Travel Games Volume. I
Travel Games Volume. I
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Travel Games Volume. I

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Completed on 2019-09-12

About the Book

These game rules layout the foundational mechanics that will guide you in online game construction. These "Travel Games" are Bonus Content included FREE in Phaser Multiplayer Gaming Systems, a sister companion textbook. They are provided here as a separate product. This pamphlet is a required game design resource to build these games for online deployment. The "Walk-through Tutorials" use these rule-books and follows the Game Design Systems™ described in Phaser III Game Prototyping.

  • War Lord Tourney™ is an unique Strategic turn-based, multi-player Fantasy Role-Playing Game of high adventure and legendary deeds. This book features "PBMCube Technology™" -- an innovative process that allows anyone to Play any opponent By postal Mail (PBM), By eMail (PBeM), or By Modem (online)! A "Travel Game" version is included which allows you to play this game "offline" on a table-top (aka German-style gaming). Capturing an opponent's piece is similar to chess or you may elect several alternate capture methods in the "Optional Rules" section. The online licensed version permits up to eight (8) multi-players. They may elect to play a “free for all” or team-alliances competitions. In addition to online game-play, there are 17 optional rules for the game Connoisseurs.
  • Rulers of Renown™: The Emancipation Wars (RRTE) is the first introductory game-module of fantasy strategic warfare. Build armies, hire mercenaries, search out daemonic hordes, conjure magic spells or send your legendary heroes into forsaken ruins. ‘The Emancipation Wars’ is the initial gaming module of military conquest and liberation. This game provides your new ‘Adventurer of Renown’ characters the best place to earn renown as a military leader of the realm. This game is statistically balanced, and allows your newest characters to grow in status, skill and renown before launching into its sister game The Legends of Renown Deeds™: The Hero’s Quest (LoRD).
  • Legends of Renown Deeds™ (LoRD) is a turn-based Role-Playing Game of high adventure and legendary deeds across a Fantasy Realm. Shops, Ruins, Forests & Shrines are among the few places to explore when not actively fighting in the “Bloodied Pit” arena or dueling other players. Winners of gladiatorial combat excel in abilities & Renown; losers gain shame and injuries! The Ruins of Able-Wyvern™ (ARRA) is the first introductory game-module of man-to-Hero tactical combat with arcane weapons. The Town of Lake-Shore provides the best place to begin your first-few campaign. This game is statistically balanced, and allows your newest characters to grow in status, skill and renown before launching into the sister game — Legends of Renown Deeds™: The Hero’s Quest (LoRD).

Publishers earn commissions for hosting these online games. Subscribing Members create customized warlord characters, career paths, import and export character among the other Gaming Series and also enjoy the privilege of multiple character creations (up to 20 active characters!), custom game creations through the scenario editor, and many other benefits. Anonymous 'Guests' are supplied 'randomly' generated warlords and a single player position for the current game session. Guests are restricted in this demo "FREE to Play" version. Publishers join the "Affiliate Gaming Network".

About the Author

Stephen Gose
Stephen Gose

Avatar is an adorable cartoon sketch of my wife. 41st anniversary this Sept 1!

Steve is a Licensed Minister since 1972; certified Network Engineer (retired after 40 years) and currently as a full-time teaching faculty in software engineering and network cyber-security as Professor Emeritus for the past 14 yrs. Since 2002, He has been a Cisco Certified Academy Instructor (CCAI).

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Personal website:

Kingdom of Heaven:

Game Support Site:

Game Showcase:

Purchase Game source code and License:

Table of Contents

    • Distribution Permission
      • Disclaimer
    • What are Travel Games™?
  • War Lord Gaming System™
    • War Lord Tourney™
      • Game Objectives:
      • Units:
      • Movement:
      • Capture:
      • Prisoners:
      • Stacking limitation and Battle examples:
      • Movement Sequence:
      • To Win:
      • Special Situations:
      • Optional Rules:
      • Game Board and Icons – Travel Game edition
  • Rules of Renown Gaming System™
    • Rulers of Renown: The Emancipation™
      • The Story thus far . . .
      • To Start
      • The Enemy
      • The Game Objective
      • The Region
      • The Races
      • The War Lords
      • The Armies
      • The Mercenary Companies
      • The Heroes
      • Using Renown Points
      • The Spells
      • How to Issue Orders (online, Play by Mail and eMail games)
      • The Play Sequence
      • Waging of War
      • The Battle Field
      • The RRTE Main Menu
      • The Warlord Menu
      • Travel Game, Icons & Tiles:
      • Postal and Email Game Turn Orders
  • Legends of Renown Deeds Gaming System™
    • Legends of Renowned Deeds™ (LoRD)
      • Introduction
      • Your Account
      • Your Characters
      • The Game
      • Game Turn Orders
      • Game Questions and support
      • Travel Game, Icons & Tiles:
  • Notes

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