Tea Gang, changing… by Martin Liss [Leanpub PDF/iPad/Kindle]
Tea Gang, changing strategy.
Tea Gang, changing strategy.
Tea Gang, changing strategy.

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Completed on 2015-10-05

About the Book

Carlos Muños is a tea importer in Spain, his origin is Argentinian, so he is Importing the Argentinian Te "Mate de Yerbas". He finds out that Coca leafes are very similar and starts to Import the Coca leafes to Spain and starts to produce the Cocaine in Spain, therefore he doesn´t have to deal with smuggling the pure Coke.

"Elin read from Alain's computer: "There are smuggled every month tons of coca leaves to Spain." Bad bad bad, fucking damn, stupid Alain. Why do you have to do this?. Elin knew very well that it is not smart to put up a fight with drug gangs. But that Alain was that stupid? If this was the next scoop of Alain? So will it be the last. Elin continued to fast read from Alain's computer. It was a really good story, it could have become a world scoop. It had been able to put really big names in the headlines around the world. But Elin did not want Alain to get into trouble, so she decided to stop him. She feels just as bad about drug gangs as misogynist, they would additionally often be the same hefty devils. She thought that Alain needed help, her help. She knew at once how..."

Allthough, when someone gets a good business running ther are many others that want to take over...

This book is a translation into English of Coq vight which was originally written in Swedish.

About the Author

Martin Liss
Martin Liss

Martin is a true European Polyglot.

He has lived in Sweden, the US, Spain and now in France. His many trips all over the world have inspired his books. He writes about mafias around the world that operates internationally and is therefore almost impossible even for Inter pool to catch. When the mafia realize that someone is after them, they change the  way of oporating and even country as if they were cameleonts or cockroaches. They use very creative solutions to achieve their goals, to constantly get richer and richer, without any scruples.

Martin does not believe in censorship, and are therefore completely uninhibited about everything related to the underworld to do, such as: the exercise of power in the form of bloody shot dramas and described in detail slaughters

Sex and sexual orientations you did not know existed.

Drugs and their poisonous effects he describes as though you're right in the intoxication.

Martin has, however, also a strong love for the ordinary Family life that he would like to fit in himself. Therefore in the middle of the dark mob life thee are also fine family events showing that even the worst killer can have fine sides as well. He wants to underline that just about anyone can be the crimal person in a mafia. You never know who your neighbour really is...

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