Fifty Enterprise Architect Tricks
Fifty Enterprise Architect Tricks
Fifty Enterprise Architect Tricks

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Completed on 2018-04-22

About the Book

This book is retired as of now (MArch 2018). Its succesor is Tons of Tips for Enterprise Architect, available on Leanpub at


The UML modeling tool Enterprise Architect from Sparx Systems has gained popularity worldwide because it is an affordable yet fairly complete tool, feature-wise. However, the interface is so full of features that it can be hard to find out how to do things. This book is an answer to that need. It contains fifty different features and uses of Enterprise Architect that you probably don’t know, but that can make life as an Enterprise Architect user simpler and more fruitful. This book contains tips and tricks for getting the maximum out of Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect. From working with elements and connectors to making diagrams to more advanced functionalities like toolboxes, stereotypes and tagged values, the user is guided through the complex user interface of Enterprise Architect. A final chapter offers even more advanced features and some unexpected uses of Enterprise Architect.

This eBook contains over sixty tricks that will make your life as an Enterprise Architect user easier and more successful. Updates of the eBook are free, but the initial price increases as more chapters get added. That means: the earlier you purchase the book, the better value you will get.

What others are saying

"Just reading this now (Kindle version).

I’ve been an EA user for 7+ years, and I’m now keeping a tally of the tricks I didn’t know: and there are lots!

This is a great piece of work, and has been needed for a long time.

I’m just writing a ‘Intro to EA’ course for a customer, and I’ll certainly reference it.

Well done!" (Ian M, Eadocx)

"Thanks for all the tricks, I can't keep up with all of them.

Very good stuff." (Jose Z, USA)

"Thanks for putting this resource together. I am a pretty savvy EA user and there were definitely some eye openers in this book. Again, awesome job!" (Carol D, Pittsburgh)

"I learned a lot from the previous edition. I hope this one is equally rewarding." Joab S, Washington DC.

"One of the best $$$$ I have spent in a while. Thank you, Peter." (Michael R.)

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About the Author

Peter Doomen
Peter Doomen

Peter is a daily Enterprise Architect user sinces years. He spends lots of time investigating the features of Enterprise Architect and is happy to share them with you.

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