Tea Gang, changing strategy.
Tea Gang, changing strategy.
Martin Liss
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Elin Wennerström

September 15, 2013

Elin got up her new iPhone 5 and typed a little distracted on the screen. Five new messages. She was tired, thirsty and had a soured mouth from talking Spanish, which she had done virtually 24 hours a day they last 12 months. She had been on Spanish course in Uruguay in the old fishing village named “Bahia de los Giris” . Swedish CSN (State scholarship) had payed the bill which would then be repaid during the rest of her life, little by little, but it was worth it. Actually, she had used the money to buy a diploma in spanish 12 months, in Spain, 100% attendance. This is because the CSN only provides student loans to study in Spanish if one studies the language in Spain. But in Uruguay, there is not much concern or you ignore the laws and rules. You do what you want, as long as it is paid for. In Uruguay it was also cheaper.

A speaker voice sounded the alarm about seatbelts on.

Elin finally sat on the flight home to her residence in Irun (Spain), she had done 12 months course in Spanish. Language studies that would get a mere mortal to destroy herself. But she had reached the target fluent in Spanish, wow, she was proud and satisfied. The money that was left over had sufficed to a whole new body from head to toe. New buttocks, taken away a couple of ribs and enlarged breasts, she had taken the opportunity to fill the lips forever, and her nose wasn’t any longer so crooked, the ears didn’t any longer stand straight out, she was good looking and proud, she was HOT. She had not gone to school, but she had learned Spanish well enough, she had studied with:

[source] (https://leanpub.com/howtolearnanewlanguage)

The Arc de Triomph method. She had also acquired friends to keep in touch with the Spanish via Facebook, she had been around and talked to people, and she had taken small buckling little here and there to get practice in the language. Moreover, she had a grade that said she knew Spanish. Elin smiled as she thought of how smart she was. Though financially, she needed neither grants nor loans from CSN. It was just in her nature to exploit systems, a defect she had inherited from her father.

Back to the iPhone.

Alain Ferrier: -Are you alive? Happy birthday, can I invite you a piece of cake? Elin choosed the answer button on the phone: -No, I’m in Buenos Aires … She thought before she sent the message. Was it good to say where she was? Could he have new perils going on? Hmm, Buenos Aires… if he even thought of it as true or false… she was too far away, and with her new look, he would never recognise her. ‘Send’.

Joanna: - Happy birthday, gone again? If you had any good manners in you, maybe you could come here sometimes. If you don’t want my proximity anymore, you can say that, or maybe at least come and get the mail or have a coffee break. / Your friend Joanna.

Joanna lived, thus it was a good sign. Joanna was one of the few that Elin knew that did not use computers. Joanna normally sat at Wayne’s Coffe in Stockholm, drank mineral water or coffee from their new super-maker with capsules. Joanna had even purchased the same machine for her home and she had invited Elin a coffee before Elin went away last year. It was her birthday that day as well. The coffee had been much better and with less cleaning than Elin’s machine that had cost 1 000 Euro, compared with Joanna’s that had only cost a few hundred euro and gave a better coffee, though a bit more expensive per cup, but what the heck, if it made better coffe and the best, it didn’t take all the cleaning that Elin’s machine demanded. A cup of coffee and a little milk foam, then thirty minutes of dish washing. Elin thought a bit, what do one answer such a message? “I will visit you as soon as I can !” Nah. Sounds to desperate, “No not today, have other plans?” no neither that. Elin thought for herself: If I don’t care to answer she believes maybe that all is well and will worry a little bit about things as usual, then it will probably be all good later on and I don’t have to explain a lot. It suited Elin good, less Internet traffic and less waste of talk later. Finally she answered and it became: -I’m on my way home to Irun, after one year in Uruguay. I’ll let you know if I come to Sweden. Otherwise, you are welcome to visit me in Spain, I pay for the ticket, if needed. Maybe we can make a new film on a sandy beach in the south of France … licking on you.

Next message came from her well-tested friend, Bert Milton, founder and owner of the Swedish and now international porn empire PRIVATE. He wrote, there was a great need to meet. As usual, he did not say why or what it was about. She knew … It was big stuff going on again, Then Alain fucking Ferrier’s invitation to “eat” cake wasn’t only a friendly gesture to try to reconcile again … it was business for them, complications for Elin. Complications that she did not like. She regretted deeply that she had to go home to Irun. She had no real economic problems, she really never had, not even long time before she got into the dangerous games such as these testosterone-fueled men played.

Elin, daughter of “Hans Erik Wennerström.” A major financier of his time, he had helped his daughter to live her life as she wanted despite her cocaine addiction. He had bought her an apartment building in the Spanish town of Irun where the apartments were rented with good profit and everything was handled by a local broker and lawyer. Cocaine did not cost so much in Spain and she had close to France and she would be able to do good sports that her father had hoped. Elin was not a sports fan though, she thought high heels, tights and large milky coffee was The way to live life.

Svante: - Happy birthday! He had sent one of those dorky congratulation cards with advertising. Poor guy, does not seem to go so well with Television shows, he must send me a free birthday card? It must be something fishy. The best with free card was to lax respond to such cards.

Elin was inserted in Svantes new jobs. He had taken over Editor in chief item in the magazine Expo, formerly operated by Stieg Larsson, author of the trilogy Milennium. (Of course, it was not Svante that had actually sent the card. But it was a bad joke by Alain Ferrier. He knew what Elin thought about Stieg Larsson and his circle.

The fifth message came from someone that Elin did not know how he had found her, though it would be interesting to know. “BEE” was the message. Neither more nor less. She realized that even he was in mischief. It was an honor, it was more important than to go to Sweden to fuck with Joanna, it was definitely more important than a ridiculous birthday card, not to talk about Bert fucking Milton. Milton and BEE, was Elin’s lifelines, she knew. Not financially, no, but for her safety, BEE was her friend and lover. Bert Milton, could through his International contacts probably lock her assets, she knew he could be dangerous if he wanted to. BEE, was just a silly old man. Joanna She did not let her down, she took care of her swedish mail, moreover, she had not met anyone else who fucked so well and after a year of silence had nothing against to simply open the door and have a full night’s orgy.

Elin wrote to BEE: Spanish Question Mark ¿? to answer, to know what BEE wanted. Then the Internet went down, and the engines started to rush and the aeroplane took off with a hideous murmur. Elin had flown around the globe a few times, but she learned never to like this suction in the stomach and the feeling of being completely at the mercy of the captain and his wings, she had never been afraid of flying before, this time it was different. It was with great fear mixed with uncertainty limits and the unanswered questions, which she ascended to 10,000 feet altitude and would hover around the next 15 hours above the sea and mountains, to Madrid Barajas Airport and then on a transfer national flight to San Sebastian Airport in Hondarribia, the neighboring village to Irun where she since a couple of years were the owner of aR ental Propertie, on the street “Avenida de Ipparalde” it sounded “chick” she thought for herself. As the fifth Avenue in new York, or Champs Ellysess in Paris. Though the street was not so special it had its fine corners. At one end the Public Hall of Justice was placed, in the other end the city exhibition and Conference center and the border with France, an international Avenue. She had the property at number 22, and around the corner wre moreover, the Basque police barracks located.

Elin had gotten to know many different kinds of people in her 23 years short life. She had studied at Swedish high school in the time it was called the Natural Science program, three years, she had also studied some courses at the University of Stockholm. She is though a rather unusual Swedish person, what have made her different? The people she have met and what they have told her. She has, however as well been born different. Her father was a financier Hans-Erik Wennerström. He had pulled in their horns in Stieg Larsson’s first attempt to destroy him. Hans Erik had by then acquired an apartment real estate building in Spain to Elin and thus She was financially independent. The thing that made her who she is, was in addition to her major cocaine dependence also the fact that she is a nymphomaniac and bisexual. Some of the people she has met have died on the road, but that doesn’t make their stories less interesting … quite the contrary, what they told her, they wanted her to tell as many people as possible about their experiences and mistakes they had made, which ended their lives in prematurely. She used to sit on Robin’s Diner in Irun and open her heart to the seasoned Swedish Diner owner Frederick.

Joanna a mobster’s girlfriend

14 September 2013Â

Joanna sat at home and felt alone. Tomorrow her one true friend had her birthday and she did not even know where she was. Joanna had the year 1990 met Elin on “The Square” Sergel Square by the subway Central Station in Stockholm. Joanna had been looking for cocaine or any similar drug. Joanna was at that time only 14 years old and had run away from home a year earlier. Elin had taken care of Joanna and helped her to survive, earn good money a little easier than through the street prostitution at Regeringsgatan and Malmskillnadsgatan. Elin had introduced her for “Jokso”, Dragan Joksovic. He had taken care of Joanna as his girlfriend. Jokso was very strong and had money. The money he earned on trading anything possible. The police and he had a mayor deal together. The police claimed officially that Dragan smuggled cigarettes, which was a white lie about what he actually did. Jokso smuggled nothing. He let his couriers do the smuggling, which was his couriers? Girls who could move into fine parties, girls that had nothing against some oral sex and were prepared to blow basically anyone to get a nose of cocaine. It was especially common that the girls were practicing this at any intervention at customs. Customs officials knew when there were coming girls who were Dragans. The customs officers who were looking for a little bit of free sex just needed to catch one of Dragans couriers and ask for free sex against their lax prison. The girls felt relieved afterwards. Because they did not have to hand over the goods, which in turn meant that they did not get reprisals from Dragan. Dragan was a good friend to those who actually owned Tabu, night club with nude waitresses and the same as stripped on stage. Tabu was actually in Privates property, that is controlled by Mr. Bert Milton. But the club was run by various persons who liked to be awake 24 hours of the day. Dragan was one of those who stood for te security of the nightclub. The year 1992 He also took the plunge and became a coffe shop owner, he started cafe “Lilla OGO” at Odensgatan around the corner from Tabu. But it was not just around the corner, the two establishments had connected underground, they had basement corridors that went together. That was practical when you wanted to have illegal goods hidden in the side whose front door was closed. If the police beat at the door closed and no one was there. Since cafe Little Ogo and Tabu had open the innings. (Tabu opened 24.00-08.00, Lilla Ogo 08.00-24.00). Could the person who sold the goods have the large stock behind closed doors in the other room. They had some of the goods it sold in the pocket and when the pocket was empty, they went through the culvert and fetched more closed the door and went back with some new goods in the pocket and could sell more as a retailer. Joanna was Dragan’s girlfriend, which meant that she was the one who worked in Lilla Ogo’s cafe when they opened.Â

Before this turn of events in their lives, she had most of the time stripped and served in the night club Tabu. Joanna thought of how many times she went to Denmark and received packets to take to Sweden. She used to be inducted to the Customs officers. She did not like having to blow disgusting customs officials threatened with the baton, but she never had to worry about money food rent, etc. Before she had been introduced to Dragan, her life had not been better at all. Now she had everything she needed as long as she continued obeying. 1998 they had shot Dragan on Solvalla horese race track. Since then, Joanna was left to her own fate, no longer a 15 years innocent teen. Joanna was now 23 years old and was deeply dependent of amphetamine and cocaine. She had also tried to shoot up heroin. She was all too often high, low, or traveled between tops and down periods. She had continued to travel to Denmark a few times a year after Joksos death, but it was not the same security in the job longer, she felt unsure if she really could cope with a prison stay. She would no longer be called to Customs officials for any lowjobs, she realized that her appearance was not beneficial anymore. In the mirror she sawthat she is not as innocent looking any longer, more emaciated, with traces of drugs and quantities of alcohol, which she consumed to numb the lack of having a real family to rely on. Joanna started to cry when she thought of her friend Elin who seemed to have lost her feelings for her. She wrote and sent a text message, but had no great hopes for answers. Elin was like that, she had moved to Spain after scandals with her dad. The great financier Wennerström.

The South Americans want the whole cake!

As everything has its beginning …

The Tea Gang had at the beginning tested the new workers by refine coca leaves first to cook pasta, or cocaine paste it also called. Between coca leaves and pure cocaine, one prepares the not completely pure drug that can be smoked, cocaine paste. It was Carlos Munoz biggest mistake. It was at this stage attention had been given in Spanish television the winter of 2005-2006. Which made so that the Mr. President of Venezuela in South America became aware of what had begun to happen in Spain. Venezuelan President’s advisory group had then taken the decision to take over Tea Gang’s activity in Spain. Italian mafias had smuggled for decades the cocaine in concentrated form ment to snort or take orally. the cocaine to snort should not be smoked, although some do, that way the pure cocaine give no direct effect because cocaine in its pure form is destroyed at combustion and loses its effect. It was cocaine paste, which now had been found on the streets of Madrid. It was the middle stage or start-up of a new drug empire. Cocaine Paste is easier to get out of coca leaves and is less dangerous to make than the pure cocaine. The project was, in other words in startup mode. They was about to learn the job.

Mr. president of Venezuela in South America knew what it meant. It meant a new smart operator who would be able to grow big, too big … The President got worried and excited at the same time and realized that there was much more money to gain this new way to ship over the raw leafes instead of the pure cocaine. After a couple of days long meeting in Mr. President’s conference room had been decided, how and what would be done, and whom should do what. The data was distributed and everyone started their jobs to boost Venezuela’s power and thus presidential power. The idea was at the same time crush the Italian’s monopoly on cocaine importation to Europe. The side effect would be to crush the european economy with using the cocaine trade. The president would formulate a letter to the Spanish Government and the same letter would be sent to the European Parliament. The president himself never wrote letters, it did his secretary, the secretary had done that since high school.

In the letter they wrote:

“I president of Venezuela in South America, have much experience of what you have been experienced lately: cocaine trafficking. We have during decades tried to shut down the plantations of coca in Colombia. We have cooperated with the United States. We’ve sprayed coca peasant’s crops, we have burst boats full of cocaine. We have set up a nearly impenetrable barrier in the air and in the sea, but it never seems to be sufficient. Now there are rumours spread about resistant crops. It appears to be impossible to completely eliminate coca cultivation. What can be done is putting stronger forces against the International trading level. We can help you to find the holes that allow that it enters cocaine in Spain and thus into Europe. If you are interested in the help?”

The idea of the letter was to get Spain to start working more effectively against the Italian mafias cocaine trade. Italian mafias bought already large amounts of cocaine in South America and smuggled to Europe. South American countries could earn double the money if they first sold the cocaine to the Italians, who were supposed to be seized in customs. They would take over the trade in coca leaves to Europe and convert the leaves into cocaine in place. Then they would sell its European produced cocaine in Europe. It would be much more profit on this kind of trading. Moreover, after a while remove the hot-blooded and heavy Italians who had made themself very unpopular in South America during the last decades. With their fat asses driving around in expensive cars and built luxurious hotel, while the South Americans remained poor. Now the president saw his chance to tighten the noose around the Italian mafias. He called it “Fair trade”. Strangle their economy and take care of the money that should belong to South America and the South American people. Not to Europe and to their stupid cocaine snorting populations. The goal of the letter to Europe was also to gain control of the information that could become ashes if it wanted to go bad. Since the operation also was to take control of coca leaf exports-imports and cocaine trafficking in Europe, it became inevitably to be the one who controled the information, and indirect led reconnaissance against trafficking.

Venezuelan police chief Miguel Vargas, was commissioned to find those who had started smuggling coca leaf to Spain. It did not take long to find the source, nor receiving importer was difficult to find. Contact was taken. They had set up everything in the style of Italian Mafia Don Corleone’s manners. The Tea Gang had been given an offer they could not resist. “We’re taking over here and if you take care of the job, we can make sure that you do not end up in jail. “Or even better: if you take good care of the job and do well and not make a fool out of you, we can help you out of any prison anywhere in the world, even if we have to take Rambo to do it. It was made “Real” passports from Venezuela with new identities to all which accepted the new instructions.

Carlos Munoz was naturally furious and his blood pressure shot up. He had accepted, not direct delighted to have been caught, but he had realized The advantage of having Mr. President of Venezuela as a protector in international cocaine trade. The president would naturally take most of the revenue, but they could act in peace and if the offense would be worthwhile, they needed to have the protection. Especially now when the had already been discovered. One would like chasing a rainbow. One would ensure that those already smuggled competing products as pure cocaine and coca paste, would get the police after them. Cocaine would be impounded and police officers would be happy and believe that they did a good job, the politicians could show good numbers and voters would believe that politicians had finally won the war against smuggling of cocaine.

Venezuelan President had a great plan: One would allow the police to clean up among the Italian mafias and then take the Italian maffiornas place. It was known that only trade with cocaine in Europe was worth more than EUR 100 000 per hour, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. in Euro counted: 2,4 million a day, nearly 20 million a week or per year? That’s right: 1 000 million a year in profits. First, would the Spaniards believe that all real cocaine came from Colombia. Then they would also continue with the believe it was cocaine and cocaine paste smuggled. One would honk in them that everything was handled through the three major mafias in Italy: Cosa Nostra, ‘ndragnag and Camorra. It made, of course, that the police and toll was looking in the wrong place and after the wrong product and among the wrong people. A perfect act of terrorism. In Spain, the police and lots of dogs and police officers were educated to look for coca paste and cocaine. This cost a lot of money. The invoice was paid to the South American security companies which was specialized in precisely cocaine trafficking. The company were paid of course by the Spanish state. The money came from the no evil unknowing taxpayers in Spain and Europe. That is how it worked. It took charge of the State to cover up private companies costs of drug Span. Then the paid money never really came back to the state. It was an expense that was offset against drug crackdown. The money that came in from police training and customs officers were then used to bribe the police and Customs officials. Most of the drugs seized and were recycled in a new network of drug distribution.

