Phaser III Game Starter Kit Collection
Phaser III Game Starter Kit Collection (The Book (only))
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Phaser III Game Starter Kit Collection

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Last updated on 2019-03-22

About the Book

Phaser III Game Starter Kit Collection (2nd Edition) is a hands-on guide for making browser games using Phaser versions 3.15+ Gaming Frameworks. This book is the entire collection of single chapters available from Amazon. It delves into the greatest classical game mechanics techniques -- 16+ examples. All written in a fun and friendly style with completed projects and open-ended exercises that encourage you to build and to include your own game assets and features. You’ll also download supporting tools to classify the book’s snippets and add your own modification.


Phaser III Game Starter Kit Collection contains several sections. It start with an Introduction into game perspective, modes, genres, workstation set-up and generation tools. Part I demonstrates basic game mechanisms using Phaser. Each chapter is a separate game mechanic for Phaser III in this volume! This is a reference book; simply turn to the game chapter you'd like to create. In a matter of hours, you will have a working game prototype for that game mechanics using the Game Design System™ -- fully explained in Phaser III Game Design workbook (4th edition). You then add your own artwork and additional game features; over the next few days, you have your own completed game ready to deploy in the "apps" stores. I consider this a joint effort. You might consider this a joint effort: I am your game programmer and you are the game designer, artist and marketer.


Phaser Game Starter Kit Collection (a sister volume to this one) is similar to this book's Part II but all the tutorials in that volume are written in Phaser v2.x.x in a second separate volume. Part IV is a massive collection of 59+ Flash ActionScript games just waiting for you to transpile into Phaser III. Part V is an excerpt from Phaser Multiplayer Gaming Systems; it holds all the starter kits essentials for multiplayer games using web sockets.

You’ll find detailed working examples, with dozens of illustrations and many concepts you can freely apply to your own gaming projects. All the source code annotations enhance the book’s explanation. 


What you’ll learn:

By the end of this workbook, you’ll have integrated into your own bespoke game designs:

  • Adopted processes for business project management and agile software development.
  • Organized a standard file structure for developing games in general;
  • Used a blank game template to scaffold further game projects;
  • Imported resources and game assets;
  • Displayed, animated and moved game avatars on various screen renderings;
  • Managed groups of game objects in v3.15+;
  • Deployed heads-up display (HUD) on game scenes both inside and outside the canvas;
  • Used customized web fonts;
  • Incorporated multiple game-inputs (touch, multi-touch, accelerometer, mouse and keyboard);
  • Rendered several physics systems in v3.15+;
  • Included graphics effects (gfx) (particle systems, rotations, fades, shaders and more);
  • Created and managed game phases;
  • Managed permanent game assets across game phases;
  • Optimized your game for various mobile devices;
  • Integrated 3rd-party scripts and web services for v3.15+.
  • Deploy single- and multi-player games.
  • Web Sockets demystified for scalable massive online game deployments.

Who This Book Is For:

Students of -- and professionals in -- "game art and animations" with some experience in HTML5 and JavaScript who want to enhance -- or begin learning the essential techniques of game programming skills in Phaser's III JavaScript Gaming Framework. If you are interested in making browser games, especially for the mobile market, then Phaser Game Starter Kit Collection is the perfect choice.

About the Author

Stephen Gose
Stephen Gose

Avatar is an adorable cartoon sketch of my wife. 40th anniversary this Sept 1!

Steve is a certified Network Engineer (retired after 40 years) and currently as a full-time teaching faculty in software engineering at the University of Advancing Technology (Tempe, AZ). For the past 10 yrs, He has been a Cisco Certified Academy Instructor (CCAI).

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The Book (only)

Game Design and Technical Design document. FREE Affiliate Guide included. 68+ pages.


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Book and Game Developer Certification Course

This book package includes the Free Affiliate Guide, server-side leaderboard PHP software, and INCLUDES two (2) Game Developer Certification courses on both Phaser Gaming JavaScript Framework versions.


  • extras
    Free Affiliate Guides

    Instructions about our affiliate network and operations.

