Awesome Asciidoctor Notebook
Awesome Asciidoctor Notebook
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Awesome Asciidoctor Notebook

Last updated on 2016-11-11

About the Book

The Awesome Asciidoctor Notebook contains the blog posts about Asciidoctor previously mentioned on my blog. The posts have been edited slightly so they can be used for the book. The book gives a broad overview of all the great features we can find in the awesome Asciidoctor tool.

The latest version is published on January 31st 2016 with the following posts:

  • Leave Section Titles Out of Table Of Contents
  • Using Asciidoctor In Javadoc Comments

About the Author

Hubert Klein Ikkink
Hubert A. Klein Ikkink (mrhaki)

Hello. I am a passionate Groovy and Java developer based in Tilburg, The Netherlands. My goal is to write software, like Pixar makes movies, BMW makes cars, Bang & Olufsen makes audio and TV systems and Apple makes computers and devices: clean, elegant, user-centered and high quality.

My name is Hubert A. Klein Ikkink. Not a very common name, right? To make things easier I just picked the first letters of my firstname and surname and came up with haki. So there you have it, now I am known as Mr. Haki or mrhaki for short.

In 2009 I started writing blog posts about Groovy with the name Groovy Goodness. These posts contain small snippets of code explaining core and exotic features of the Groovy language.

Later I also started to blog about other subjects like Asciidoctor.

Table of Contents

  • About Me
  • Introduction
  • Tables
    • Changing Table and Column Width
    • Table Column and Cell Alignment
    • Changing the Grid and Frame of Tables
    • Span Cell over Rows and Columns
    • Repeating Cell Contents
    • Using Asciidoc in Tables
    • Styling Columns and Cells in Tables
    • Escaping Pipe Symbol in Tables
    • CSV and DSV Tables
  • Source code
    • Change Source Code Indentation
    • Adding Line Numbers to Source Code Listings
    • Include Partial Parts from Code Samples
    • Include Only Certain Lines from Included Files
    • Explain Code with Callouts
    • Highlight Lines In Source Code Listings
    • Changing Highlight.js Theme
    • Source Syntax Highlighting With Prism
  • Extensions
    • Use Asciidoctor Diagram with Gradle
    • Write Extensions Using Groovy (or Java)
    • Use Inline Extension DSL with Gradle
    • Using Ruby Extensions With Asciidoctor Gradle Plugin
  • Miscellaneous
    • Using Comments
    • Which Asciidoctor Version is Used?
    • Disable Last Updated Text in Footer
    • Adding Custom Content to Head and Footer
    • Include Raw HTML
    • Use Inline Icons
    • Changing the FontAwesome CSS Location
    • Change URI Scheme for Assets
    • Replacements For Text To Symbols
    • Turn Section Titles Into Links
    • Leave Section Titles Out of Table Of Contents
    • Use Captions For Listing Blocks
    • Change Level Offset For Included Documents
    • Use Counters in Markup
    • Links Without URI Scheme
    • Use Link Attributes
    • Customize How Missing Attributes Are Handled
    • Substitute Attribute in Listing Block
    • Escape Attribute References
    • Using Conditional Directives
    • Conditional Directive to Check If Document is On GitHub
    • Using Document Fragments
    • Keep Line Breaks in Paragraphs
    • Apply Custom Styling to Blocks
    • Nested Delimited Blocks
    • Do Not Wrap Lines in Listing or Literal Blocks
    • Creating a Checklist
    • Change Start Number for Numbered List
    • Customize the Figure Captions
    • Trick To Use Caption Labels And Numbers In References
    • Changing Values for Default Captions
    • Display Keyboard Shortcuts
    • Using Asciidoctor In Javadoc Comments

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