The money that came from the sales of drugs on the street needed to be washed, that trade was not so interesting, because it was risky to handle cash in connection with drug trafficking. In the export and wholesale stages one could easy send regular invoices and pay the amount they desired by using the bank on the Internet.

When one needed to receive cash money they went straight into the local Diner restaurant, that Carlos had started, the cash were registered and counted into the usual sales, washed clean and ready. The following day was the cash deposited into the company’s bank account and at the end of the month were the funds transferred to the bank they wanted to send money to.

They knew, however, that cash trade meant risks: internal theft, discovery and costly extra work. If anyone was wondering anything referred to the auditor, they would send a stack invoices were all stamped, approved and registered according to all the rules. This cost, of course, money. However it was easy to find that kind of accountants who could work up “lagging” accounting.

Venezuelan Economy had been instructed to locate various companies in Europe that could be of interest to invest in. Then they would be corrected and ensure that they went from small national companies to international multinational Giants, so they would generate more money for Mr. President of Venezuela. Among those selected were food business that could be used as covers for manufacturing, distribution and money laundering. In the food they could also mix tiny little quantities of cocaine to make people dependent on just their products. Just as John Pemberton done with Coca-Cola in 1886, until the same one was forced to remove cocaine additive in 1903. But we all know that these approximately 17 years has given the world a vile drink that seems to be impossible to get away from people’s desires. The president of Venezuela had expressed himself as usual and succinctly, -Mediciner is good against diseases. But the medications taken for other reasons than to cure themselves against disease, is more profitable for the manufacturer and seller. They invested in companies producing Viagra, Pfizer, became an unwitting partner in the whole process, but they even bought up companies producing copies to Viagra. Because the youth of Spain had started partying through the anal opening. They also purchased a factory that made tampons. The new way to get drunk rapidly without consuming large amounts of alcohol. it was called “Sex on the rocks” or “ass-shot” it had been invented in Sweden a decade earlier and it had spread through Internet to Spain. It began, however, in Sweden with a couple ignorant youth. They had thought that if you did not drink alcohol but put up a vodka soaked tampon in the ass, it would not cause rash at the police check if one were to blow. the problem is of course the alcohol into the blood stream and then via exhaled from the lungs and is moving on police gauges. Besides it does not work in order to escape the police, it also gives not too pleasant side effects. In the long term, one can get chronic problems with the mucus membranes of the colon. In the short term, to be extremely intoxicated due to alcohol. In Spain, found in the summer of 2013 many minors in unconscious state, they had to go with ambulance to the hospital, some people have hurt for life. Especially the girls, that instead of up the ass, had driven up the tampon in the vagina. The result? Engraving alcohol poisoning and internal burns. The old Swedish expression “Slash and Burn” Have Thus, given a new meaning.

It was also invested in energy companies that were needed for everything nowadays, for example, to grow cannabis indoors in the closets of people homes in Europe. Cannabis production in Europe was very good for cocaine consumption, since cannabis removes the effect of the cocaine, and one will need rapidly larger by one and then also the second drug. Able to monetize all this, luck would be made. Said and done. They took over large parts of Spanish energy companies. The next step, the transport company would choose transportation, purchase transportation for their client “European tea etc”. Since it was the president who was involved it had been possible to buy a ship and just sail over the Atlantic loaded full of coca leaves. But being the owner of the boat it could be difficult to explain why it was fully loaded with coca leaves. If anyone would even think to check. But one also had no plans to pay for transportation, it got transport companies to do. How so? Well, very simply. They bought transport of transporting agent and neglected to pay. After 2-3 transports. The account were blocked and they could not buy more transportation from that dealership. But then they changed to another transport agent that one used a couple of times and bsince in a country like Spain there are thousands of transport agents, the risk that one would be without transport were small. Everyone wants to find new customers and in the hot pursuit of customers often jumps over the financial security and allows those who can buy large container internationally have their transport credit. Free transportation became the model for getting the coca leaves in Spain. To further reduce risk, they established about ten import companies in Spain that each imported a dozen containers per year, which reduced the risk of continuous monitoring of companies. That if the Spanish military police “Guardia Civil” would get the idea that there were companies in Spain who smuggled coca leaves. It was determined, however, that it would attempt to start a manufacturing unit in Sweden. Sweden was a good country in this context. On the one hand, there were many immigrants from South America and therefore could defend imports of the Yerba Mat. One would probably also be able to get BIO-people Non-coffe-drinkers to take address this beneficial natural beverage. Another reason for manufacturing in Sweden was history. No one would ever believe that one exported cocaine from Sweden. Border checks from Sweden into any other neighboring country anywhere is very lax, for not to say non-existent. Said and done they took one of his best “Cocinero” and drove him to Sweden. One sought start their own contribution and course in Swedish for those who would be working together. One got sparsely built contributions to take over an old building in scenic Orsa. Where the undercover would once again be a preparation kitchen, for a new American fast food chain, Sussi’s Diner. They would actually produce and stock cocaine. One could produce one tonne of concentrated cocaine per month. it became about 4 000 kg, mixed cocaine on the street. Or if you see it from consumer standpoint 4 billion ounces, or 40 billion cocaine lines to snort. A paerson of not yet cocaine abuse located in poised to fall into cocaine swamp. Consuming normally about 0.5 grams per weekend. Maybe not every weekend, but consumption is usually increasing rapidly if not drastically. Such a consumer would conceivably consume at least 25 grams per year. A good agent Spaniard snort already around 30 grams per year, in the case of an expenditure of about 1 500 Euro a year. cocaine prices on the streets had been reduced from 60 Euro to about 35 Euro per gram. A good consumer could snort up to 5 grams per day and it was obviously there Mr. President of Venezuela wanted to take the Europeans. The Swedish production would in the future also be able to satisfy the surrounding markets, which Norwegian, Finnish, Baltic, and to some extent Russian market. with Due to the current situation high price of cocaine in Scandinavia, would certainly get the Scandinavians to consume quite a lot more cocaine than before. It would be easier to come by, the price would go down significantly and it would still make enough profit to have money to silence the cops. If they were lucky one could do as had been done in Spain, build a spiral of police work. It was simple, when you had cocaine and knew who wanted it. They sold large quantities to major drug dealers or wholesalers. They then sent the police on their retailers. The police took some of the drug to own consumption part they sold, a small portion would end up in a report that one made a “big” crackdown. Part of money the organization received back as a thank you or “Rappel” also called Kickback in marketing circles. The usually involve unrecorded products. It had been the absolute best way to distribute cocaine, especially in Spain, where they took advantage of the large and tight police organization Guardia Civil. They let the police handle the distribution while they got promotion by their superiors for the law, the police officers who were involved earning an extra buck. Actually to be all happy. The problem in Sweden was of course to infiltrate into the police force, usually so clogged social network that the police seemed to consist of. But it has become routine, with power and money anything is possible. They grabbed the police power they had managed to involve in cocaine spread in Spain and made them spread it to Sweden via the police net. They started cooperation between Spanish and Swedish police. They sent police officers to and from each other so that they could learn to bust smugglers wholesalers and dealers. Everything was really just a cover to sort the police officers. Those who were open to cooperation hung quickly on out to the tavern in Spanish lower world, they took advantage of South American and North African minors whores, they smoked cannabis and the snot-ups cocaine. How easy wasn’t it. Anyone who knows thetrick and have the goods, you can get anyone in cocaine swamp. Cocaine, Sex, hard partying, getting down with a joint of cannabis and the day after a new small pea cocaine and one is going strong! King for the day. After a few months, it is not enough with a pea 0.05 or a line of about 0.1 grams anymore, one need more and more. In addition, consumption from a time every now and then, to weekly or daily basis. Since they that are involved earn cocaine for free, it usually is not marked so fast on them, they tend to have steady life and orderly. It’s just plain mischief that must intertwine or whore to earn their lines, which ends up in the criminal courts. It can take many years for who takes it nicely. But sooner or later you are on performs the track and there is no standard way back. All this did the president of Venezuela knew.

The smugglers was assured not to go there, they had the patronage of higher powers, they had the patronage of Mr. president of Venezuela in South America. They were all holders of ‘genuine’ South American passports from Venezuela. If there should happen to be a local police presence, they would always give up everyone involved and follow all instructions given by the police and judges. If they are then sentenced to prison, they would only do paper work in the prison, get some rest and apply for a transfer to South America. There they would be provided with new passports, new identities and sent back to their workplaces in Europe and the work would proceed. That sort of interference were included in the calculations, but had so far never become necessary, they had learned to be cautious, very cautious. The organization was handled flawlessly with South American president as leader of the world’s most profitable trade, international trade in cocaine. In order not to lose time with any missteps, had the prudence built two different units working in parallel, without knowledge of each other.

How did it start?

“If you don’t have to do the time. Do the crime “. / mafia proverbs

Coca leaves Imports to Europe had been a superidea cracked by Carlos Muñoz, a tea importer in Spain that originated in Argentina.

He had gone from idea to action in the early 2000s. He had in the 80s imported innocent Argentinean tea leaves “Mate de Yerbas” (herbal tea in English), to Spain. Nowadays, it was used only as a cover load for the much guiltier “Mate de coca” (coca leaf tea). He had also arrived at the solution to the problem: How to convert coca leaves into cocaine in Europe. In Spain it was easy to rent industrial buildings. In the empty industrial premises one could do basically whatever. There are lots of empty industrial buildings in Spain. They found easily cheap rooms to rent and could receive a grant from the EU to start up industries in Spain.

From the beginning, however, there were no knowledgeable “cocineros” in Spain, Cocineros means cooks in spanish are those who knew how to would make cocaine from coca leaves. But if you have reliable contacts in South America, nothing is impossible. In South America there were millions of people who would have done anything to move to Europe. Among these millions, there were a couple of hundreds really skilled men and women in their 20s who turned out to be very good at making cocaine from coca leaves. A new drug gang of International class had been born “Tea Gang”. There were several advantages to work towards Spain. Firstly, the language, they speak the same language. In addition, there was so much South Americans in Spain that could be used as the customer base for the cover of the tea import.

The tea flowed into Spain, nobody suspected anything. Since Spanish Police and customs were not looking to seize the tea leaves, they were looking for illegal immigrants, weapons and real drugs, such as cocaine and cannabis and heroin, but the last thing used to come overland from Turkey and the Middle East.

However, what started to happen was that the Italians lost foothold in Spain. The Italians had not come up with any good way to make cocaine in Europe. They were forced to continue importing allready purecocaine to Europe. Tariffs got better and better in the growing market of cocaine, the complicated trade for Italian mafias and prices soared.

In Colombia costs one kilogram of pure cocaine € 25 000, it is normally diluted to 4 times its weight and costs then on the street from 200,000 to 400,000 Euros. In gross costs “the street cocaine” about 20-30 euros per gram, depending the size of the lot you are buying. But you have to come up with about 2 000 Euros if you want to get good price. Those who brings the cocaine that way can thus make about 10 times gross margin. Take away the overhead as freight, weapons, customs seizures, ordinary costs of living, driving luxury cars, stay in hotels and to make a virtue of not more than 5 times the purchase. That makes still good numbers for a company in Europe, these days.

Carlos who now began to import coca leaves and manufactured the cocaine in Europe were, however, making concentrated cocaine at a cost of only 500-1000 Euro per kg. The difference was in addition to the much lower price, also the fact that his new cocaine after manufacturing already was in place in Europe. He could also sell the finished product at the same price as the competitors. It therefore served up to 60 times the cost. Approximately 15 times more than the Italian mafias had served before. In Uruguay, the purchase price of coca leaves is about 5 Euro cents per kilo coca leaves, if you buy several tons. It takes one hundred kilograms (€ 5) to produce one kilogram of pure cocaine, with an expense less than 500 Euro (transport, chemicals, etc.). Production of cocaine from coca leaves thus gives one kilogram of pure cocaine at a cost of about 500 Euro per kilo. The risk of detection is much less at coca leaf imports than when importing the pure cocaine or the not so concentrated cocaine paste.

Using Mate the Yerbas as cover the load is an ingenious solution to the problem. It is difficult To find coca leaves if it may be so “little” as 10 tons in a Container totaling 30 tons. If the addition is otherwise filled with Mate the Yerbas that looks like and smells almost identical.

Carlos Muñoz had during its first 5-6 years coca leaves importer earned lots of money. He wanted and needed to wash them. He drew up plans for an American fast food chain, with a great kitchen where he prepared the food. In the kitchen he could do anything and had the chimney far above the rooftops, no one would ever think about what really was going on in there. When authorities believed they kneaded burgers and rocks, converted instead tons of coca leaves into cocaine every week. Specifically, 60 tons of coca leaf per week to 600 kg, divided into two factories. The two factories had the capacity to produce the amount each day. It was planned for the future. Hamburger chain launched its first restaurant in 2007, under the name “Sussi’s Diner” in Getafe (Madrid). The founder Carlos Muñoz, the man behind the idea of using Mate the Yerbas as a top loader to import coca leaves to Spain. The hamburger chain grew exponentially, compare in Spain from 1-40 new restaurants in just 6 years. With the same number of new fastfood restaurants like McDonald’s started in Sweden throughout 1990s. They had placed an unusually high price of the products the new food chain served. This was for not needing to produce so much food. But they had made a small miscalculation, despite the high prices and the fact that they had placed the restaurants a little bit on the side of the big business streets. It became immensely popular to run to the new fine Barbie Furnished American retro diner concept. As accounted for being a franchise chain, but that really was just an internal fastfood chain cover and the best money-laundering could be imaginable. The restaurants were driven by the most reliable distributors of fine cocaine as they produced.

The distribution and trafficking of cocaine, were as in all similar contraband context, the part that was most difficult. But when the biggest and best smugglers in Europe had sniffed up the new job as cocaine couriers, it became easy. There were lots of talented smugglers in Europe. They were used to work for the Italian mafias with mini helicopters from Morocco. They were just glad to avoid having to go to Africa and risking their lives there. The smugglers bought their 10-100 kg finished concentrated cocaine. The cocaine was well packaged in double vacuum packaging with strong-smelling perfumes between the plastic layers. Not even the best drug dog could feel the smell of cocaine in the packages. Once, a man, with his wife and daughter were caught. The man had been curious to try the cocaine and had opened a package. He had “dirtied” down the car with drug and a drug dog had shown interest in the car in a routine control of a customs duty in France. It was found 110 kilograms of concentrated cocaine in the car in a maple space. The man and his wife got long imprisonment and the daughter were away adoptee to an orphanage. Which country can accept that the parents of children are drug smugglers?

It was no great loss for carlos organisation, but he could have been a good dealer. They needed work out an approach where the risks of unplanned crackdown was minimal. The goal was, after all, to get the drug to the people and making them dependent.

The best of all was a smuggling truck driver, spanish, Bullen which he was called. He was prescribed in France in the French village of Hendaye, on the border with Spain at border trade area Behobia. A neighborhood of Irun, a city is assembled plant with Hondarribia in the Spanish Basque Country. He had double tank on his truck. The normal holding 100 liters. The other was equal big. He filled it with cocaine. It was really heavy in the tank 100 liters of cocaine weighing well over 100 kg. Every other week he left Spain loaded with pure cocaine and tipped off about 20 kg in each country up to Norway. Who’s looking for cocaine in a truck’s second tank? Especially as it did not even have a fuel cap, it was assumed that the tanks were connected with each other, as is customary. But it was not, the second tank had a secret entrance. It was Accessed via the seat inside the cab. Specially designed, of course. The job cost about 1000 Euro, but each trip yielded about 50 000 Euro, so the investment was thus quickly returned. The risk was minimal. Quickly it became copied and hundreds of his colleagues followed his example. So far, no Customs found these traffickers double tanks.

Another truck driver had built on the cooling system to its lorries on the outside allegedly transporting frozen goods. But because the cooling system was cocaine custody, he transported usual cargo in the hold. In the cooling system that was mounted on top the tractor trailer, where no drug sniffing dogs reached, could lorry driver hide several hundred kilos of pure cocaine. Before it became coca leaves they smuggled to Spain without risk, it was the more expensive drug cocaine in its pure form they smuggled to Spain. It was easy to be discovered, the risk was high and the penalties severe, thus had followed by high retail price. Now, imports of coca leaves are no longer the problem, production could manage simple, cheap and without much risk. The problem of course was that if it continued to turn coca leaves into cocaine in Spain, remained the problem to continue to smuggle cocaine in concentrated form to other parts of Europe. Therefore sat they with the same problem as earlier, illegal trade and smuggling. Previously, trafficking mainly focused on cannabis. It was a herb which you could smoke the dried flowers. Or converted to hashish which was smoked blended with tobacco, it gave a calming if not anesthetic effect. Coka leaves could of course have been resold to other European countries and one would thus be able to manufacture of cocaine in every European country, and so avoid the expensive smuggling. It would require considerable effort in manufacturing process. One would need many “cocineros” “Cooks” in English. It is not a difficult job to extract cocaine from the leaves of the coca plant, but the quality and quantity recovered cocaine will be different depending on who is doing the job. Furthermore, if the job gets done wrong, associated with mortal danger. Finding 10 or so chefs who are good at food can be difficult enough. Finding 10 chefs who will become good at something completely new, and both can be dangerous to your health and that at discovered during production, would deliver substantial prison sentences, could be more difficult.

