Voice of Foreign… by Stephen Gose [Leanpub PDF/iPad/Kindle]
Voice of Foreign Exchange
Voice of Foreign Exchange (The Book & MQL Source Code)
Voice of Foreign Exchange

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Completed on 2018-03-09

About the Book

The "Voice of Foreign Exchange" is a series of books reinventing the "Elliott Wave Theory" using modern data communications formula. The formulas, I discovered in 2009-2010, led a Russian telecommunications specialist to victory in the 2011 MQL4 competition. I will explain, in layman's terms, how electronic data communication networks (ECN) operate, the protocols used, and how those networks impact all ForEx Trading Methods, Investment MT4 or MT5 Trading System, Forex Technical Trading Strategies, and MQL4 or MQL5 Expert Advisors (EA) programming. I also teach you how to troubleshoot and discover to MT4/5 connections to your ForEx Investment Broker. 

I have read thousand of articles and books on Foreign Exchange (ForEx), and not one takes into consideration what I reveal in this book. "What an arrogant, bold statement ...", you must be thinking? Here's my challenge; begin reading as many articles, forum posts and books (the free samples?) as you are able before I complete this book in the next several weeks (target publication date is February 2017). Establish, in your own mind, what's available today in all the current Expert Advisors for ForEx, then read this book and supplements and use my Expert Advisors from my tutorials in Chapter 5 and 6 -- or build your own from the instructions I provide.

About the Author

Stephen Gose
Stephen Gose

Avatar is an adorable cartoon sketch of my wife. 40th anniversary this Sept 1!

Review my profile on LinkedIn.com:  http://www.linkedin.com/in/stephen-gose-phd-honorary-71ba853b

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