Lovely Perfect Innovative Barbecue Pies
Lovely Perfect Innovative Barbecue Pies
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Lovely Perfect Innovative Barbecue Pies

Last updated on 2015-03-24

About the Book

This book will give you some very nice macho recepies for pies to eat together with the BBQ! Of course you might even get some new BBQ ideas...

Welcome in!

About the Author

Martin Liss
Martin Liss

I have had restaurants making BBQ and hamburgers on vegetal coal. I think that is the best way to prepare a good tasteing food.

But I have also always been struggling with the problem: What do we eat together with the BBQ?

I have been making baked potatoes.

I have been grilling Corn Cubs for years.

I have been making all kinds of rice, even Sushi have been on the idea list...

But Now I have found out what is the idea about BBQ and what to eat with it.

It has to be a pie!


Because it is perfect for exactly BBQ


Because Pie is almost it's own dish, so you can first of all eat it as a meanwhile the T-bone is getting ready.

That way when the pie is done, the party can start! 

And when you eat a pie, you can drink anything with it, all depending on what you are having in the pie!





Anything works with a pie!

But then what kind of pie do we know? 

the chese and bacon? or broccoli pie?

It is not very masculin food!

So what?

lets make zzzz-Pies!

yyy-Pies! etc....

You will see!

Just come inside and you will get so many new pie recepies you will want to invent more of them!!!!

Table of Contents

  • Introduction:
  • First pie:
  • Basic filling…
  • Taco Pie
  • MaharadjahPie
  • Salmon Pie
  • Fajita Pie
  • Sweet Pie

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