Cocaine progress …

“The mankind is a sorrow kind” / August Strindberg

1855 The first time cocaine produced was 1855. But it was not until 1880 that the effects were medically recognized.

6 December 2005

Bolivia declares that the planting and daily Consumption of Coca leaves in the form of tea or chewing the leaves is a historical and cultural employment to be F-marked.

June 26, 2006 A certain

Herkel make a name for himselves in Swedish journalism. He writes an article that ends up in “Sydsvenskan” and”Metro” in Sweden. The article about the increased cocaine demand in Europe, he writes: “The consumption has risen in Germany from 0.2% to just over 3% of the German the population. In Spain 1.6% to 2.7% over the past 10 years”.

The figures may be scientifically developed, but they reflect a very small unrecorded.

2007, Art. 31 UN charter gives rights to Bolivia to cultivate for internal consumption for workers in the mining industry, drivers and farmers. USA had used its veto to get through this right is considered a historical and cultural rights for Bolivian residents.

January 5, 2007 Fabian calling Venezuelan President:

-Señor president of Venezuela’s office, the president himself.

-Señor President, I would like to announce that everything goes according to the plans.

-Good, I expect to Europe soon being our major source of income. yes Mr. President, I think we’ve gotten it right. I will keep you informed.

-Good, Over and out.

-Of Course end. The phone calls with Señor President of Venezuela was always well prepared. Normally the phone calls didn’t used to be longer than two sentences and thank you and goodbye, but Fabian could never know. The president could begin to question various details, though Mr. President only cared about money and the feeling that he controlled everything.

Fabian had been involved in cocaine trafficking since he was in the younger teens. His older brother had introduced him to the job. This was at the time the Basque people ruled over the drug trade in Spain. In Franco’s time. Before the Italians took over the trade. It was called “The Spanish Cod” or in Spanish, “El Bacalao Español”. It consisted of a large number of people with dual nationality, typically French / Spanish, who had free movement right in Spain, drug around the country and deal in drugs and partying weeks on end. They used to be in Madrid during the early weeks because there were always parties to visit which was visited by consumers of miscellaneous and it was easy to sell drugs. Especially Sunday evenings when many restaurants closed and Restaurant staff wanted to get a “real” party after a chaotic and tiering weekend. Then they pulled southward to acquire new inventories, usually in Cadiz. Then up in the north via Alicante, Benidorm Barcelona during the weekend and headed back home to the Basque Country where the could sell expensive during the weekends. There lived financially strong French People who came across the border to the border town Irun in Spain, to party hard. Since the merchants of the drugs used to be Bilingual already since childhood, they had no problem to comunicate in any language at every meeting. Since the Cold War was over, political leaders throughout the US continent worked on at the thought: How to keep the other world so hard financially grip as possible. It had been that if one using simple tried and tested methods sucked out country by country, earned America more and more. They saw to it that the people were poor, hard-working, and that every now and then came out a teenage pauper who did meteoric career in pop music, singing silly type jingles, with innocent eyes waving on hips in ponytail or braids with Greta. It got people to believe that there still exist opportunities for all and so held the life of the myth of “The American Dream”. It was obviously just a cover to keep people’s hopes alive, the rest is left to to the Church. America had throughout the early 2000s served billions of other countries’ banks on Madoff. small investors and large banks, all beaten down, and South America earned all to themself. cocaine trafficking however, was the best of all, it struck down those who would fall out of society anyway. It was a good clean-up tool. It had people wrapped around one’s finger. And it was handled nicely by different maffias worldwide. If a mob broke their promise, cleaned the competing mafia out and took over the job. In the end it was Always America who frothed cream of milk.

2013 Bolivia argue that they need 10,000 hectares to grow their own annual consumption of coca leaves, but they grow at more than 25 000 hectares. It is exported from Bolivia through Uruguay to Europe, about 10 000 tons Coca leaves per year, half of which is assumed to go to cocaine production. What the other half would be used for, nobody is talking about.

August 16, 2007 Beep, it beeped at the venezuelanPresident got the phone, he had received a Message: “Yesterday was shot six people into the German city of Duisburg, those suspected of being members of the Italian mafia. The six men were between 18 and 26 years old. “ The information was interesting, especially for the Venezuelan president and his organization because it was an acknowledgment that their police Jobs gave fruit. When the old small European mafias fought was there often because they had problems with money and raids customs of illegal goods. They kept the media and police employed, exactly as expected. The interesting thing was that just the sort crackdown held the world believing that it was the Italian mafia that kept earning money on cocaine imports in Europe. To some extent, it was true but now it was not cocaine as Mr. President of Venezuela exported and imported, but instead, it was coca leaves the raw material….

Frederick, Jerry & Alain

Frederick lives in the same small corner of the world that Elin, in the village called Hondarribia, it is next to, or grown together with the adult town, Irun, Spain. Frederick has the sharpest of minds, one can say that he is equipped with a sixth sense always on. He practices though a lot of different askinds of astrologies as to mention the two most commun, Chinese and Western.

One can get to know Frederick when you come to Hondarribia, he had another restaurant first “Txin-Txin” it was called, but he changed the location, name and style. If you need Internet, he offers free Wi-Fi. Frederick is a handyman, he is an excellent cook, carpenter and has green fingers. He looks to be only 30 years old when he is well over 40. He has not a babyface, he is simply not ageing. He drank from the Incas rejuvenation source “Tambomachay”

[source] (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tambomachay)

in the province of Cusco, a few hours from Machu Pichu. Frederick is dark blonde with normal to sleek physique, mostly because He works hard physically many hours a day. He also walks much in the mountains and engage in adrenaline sports such as rafting, kayak and various snow sports. The latest of sports, he started practicing is Wild River Surfing. He has put together three sports in one. With a trick windsurf board and a (SUP) stand up paddle surfing he stands on the board without the sail and surf down the rapids. After a few years of performing it and with lots of bruises as a result, it has become obvious that one should have a helmet, knee pads, gloves and a life jacket. Fredrik invents crazy things, which, however, are often very good ideas or business ideas. But, they have all always had one thing in common: high risk projects. Frederick is a great entrepreneur, but still a lousy entrepreneur, he has gotten to where he is because he works very hard and takes huge risks. He cultivated previously Mariuana in his closet, besides the previously restaurant business. He got up very good quality. With the approximately 2 kg smokable herbs he grew annually he could sell from his home around 10,000 Euros in profits, which corresponded to the double of his loss in the restaurant who suff eredloss. But with about 500 Euros a month extra that he got from his little hobby, he could get life ticking on. With the restaurant business as a cover, no one thought he was doing this dubious hobby. One might add that in Spain you can see it is not surprising to smoke cannabis, it belongs to everyday life that you sit on a terrace, take a milkshake and “get Smoked” a bit … Right now, Fredrik has not grown any mariuana in about three years, he has had children and there has been neither time or great desire to expose himself to the risk, albeit not so great risk involved in growing cannabis at home in the closet in Spain. Approximately two out of three households in the Basque Country cultivate cannabis in there homes. It was the selling stepthats Frederick did not like. Spaniards are not like his countrymen, the Swedes are generally more honest and willing to pay the price that was set. Spaniards want to bargain and only pay if it is cheaper than it should, then they will come back and utilizes a whirl. At least that is what Frederick thought. His experience extends to ten years in Spain six of them as restaurant owner. This past year he had built up and pushed the American Dinern named after his son, Robin. Facebook: Robin’s Diner He invested everything he had and took bank loans of what was needed. He had bought sofas, tables, and chairs from the US.

[source] (http://www.vitroseating.com/booths_master.html#fifties)

It was nice real American chevy styled with vinyl metallic. The venue he had renovated, he also equipped with statues of Elvis Presley and Marilyn Monroe in 1: 1 scale, there was even a statue of Betty Boop as a waitress every detail was thought through. The food was good, it was served super-thin pizzas, it was one of Frederick’s own inventions. There were special milkshakes designed as in Greece. The ice cream and milkshakes was his own recipe, worked for several years of testing, all stood and fell with Fredrik, he did not like the situation and he knew how it was. More guests more job for Frederick. Fewer guests less money to pay invoices. To cope with the new spending, it began to be time for a new planting of cannabis. The restaurant had started well, everything went up in December and In January. Something had evidently happened in the Spanish or local urban economy in February. Sales were plummeting and during the summer the sales curves loked like a roller coaster with free fall. Sales were down uner all the necessary needs and expectations fell.

Frederick tried to sell the business, but without success. Frederick tend to be good in finding solutions and this time he made drastic changes, he lowered many prices in the menu. He set up menus that would compete with Mc Donald’s. It turned slightly but not enough. There were perhaps more guests but they paid much less than before the prices were cut. If the sale wouldn’t at least double up, bankruptcy would become a fact.

As he thought it was time to start planting cannabis again. It had been a full moon a couple of weeks earlier in August. He had purchased 10 new seeds “Chica Bomb”. Before Frederick had always cultivated the Critical+, it worked fine, but when he visited Grow Shop Nirvana who sold the seeds, he suddenly in order to try something new, it then became “Chica Bomb”. He put the seeds between fold of toilet paper, moistened well and put between two saucers. He placed it on top of the beer fridge, who gave away the perfect temperature around 30 degrees, good for germinate seeds. For safety’s sake, he had only started five seeds. He had been around and learnt from before, he had greener fingers than most, but in this case, it was not just the fingers … It’s very complicated to not fail with an indoor cultivation of cannabis. This can be done very simple, but changing one approach or, routines, installations, if only just a little, it is easy to make the whole plantation go down the drain.

Before, Frederick’s cannabis plantations had always been experimental, they had not been important for survival, they were complementary, they did however finally become necessary for life, but was not the main industry. Did it turn out good, life was then easier. As you sow, you get reap. Right now, life was harder, if not sowed there were nothing to harvest. No harvest, no life. Frederick now had two children to feed, pay school fees, baby swimming and diapers. It was too much for his little hamburger restaurant, which despite billing round 100 thusand Euro a year is not really even sufficient to cover the restaurant’s own costs.

Another way to find funding to continue with his products would be to build Franchise Chain, his continuous development of products he served in his restaurant, as his guests liked so much, could then be spread worldwide. Frederick dreamed that it could become a reality. But without money to invest in shaping The franchise concept, it remained just a dream.


Jerry is a Japan that used to come to Frederick’s restaurant, Robin’s Diner as Elin. he also used the Internet in Robin’s Diner. He claims to also be a chef and lived in Spanish Basque Country for a couple of years just to learn Spanish, he says … ,but he was there to learn how to make cocaine. Not to become a cook but a “cocinero” that is, one that can make cocaine.

Jerry is no particular personality, he sat often and wrote e-mails to home on his Mac notebook with Japanese characters on the keyboard. He started coming to Frederick’s restaurant already when he was having the Txin-Txin in the marina of Hondarribia. When Jerry was sitting at his laptop he used to let his long bangs fall over his eyes so that one could not see his face. He had during his years in the Basque Country aged quickly gained graying temples and a sour face. Despite his scarce 35 years and his pretty elasticity league physique and his youthful way to dress, he had amassed a look that made it difficult guessing that his age was below 45 years. Though he looked the most out to be an old man, teenagers dressed hippie.


Alain is another of Frederick’s closest clients. An International foreign correspondent from France who works for several magazines as a freelancer but has a fixed salary via French state the “Gendarmerie” French Foreign Legion with position Civilian ETA Scouts.

He lives on the border between Spain and France, on the French side in the tourist village Hendaye, in the area that of French people called the Pays Basque and the Spaniards called Pais Vasco, in Swedish it is the Baskien and in the Basque local language it is “Euskal Herria” which in the local language Basque means basque speaking village. A beautiful country in northern Spain and south-west France, they have even though they speak Spanish and French very well, even complicated life with the regional language Basque. Basque derived regionally from French Navarre slightly north of the Spanish province of Guipuzcoa, one of three provinces in the Spanish Basque Country. Basque language in the world has more history behind it than any other known language in Europe. Basque is considered by those who know the language, can be a very rich language with great opportunities for puns. We mere mortals who knows a little English can understand maybe just one of them. (Good Day you say “EgunON” … language game Egun-OFF “would be Good Night) … Alain was a pro in Basque language, Frederick capable enough to work in the restaurant and take orders, serve and charge in Basque, Moreover, he learns new things every day through his two children. He has tried to learn the language through courses but have always been forced to quit due to lack of time. Alain had looks as if he was cut from a French cop show on TV, long narrow, sporty, cut short or rather shaved head with a bit of Tin-Tin bangs. His icy blue eyes and big smiling mouth, which could turn into a together nerd raisins lip in a split second, greenish-black in sight and a red or white face everything as the situation demanded. Physically, he was impressive, he had shapely chest muscles that emerged through the always fastened wool sweater that always sat tight. It was always Lyle & Cost, he had learned a few words of Swedish from Frederick and thought of the name as he did to (Lylle & Coast), he was the happiest surfer in the world, he absolutely loves the Basque coast and partly because it has good surfing. First, it was so beautiful to look at. Second, it also had good gastronomy and Alain liked the Spanish Basque drink Hierbas.

Jose Vargas

Cutchabamba County, Farm 356, Bolivia

A coca farmer’s daily wage is US$2 a day, it is double than if he were cultivating cocoa or coffee. If growers should earn the same wages on coffee or cocoa they get paid for coca leaf cultivation, a European coffee would cost 30 crowns cup at people’s homes. In Starbucks Coffe it would likely cost more to drink a coffee than to take a glass of good wine at Eiffel tower cafe in Paris.

16 September 2013

The sun’s morning rays protruding into the José Vargas hut, where he he usually, slept with his family, his wife Mary, two sons and four daughters. In the hut next door lives his mother Mary and her sister Mary. The names given to the first-born daughter named Maria, a way to sanctify God. José wake partly by the sun’s rays but also by the aroma of freshly brewed coca tea or “Mate de coca”, the drink consumed socially as if it was coffee in any other part of the world. The advantage of the mate de coca is that as the coffee it also cheer up, also provide vitamins, helps digestion and is easier to prepare because it does not need to be roasted nor grounded. Boiling the dried leaves in water and drink it hot, with or without sugar.

José shivers a little, most of the moisture brought into the hut during the night. It was not especially cold, but before the coca tea had speeded the blood circulation José had difficulties to move smoothly.

The Vargas family are working all solar hours, harvesting, drying and packaging coca bushes leaves. The family can earn an average of US$2 a day at his job. José hasbeen long time dreaming of learning how to convert coca leaves into the much more valuable cocaine. He knows others in reserve who do so, they can earn 10 times as much a his family, though the job is not harder, it is less healthy than just picking the leaves.

Transforming the innocent coca leaves into cocaine means that you must be able to carry big cans with kerosene, one must be able to purchase other chemicals and equipment to mixing coca leaves with chemicals and then reduce away the dangerous chemicals from the mixture. Besides, it is very dangerous to refine coca leaves, it is also illegal. It normally ives gabout 4 years in prison.

José’s mother says that it is better to get a little bit of money than nothing. She advocated therefore that it was better to cultivate the leaves and leave it at that, than to risk the family cohesion with illegal business. On the 2 dollars a day family earns on coca leaf cultivation they survived, but they have neither water sanitation or electricity. They live like animals in the forest. The only difference is that they have mobile phones and can make fire. Mobile phones were charged with hand cranks as with DYMO provides power to the batteries.

José has been in the nearby town Cuchabamba and seen how the rich people live there. He would like to be able to give that luxury to his family. He wants them to learn how to read and get good studies, which he never got.

José turns 30 tomorrow, his eldest daughter Maria is already 14 years, it is time to look for a man to her, it will cost José money finding an educated man. That will though only stay in the dream world. If he is lucky he finds her any husband at all. If he does not find no one. It can happen that she has bad luck and she could be abducted and sold like cattle to a brothel in the city. José heard that women who want to travel and see Europe or the US, can come to worse places than the brothels in Bolivia. José’ve seen how the brothel girls in the city looks and does not want his children to have lifes like them. To be so dirty and look so sick and pale. José want to be able be proud of his family.


Frederick stood in the dining room of his restaurant and looked at one of his favorite stand up comedians. Beata Aguirre, a transvestite who pulled jokes that hit so low below the belt the toeinfections escaped. Beata was from the Canary Islands and spoke a lot of languages, which could be heard in her stories and linguistic puns. Beata posted a story about the housewife who used to have a little “while” each day with the postman. She had become homosexual because the male postman had retired and been replaced by a young woman. She had nothing else to do but to adapt to modern life. The advantage was that she did not get pregnant. The worst was when the postman was replaced with electricity-mail. Then got the female postman replaced by an electric cock, it had to be facebook instead of nice hits. Beata did not think it was fun, rather tragic. She continued with the corrupt politicians and the Spanish king. She got into the hot banking topic and said that the only way to make justice to the bank managers would be to put them inside their banks, winding down its security shutters and cut off the power cord. To continue on the politically incorrect path: It was better before when ETA was active, when people had jobs. The policemen were important, judges did not have to wait for people to notify each other. Many journalists had jobs. Now there was no longer a legal chopping chicken, now there were only corrupt politicians and the frauding King left.

