version of the ReactJS v16.13.1 Documentation
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  • PDF

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  • WEB

ReactJS is a Javascript library for building user interfaces. This PDF ebook is a portable offline reference guide for the community, can be printed or synced with your kindle for a better reading experience. It's based on ReactJS version v.16.13.1

This is an excellent reference format for ReactJS beginners, is not a tutorial just the official documentation for your reference.

React JS Documentation pdf download

This book is not officially endorsed by ReactJS

Check out other books from the author:

Performance Optimized React Applications

React Hooks

Javascript Snippets

Appwrite Up and Running

Front End Developer Interview Questions

Up to Speed with Javascript in 59 minutes

Backend Developer Interview Questions

VueJS Documentation

React Redux Documentation


Data Science Workflow for Beginners


Some of the most common questions in relation to React Js

What is React js used for?

React. js is an open-source JavaScript library that is used for building user interfaces specifically for single-page applications. It's used for handling the view layer for web and mobile apps. React also allows us to create reusable UI components.

Is React js frontend or backend?

js/React is an open-source frontend framework that is based on JavaScript, developed by Facebook, and best known for its virtual DOM feature. With React, we recommend Express. js/Express as a backend service.

Is React js a programming language?

React is a popular and widely used programming language at present since almost every web developer or a full-stack developer is using it.

What is difference between JavaScript and Reactjs?

Plain JS apps usually start with the initial UI created on the server (as HTML), whereas React apps start with a blank HTML page, and dynamically create the initial state in JavaScript. React requires you to break your UI into components, but plain JS apps can be structured in any way you see fit.

Why React is so popular?

Being simple to read and easy to use made React easy to understand and implement, allowing businesses to hit the ground running and build what they need as quickly as possible. Beyond that, React's ease of use has also helped many developers adopt the technology and make it part of their toolkit.

Can I learn React without knowing JavaScript?

Since React is a JS library, there is no way around learning JavaScript. You cannot learn React without JavaScript or without knowing JavaScript in the first place. In comparison to other frontend solutions, React makes heavily use of JavaScript.

React Hooks

A collection of React Hooks to use in your own Projects
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  • PDF

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  • WEB

This pdf book contains in the first two parts extracts from the ReactJS documentation with some examples on what hooks are and how to use them. In the following parts the book contains a collection of Hooks for the reader to study, understand and play with them for learning purposes.

Each Hook comes with a short explanation and the codes to make them work or even create your own custom Hooks based on them.

Other books from the author:

Performance Optimized React Applications

ReactJS Documentation

Your First Tech Interview

Frontend Developer Interview Questions

React Redux Documentation

WebAssembly Documentation

Data Structures and Algorithms for Job Interviews

CoffeeScript The Smart Way


Some questions you might have in relation to React Hooks:

What is Hooks in React?

Hooks are a new addition in React 16.8. They let you use state and other React features without writing a class. Hooks are backwards-compatible. This pdf book provides an overview of Hooks and a collection of react hooks to be implemented in your projects.

A Hook is a special function that lets you “hook into” React features. For example, useState is a Hook that lets you add React state to function components. We'll learn other Hooks later.

Why do we use Hooks in React?

If the React community embraces the Hooks proposal, it will reduce the number of concepts you need to juggle when writing React applications. Hooks let you always use functions instead of having to constantly switch between functions, classes, higher-order components, and render props.

How hooks work in React?

A Hook is a react function that lets you use state and react features from a function based component. Hooks let you use the functions instead of switching between HOCs, Classes, and functions. As Hooks are regular Javascript functions, thus you can use the built-in Hooks and create your own custom one.

What problems do React hooks solve?

If the React community embraces [hooks], it will reduce the number of concepts you need to juggle when writing React applications. Hooks let you always use functions instead of having to constantly switch between functions, classes, higher-order components, and render props.

Why React hooks are better than classes?

Easier to decouple logic from UI, making both more reusable. Using hooks, logic and UI are easier to separate. No need for HOC or render props. Hooks do it elegantly with less boilerplate and more intuitive compositions of UI and logic.

Should I learn React hooks or classes?

 You should definitely start with hooks. With the addition of hooksReact has improved in many ways. Generally, hooks are known to be easier to read, write and therefore easier to maintain.

How long does it take to learn React Hooks?

In short, becoming proficient with the basics of React will take you between one and six months. The exact time to master React depends on your prior software development experience and the time you are willing to dedicate toward learning.

Should I learn React Hooks or Redux?

React Hooks is an exciting, non-breaking addition to React js that enables better functional component decomposition and code reuse. You should feel free to use Redux but you should have a justification to do so when you do. Redux has always been more architecture than the library, and unenforced tradition.

Performance Optimized React Applications

Tips on how to optimize React Apps for better performance
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  • 100%


  • PDF

  • EPUB

  • WEB

This book assumes you have a previous knowledge about web and application development,also some familiarity with React. The book offers some tips and suggestions to better optimise your React applications.

You are going to learn some use of third party libraries and built-in APIs to improve the performance of your React applications.

The content of the book is presented across the following Chapters:

Chapter 1: Performance as a default with Next.js

Chapter 2: Route prefetching in Next.js

Chapter 3: Code splitting with dynamic imports in Next.js

Chapter 4: How AMP can guarantee fastness in your Next.js app

Chapter 5: Get started: optimize your React app

Chapter 6: Code splitting with React.lazy and Suspense

Chapter 7: Virtualize large lists with react-window

Chapter 8: Precaching in Create React App with Workbox

Chapter 9: Pre-render routes with react-snap

Chapter 10: Add a web app manifest with Create React App

Chapter 11: Accessibility auditing with react-axe and eslint-plugin-jsx-a11y

Chapter 12: Speed up navigations in React with Quicklink

Check out other recommended books:

React Hooks

Git For Professionals

Javascript Challenges

VueJS Documentation

Programming in Golang

ReactJS Documentation

Your First Tech Interview

Appwrite Up and Running

Python Flask for Beginners

Frontend Developer Interview Questions


How do I optimize my React app?

Some ways to optimize the performance of react js apps might include:

  1. Using Immutable Data Structures.
  2. Function/Stateless Components and React.
  3. Multiple Chunk Files.
  4. Avoid Inline Function Definition in the Render Function.
  5. Throttling and Debouncing Event Action in JavaScript.
  6. Avoid using Index as Key for map.

What makes Reactjs performance faster?

Using immutable data is one of the best ways to improve react js apps performance, Immutable data allows you to compare direct object references instead of doing deep-tree comparisons thus making the app really fast.

Can lazy loading make react js apps better optimized ?

In essence, lazy loading means that a component or a part of code must get loaded when it is required. It is also referred to as code splitting and data fetching . Talking about React specifically, it bundles the complete code and deploys all of it at the same time.

What is used in React JS to increase performance?

React. memo() boosts the performance of a React app by avoiding re-rendering components whose props haven't changed or when re-rendering is not needed.

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