Data Structures and Algorithms for Job Interviews
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Data Structures and Algorithms for Job Interviews

Prep for the interview and get the job you want

About the Book

Land the Software Engineer job you want by mastering one of the most challenging questions you might face during the interview. This book is a collection of Data Structures and Algorithms to train and win the Interview.

Get ahead of the competition by solving a wide variety of coding problems !!

All the problems are solved in Python code.

The book is divided in 9 chapters covering:

  • Bit Manipulation. 
  • Dynamic Programming. 
  • Graph. 
  • Heaps. 
  • Linked List. 
  • Mathematics. 
  • Matrix. 
  • Strings or Arrays. 
  • Tree.

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About the Author

Alejandro Garcia
A.J. García

I started my coding career back in 2003. Lately I've been involved a lot in Javascript for frontend and the backend.

I would love passing along to you some of the experiences and challenges I've faced over the years.

Table of Contents

  • Other Books by Alejandro
    • Recommended Resources
  • Introduction
    • Who is this book for ?
    • What this book covers ?
  • Chapter 1: Bit Manipulation
    • Check whether a given number n is a power of 2 or 0
    • Count number of bits needed to be flipped to convert A to B
    • Find the two non-repeating elements in an array of repeating elements
    • Find the next greater and next smaller number with same number of set bits
  • Chapter 2: Dynamic Programming
    • 0-1 Knapsack Problem
    • Cutting Rod problem
    • Minimum number of edits (operations) required to convert ‘str1’ into ‘str2’
    • Given a 2-D matrix of 0s and 1s, find the Largest Square which contains all 1s in itself
    • Given two sequences, print the longest subsequence present in both of them.
    • Length of the longest subsequence in an array such that all elements of the subsequence are sorted in increasing order
    • Find minimum cost path in a matrix from (0,0) to given point (m,n)
    • Partition a set into two subsets such that the difference of subset sums is minimum
    • Minimum number of umbrellas of m different sizes required to accomodate N people
    • Determine if there is a subset of the given set with sum equal to given sum
    • Given a distance ‘dist, count total number of ways to cover the distance with 1, 2 and 3 steps
  • Chapter 3: Graph
    • Find all possible words in a board of characters
    • Breadth First Search Traversal
    • Depth First Search Traversal
    • Detect Cycle in directed graph
    • Detect cycle in undirected graph
    • Dijkstra’s Shortest Path Algorithm
    • Find shortest distances between each pair of vertices in a given edge weighted directed Graph
    • Graph implementation
    • Kruskal’s Algorithm for Minimum Spanning Tree
    • Topological Sort
  • Chapter 4: Heaps
    • Heap Sort algorithm
    • Max Heap implementation
    • Min Heap implementation
    • Find the median for an incoming stream of numbers after each insertion in the list of numbers
  • Chapter 5: Linked List
    • Clone a linked list with next and random pointer
    • Given a linked list of line segments, remove middle points if any
    • Construct a Maximum Sum Linked List out of two Sorted Linked Lists having some Common nodes.
    • Merge a linked list into another linked list at alternate positions
    • Perform Merge Sort
    • Point to next higher value node in a linked list with an arbitrary pointer
    • Find if linked list contains any cycle
    • To select a random node in a singly linked list
    • Find and remove cycle if any
    • Reverse alternate sub list of K nodes each
    • Reverse a linked list
    • Bring even valued nodes to the front
    • Implementation of Singly Linked List
  • Chapter 6: Mathematics
    • Fine the number of trailing zeros in factorial of a number
    • Find the greatest common divisor of 2 numbers
    • Print all prime factors of a given number
    • Sieve of Eratosthenes (find prime numbers up to n efficiently)
  • Chapter 7: Matrix
    • Given the Coordinates of King and Queen on a chessboard, check if queen threatens the king
    • Search in a row wise and column wise sorted matrix
    • Given a 2D array, print it in spiral form
  • Chapter 8: Strings or Arrays
    • Find the longest substring with k unique characters in a given string
    • Find a pattern in a string using KMP search algorithm
    • Find the Kth smallest element in the array
    • Find a pair in an array with sum x
    • Print all valid (properly opened and closed) combinations of n pairs of parentheses
    • Reverse the order of the words in the array
    • Find index of given number in a sorted array shifted by an unknown offset
    • Print all permutations of a given string
    • Linear Search in an array
    • Binary Search in an array
    • Interpolation Search in an array
    • Bubble sort Algorithm
    • Counting sort Algorithm (non-comparision based sorting)
    • Insertion sort Algorithm
    • Sort an array where each element is at most k places away from its sorted position
    • Merge Sort Algorithm
    • Quick Sort Algorithm using last element as pivot
    • Selection sort Algorithm
  • Chapter 9: Tree
    • Binary Search Tree implementation
    • Check if a given array can represent Preorder Traversal of Binary Search Tree
    • Find the in-order ancestor of a given node in BST
    • Find the Lowest Common Ancestor
    • Given a sorted array, create a BST with minimal height
    • Print Nodes in Bottom View of Binary Tree
    • Check if a binary tree is height balanced
    • Check whether a binary tree is a full binary tree or not
    • Given two binary trees, check if the first tree is subtree of the second one
    • Find the Lowest Common Ancestor in a Binary Tree
    • Create a list of all nodes at each depth
    • Find the maximum path sum i.e. max sum of a path in a binary tree
    • Find minimum depth of a binary tree
    • Remove nodes on root to leaf paths of length < K
    • Given a Perfect Binary Tree, reverse the alternate level nodes of the tree
    • Print Nodes in Top View of Binary Tree
    • Implementation of Trie data structure
  • Keep developing your programming skills
  • About the Author

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