Alain sat and pondered to himself: There are absolutely no figures showing that there have been seized cocaine leaves at any greater extent in any country in Europe. Despite this, they continues to import more than 100 tons of cocaine leaves per week, about 10 containers, half-full with coca leaves. From the Uruguayan coasts of Spain with common carriers. Coca leafes are then converted into different factories in Spain. 100 tons of coca leaf becomes 1 tons of pure cocaine, blended four times before it snorted. It will become 4 tons of cocaine a week in Europe, at least. 4 million grams. Approximately 40 million lines of cocaine. In euro terms 400 million Euro a week. It supplies approximately 8 million Europeans with their daily drug. Almost as any as the entire Madrid population. The figures are conservative estimates, and it was probably missing a huge unrecorded.


October 4, 2013 Eric, waved enthusiastically with his hands and talking loudly in Spanish with a Swedish accent: (Como siempre !, los con pegatinas amarillas a la derecha, y con los verdes a izquierda)

-As usual, with the yellow label to the right and the green to the left. Erik Eriksson also called Ecke, was a hollow-eyed short guy with curly sun-bleached hair, walking around like a teenager in designer trousers with many pockets and a T-shirt with extreme prints on. He conducted rigging in Spanish. That he was a Swedish resident in Madrid was actually less strange than the work he was doing there. He was a warehouse manager at a Spanish company owned by a short and fat but sour Argentine, Carlos, Carlos Munoz.

Officially, they imported tea from South America. Actually, they sold the tea with so much loss that they had been thinking about finding another product to import as a cover. The thing was only that this particular tea or mate the Yerbas as it is called, is so much like coca leaves, as well to the look as well as its taste and smell, they looked similar to bay leaf, albeit slightly bit thinner, the size played no mayor role because everything was just right grounded to be made tea on. Or in case they were coca leaves, make cocaine on. Which was the whole point. Cocaine is much easier to obtain from coca leaves, than liquor from mash. The problem had been getting the coca leaves smuggled into Europe. They had solved it by pure coincidence. Argentines, drink instead of coffee, the milder “Mate de Yerbas”. Throughout the Argentine history, the Argentine people moved to Spain, the language does not make it completely impossible to adapt in the new country with better living standards. The massive immigration has made that they are now a very large Argentine population in Spain, coincidentally 1. Coincidentally 2: One can in the Argentine mountains cultivate coca bushes just fine, plus almost secretly. Coincidentally 3, The US hated cocaine State Colombia, had made such a strong name on the map, like “Cocaine State” with a capital C, the European police and customs office, was not awake at Cocaine imports from Argentina. It was of course due to previously not Cocaine smuggled right from Argentina. The contraband was instead the much more innocent coca leaves. It did so under the guise of tea or mate the Yerbas, how simple any time. But the smugglers were careful still not sure about if the Spanish Civil Guard military police and customs would be able to have dogs who knew the difference between coca leaves and yerba leafes.

The Spanish customs dogs can feel the difference they say, it’s Alain Ferrier that had asked, though it was clear that whom works with the issue wouldn’t say anything else.Â

The smugglers had packed everything that was coca leaf in double vacuum plastic bags and put a thin layer of the innocent leaves of plant, Yerbas (Lat. Ilex paraguaiensis) around and then packed in one kilo packs with texts and logos, telling it would be lawful tea of Yerbas inside. Then laid it on pallets and exported in 40-foot containers. In each container it had to collect about 10 tons of coca leaves and about 20 tons yerbasleafes….

The orgy

“If you aren’t livin on the edge, You are takin up to much space”

Alain sitting and reading on her tablet on the statistics:

“In Spain there are today 300,000 prostitutes, the turnover is approximately 50 million Euros day. There will be approximately 166 Euros per prostitute and day. “ [Source:] (http://www.debatimos.com October)

24, 2013

Frederick had just served 3 prostitutes and their pimp, their hamburgers, hot dogs and milkshakes, as usual outside the ordinary Spanish mealtimes. The Spaniards have their fixed pattern of life, probably stronger and more structured than any other European ethnic group. The immigrants had different times. Frederick liked to provide service to those who came other hours because they kept to times when there was no rush. The Spaniards eat breakfast around 8 on morning, it tends to be: sweet crackers or some kind of a biscuit with coffee or chocolate. At 10 they take a coffee or a beer or a glass of wine mixed with lemonade. Together with this they like to have a bite to eat, tapa, or bun of some sort, such as a croissant or the classic piece of bread with a little mayonnaise and krabstix on. Around 1 pm: They stop working to take a glass of any kind in a bar on the way home where usually have lunch.

Lunch might be what ever. In Sweden, many believe that all Spaniards eat Paëlla, but it belongs to feast and is most common in southern Spain. They most of the time eat soups, cold or hot, depending on the season. Those who have money eat meat or fish, but it does not belong the to everyday food.

In the afternoon around 6:30 pm you should have snacks, that can be anything from a bag of chips and a drink, a ham sandwich etc. Normally they swap the color of the wine at this time and drink undiluted red wine or beer.

Around 20 o’clock after work do you get home again through the bars and ends at home with a little wine to the dinner.

Many men then goes out and takes nightcap at a nearby bar, complaining about the missus and brag about the kids. While the wife is trying to get the kids to bed, counters up and see news and ojojojjar in her loneliness, then the man walks drunk back home again and tumbles down in bed, or sit down in front of the TV. The modern young people have freed themselves sexist and usually whatever queue to get out to meet their friends after dinner to smoke a joint, rolled on mariuana or Harsch, depending on what they got hold of.

Frederick had surfed into Google and found: “The first to recognize and commend the drug cocaine was world renowned Sigmund Freud. Early in his career, he talked white and broadly about the safety and usefulness as drug had at cures of depression and problems with potency. “ Elin comes in through the door of Robin’s Diner

-Oh, one of those good thin crust pizza with barbecue sauce and a milkshake, with coconut and chocolate! Plop, her chewing gum formed a giant bubble that burst over her nose and formed an extra pink skin layers on top of the powdered face. As usually dressed by fashion, new clothes, bright red stiletto heeled shoes with studs, shoes that still smelled suede, to show her nice legs she wore, tight tights with holes in a decorative pattern from calf up to the crotch. Elin was a tall woman with long blond hair, nice face, especially Now after the Uruguay stay and all the plastic surgery. Frederick found though that she looked a little too snobby, too well make up, hair combed and perfect way to move the felt rehearsed. She had crept in and wanted a cure for the-smoking-joing-affect: sudden hunger. “Larica,” it was called, it was actually a brazilian expression.

-What are you standing here reading? The Girl who blew up the castle? Stieg Larsson? That old man alleged to be dead.

-here you are, your milkshake, the pizza will be served in a couple of minutes, and what do you mean, allegedly? Wouldn’t he be dead?

-Nopy Dopy, he is how vivid as anytime and I’ll prove it to you.


-Hm, It’s not so easy he hides well. He has earned lots of millions on his books in which he in the first paint off my dad as a gangster. Thanks for being told who stole our billion. The little pussy Lisbeth “whore” Salander.

-You Can not mean that what he writes is true?

-Not All of it, my dad is not a gangster, he is a good financier. How do you think I survive? That he stole the dough he used to make me financially independent? Do you think I’ve earned my money on making adult films? Although I am damn good at doing erotic films, perhaps one of the best, but it does not give much money. It’s enough to be able to take time off until the blisters go over, if you know what I mean? Elin, began nervously look after a cigarette, she found a crumpled pack in the bottom of bag, -The Last, she sighed and asked after the fire.

Fredrik did not want to say anything stupid, opened his mouth, and instead of say what he wanted, he said it he should.

-Please, Take this. (Actually, he thought, damn brat whore, she has millions, maybe more, and whines when cigarettes is missing and have never lighters in her pocket. States that it paid poorly in the porn industry, the only industry in the world where women earn more than men. That she is a migratory chaos. Typical signs of the drug decadence prevailing in Spain and especially in the Basque Country.

When Frederick came down to the Basque Country 2004. Started his “BT-Language” a language school in Spanish for international students, it came down about 30 Swedes really came to Spain to learn Spanish, but for smoking mariuana and booze down.

-Who are the types who sit out there and smoke majja? Asked Elin.

-Three Prostitutes with there pimp. One girl is a French guipzie, the Aother is from Romania therefore also guipzie and the third from Brazil. The pimp is here on vacation, that is, he may not get any legal paper to live and work in Spain, to be a permanent resident, he is also from Brazil. Since he did not receive legal papers here, he works with takeing care of and protect the girls so that nothing bad happens to them. They are good people they consume good and pay without discussing prices.

-They Look shady out, they are not good for your image, you should not serve them.

Fredrik thought quietly to himself, and Elin? As she yelling and screaming … what does she use? But instead of say it, he said:

-You Might have an occasional load in common?

-Just because I make adult films does not mean that I am a whore, it happens be two entirely different things, I happen to know.

-Doeas that men that you have been walking dow the street?

-No, it means I would never do that. And that these gals would not do good on film, maybe one of them, but the other two, no, not a chance, it’s the bad light in brothels which allows them to get customers at all.

-Go out and smoke with them now, I have some things to do in here, then you can come in and tell me more about that Stieg Larsson. Talk to them out there, they’re no worse people than you and me.

-says maybe more of you than me, but in that case … GODFATHER. I’ll be right back.

10 minutes later,

Elin back in and want to pay for everything the prostitutes and their pimp have consumed.

-It’s The way to make friends here in Spain, all of which are for sale. What, 35 Euro?

-That was what I said, they consume good, and I’m actually cheap on the prices.

-Some Burger and a couple of sodas? The occasional milkshake? Thirty-fucking-European-Bucks? You should keep prices low on the food.

-Yes, But then I probably would work so much in the kitchen that I did not got time for guests. Heheheheh. Frederick chuckled. Tell me now instead more about your theories about Stieg Larsson. If you are going prove to me that he is alive, you must have some theory and idea? or?

-Hm, Yes, there is no short story, it started with one can read in Stieg Larsson’s first book, which came out in late 2005, More specifically, almost two years after his disappearance or alleged death. Though he talk in the book about my dad what happened a couple of years before he wrote the book in the early 2000s. The stories in the first the book is set in 2002, over 10 years ago, when I was still young and not so good looking. She smiled, thinking of how she had model off of herself not so long ago and was not so little proud.

-But what made you think that he is not dead?

-Well, well, there are many things, details and things that makes it all illogical. Because he screwed up so much of my family, I have followed his “death” and the people he left behind. He was threatened, Stieg and his attached rarely went out, but when they went out, they were cautious, him and his partner. They always sat with their backs against the wall, they had an eye on what happened, who came in and went out of the restaurant and could never really enjoy life outside the apartment. Interviews made with his ex partner, shows a cold woman who does not seem to have any feelings for him. At the same time she says that all her memories of Stieg’s good. They may be just fine, but if she really loved him and do not belong to sociopath genus, she should seem more sad. It had certainly taken maybe 6-8 years after his death, as they did the interviews. Since one may wonder why she is giving interviews at all. I do not see it normal, she does it maybe for money, but she is an architect, and does not appear to be of poor variety, so she does probably not need the money. I simply believe that she does it in promotional purposes, perhaps to divert attention from her parner in crime, or she’s an exhibitionist. Who knows Stieg might simply abandoned her, but it should have arrived, it’s definitely something which is not true.

-Oh, With so little on your feet, you just add up these theories? It sounds most like you’re mad at him and you using a bad feminine intuition.

-That’s not all. There are other things too. Firstly the couple was together for 30 years, that’s a lot of years there, and no children? Most women who have children replace their partner when there are no children. Stieg may have had children elsewhere and did not want a divorce on top of all when he would come out with these books. Though, I think it is that he and specially she simply got tired of being threatened and watched by his created enemies. His partner was not directly involved in his anti farscist activities. She is an architect and seems to be the the kind that wants to live in peace and quiet. Stieg is revolutionary and is willing to take it to the extremes and die with the activity. But he has definitely not died, he lives on the money that the books have given his father and his brother. They bill and blindly follow his will. They have created a foundation and give money wildly to communist organizations worldwide. These so-called political organizations or charities that really are fictitious organizations, without direct targets but with bank accounts now filled with money as his three books and four films have sold out, without paying taxes dispatched grant money to accounts worldwide as Stieg possession, so-called contribution to helping organizations. As the English say: “If you can’t fight them join them”, what haven’t Stieg not learned during his many years as a journalist?

-Hm, I do not know, it sounds too simple. Frederick looked skeptically at Elin and sighed.

-Easy? I do not think either before or during the escape, nor now. But he had contacts in many places in the world in the underworld, in political circles. At all levels and throughout the world. In Stieg’s books, one can identify him with the “homegrown” Kalle Blomkvist, but you should know that he actually possesses great knowledge of criminal organizations as well, which you could turn on and view different from the bildhan want to paint up about himself. Stieg talks about how to hack computers, changing identity, holds the secret bank accounts. It is always about how to escape from their own identity and from dangerous hitmen that try to end the life of the other. A subconscious peeking up and crying for help? A mistake? Or a way to show that there is no point trying to look for him? For me it would not be surprising if he’s playing guerrillakrig in Philippines right now.

-Hahaha, You have wilder imagination than Pippi Longstocking, tomorrow you will probably come here and wanting a spunk? Hahaha chuckled Frederick.

-Hm, No I do not drink other than coffee and Perrier, you know that.

-And who ever said that spunk is a drink?

-Spunk Or sponken, what’s the difference?

-Aha, I have never of that before, spunk is sponken as shouts oil. And how will you prove to me that Stieg really are in life?

-I Do not know right now, but that day will come, it can hit you on the slopes of. -Want to bet?

-I bet, um, three hundred thirty-three thousand Euros, the proofs will be here before the summer.

-No Problems, there are death certificates issued.

Mr Alain Ferrier fell into the their afternoon. He arrived shortly after the prostitutes had left, Elin sighed, more problems …

Frederick served a double espresso, together with a herb shot, a local liqueur which is really herb tasting moonshine with sugar. Very sweet , about 25% alcohol, reminiscent of Galliano, but is of course, much cheaper than the hyped Italian counterpart. Alain thanked the French “Merci,” he sat down with the local French newspaper “Sud Ouest” and read without greeting her friend Elin, he may not have seen her, which was impossible, but maybe he really had not known recognize her. She felt unseen and got a bit sour, she walked up to Alain and asked if he thought she was ugly.

He said -No, je te ne connait pas, (I do not know you). Elin’s French was not as good as her Spanish had become during her stay in Uruguay, but she understood simpler phrases and could say the occasional sentence. Elin did not give up.

She said -You wanted to invite me some cake? Is it not the time for a piece of cake today? If you want to wait, I can see that Joanna comes and helps to eat it? She leaned now almost as much so she touched the table so that her breasts were visible in her low U-shaped neckline, she whispered: You can have leather hood and we can film … aren’t you getting a little bit horny now? She hugged her breasts so that they almost jumped up in his face and then she licked his ear.

-Saloppe, (Whore) he hissed. Elin went away a bit, turned around and stayed in a challenging pose as she had been practicing at home in front of the mirror and said to him, -You Will regret you, sweetie. Joanna mentioned you in her last email to me, she misses you or she is missing not having your tongue between her legs and I’ll be honest, it wouldn’t be bad to get a nice good night fuck, with your giant dick. I’ve been in South America for 12 months and there are only wimps and minis. What do you say? Do you want a double Hierbas first? Should we not go home to me and draw a nose and fuck until tomorrow morning? I’ve got some new Cool caramel, so concentrated anywhere.

Elin thought that Alain was only the writer, which he officially told everyone to be. Actually, Alain ETA scouts and worked to imprison terrorists, they used to be the same as working with a little of everything, as drug trafficking and weapons, normally it was always part of the ETA who did these crimes to earn money for their freedom movement. It had been almost Peace for 2 years and Alain’s job as terrorist scouts kept on going to the pit. He would be moved from ETA scouts to Narcotics. He was used to snort cocaine, because it was included in all celebrations in the Basque Country. Where to police, plumber or fishermen, all snot-ups. Alain withheld its association with the police. Alain was provoked, he liked Elin’s new look. He beckoned to Elin, she leaned forward again as before.

He told her: - And with those new breasts? I can get to fuck them? Elin grinned, licking his lips and said, um, if you first go down on me, then I’ll let you fuck my new breasts until you squirt. Once you have sprayed the first time, you’ll get to try the new stuff I have got hold of. You will not want to stop until you end up with blisters on your super dick.

Damn, I have no food at home. Elin just came to mind that certain she had paid the food for the whole table out there, but not self-eaten.

Alain replied. What does it matter? Should we fuck or eat?

-Hm, yes, I’ll fuck the shit out of you, but then I’m going to get hungry. Alain said

-Jajaja, but when I sleep, so you can eat wherever you want.

-Here’s Your pizza, Elin. Are you going to eat this here or do you take it with you?

