Different points of view.
Different points of view.
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Different points of view.

Last updated on 2015-04-25

About the Book

When Marsians and Venusses meet it is not easy to understand how, and when they starts to have to talk and organize life, instead of just loving each other. Their language and behaviour starts to change as if they were small children in the sand box... This book brings up conversations too many times said but not enough times written down.

About the Author

Martin Liss
Martin Liss

Martin Liss,

Is a PRO Equality but he is an ANTI-feminist!

HOW? Easy, an feminist wants the females to become what a Macho is, thinking that not the turn comes to the females to rule the world and do nothing.

Martin believe that there should be a balance in life, if someone leaves the traditional life it has to be organized, not left to the caos.

A feminist just want to follow her happy instinkts, have fun behave as a pig or a male...

But if she had some equal feelings instead of revange and male hate? Have some selfcritics...

Iquality no, fight, talk and organize yourself or die in your own caos.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Female vs. Male
  • Restrooms?
  • chapter4
  • Beauty sleep…
  • Map reading or Driving?
  • Video Games
  • Forgiveness

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