  • extras
    Game Developer Certification Course

    now earn your rightful place in the gaming community with Game Developer Certification for both Phaser v2.x.x and the newly released Phaser v3.x.x

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Table of Contents

    • Distribution Permission
      • Viewing this eBook:
    • Disclaimer
    • Forwards
    • About this Workbook
    • Workbook Content
    • How to Read & Use this workbook:
    • Book formatting:
    • Who should use this workbook?
    • Your newly obtained skills…
    • Bonus Content
    • Game Design System™ Recipes:
    • Our References:
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  • The Game Design System™
    • Introduction
      • Game Perspectives
      • Game Modes
      • Game Genres
      • Game Tools & Generators
      • Standard Project Setup
      • Game Recipe™ Summarized:
      • Creating Prototype Mechanisms — 4-Step method
      • Game Shell and Logic Flow
      • Plug-in Enhancements
      • Introduction References
  • Part II — 16+ Phaser III Game Tutorials
    • Making Phaser III Action-Arcade Games
      • Reference From
      • Overview
      • The Goal
      • Game Mechanics
      • Play these Examples
      • Game Recipe Features
      • Starting a Action-Arcade Game Project
      • Action-Arcade — Core Game Phases
      • Action-Arcade Game logic & Supporting functions
    • Making Phaser III Dress-Up Games
      • Reference From:
      • Overview
      • Our Goal
      • Game Mechanics
      • Game Logic and Construction Considerations
      • Game Examples
      • Current Demand for Dress-UP Games
      • Game Recipe Starter Kit Features
      • Starting the Dress-Up project
      • Dress-UP Core Game Phases
      • Play.js — Overview
      • Dog.js – a gentle introduction to standard Dress-UP games
      • Dog.js Preload function – Lines 105 to 163
      • Dog.js Create function – Lines 164 to 228
      • Mark.js – adding clothes and toggles
      • Miyoko.js – adding data structures and spriteSheets management
      • Managing Hair and “Split-ends”
      • What’s a Girl to Wear? Clothes management
      • Zoe.js – the full Monty
      • Common Menu HUD
      • Printing
      • Saving
      • Camera Snap-shots
      • Conclusion
    • Making Phaser III Peg Solitaire Browser Games
      • Reference From:
      • Overview
      • The Goal
      • Game Mechanics
      • Game Logic and Rules
      • Game Data Structure
      • Game Examples
      • Game Starter Kit Features
      • Starting the Jump-to-Capture project
      • Peg Solitaire Core Game Phases
      • Peg Solitaire game logic & Supporting functions
      • Bonus Content
      • Conclusion
    • Making Trivia & Dating Games with Phaser III
      • References From:
      • Overview
      • The Goal
      • Game Mechanics
      • Game Examples
      • Game Recipes™: Starter Kit Features
      • Starting a Quiz & Trivia Project
      • 3 Trivia Quiz & Dating games logic & Supporting functions
      • Game #1 — Mensa Mental Math™ — a math tutor game.
      • playGame
      • Game #1 Supporting Functions
      • Game #2 — Tomfoolery Trivia Topics™ — a simple trivia game.
      • Game #2 Code Review - main.js
      • Game #2 Code Review - boot.js
      • Game #2 Code Review - load.js
      • Game #2 Code Review - language.js
      • Game #2 Code Review - menu.js
      • Game #2 Code Review - exitGame.js
      • Game #2 Code Review - play.js
      • Game #2 Supporting Functions
      • Game #3 — Dating Veronica Darlene™ — a simple dating game.
      • Game #3 Supporting Functions
      • Plugins
      • Conclusion
  • Part IV ActionScript Conversion
    • Transpiling AS2 || AS3 into JS
      • Introduction and official statements
      • Why TypeScript?
    • AS3 to JavaScript
    • AS2 to JavaScript
    • 59+ ActionScript Games to JavaScript
      • Some important notes:
      • Questions and Answers
      • AS2
      • AS3
      • Flash Game University — 36+ games!
      • About GameScene
      • MacroMedia 150+ Flash Game Collection
  • Part V MMOG (Exerpt only)
    • Hot Seat as a MMoG(?)
    • 2-Player Remote Games
    • Massive Multi-player Games
    • MMoG Hosting Options
  • Appendix
      • JSWiki
      • JS OOP Comparisons
  • Notes

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