-Oh, um, phu, maybe I’ll take it with me, I do not know right now. Put it in a box so I can chose.

-Hey, can I get another milkshake? It was one of the prostitutes who had come back, the blonde from Romania. Elin looked at her and smiled a little, a spark of “frisky appeared in her eyes.”

-Hmm, Alain? What do you say? do you keep up with two?

Alain replied - Oui oui, give me first a double hierbas, then I can probably do three if needed.

Elin chuckled - Hehehe, I know you can do two, but I think it is enough with two.

-Pour into a double Hierbas to this horny guy, she said to Frederick before she stepped up to the bleached girl, who closely looked a little younger, maybe not even 20 years. Elin held out her hand and saluted. She scratched a little with the middle finger in the palm of the girl and said simultaneously,

-Do you want to go on a little private party? it is to snort and smoke as much as you can.

The girl smiled with a fine row of teeth and glistening eyes, the answer was -What is it that having a party?

-Hm, He and I were there, he fucks great, we’re having orgy and take the caramel until we have no more endurance.

-Hm, Ok, but what is the payment, you pay right? and what do you exactly want me to do?

-You Will satisfy both of us and we will satisfy you, all at the same time. We usually shoot a disc and if it sells, we share the royalties, one can have a hood if you do not want to be seen, we have nice leather hoods. We use protection if you’re wondering.

The girl looked a little scared. She squirmed and hesitated. Then came Alain forward and said -No nonsense now, come as yu are, you will get paid well. He took the two ladies in his arms and started to walk out. Can I get the milkshake in the plastic cup? I’ll take it in the taxi.

Frederick shouted after them -Have fun, you have not paid the last round!

Elin shouted that he could write it up and that she would come back tomorrow. With the pizza in her hand, she jumped into the taxi that was double-parked outside the restaurant, opposite a brothel. The driver had just droped off a couple of customers to the brothel and came out on the street with his commission in his hand. There is no other way to earn money as a taxi driver in Spain than to drive tourists to the brothels, it did Elin and the others knew well already. Elin conducted the cab through the streets of Irun, until Avenida Ipparalde 22, they took the direct route through Paseo Colon. The blonde girl sucking on her milkshake until it did the classic ssrsrs sound.

Alain had already put in his big hands inside her tight top and her breasts got a decent massage during the taxi ride. Once inside the apartment Elin brought up a small bag with maybe 50 grams of cocaine. She showed it to the blonde girl whos name was Miriam.

Miriam lit up, gave a -Ååhhhh, woooow! and looked wide-eyed at the bag and reached for it. Wait a bit, you tend to sniff stuff? I do not want you completely high now, we’re going to have fun.

-What are you, silly little girl replied Miriam. I grew up on caramel. Miriam freaked rigging up a plastic card, she sarched and found a small pocket mirror in her purse and put up a proper line of about 0.2 grams, pulled up half of one nostril and put quickly down the mirror.

Shocked, she screamed: - Aww, is not it blended? Elin replied laughing,

-Not much. What do you think? Miriam had started to take off his shoes and walked over to the fridge and took out a quart of milk as she swept.

-Oops said Elin. Now Miriam asked for music. She had started to move a little choppy, she got little weird tics on the face and lit a cigarette. Elin was quick and tweaked a joint of mariuana. Smoke this, it calms better. Miriam took a properly inhale and held the smoke in a good while. She blew out slowly, she stood petrified and looked at her arms, one could see how she felt HTC (the -acting substance in mariuana) oozed out of her veins and relaxed her muscles. The tics subsided and she began to grin ridiculous. Grin crossed over in laughter. She laughed so hard that tears spurted. Elin took her in his arms, she began rocking her walking towards the bathroom. She motioned for Alain to try a little of the cocaine and that he would get to the bathroom a little later. Before she waddled into the bathroom she turned on the TV and made Alain understand that he would watch it. To his surprise, he saw now a snapshot of what he recognized being Elin’s bathroom. Approximately 30 seconds later Elin and Miriam came into the picture. He started laughing and thought, damn, she’s not a little sick. She has fitted cameras in the bathroom. This would be fun. Alain looked for a leather mask, pulled it of cocaine remained at the mirror as Miriam a few minutes earlier had snorted from. Alain sat comfortably in the leather couch in front of the TV and started watching what he hoped would be a wild live show. Inside the bathroom was a jacuzzi and there were mirrors in all directions. Elin dressed quickly, and went down with Miriam into the pool with clothes on. Miriam laughed as she howled.

Elin asked her -Look at me, you see what I have done?

-You are damn good looking grinned Miriam. Touch me, lick my nipples, massage my breasts. Elin began to knead Miriam’s breasts outside of those wet clothes. Miriam was moaning about every second she laughed. Elin wanted to get her calm and went out of the bath and found the joint. She saw that Alain had understood the hint about the TV. He sat with his underwear pulled down and his big cock stood like a diluted out crotch, he had begun to draw a little bit in it. Elin asked him to wait a little longer. He said it was the best coke he tried, but wait, he did not nt to wait, he was already hard as a pole and wanted to fuck now! OK, but be soft with the girl, she does not seem to be so old.

-Oh, She is well a whore? She has probably fucked 1000 and additionally for several years. You are not fair now, she’s fine. Alain opened his eyes and grinned, he gasped and said: fine as Armagnac, she has everything a little teen whore should have, full lips, small peaked cheeky chest, little tight butt.

Before he went into the the bathroom, he spelled out the: -I hope Cocaine keeps her pussy tight, it will be so much better with Cocaine. What a quality then. He snorted with his running nose and wiped it. -Now I’ll fuck tight Caramel pussy, Yammy, Yammy Come to pappy.

The Cocaine trip lasted a little longer than usual, it took about 45 minutes before Alain went up and out for refilling. Meanwhile, Elin took out a double dildo and instructed Miriam how it would be used, which was unnecessary instructions, she knew her job very well. Alain came back and looked hungrily at the two beauties pumping the dildo from each direction. He stood and jerked a bit and came and wanted start breast fuck Elin. She objected, however, and said, remember, first you should lick me up in the dock.

-Tough requirements you have, come over here and I’ll lick you both up to the moon. The two girls pulled out the dildo with a plop and so lay Miriam on her back and straddled, awaiting Alain’s tongue. Elin sat over Miriam bosom so that the two cunts touching each other. Alain needed now just lick a little up and down to satisfy the two girls at the same time. Miriam kneaded Elin’s fine silicone breasts and Elin grabbed Alain thatch so he would not shirk. Alain knew how to lick a pussy properly, he however, had never tried two at the same time, it was an experience that made him grow. He thought he was God. The girls soon began to groan and ask for More. Elin knew, however, that she first wanted to have a nice orgasm before she would let him drive his blue swollen cock between her breasts.

The Crisis

October 25, 2013

The day after the Orgy, Elin woke up early, but not first, she had not even had time get into the bathroom before Alain had fucked Miriam full of his sperm, again. It was a beautiful morning for all three. Elin understood that Alain and Miriam had not slept at all that night. the side effect of snorting a lot of bag contents. Now it became time for freshen up for all three. It was clean underwear for ladies and Alain borrowed a Ladyshave to become presentable. Then they went to the cafe Virginia on the plaza Luis Mariano, it became hamburger breakfast. Frederick had not opened his Diner yet so they could not get the best.

-When The best is not available, you have to take the closest available, Alain had expressed it.

At 12 times outside Robin’s Diner, Frederick was dropped off outside the restaurant by his family: His partner and two children. He felt listless and without motivation to work. It was Basque “National day” “El dia de EUSKADI”. Frederick had been contacted by one more buyer for the restaurant in the day and would get a visit tonight again to sign preliminary contract. The buyer was a Bolivian in his 30s. He had, according to testimony worked for three years in Madrid at the competitor Sussie’s Diner (dinern as started by coca leaves King Carlos Muñoz). Raul as his name was, were actually interested in starting a Sussie’s Diner, but had not been able to scrape together the 200 000 Euros that it would take to franchise a Sussie’s Diner. He therefore got the idea that it would be better to take over Frederick’s a little bit easier and much cheaper restaurant business in Irun, despite the fact that Frederick had recommended him to start in San Sebastian, the larger town nearby with more tourism and more inhabitants.

Frederick had started his first restaurant in the marina in Hondarribia, a small rich men village at sea. The restaurant was about 300 meters from the beach with parking for approximately 5,000 cars. Great opportunity to run a café. Hondarribia had previously been a fishing village, but since fishing is no longer particularly profitable, and houses began to cost around 800 000 € and the last apartments with 2-3 bedrooms Built used to be sold for at least 400 000€, had the small fishing village turned into a village full of lawyers, doctors, great entrepreneurs and various newly rich upcomers. However, there were still fishing families who remained in the village, who had either their house paid since the parents had lived there. Or as Frederick who lived in the Spanish public housing, in a 3rd with views of mountains and France.

Frederick had worked for 5 summers and during that time had two children. He had started with two empty hands. He had bought 20 cafe tables, 40 stackable chairs, he had procured himself a cheap set of plates from Gifi and cutlery he brought from home. He had previous projects plenty of coffee cups. Beer glasses he got from the beerman who put him a draft beer tap. He had gotten an espressocoffe machine, from the coffee supplier. He had filled the place full of ice-cream freezers from a known glass brand. He had bet everything he had in his pocket. It was about 1200 Euro, the money was actually ment to pay for the apartment’s rent of 850 €. As well as telephone, electricity and water bill. He destitute themselves and paid the rent two weeks late this month. It was the year of 2008. He got the key to the premises on 12 May and could open as early as May 18 Frederick was proud, he was satisfied, he’d missed hot water installation though. The venue had not actually running water at all. He went every morning the 100 meters to the common toilet / shower he had available along with other business neighbors in the same building, from the shower he emptied the 50 liters of hot water that was in the water heater with the same size. As long as the water kept hot he could wash dishes as needed. In the afternoon, He even took a scond trip to the shower and took 50 liters more.

In about 6 weeks he had, with his back then at that time partner, worked together money to build toilets and draw water, sewer and water heater was installed. It was expensive. They worked hard throughout the fall and closed during the winter too do big remodeling. They had opened again to the Spanish Father’s Day on March 19. It was set a new name “Txin-Txin” old phrase to use to toast in Basque and in some areas in France. Furthermore, it was due to a joke Frederick liked a lot. “Two businessmen sitting at a fine restaurant and one were French and the other Chinese. The Frenchman had raised his glass and said -Txin-txin. The Chinese had been quick to respond: -Frans-Frans. Frederick had heard the joke in France one night in the camping area “Les Landes”. a fantastic area with miles of sandy beaches between Bordeaux and Bayonne. Frederick and his partner had worked hard for five years and finally closed the restaurant and got new bank loans. They renovated a new place inside the town of Irun on the street, Calle Pinar 11. Frederick had for some time been advised of various different people who lived in the town of Irun, that if he had his restaurant in Irun, he would sell much more than down in the marina, there would be guests all year … he had believed in them but not understood that they did not know what they were talking about. He had gone on a rivet. He had gained higher expenditure. He now had two children to support and he could no longer work 20 hours per day. Frederick had begun to tire of the life his family were forced to live. He and his partner talked all the time about how they could do to improve the situation. The dream became to sell the restaurant and move to France. She was French so she could get a job there with the languages she spoke. She spoke fluently and had good pronunciation in Spanish and English. She also had with the kids and Fredrik learned some Swedish. Frederick had admittedly worked a summer in France as a waiter, but his French was not great. The current economic crisis, had destroyed the earlier favorable position as Spain previously enjoyed, made it withdrew more and more to move to France. It was not easy to find buyers of the restaurant. The crisis in Spain made it difficult to find people or companies that had the money. And if they had money they normally did not invest them in Spain. Now the Bolivian, Raul turned up like a jack in the box. He had eaten on Robin’s Diner several times and had enjoyed the place. He had also worked on the competitor Sussie’s Diner. Now he had asked for preliminary contract. Frederick and his partner have finalized a contract quickly via a template that they found on the Internet. Tonight he would come and see how the kitchen was working. Frederick was nervous. Since FAGOR, a large and important factory in Guipuzcoa had been closed that week, sales had gone down to about half of previously already modest 200 Euro per day. Raul came as promised little early for dinner 19:30, Spaniards eat dinner around 21:30.

Raul stayed until he received the precontract charged to his pendrive. At 21 o’clock, just after paying his chicken wings to take home. Sure it would becoma a full night, Frederick was an accomplished restaurateur, but poor entrepreneur. He was good for food and drink, very good even, but he managed only open snack, where young people came and took advantage of cheap deals. The most recent was Mc Donald copies of their Menus. He produced them cheaper and with more choice and of course, with higher quality products. Fredrik thought that way, be able to build a large international fastfood chain with franchisees worldwide. Frederick realized simply not that it would mean a lot of work by many people that he would have to rely on. Frederick was the personality that did not trust that others could do his job even half as good as him self. He went alone through a hell of wheat. instead of spliting the costs and burden with others, he missed the chance to be able to live better and with more joy. “Shared burden easier to carry and shared joy is double joy. “So had his brother said, his brother had done well. The brother had done exactly that. He had started with a colleague and shared the startup costs and wear. When it was time to expand withdrew the second colleague out, the brother was left alone with a ready small empire that he easily pushed ahead with fluency.

Frederick was looking high and low for the same opportunity to bring in someone who could help, and economically, and tuck the little hands working in the firm, but noone showed up. None had neither money to put in to buy himslf into the half of the debt and the high risk it would mean becomeing partners in high-risk project. Frederick remained poor, with 100 hour week working self-employed, always sorry that he never succeeded as others. Frederick wanted other things, he thought he could do better, he was looking for a way. Right now it was to sell the restaurant which was the best way out of this rat race. Friday ended OK. The sale had not increased but neither gone down. Frederick went home riding on his electric skateboard, a vehicle that in Sweden had every forbidden but it had been a wet dream for Frederick since he had heard of them over 30 years earlier, when he 10-year-old had started to go skateboarding in Sweden. For Frederick snowboarding was the most amazing thing in life. Boardsports gave him the sense of freedom that a motorcycle could not give him.

October 26, 2013.

Hangoverday for many, Wake up day for Alain. It was now time to start the training. Alain had during his years as a terrorist scouts put down less and less time on his physique and had slipped into more and more on parties that Elin was resposable of. This Monday he had to appear in Paris in the new job training. He hoped that his now pretty good Spanish would give him the chance to continue working on the Atlantic coast of the Basque Country, partly to continue surfing a bit every now and then, but above all because he had taken a liking to Elin. He knew she had a good source of cocaine, he would be working to prevent the drugs that came into France. It became a paradox, but the reasoning was that: When he was in Spain he was not the police and therefore should not be under the authority of his labor regulations in Spain. In France was it was different, there he was the Police. In Spain thought all moreover, he was writer in the local newspaper Sud Ouest. Alain thought that a writer who snort some coke, have a fuck buddy who is 25 years younger and fucking teen whores together, should be considered normal. Albeit somewhat unusual, which made things more arousing to him. In particular, he thought about the fact that in France that wouldbe entirely equivalent to dismissal and end the police careers. Before he could get out in the running tracks he wanted to have a good sharburger from Frederick. Alain jumped into his Mini, he was so pleased with his little Mini. It was a special model, fast and low, with Basque flag on the roof, chess patterned mirrors, everything inside the car was in black leather, the car itself was also black, with all the details of chrome. It was simply Alain’s eye rock. The engine rumbled as started, there was gasoline-powered engines with lots of horsepower. He hung up the hill and the tires screamed as he rolled out of the garage. Alain lived at the beach in Hendaye, a small twin village to Irun and Hondarribia, but on the French side of the river Bidasoa. He slid along the boardwalk in his black pride, glancing at the waves, it was not so good waves, good excuse not to pull on a wetsuit and throw yourself into it now close to 16-degree water that gushed in with each wave that washed out on the beach. Alain thought of Frederick, he could not help feeling a bit sorry for him. He liked Frederick, he was OK, but He worked too much. Frederick rarely had time to surf, he often talked about taking good waves, but what Alain knew there had been years since Frederick had had a chance to take the board and toss himself into the water. Alain swung out onto the highway that crossed over the bridge to the Spanish side and into Irun. He circled three times around the neighborhood in which Frederick had his Diner, finally after much frustration, he found a gap to squeeze his Mini into. Every time he took his nice car to Spain, he made it with fear. Alain did not like the Spaniards, he hated them more accurately. Alain’s car had obviously French plates. In Spain they know that the French comes to shop cheap tobacco, alcohol and especially in these neighborhoods, even hookers and drugs. The risk of getting the car scratched or broken was big. Alain looked a little uneasy on the clock, would he have to pay the parking ticket? time showed 13:15 quarter remained free parking. He smiled when he thought of a friends old joke. “15 minutes, a quarter”. Alain ignored the 15-minute parking ticket and went down the stairs to Robin’s Diner. He thought of free parking, he smiled again when he realized that he would soon be walking around on the streets as part of MONOPOLY, on the Champs Ellysses, he remembered the first time he had gone up in the Eifel Tower. He thought about the first love he had invited to ride with him in the big ferris wheel, he had a great desire to invite Elin to go with him next time he would go to Paris.

Once inside of Frederick struck a scent of freshly made pancakes against him. -Mmmm, how good it smells here he cried out loud.

