Spring Break
Spring Break
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Spring Break

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Last updated on 2015-04-23

About the Book

Ms. Connie Anderson,

is an American Senior High school student and for the Spring Break her parents have accepted her to go to Monaco on Holydays.

Connie haven't told the whole true about why she want to go to Monaco. But she have found her future love and possible husband on Internet. He is rich, he is 28 yars old (10 more than her) he is her prince and she sees a perfect future in him.

The lycky young man Peter Smith is a son of a very successful  stock brooker and he drives a nice sporty Lutus car and he is getting his helicopter licence.

The same day Connie lands in Monaco, peter will meet her and they start a fantastic day as in a dream. 

But what is that meat Peters father brings to barbecue? And why does Peters father wear Connies fathers wedding ring? Peter is thinking that maybe his father had gone too far with his new desire...

Next day Peter want to show off and brings Connie on a tour in the Helicopter. He says they are going on a Golf Trip.

What Peter has not taken care of is checking all the security before the take off and they will end up in an Accident.

The accident defenitely changes the situation a lot...

About the Author

Martin Liss
Martin Liss

Martin Liss, 44 years old and tired of all "OLD NOT SO SCARE STUFF"

This book he have written to really give you back your missingng night mares...

Table of Contents

  • Spring Break Vacation ideas.
  • Christmas Day, 25 december.
  • Christmas Holydays
  • Planning the trip
  • Jitters before the journey…
  • The “D” Day
  • The flight.
  • Arrival.
  • The House and the Jacuzzi
  • The Garden
  • Shopping tour.
  • Mr. and Ms. Smith
  • Mr. Anderson & Mr. Smith
  • The Investigation
  • The technics
  • chapter16
  • chapter17
  • chapter18
  • chapter19

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