The Agile Quizzitch
The Agile Quizzitch
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The Agile Quizzitch

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Last updated on 2013-01-04

About the Book

You think you know a lot about Agile or maybe you just starting with it? With this book, you can check your knowledge in a fun way. Are you the first one to reach the highest level? Well congrats then… And don’t think it’s just another quiz... each question has a different difficulty grade, the more correct answers you have, the more difficult the questions will be. You can play the quiz in different ways: play it on your own or otherwise play it using the levels or the “Join and Split” quiz. The Join and Split quiz uses the principle of planning poker. Is the team smarter than the individuals?

About the Authors

Peter Doomen
Peter Doomen

Peter is a full-time enterprise architect at SD Worx, a leading HR company, and vice president of the Belgian Chapter of the Association of Enterprise Architects.

In his spare time, he is a wine taster and member of the National Committee of the Flemish Wine Guild (Vlaamse Wijngilde). He is also Editor-in-Chief of Ken Wijn-magazine, the largest Flemish wine magazine, and 2013 National Champagne Ambassador.

Sven Cipido
Sven Cipido

Sven works as a Scrum Master/Agile coach at Co-learning. He coaches teams at customers to get the Agile mindset.

In his spare time he enjoys tasting whisky and reading about it. At the end of 2014 he started his own company after his normal working hours as a whisky consultant. But also Photography takes a big space in his free time. He does not only photograph cities or nature, but also doing model photography. You can visit he's photo's @

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The Agile Quizzitch
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Table of Contents

  • Start Questions
  • Competition Questions
  • Answers

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