Frederick smiled tired. and replied -Bonjour, ca va?

-Ouioui, Ca va. Quierro Borrgerr con un tjiborron, shark burger, complete. Alain’s Spanish was awful, He knew hat, therefore he turned quickly to English, which he knew that Frederick would appreciate. Alain then kept on with English: -Fredrik, I’ve seen so nice waves, but today it is no surf weather, today it is better to fry a shark burger to me. Frederick tried to hide his irritation. He liked to surf, he loved to feel the adrenaline flowing inside the body that it only does when catching the perfect wave, such a wave that makes one just follow along. Frederick said that every day was good for surfing, no day is better to be in the kitchen. Best of all would be to surf all the time. Frederick had moved from Swedish rougher weather and learned Spanish in order to stay in the Basque Country and surf as much as possible and be close to the Pyrenees for winter snowsports. He also realized that there were good rapids in the spring to river surfing in. The Happiness had been big, perfect. So he had started this monsters of time eater, American Diner. Now he had no time to live any longer. He worked seven days a week 12-24 in the restaurant and in the mornings he went for shopping the ingredints, he slept badly that night and could not enjoy any minute. If not else it was his children that were sad and woke up to a nightmare, hungry or just woke early. Fredrik and his partner’s life had not really become what it was. Both were concerned about the children mental health and did not like it to harm them by their unlucky choice of the restaurant’s location.

Frederick replied: -Phu, it is now so long since I had time to surf, and although I would have one hour of one morning, I might take it quietly at home for a while. Life is already hard, no rest, only work and work and work 7 days a week.

But you, why don’t you close one day a week as everyone else?

-Because It’s the way to lose customers. I have seen many do so and because you never know when you make the next good cash it is important to always be open.

-But is it really worth all the effort? you work all the time, do not have time for family, not a single day off.

-When Was your last vacation?

-That I do not remember, but it was well in Christmas I guess, the family came from Sweden and we had Christmas dinner and New Year’s dinner.

-But you worked every other day.

-Yes, yes, of course. Though real holiday, it was well when we drove to Sweden February 2012, we stayed at Robins cousins in Paris, we stayed for a week in Stockholm. Robin got to meet his cousins there. My mother turned 65, so we celebrated her. I stood for food and everyone was happy. I had baked whole salmon and put togethr together some gratin I think. The thanks from the family was that they thought the salmon was good because it was bought at some special place, but we had bought it at Willys at Värmdö, cheapest imaginable. no thought that the result and the quality was my merit. For dessert I had made my own ice cream, though it was not so good as here. I did not have any of the machines that I’m used to andingredients behave differently there. A recipe for ice cream is not the same in a country as in another. One must take into account so many things. It would have been better if I had done macarons and bought the ice cream.

-Frederick! Do you know how to make macarons? A Swedish that can make macarons, unbelievable. Why don’t you do macarons here? You could earn a lot of money.

-I Have tried, but the Spaniards do not know what it is. They thinkit cost as Oreos 1 Euro per package, but they are handmade high class coockies and usually cost around 1-2 Euro apiece. Spanish People can not estimate such high class. It also neds to sell many if it should become profitable, they do not sell fast enough and get old, they are perishable and I refuse to freeze them, as many others do. I like quality.

-I suppose that’s why you cook hamburgers?

-Don’t be ironic now, who makes the best burgers in this city?

-You are.

-There you see, better to be doing the best burgers than the worst of pintxos.

-You are serious cook, Frederick, you should put a gear in, sell this place and start a real restaurant.

-No, I should sell this place and take a job as a dishwasher, then I will not have these discussions, which can never lead to anything constructive.

-Yeah, but what ashould we be talking about? We are in a restaurant, I’m hungry and you have food, so we’re talking food.

-I think I like it better talking wine.

-Yes, you know wine you Fredrik. I often wonder how you can know so much about alcohol? You look like a teenager, as if you never been having a hang over. How old are you really? Thirty?

-Trettio, Heh, that was twelve years ago. I do not know why everyone thinks I look so young, I suppose it’s because I lived over thirty years in Sweden, frozen. Jokes and side, I work a lot and do not have time to drink as much alcohol. I drank from the sacred Inca youth source, once for about 8 years ago. It should have made me 20 years younger.

-It was like hell, what was it called?

-Oh, What does it matter, who believe in such superstitions?

-After Having been told your age and the fact that you have been drinking there, it can be the solution, I believe in it, now. I happened to be there too but never drank from the spring. Can’t you please try to think of the name?

-Actually no, but it is on the Internet, check with Google!

Alain fished out his iPhone and typed different keywords. Lastly he found: Tambomachay.

-In Addition, I smoke neither tobacco nor cannabis.

-Me neither.

-No, Maybe not, but your cocaine consumption makes the alcohol consumption to rise , it depletes you.

-Yeah, But the coke is so wonderful, you should also try it.

-Hehehehe, I have tried it, please Alain, I might look to be not more than 25 years but I will soon be 45. I’ve tried everything. But first, I do not like what is does to with me when I take drugs. As cocaine: it gives me a headache. anfetamin I become horny as hell and it feels like goosebumps standing straight out and I pull her hand in my neck all the time to get them down. Also, I do weird things and is bothersome to others. I do not want to hear about it afterwards. Not to mention how much I can drink if I take some speed. A cage of beer how easy as water and I do not feel at all that I get drunk, feeling quite normal. Cannabis is the worst shit, hashish is puting a ledcap on without any fun. Majja is fun as hell, but only for a few minutes, but then I feel like crap for weeks. Once I got time paranoia, I thought that everything took a lot of time to do. When I came back from the toilet, I thought it seemed like I had been away for half an hour, though it might have taken five minutes, so I started checking the clock all the time. I also thought that no one listened to me, like the others sat far away and talking without caring about me. We had a party and I would cook as usual. But I was afraid I would not control the cooking time.

-But didn’t you ask for help?

-Yeah, It was the problem that I had to ask for help. I explained the work for my chosen assistant how the meat would look before it would be reversed.

Alain laughed. -Some Things you have to give some time, others are best the first time. The intoxication depends also on quality. I get one of those nice schwish rushes from taking Coke, it is like instant play a video in Fast Forward, schwung. He looked lyric.

-But I can not smoke, I have a job compromises that makes it impossible. But I’ve tried to smoke a long time ago. Cannabis is actually a crappy drug, one gets a relatively short intoxication of joy of mariuana if you get good quality. Hashish, I have never understood, many use it to come down from Coke or anfetamin and thus fall asleep, though they had was keen on speed, but that’s the whole twinge of these super drugs that you don’t get tired, not wanting to sleep, you have the energy and dryers, then you are totally exhausted afterwards as after a real triathlon race. There is nothing so nice as to sleep after a few days of feasting on Coke or speed.

Frederick looked worried and replied: -No you, thanks a lot. I prefere the relax with diving, it makes me super relaxed. Now your burger is one, Bon app!

-Merci, mon ami. When Alain had gone Frederick became prominent in his own thoughts, was now it a bit suspicious Alain’s after statement? He had said that he had Job compromises made that he could not smoke cannabis. Frederick knew that cannabis takes about 6 months to get out of the blood, if one was forced to, blood tests could prove cannabis long time in the body after a smoke. Cocaine and anfetamin stayed, however, only a few days. Frederick did not know exactly which works more than pilots and policemen who usually get to do blood tests to prove their purity. Frederick knew that Alain was not a pilot, it remained in his head, then the second option. Frederick knew that there were hundreds of ETA-spotters in Spanish Guardia Civil, (also known as) “The Greens” . He also knew that they used to consume cocaine and alcohol in amounts, some claimed that some of the Guardia Civil was also involved in drug traffic, they collaborated with guipsies from Romania. But he had no such knowledge of the French Foreign Legion.

He no longer knew where he had Alain. Frederick knew that the police in all countries drink much partying hard when they are vacant, he remembered one evening in 1994, when he had jumped in as an extra at Täby Park hotel as a waiter. Österåkers kamratförening (a buddy club within the Police) had had dinner with chasers. When it closed for legal reasons, serving licence lasted until 02:00, the police had stood in the bar and shouted “open the bar, open the bar…” when Frederick and his colleagues had said that it was closed according to the state licence. The policemen had asked sarcastically who would come and check it out? The police? or? and they all had laughed out very loud and with a superior mankind manner . Since that day, Fredrik thought bad of all police officers, sober, with or without uniform. From now on he, Alain was also a part of the cops, no one to trust, that was. Frederick was in splited minds to restart their cannabis cultivation. He had tried Chicka Bomb for A few months ago, it had gone awry when he changed from usual weak start up light in the form of aquary light, to strong special fluorescent lamps with 400 Watt. All the small cannabis plants had dried overnight and would have been impossible to revive. He felt like so many times before paranoid tendencies. In these southern European countries, anyone could be a police officer and anyone a dope-puncher, or both. Frederick decided it could wait a bit to start againthe not completely legal culture, perhaps the evil busy the death of the new fine delicate plants, a character. A sign which showed that he would resist, that the future is a better path to walk than risk children, apartment and future for some drug money. The problem was that Frederick needed money, lots of money, it was becoming acute. What would Fredrik do? he and his wife wanted to sell, but even though it rang and they got visited by potential buyers, there was always something that went wrong. Fredriks partner had during the summer got a job in France on a Camping in Saint Juan de Luz, but it only lasted over the summer season. Now she got a new chance at another job in Spain in an office. They needed a French speaking at a car spare part warehouse, who were on their way to penetrate the French market. This would give Frederick’s family a glimmer of light in existence, they might with time be able to sell the restaurant and Frederick could get a job in a restaurant or with his language skills, perhaps he would be able to work in sales or international trade and transport.

Elin’s apartment

Elin had had an OK night with Alain and Miriam, but she had afterwards realised that she had overlooked Joanna. She had not talked to her after coming back to Spain. Life had just lived on without special encumbrances. now today with grave anxiety after all, made and without Joanna, she did not feel quite OK. Elin got up her iPhone and looked up Joanna’s Facebook, wrote a personal message. If she wanted to, she could come now. Elin had checked Ryan Air, they flew through Skavsta- “Stockholm” to Biarritz in southern France. She could come when it suited. Elin added that Alain was in place and was more active than before, really on the ball.

16 November 2013 Evo Morales, President of Bolivia acknowledges that it is possible that some part of the production of cocaine goes astray and end up in drug dealers hands.

[Source:] http://www.eleconmista.com)


30 November 2013 How are we doing? It was Carlos Muñoz, who had spoken. It was company meeting at the TE imports. General TE, also called GTE imports, which Erik clucking pronounced “Giant Imports”.

-We Are working so hard it seeps out steam from his ears. Erik had always special expressions in his language. He did not like cussing, it was his Christian upbringing that had made him a clean speaking attractive little gangster. There were few in his circle who thought he spoke as his colleagues and as the persons in his circuit, but there was advantages of his way to move and speak. He could hold meetings in large rooms with a lot of suites in front of him. He was not shy, could go into any bank in the world and with his passport or other forged papers and take out large amounts money. This is because he had a way and looks. His choice of car, however, had become the Toyota Celica, one white not too conspicuous. However, the was fast, Erik liked the fly in life, everything would go fast. He lived a rock Star kind of life. He partied hard every weekend, as Swedish, he had been brought up not to come to work under the influence of either alcohol or other drugs, but when the weekend came, he took both the one and the other. He earned good at his job as a warehouse manager and special assignments as banking, trade shows and conferences GTE arranged in Sweden and Spain. This meant that he had a couple of trips to Sweden every year without having to pay out of his own pocket, so he sometimes got home to family and friends to keep some contact with the motherland.

-I don’t see any steam from the ears, I am looking at lazy old men that just sit and smoke!

-Yeah, But we have asmoke break to get the batteries charged, it hisses less out of the ears when we take a sip of water.

Ecke was accustomed to negotiate in Spanish mannerisms, it was Always boss VS worker, always stressful and then rice and finally a little rose so they felt appreciated and would go home satisfied, with hope.

-Do not be worried that the work will not be done in time. We have Halloween soon and we have done everything we should in time. Now only waits the preparations for tomorrow’s feast. We are even ahead of schedule. The guys are motivated and wants to have a good party, do you know some brides, you might be able to send us?

-Brides? You have probably stolen enough coke to manage the whole year out and now you want free babes?

-We Do not steal, Ecke rolled his eyes, we want good jobs that we have, but we work hard and want to have some fun as well.

Come, let us go into the office. We have some things to talk about. I’ve left a box with decoration stuffs on the loading dock over there. If you tell the guys to take it and start decorating for the party, you can come to the office later. It is important, we have great stuffs in front of us.

Inside the office -Ecke, You have worked for us for years now.

-There will be exactly six and a half year now in January.

-You have handled the job well, you have some trouble to continue?

-I have honestly never thought about doing anything else, why you ask?

Carlos curled up a bit, he would not feel uncertain about talk with their employees. -Yes, We have a little problem in the Swedish warehouse, we need to send a reliable warehouse manager to take care of it. Perhaps only for a short time, until it is fixed.

-Hm, I had of course not planned to move back to Sweden, it is more interesting for me to stay or move to another nice country. You will not have some contacts in South America?

-Hm, You want to negotiate? It’s fine, we can fix something in Argentina for 1-3 years if you take care of the problems in Sweden first and solves them for us.

What exactly are the problem?

-We Need a Swedish person to be signing some papers for the hamburger section, the “legal part” showed Carlos dual fingers … We have had everything working until now, it’s paperwork that have been stopping the machinery, we need a general manager for the hamburger restaurants in Sweden.

Ecke saw infront of himself, as the general manager for the cocaine production and distribution in Sweden, export of cocaine to the whole Scandinavia and northern Europe, it was big. If something would go wrong, he would probably need more than two years in Argentina, with a new identity in addition … he thought about what television, newspapers would say about a Swedish claimed for the large production of cocaine in Sweden… When about 0.2 grams of coca leaf counts as aggravated possession of drugs in Sweden, what would a couple of tons of pure cocaine count as? He grinned a little, and said. -And if there are a drug bus there? I am Swedish, I would go to jail for life. I would be portrayed in the media as the largest Swedish gangster of all time, full pages larger than the assassination of Olof Palme, as well known internationally and nationally. I would certainly get the boss status, but if my face is known internationally it becomes difficult to find legal ways out then if I ever get out of prison.

Finally he said: -You know Cocaine Production does not directly give the Nobel Prize in Chemistry … neither in economy…

-No, No, donät worry about that stuff, to start with you will be equiped with a foreign passport, you talk good English and Spanish.

-Yes, I speak good English as well, I have lived in the United States.

-Good, You will get a passport as a citizen in an American country, but we need your Swedish identity for the paper work in Sweden.

-That’s OK, but do you really need me there? If I will be American anyway? Ecke did not understand all the details of the reorganization.

-Well, we need one that is well versed in the firm, can walk on the banks, talk to the media etc, but if it happens something serious, suddenly is American. You ask for extradition to your American “home country” they will take good care of you there and fix you out with lawyers from the government, then you get to work in a place in Argentina, you can pick coca leaves or something similar.

-Aha, It grows Koka in Argentina? I thought it was only in Colombia, Peru and Bolivia. What about salary if I take the job in Sweden? Can you get it up a little? Risk premium ought to be high, or?

-No, see it as a step up in the hierarchy, and youwill end up on the tip of the iceberg, not like here in the dust. You will be rewarded with good benefits and future as head of a part of the organization.

-But I want a nice home, at a lake where you can fish and drink Pripps blue (Swedish beer brand) on weekends, and with a sauna.

We’ll see what’s available. Then we arrange flights to Sweden after the weekend, have a good Halloween party. Adios.

-A Dios, have a nice weekend?

Meanwhile, in Irun, Robin’s Diner It drops in a couple that Frederick notice by appearance and pronunciation having south american origin. Fredrik guessed Chile, but he did not always guess the right to nationality. They say they have called and talked to a woman earlier in the day and says they are interested in buying the restaurant. They add that they come from Bilbao. Frederick’s partnerVanessa was on her way to the restaurant for some miscellaneous purchases and Frederick asked them to wait nicely. Frederick seemed to be busy with other things than talking with Diegos who did not have any money to come up with. Frederick wanted at least the money back for the restaurant that would be at least 40 000 €. He thought these looked to be workers and would probably be able to come up with a maximum of 25 000 Euros. Frederick’s girlfriend came after about 30 minutes. The waiting couple got a quick tour of the rooms and the kitchen. Vanesa did some explanaition but they did not ask so much. They wondered, however, what is actually included in the price and thought it sounded like too much money. They offered 25,000 euros, exactly the same amount as Bolivian Raul from Susie’s Diner had offered.

When they had gone wondered Vanssa if they can not be sent by the Bolivian Raul? Since Fredrik have seen that she is correct in much that she thinks about other people. Fredrik thought that the comment was justified. Frederick knew that Raul knew the Franchiser, Naiara, for Susie’s Diner in Bilbao. Frederick therefore went in to Facebook and checked quickly Susie’s Diners Facebook in Bilbao. Sure enough, there were photographs of the man and one of the waitresses looked to be Catherine who had visited them during the day. Frederick and Vanessa now knew that they were probably exposed to an attempt to “Takeover” from competitor Sussie’s Diner. Fredrik has very sensitive nerves against that kind of mannerisms and saw it as mafia manners, he had been botherd by that kind of methods many times before. Frederick thought Susie’s Diner seemed to be more a mafia than a serious hamburger chain. Now he became anxious and nervous. No good condition for Frederick, he was not thinking clearly, he became more angry, he did not want Susie’s Diner to take over his place. Frederick does not really like the big chains, though his own dream was to build just such a chain.

