Phaser Game Starter Kit… by Stephen Gose [PDF/iPad/Kindle]
Phaser Game Starter Kit Collection
Phaser Game Starter Kit Collection
Phaser Game Starter Kit Collection

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Last updated on 2018-02-17

About the Book

Phaser Game Starter Kit Collection is a hands-on guide for making browser games using both Phaser versions 2.6.2, community released editions and 3.x.x. Gaming Frameworks. This book is the entire collection of single chapters available from Amazon, and delves into 12 of the great classic game mechanics techniques. All written in a fun and friendly style with completed projects and open-ended exercises that encourage you to build and to include your own game assets and features. You’ll also download supporting tools to classify the book’s snippets and add your own modification.


Phaser Game Starter Kit Collection contains several sections. It start with an Introduction into game perspective, modes, genres, workstation set-up and generation tools. Part I demonstrates basic game mechanisms using Phaser Official and the community edition versions. Each chapter is a separate game mechanic -- 12 for v2 and another 12 for Phaser v3! This is a reference book; simply turn to the game you'd like to create. In a matter of hours, you will have a working game prototype for that mechanics. You then add your own artwork and additional game features; over the next few days, you have a completed game ready to deploy in the "apps" stores. 


Phaser Game Starter Kit Collection Part II is similar to Part I but all the tutorials are written in Phaser v3. Part III is a massive collection of 59+ Flash ActionScript games just waiting for you to transpile into either Phaser v2 or v3. Finally Part IV holds all the starter kits for multi-player games.

You’ll find detailed working examples, with dozens of illustrations and many concepts you can freely apply to your own gaming projects. All the source code annotations enhance the book’s explanation. 


What you’ll learn:

By the end of this workbook, you’ll have integrated into your own game designs:

  • Adopted processes for business project management and agile software development.
  • Organized a standard file structure for developing games in general;
  • Used a blank game template to scaffold further game projects;
  • Converted and adopted the new upcoming changes in Phaser v3.
  • Imported resources and game assets;
  • Displayed, animated and moved game avatars on various screen renderings;
  • Managed groups of game objects in v2 and v3;
  • Deployed heads-up display (HUD) on game scenes both inside and outside the canvas;
  • Used customized web fonts;
  • Incorporated multiple game-inputs (touch, multi-touch, accelerometer, mouse and keyboard);
  • Rendered several physics systems in v2 and v3;
  • Included graphics effects (gfx) (particle systems, rotations, fades, shaders and more);
  • Created and managed game state-phases;
  • Managed permanent game assets across state-phases;
  • Optimized your game for various mobile devices;
  • Integrated 3rd-party scripts and services for v2.
  • Deploy single- and multi-player games.
  • Web Sockets demystified for scalable massive online game deployments.

Who This Book Is For:

Students of -- and professionals in -- game art and animations with some experience in HTML5 and JavaScript who want to enhance -- or begin learning the essential techniques of game programming skills in Phaser's official and community editions v2 and version 3. If you are interested in making browser games, especially for the mobile market, then Phaser Game Starter Kit Collection is the perfect choice.

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Stephen Gose
Stephen Gose

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Richard Davey

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