Voice of Foreign Exchange™
Voice of Foreign Exchange™ (The Book (only))
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Voice of Foreign Exchange™

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Completed on 2020-03-06

About the Book

The "Voice of Foreign Exchange" is a series of books reinventing the "Elliott Wave Theory" using modern data communications formula. The formulas, I discovered in 2009-2010, led a Russian telecommunications specialist to victory in the 2011 MQL4 competition. I will explain, in layman's terms, how electronic data communication networks (ECN) operate, the protocols used, and how those networks impact all ForEx Trading Methods, Investment MT4 or MT5 Trading System, Forex Technical Trading Strategies, and MQL4 or MQL5 Expert Advisors (EA) programming. I also teach you how to troubleshoot and discover to MT4/5 connections to your ForEx Investment Broker. 

I have read thousands of articles and books on Foreign Exchange (ForEx), and not one takes into consideration what I reveal in this book. "What an arrogant, bold statement ...", you must be thinking? Here's my challenge; begin reading as many articles, forum posts and books (the free samples?) as you are able before I complete this book in the next several weeks (target publication date is February 2017). Establish, in your own mind, what's available today in all the current Expert Advisors for ForEx, then read this book and supplements and use my Expert Advisors from my tutorials in Chapter 5 and 6 -- or build your own from the instructions I provide.

About the Author

Stephen Gose
Stephen Gose

Avatar is an adorable cartoon sketch of my wife. 42nd anniversary this Sept 1!

Steve is a Licensed Minister since 1972; certified Network Engineer (retired after 40 years) and currently as a full-time teaching faculty in software engineering and network cyber-security as Professor Emeritus for the past 14 yrs. Since 2002, He has been a Cisco Certified Academy Instructor (CCAI).

Review my profile on LinkedIn.com:  https://www.linkedin.com/in/stephen-gose-71ba853b/

Personal website:  http://www.Stephen-Gose.com./

Kingdom of Heaven: http://kingdomofgodprinciples.com/

Game Support Site: http://makingbrowsergames.com/

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The Book (only)

118+ pages. This does NOT INCLUDE BONUS CONTENT

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The Book & MQL Source Code

450+ additional pages in two download packages. Package #1 contains 50+ pages of MQL source code and indicators. The name is adopted from a patch work of source code -- "A-Patchy" Expert Adisor. Nothing like this is on the market today (2009-2016!). I provide the MQL4 and MQL5 source code (external to the book) to build your own Expert Advisor from the telecommunications concepts presented. You also receive two coupons for FREE online education follow-on. Package #2 400+ pages (~6MB) of resource material, references, FIX Protocol, Network Troubleshooting Guide, Tutorial Coupons, and ForEx Introduction Course.


  • extras
    VoFX Matrix

    Compatibility matrix for A-pachy 4X engine

  • extras
    FIX (Financial Data Protocol)

    Fact sheets and guidelines on FIX data protocols.

  • extras
    MQL Starter-kit Source Code

    MQL for broker latency testing; O/S shell for network testing; mql4 http.

  • extras
    VoFX Expert Adviser Systems (4)

    Vo4x-JackBNimble - from the famous nursery rhythm about Jack jumping "... over the candlestick". EA that does the same actions. JackBeNimble strategy is a highly aggressive single bar strategy. It seeks initial bar open and determines initial buy/sell direction; then trades back in the opposite direction during the same bar. It continues to toggle up & down until time frame before bar close. Vo4x Scalper_Shell - this is not available anywhere else and is a new innovation in ForEx trading. The "a patchy" method to plug into your EA exactly the performance you seek. This the "Shell" and you place your additional performance module for your trading strategies. Scaler Shell strategy: Predecessor to Jack Be Nimble. It permits additional indicators and A-patchy 4X addons. Uses Average Daily Range (ADR) as it default settings on M15+ time frames and automates/continues to self-adjustments. Add-ons from A-patchy 4X will permit additional trading behaviors and market reactions. Vo4x Shepard - separating the sheep from the goats. Shepherd is a simple strategy: follow the flock! Uses EMA EMA 9 & 30 with Momentum. It continues to self-adjust at time frames 1H and greater. Starter kits samples provide a foundation to create consistent EA for future maintenance.

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Table of Contents

    • Copyright Notice and Distribution Permission
    • Disclaimer
    • Workbook Abstract
    • Your new skills from Chapters 1 to 4 …
    • About Your Author
    • 1 ECN networks - a Historical Introduction
      • 1.1 Background on the Inventor
      • 1.2 Telecommunications Background
      • 1.3 World Changes Due to the Telegraph
      • 1.4 World Changes Due to the Ticker
      • 1.5 World Changes Due to the Telephone
      • 1.6 Chapter Summary
      • 1.7 Chapter Foot Notes
    • 2 The Missing Link
      • 2.1 Review of ECN construction
      • 2.2 Finding the Missing Link . . . .
      • 2.3 Data Network Protocols Overview
      • 2.4 Common Data Network Tools
      • 2.5 MT4/5 Terminal (Application Layer)
      • 2.6 Review of financial data protocols.
      • 2.7 Chapter Summary
      • 2.8 Chapter Foot Notes
    • 3 When ECNs go bad!
      • 3.1 Overview of ECN congestion & impact
      • 3.2 Chapter Summary
      • 3.3 Chapter Footnotes:
    • 4 Data Communications Today
      • 4.1 The “Ah-Hah!” Moment
      • 4.2 How it’s Used Today
      • 4.3 Adapted to ForEx
      • 4.4 Chapter Summary
  • I Part II: ForEx Software
    • 5 Chapter Five - VoFX™ EA
      • 5.1 Where do we start?
      • 5.2 Building “Helpers”
      • 5.3 Considerations excluded from Typical EA strategies
      • 5.4 Inventing our VoFX™ EA System
      • 5.5 Chapter Summary
    • 6 A-patchy ForEx
      • 6.1 What is the A-patchy ForEx engine?
      • 6.2 Why call it “A-Patchy”?
      • 6.3 Is it patented?
      • 6.4 License & Copyrights
      • 6.5 The Deep Dive and Dissection
      • 6.6 Vo4X™ Shepherd Shell
      • 6.7 Vo4X™ Scalper Shell
      • 6.8 FAQs
      • 6.9 Chapter Summary
    • Appendix & Resources
      • ForEX Broker Background Checks (FREE)
      • Popular ECNs
      • Expert Advisor Tools
      • Financial Information eXchange (FIX)
      • Historical Data
      • Movers & Shakers in ForEx
      • Network Tools
      • Tutorials:
      • Vocabulary Terms
  • Networking Tools
    • Common Data Network Tools
      • ipconfig (ifconfig)
      • net
      • netstat
      • nslookup
      • ping (Packet Internet Groper)
      • pingtest.net
      • route
      • speedtest.net
      • tracert
      • Wireshark
      • Robtex Research (old school method)
      • NetBrain (new school real-time dynamic network maps)
    • Development Tools
      • DNS prefetching
    • Storage
      • Structured Data
    • Copyright Resources

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