Late evening in Madrid. Ecke traveled without much luggage, he had winter clothes for Swedish climate at the home of his parents in Örebro. He would first get there and visit the family, and then he would go to Orsasjön’s Northwest side, to a small village called Vomhus. He thinks about what he read earlier on the Internet: There is more than 200 transsexuals in Spain selling themselves as prostitutes escorts. [Source:] (http://www.transsex.xxx))

Final Call, Ecke was a little bit late for the flight, he had to rush it, but since he weren’t wearing anything illegal when he traveled, he ran fast and ignored any attention. He just got to the border gate and got some evil glances from the flight attendant.

-Apurate, Rapido, rapido. She said irritated with a strong accent on Latin American Spanish. Ecke recognized the dialect as from Colombia.

The stewardess had high-heeled black shoes, sparkling nylon stockings, but she was round, a little bit too fat to blend in with the rest of flight hostese’s shape, her tight skirt, which, however, would have gone many laps around any other flight attendant, as if it had een a Christmas girlang. She buckled, however, at the breaking point. Her blouse bulged out with the bottons ready to fly up with the boeing 747 they were about to board. Ecke thought of the 30,000 foot club and shuddered, just not with her, they would never get into the airplane toilet together, he wondered how she was doing toilet visits up there in the air.

Her pink painted lips talked all the time, all the way to the aircraft through the dreary and drafty aisles which they had to pass here at Barajas. Suddenly she slowed down and said: -Have a nice trip. She stopped at the airplane’s entrance and sent a kiss. She was certainly not welcome aboard, Ecke understood why, he puffed out. Finally he arrived to his seat. They had not really put a lot of money on airline seat and Ecke therefore flew economy class. He sat in his seat, when he had passed the first class, he had caught sight of one of the finest flight attendants he had ever seen in his life. Thin, fine leg that looked like they were living on a running track, but the bust promised two well plump breasts. Her face was like that sweet and good painted as Ecke wanted a girl to be. She was bleached, the shiny curls fell into neck and followed her back behind her tight updo.

Ecke fell in love, or horny. He did not really know what would be the difference. He was a reveler who had never been directly cared about girls but when he was drunk or stoned. He had suddenly become dull, the heart beat double blow. He was always quick, brusque and knew how to express himself. Now, without alcohol, he tried to call her attention. He pushed the service button and another not as sweet came instead, though she wasn’t a bit ugly, dark hair, the same pink lipstick, tight skirt and low over sized breasts she as well. There seemed to be a conditions of service, or it was the working clothes that gave advantageous posture. Ecke asked for a glass of orange juice. He could not but ask for the form for the 30000-feet club.

The brunette laughed and said: -“30 000 is out, now we makes the 60 000 foot elevation”. But if Ecke really wanted to be in 30000 shooting club, it was the sour blonde who would come and fill out the form with him. Ecke thought at once of fate and said, 30 000 will be fine. The brunette winked and said I will send her to you when she’s available. The 5 seconds in a minute it took for the blonde to get ready to take on Ecke felt like an eternity. She introduced himself as Matilda, a cute name Ecke said.

I want to join your club, 30,000 foot club.

The blonde laughed in a sexy way, she replied that it was not her club. No, of course, had Ecke answered.

-But certainly, you have the form?

-Yeah sure, you may come with me here. She pulled him into the staff toilet, she hugged him and bit him in the ear,

-So You want me? She kissed him on the neck and said she would leave him alone a second, to get a pen.

Ecke had a hard time keeping order in the boxer shorts, put his hand to rearange a little, the door opened and his hand went up quickly as a cobra.

-Here, The pen.

-Yeah, huh good he replied tried to look calm and started to write. The blonde wondered if it was OK that she began to take off his pants because they did not have so much time. Ecke sweated and was completely aside, everything was too good to be true. She snapped the buttons and unzipped, his pants fell to the floor. Boxer shorts had set up tents. The girl looked greedily at the bulge and caressed Ecke outside of his underwear and licked her lips. When she bent down, she showed her nicely rounded buttocks as in the narrow skirt made himself so perfect, Ecke was in seventh heaven. She swayed a little right and left with her ass while she licked up and down for Eckes penis. Ecke could not continue writing, he absolutely trembled and wanted to sit down. Matilda sat him down and continued their treat to just tease him. After a good while, and very much precum she had finally the whole cock in her mouth and sucked good on his penis. First, a little slow then faster and faster. After a while, she returned to tickle his glans with tip of the tongue and he could not hold back the first beam cum shot in the face of Matilda. Ecke gasped and smiled. Matilda said that now it was his turn to make it comfortable for her. The membership was based on reciprocity and one could not overlook the hostess pleasure. He thought he ended up in more than a ordinary cloudy heaven. He told her to sit down, he first wanted to give her a bit of ordinary love, he thought she was so fine so fine. He massaged her shoulders, he massaged her arms, he went over to the plump and firm breasts. Matilda moaned and asked for more. After a while Ecke began to unbutton her blouse and he now continued with the massage on the navy lace bra. Matilda snapped up and took out the skirt that fell to the floor, Ecke got to see fine stayups in dark blue lace. He wanted in now, he realized he had to do some licking first. Ecke had not really liked licking pussy before, but thought it may be worth it this time if he would get to fuck her. He slowly, slowly pulled off her panties, he licked down along the edge and came towards her clit, oh, what great clit he thought. Then popped a strong position straight up his face and he became a bit easily startled but continued downwardly and deeper into the panties without interruption. He was so horny he could have put on anything right now, he continued to lick the glans and Matilda said he did a good job, she began to tell him what to do and said he would tuck the whole thing in his mouth and suck. He did as she said. He had been getting a different angle of her and he did not know if he thought she was more he or she now.

-Oh, just as I did to you a moment ago. Suck me off properly now, so I’ll fill your mouth, she started humping faster and faster. She groaned and emptied herself into Eckes mouth. Ecke did not know if he would be able to swallow or not.

-Do You like my cum? She asked tricky. Ecke gulped, smiled stiffly and said.


She was so nice, he he thought, still not understanding that she She was not a 100% she. Now Matilda said she wanted cock. -How do you think that will happen? Asked Ecke bit ironic.

-Take Me, take me now, she had taken a little straddled with the bat in air and leaned forward with her hands on her knees. It was a priceless vision , her breasts dangled down, her fine ass stood out and buttocks up little on each side. What woman it was. Ecke got hard once again and received stalls and walked up to her. Matilda grabbed his cock with her hand as she had been charged with lubricant, she directed his penis and into her buttox.

-Now you will have a nice ride, she said. She steered him in the butt on it. Ecke thought he flew straight into the heaven, it was so good to fuck this behind, he fucked and fucked as if he had never done anything else in his entire 35-year long life. Matilda shouted out her orgasms, Ecke did not think it could be nice to be fucked in the ass. He believed it was associated with pain and could not be of any enjoyment. When, after 20 minute pumping was approaching orgasm and did not want to fill Matilda’s butt with his sperm, he pulled himself out and jerked out the cum on one of her buttocks. Matilda looked a little disapointed, but came with new smile and kissed Ecke.

-Now I’ll give you what you never had before, you should get a one-way ticket to heaven. She took the tube of lube and began to rub Eckes ass. Now you will get it good. Ecke hesitated and tricks with sphincter of the anus. He was scared. Matilda reassured him. She massaged his forbidden entrance, where he until today had only had one direction. Matilda had calmed him down now to the point that she thought she could get into him at least a little. Matilda asked him to put a little bent bones for not span as much. She showed him how, with hands on his knees. She stood behind him, pressing her bust against his back and steered her cock against his ass. Now felt Ecke for the first time in his life an acorn against his anus. Matilda squeezed.

Everything went black before Eckes eyes and the alarm clock rang.

Ecke woke up, he was dry in the mouth and had a headache. He had a sumptuously morning stalls and went to the bathroom to take care of his morning needs. He then went into his kitchen and put on some coffee. Ecke had always been hot on transsexuals, this dream had repeated itself many times after he moved to Madrid and there was transsexual prostitutes within reach, he had never dared to take the full step forward to find one, he was at the same time afraid that the dream would become a fiasco. Now it was Halloween and on Monday, his stay inSpain would suddenly end. In Sweden, it was forbidden to sell sex, Ecke was suddenly aware that if he did not satisfy his curiosity with the transsexuals, it might take several years before he got the chance again next time. Ecke did not know how it was in Argentina, If there were transsexuals or not.

1 November 2013

Eckes phone rings, he looks at the number, he rocongizes it, Carlos Muñoz. -Hola Carlos, what have you in mind? Have you arranged with flights and accommodation? I want a good car also, a Defender, a white four-wheel drive. I was just on Google maps and saw that there are a lot of forest and dodgy roads up there in Orsa.

-Hm, Si, we’ll see what we can find for you. You will fly with Iberia from Barajas on Monday, landing at Stockholm / Arlanda. There you will be picked up by someone holding a sign with your name in the hand.

-I Do not need to be picked-up, my parents will, they live in Örebro, it’s not that far for them. But tonight? To the party? Babes? Will there be any? We are 5 boys that want a little extra fun. You do have the number for a good escort service, with a discount? Doçt you? Hehehehe.

-Hm, I’m not so happy about the idea, but OK, I’ll think about it.

-Then I must also think about whether I really go to Orsa, I’m not thrilled at the idea, you know what fucking dungeon that is? I like Madrid.

-Vale, Well I know what it’s like in Orsa, that’s why we get sparsely populated contributions to locate there, start up grant in Sweden, Internationalization Contributions to boot branch from Spain, it will probably be a profitable business. Just boot has given positive cashflow. Hasta luego.

-Ecke Replied “Cast Lego” and hung up. Ecke thought that Carlos did not immediately seemed pleased with his way of negotiating. A cold icing went through the body. He had since the beginning understood by Carlos manner, that he had great powers behind them. Ecke felt uneasy. He was not sure which one was the worst.

Having to move to Sweden addition, over the winter, Orsa, the cold hole, the only thing that could be of use there was perhaps Vasaloppet, it had became a popular festival, but throughout the Christmas and New Year holidays alone in the dark and cold forests.

Or would it maybe be worse not to accept the offer to move and thus might lose its status as a reliable and loyal to the company. To refuse and be ostracized, or something worse. Ecke had over the last 6 years begun consume more and more cocaine. He had in the beginning just experimented with the idea, he later brought a packet of coca leaves home and followed a recipe he found on the Internet. He had got up fairly good quality of his cocaine, almost free, because he got hold of coca leaves “Free”. He had begun by one kilo of dried coca leaves, it had given him about 10 grams of pure cocaine. Ecke had during the last year fiddled away about 10 kg of coca leaf, about 1 kilo per month or 50 grams a day. It had resulted in 100 grams concentrated cocaine, which on the street could have been cut to almost 400 grams and cost perhaps 20 000 Euro. Ecke had obviously taken everything himself, 2 grams a day on weekends had become the usual dose for hurricane party the Friday, Saturday and then a little coke on weekdays before the job so that he was alert and always awake and pleasant. He was sure that if he moved to Sweden or stayed in Spain without working for GTE imports, He would be lost in an economic treadmill. He would be forced to work more than full time and hard to get together for the dose he needed at this point. Just the thought of not have free access to the amount of cocaine almost free, made Ecke paranoic. He thought that in Sweden, he would be more free from Carlos and others who could nail him for misappropriation of coca leaves. But at the same time, he would have to suffer the harsh climate Sweden and Dalacarlia have. Ecke decided to begin deleting Carlos grain.

Ecke dialed Señor Muñoz. -Carlos?

-Si, I see that it’s you, what do you want? I am in an important meeting here now, but take it quickly, what happens?

-Well, I wanted to apologize for earlier, I want to say that you should know that I will gladly take the job in Sweden without any problems, but I still want a cool car so I will not be standing in the cold winter and freezing to death. But as you understand it is good if it is discrete. And if you could arrange with a couple of girls for tonight? You know It is still my farewell party.

-OK, I’ll give you the number to an escort, but shut up about it, OK. Say that it is you who picked them up. Also, you must wait a few hours to call them, I must say to them that I have given you their number, otherwise it will be slammed on their part. I will send a text message when it’s ready to call them, OK?.

-No,problema Jefe, I’m quieter than a mouse.

-Hasta Luego.

-Cast Lego, responded Ecke tricky. After the call, it was quiet at Ecke’s, he now had a number to an escort, he had the name and opened his iPod up and found the agency and noted that they covered his wishes. Ecke called the number after receiving a text message from Carlos, 5 girls would be paid from the company’s party fund.

-Si, Señor, a voice answered with a Russian accent.

-Si, We have been promised five pieces of ass to a party tonight.

-OK, Do you have any special requests? Age? Hair? Other?

-Hm, Yes, I have seen that you have a little of each. We want them to be dressed as professional women, tight hair up, different hair colors are good. I want one to be a blonde, shemale, without having surgery to remove the penis and have air hostess costume, she have to be very girly, no hair on the chest.She must have big hoothers, at least D-cups. The others… Hm good looking teen style, happy young teen with small conical breasts. It does not hurt if they have beautiful long legs and that they can be dressed up for professions, as nurse, police, fire and waitress.

-No Problems we solve all the little details, time, and place? And how long time do you want them?

-We thought all night minimum. Location? Susie’s Diner in Getafe, around 22 o’clock, make sure that the girls do not mind shooting a round of some nice pinup photos.

-All noted and understood. Delivery will take place and we hope you enjoy your evening.

He felt suddenly his heart started beating fast, he got dry mouth, ran quickly into the bathroom and drank some water and then he took a small pea of cocaine in the nose and felt the drug freed him from the stress, swung, now he was confident and on the ball again. Now could Ecke think clearly without letting emotions take over, he was controlled. Hm, clothing, perfume, pepping and a small pub crawl in the area around Getafe was on the tonight’s list. Ecke checked that all he needed to do leave and go home was done, close and lock, was done. He finished a little sloppy but came away, sat down in his Toyota Celica, a white sports car that he had been able to buy cash with his pretty high salary he earned , for going banking for the company. He slipped into the garage at home.

Ecke felt a sudden paranoia crawl from the dim light in the garage. He felt watched, could it be that his transfer of the workplace was an execution plan? He had been spotted? Had his embezzlement of coca leaf been discovered? The automatic garage door closed behind him. Was this his last breath he would take on the earth? It became clear to him. No one would miss him? He had no direct bands in Spain, He did not come home to anyone that he heard of on daily basis that would wonder where he was. If he was executed it would take months before anyone even wondered if he had disappeared. In Sweden, he had his entire family but the contact was sporadic. Ecke felt alone and abandoned. He felt the urge after more cocaine, he knew it, he was firm, firmer than the food, sleep and drink. Ecke did cocaine to live, he had been a drug addict, a COCAINIST. He felt unnecessary, useless and vulnerable. He walked slowly towards his door, stuck the key into the lock, pulled the door open. PIUP, PIUP, PIUP. The alarm went off, Ecke got almost a heart attack, he was trapped in his thoughts and had forgotten to turn off the alarm. Aaw, what clumsy he thought, opened the door to the code lock and hit the pin code to turn it off. Ecke began to undress on the way to the bathroom, he threw the clothes on the floor behind him. Ecke was crying, he suffered from much stress. In a couple of days he would fly to Sweden, to the cold, darkness. He knew he would have at most 3-5 hours of sunlight a day, presumably it had already fallen snow in Dalarna and he felt uneasy.

Once in the bathroom. he turned the bathtub faucet to fill with hot water. 5 minutes later and no hot water. What the hell now?

Noon on Robin’s Diner -We Are 6 persons, we have called and reserved a table.

-Frederick asked in which name?

-Miren, We had said 21:30, we said we would be 5 but now we are 6.

Frederick looked at the clock, -It’s only 21:15, he said in annoyed tone.

-Yeah, But then we thought maybe it did not matter if we arrived a little earlier?

-If You do not mind to wait at the bar tables and read the menus meanwhile, we will ensure that it will be arranged, but to get you into a table with 6 instead of 5 can be tricky, are you in a hurry?

-Hm, Yes, yes, we have the CINEMA-visit later so we do not want to miss the commercial. Fredrik sighed, “do not want to miss the commercial” he repeated, it sounds as if they had not seen commercials before, as our generation, when we grew up.

There were regular Saturday evening at the restaurant Robin Diner and they had during the winter months always too much to do on the weekends. Frederick was tired, drawn and tired of tearing a loss against the tremendous job he did for these ungrateful Spanish adolescents who never got in right time as said, nor were they to the number that they had decided.

Meanwhile in Madrid

Carlos Muñoz sat in his Ford Mustang, a black high-gloss white Sports lines painted from front to rear. A pride he likes drove around in order to show how successful he had become. He had normally a driver during the week, but now it was the weekend, so he did the driving himself. He received a telephone call to his mobile. He pulled out his i-Phone and replied, just then brandished a waterside Spanish Police around the corner and the navigator in the car could see how Carlos talked on the phone driving alone in his bragger car. On the phone was Mr. President of Venezuela, whom wanted to know how today’s tasks and problems of the warehouse in Sweden had been taken care of. The sirens from police car drowns out conversation and Carlos car being overtaken by the police, the police stops in front of Carlos car, Carlos runs almost into the police car, and must swerve quickly with screaming tires and end up back in front of the police. Now jump-starts the police and covers Carlos with sirens and bluelights at full power.

The police run up with Carlos and when they end flush cranks police down box and hauls out a magafon, the words echoing from the speaker: Stop the car or we will stop for you.

Then the police threw out a chain in front of the car. The chain was fitted with tags, and quickly perforate the nice new tires to the black Ford Mustang. He left with gaping face and president at the other end of the phone wondering what happened. Carlos puts down the phone and step out of the car. The police run up with a drawn weapon, forcing Carlos toward the car and locks his hands with handcuffs.

Come with us into our car, you’re under arrest for contempt of police officer. You were talking on the mobile phone, it’s illegal, but when we tried to stop you. You rammed us almost and continued driving. It becomes even contempt of police officer and reckless driving. You can choose to recognize and pay the fine here and now.

Carlos Was not sure if he would play dumb American and gut his papers from America? Or if he would let things go the regular way, pay and be quiet.

He was initially a bit taken by surprise, but quickly came in stride. Er, ah, ouf, blew with puffed cheeks. Said -Mierda, I was in an important conversation with the president and hell, I should not have been driving. I should not even have been in the car, I’m really sorry for what happened, give me the forms we’ll fill in and I pay of course right away. How much will it be?

-One Of the officers replied that it would round 1000 Euro, that they accept cards. If he could not pay, they would be forced to bring in Carlos and his car to the station for further blood tests, etc.

Carlos knew that in his car had never been drugs or something that had to do with those things , for the record. It was rule number 1, that do not run the ball car with cool things in. The ball car you drive legally, if one would have to transport the illegal things it was supposed to be used couriers, or as asenior manager, always with a taxi or limousine. He had double paper, certainly in the original, but Carlos did not want to sit in jail or have more to do with the police than necessary.

-Well, yeah I pay said Carlos, no problem, “a little bit expensive maybe” fell out of his mouth.

-If You think it’s expensive, maybe you should think before you answer the mobile phone next time, it could have ended badly.

Carlos thought that it had never ended bad if not the stupid policemen had been in the way. Now he had other things in his head, the president, he had left the president without saying goodbye.

When the paper job were over and done, Carlos showed off a forged driver’s license as they would remove his “dots” from, the credit card he used to pay went to the Group’s tax-free account on an island in some distant seas where there is no taxes.

Carlos sat in his car, no longer so caki he called the president.

-The secretary Here, the president is busy, what is it about?

-Well, I’m sorry, I was talking with Mister President a moment ago. But I forgot about things and drove the car at the same time and the police stopped me, I was getting locked up.

I see that you are calling from Carlos phone in Spain. Do you have any news from the Swede, Erik, is his name right?

-Yeah, He seems to be guilty and given he will join the movement. We still do not know the exact amount of what he has embezzled, between five and fifteen kilograms, we believe, but he seems self-consumable large quantities, it is not good for us to have him in the company.

-Good, When is he moved?

-His flight is booked for Monday, so you have time to think through what to do with him until then.

-OK, I’ll inform the president, I think we will, let him go to Sweden and take responsibility for the factories where, as a goalkeeper. But he can work in the warehouse it is good enough for him, so we have a Swedish that can sign on the papers and go to the bank at selected times. If it goes wrong, he is in charge and we will go free. Make sure he does not understand that we have busted him. He should think that this is a step up in the hierarchy.

-It Is understood. I explained that when he asked for a wage raise. That there will be no more raise, just one big step up in the hierarchy this time.

-Hahaha, Raise? He has the nerve that guy, that’s fine. But OK, if it turns up something new, let us know, otherwise we run according to the plan.

-OK, Adios. Carlos starts the engine, put in the gear, but notice quickly that there is something strange with the control. He stops, step out and realize that both front wheels have been perforated by the Police’s chains. And theyhave the guts to fine me! Fucking hell, Fucking shit! Carlos lights a cigar and smoke it so it steams about him, he stands and beat against things around him. He is so angry and sad and so upset. Carlos excites so he finally gets a coughing attack that turns into a heart attack. He falls to the ground andis left lying down. In the fall he strikes his face into the ground and bleeding heavily from the mouth and nose. A minor girl dressed in mini skirt, a little too high heels and too much makeup, stops and see what happens, she is from Brazil, now she is in Spain and feed herself and her pimp, prostituting herself. She examines the wound, she examines his breathing, no breath, she wipes his face from the blood with his scarf, she has a cold sore, but thinks that his life is more important than think about whether he’ll get cold sores too. Since she started artificial respiration, between breaths, she asks a passerby to to call an ambulance. The passerby looks suspicious on the odd pair (middle-aged fat man and a little teenage girl who seems to be kissing him), put two and two together, he says he does not have phone. She hands him her old foldable Motorola. He calls reluctantly 112.

At Robin’s Diner stress Frederick further and Alain comes in. -Bonsoir, He grinned. He was obviously drunk and it stank both Pastis and Lagerfeldt photo at the same time, a nauseating mixture. Frederick could not understand that he still used this perfume which had begun to be sold 23 years ago, it was so out there. It should be a Frenchman, thought Frederick. That he was drunk reflected Frederick barely over. Chastened by seeing people both in worse state and in worse condition.

-Buenas Noches Alain, how is it?

-Soo damn good, So nice to have a few days off now.

-Nice! What should you do for Christmas then? get yourself stoned completely?

-He Hee hee, I wish, Naaa you-know? What those bastards have done? Now frederisk knew that it would be a long and tedious night to sit and listen to Alain’s regret.

-No What have they done? The devils?

-They have kind of dismissed me.

-You sure, but what has actually happened?

-They’ve sent me to Paris, I’ll up to exhaust smog, lousy weather and far from the surf beaches.

-But why have they done that for?

-I am supposed to write about diverse happening there, but I do not want to.

-No wonder, the person who has learned to live in the Basque Country would probably never move from here?

-Right There, there you have it, here it is surely nice to live guy. But in Paris I will freeze, Alain grined to its rim, and the laughter turned to tears that turned into sad tears.

-Yes it is good here, lied Frederick, he had just stood and dreamed of what it would be like to move to another location, preferably somewhere in France, Aix de Provence, for example. But he knew he would always miss the Basque Country, it was like living in paradise, green year round, a bit chilly during the winter, but mostly good, plus there was sea, waves, mountains, nature, good schools, not too much population, but there was default, both the people and the place. -The Basque, is paradise, because here you can drink hierbas. Pour me a glass, please.

-We’ll take a glass together, so we forget the dreary news. But we should not drink Hierbas, we should drink Hulk.


-Yeah, Hulk, Aguardiente, lime juice, mint syrup and crushed ice. Bruuuum, Fredrik Braun mixer crushed ice in seconds and Frederick poured two large glasses of the strong drink. Frederick withheld that he had a couple different buyers who were interested in taking over the restaurant. He felt that he might betray his clients if he told and that they would not return. But he had no objection to continue to have contact with Alain, he was a good guy, though he was a suspected police. Since Fredriks cannabis cultivation had dried, the police right now pose little threat. Frederick had definitely bigger headache. To whom would he sell? Who would pay the most and who would come with real money this time?

-Txin-Txin, Alain tasted skepticism on the light green slurry. “Grrrrrr”, viewed deeply in the glass and stired around with the straw. Hey Fredrik, this is one of your recipes?

-Yeah, um, why? Don’t you like it?

-Yeah, That’s why I’m surprised that I do not see others who drink the same thing, it is ingenious. Welcome cooling, stylish, good, probably deadly strong, though it does not taste any alcohol, but you still want to roar like the Hulk when drinking it.

-The problem is precisely that the alcohol is strong and I can not sell that kind of drinks here for political reasons.

-Political Reasons?

-Yes City hall does not let us sell liquor. The Blue blah blah, damn politicians.

Frederick had a few months earlier received a strange offer of a young man called from Monaco. The man had offered to take over the entire restaurant unseen, for the entire 100,000 Euros. But what was even weirder was that it would be arranged a very strange manner. The instructions were: Meeting in Paris for precontract writing, bringing 20 000 Euro in circulated small notes that is, not greater than 50 Euro banknotes. In exchange for a signed precontract paid EUR 40 000 Euro in large banknotes. When all was finished, the Russian customer as the agent acted for, should turn up and pay with Russian checker the remaining 60 000 Euro. The 20,000 who would be left in Paris would correspond to the 20% that the man took s a commission for the service and the commitment of paper job as if he was a business broker. Frederick and his partner thought it all seemed fishy and did not sign such contracts. Now Fredrik had a couple of different interested in the restaurant and thought he could decide who they thought was easier to sell to and that would give the most money and the fastest. Frederick planned then a few months of vacation, visiting the families over Christmas and New Year’s weekend. Meanwhile they had ads out there to sell the restaurant, frederick was looking for jobs in different areas. Selected companies were: IKEA, Memphis Coffe, tourist offices and travel agencies. Frederick said they should buy an adventure sports company for the money if they could afford it. Then they would be able to engage in water sports constant without taking time off to get to do some river surfing. You could put up the world’s first school in Wild River surfing. Frederick’s partner had been faithful regulations and licenses, so she logged on to the Internet to read about the regulations. Sure. one could take over a raftingfirm and run it but it was neccessary to have some training first. Frederick had said that they should perhaps have taken monaco bid and runned away with the 40,000 Euro offer…

-No, His partner said, 40,000 in large bills is complicated. Moreover, it is certainly mafia money, it can be dangerous.

-Yes, Of course, but there are always ways, Frederick had thought of 40,000 Euros, avoid standing and being nice to customers all day long, it could have been a great change their lives.

-You Alain, Fredrik forward, what do you think if I find a buyer? For the restaurant then ? How would it be? Would we continue to take a glass together sometimes, you and I?

-What? Are you hiting on me or? Alain did some flirting with Frederick.

-Oh, no, not at all, I just think that you are OK, not as bothersome as others, nice even.

-Aha, Thanks, it was warming, as a reporter I do not hear such phrases very often. Thanks Fredrik Thank you! I mean it, you can actually become a real friend.

-Eh I mean seriously, we will be friends? Will we keep in touch via facebook? Other than corny bulk emails with hard words and pictures puns circuits lap after lap around the Internet.

-Well Yes, of course I Add you, what do you have as alias at facebook?

-In Addition to the restaurant, I have a semi-private Fredrikjohanssonirun.

-OK, Alain hauled up unexpectedly his iPhone and got into Facebook and looked for Frederick’s facebook and added him as a friend directly.

Alain continued talking: -Well like I said I’m moved to Paris, but I will be vacant in February a couple of weeks. I was actually thinking to go to Sweden. Did not your family have a little cottage there?

-Sure, It is not used much in the winter, or not at all. In addition You can do Vasaloppet! Hehehe chuckled Frederick, are you interested I can book it for you.

-Oh, It was just a thought, if there is a lot of work… do not worry about it.

-Take it easy buddy, I will arrange with a local flight to a nearby airport from the one you come to. There, the neighbors will come and get you, he usually is available. If you want to be more mobile, you can rent a car in Mora. What local air?

-Yes, My brother has a flying school in Sweden, he has a couple of small planes, he will come and get you, flies you to Mora or Orsa airport, I do not know if the two are still in use. If you want to do Vasaloppet you may need to hire good skis and get great ski clothing.

I am French, I have great ski equipment, I go skiing on all directions. I’m from Paris, but I have been in the Alps every winter my entire life, I am notorious in Chamonix and Val d’Isere, they do not want to see me more, because I have made a fool of me both at the nightclub Club 25 and the lift system. I’m a bit of a ski hulligan, I get lots of adrenaline when I am on skis.

-I’ve seen you Frenchmen on the slopes in Andorra, you are not wise. In Val D’Isère, I have been as well but I did not know at that time who was whom. Now I know who was the craziest. I just bought a charter trip.

-Ha, you have been to Val d’Isère? I would like to see you on your swagger skateboard speeding down “La Face”.

-It Is an electric skateboard and is admittedly rough terrain, but I doubt that it would give much to look at if I take it to la Face. But I accept the invitation any time to go to Val d’Isère and do some nice skiing and if you prefer La Face, it will be La Face, it’s awesome! But first we will send you to the Vasaloppet, it would be fun to have a French friend who does Vasaloppet, I will write it on My Facebook!

On the street in Madrid an ambulance stops by Carlos and takes him to the hospital. Carlos survive indefinitely but must be under observation almost a week.

In an Irish pub in Getafe, Ecke has been charged with Coke and sat at the Irish pub O’Hara in Getafe. He was in a good mood, blood was well-stocked with cocaine, he was on his way to his life’s most interesting sexual experience. He would finally get to feel the skin of a real transsexual girl with real cock between the legs. He wondered how she would be groomed there at the bottom, he felt how it began to tension between the legs of himself. He walked up to the bar, ordered a large whiskey shot and drank it in one stroke. He then went to the disabled toilet and while he thought about the stewardess from the dream he jerked off until it splashed a little cum in the toilet. He looked in the mirror. he tried to look normal, relaxed and cool. He was nervous. If he took just a little bit more Coke? Hmm, he did not know how much he already pulled tonight and he did not want to get paranojja. Oh, a little one will not hurt, it only gets better. Ecke pulled out a pea of 0.05 grams which he was used to do when he had started with cocaine. Nowadays he used to put up at least 0.1 grams and sometimes double lines. He then went out on the street and looked up the restaurant Susie’s Diner where they would meet up. He went in and waited at the bar and took a “Kalimotxo” (red wine mixed with Coca-Cola) during the time he waited, he had two more. After about 30 minutes his friends from the warehouse began to come one by one. Eckes colleagues did not know what they were really working with. They believed that everything was legal and that it was tea import for real. Ecke felt it would be interesting to see who would take over the job after him. The clock struck ten at night, the restaurant was still full of guests, but the girls had still not arrived. At 22.30 people started asking for notes and left the rstaurant little by little and ten forty-five it was only a few tables left. Then suddenly an extra long limousine parks outside and it trips out 5 real beauties. Ecke finds quickly the girl with air hostess costume. Presenting himself as the captain and ask her to come with him. The other he left to split upbetween then as best they could. What Ecke understood there were no major problems, they looked like Cinderella every single one, they were enchanted princesses who after making their magic number would vanish away with one shoe on the foot and never to return. But first they would give a magical evening.

Ecke took out a tripod and two cameras, a snapshot to shoot, the the second was a video camera, that he wanted to use later. He had great desire to film his experience. He did not know why, but he wanted to immortalize this experience. When all the girls and their new boyfriends had divided up into pairs and had started to chat a bit, Ecke started to shoot. He asked all of them to look as appetizing as possible. Whatever the girls did, they did it good. The boys were fortunately only there to look cool, Sexy, they were not at all, more baggy. The girls were amazing, they snapped up a bit here and they showed a lot more than what they was supposed to do, for making fotos to be used in serious promotional purposes. But it was good pictures to save and watch the cold winter nights in Orsa. Or post to the Facebook. Ecke asked the group if they wanted to eat before it was time to go further on to the Discotek?

-Yeeeees! Screamed all, we want burgers and chicken fingers and potatoe chips with bacon and cheddar cheese sause!

The stewardess wanted a Caesar salad and a Coke Zero. Ecke ordered Coke Zero and two burgers, to himself, for he knew that the burgers were small. The gang ate and talked, and laughed. Everything almost felt so natural, it felt as a normal party with the work mates and their wives, though they were fine wives. Far too fine wives and they were additionally fun. They was not sour or tired, they did not complain if the man took a Tequila too much, they were on, themselves, they wanted to have fun as long as possible. all except the flight attendant was confident that they would get their job so light as possible, the drunker they could get their customer, they could only massage or fondle him a little and he would fall asleep. As long as girls-controlled the alcohol intake and the men drank it would facilitate the girls work and their fee of 1500 Euro for the whole night would be easy money. Then, it was time for continuation to a VIP discotheque.

Actually, it was not a normal disco, it was a hostel with large bar and a lot of girls who rented their rooms for about 80 Euro per night. Then they could take up to the number of male / customers in the room per day / night they could find. There was also a part of the building that was being an ordinary hotel. That was the part that Ecke had planned to use in order not to lose time with his flight attendant. They stepped out of the limo and slipped through the door at the hotel bar. Ecke took the flight attendant to the bar and they ordered a Piña Colada each. Ecke began to ask the cute girl who was not very much unlike the stewardess in dreams, the difference was that the uniform had different color combination.

-How Is it? Everything good?

-Yeah, Thanks, good pre-party and good company, now hoping for good continuation, she winked at Ecke, and lowered her eyes, licked her lips meaning with eyes fixed on the Eckes eyes to see if she could see what he was thinking. I think we can be sure that it will be just as good as we want it to be, do you like to dance? I think it’s a good way to start a nice evening. They held each other and danced slowly at bar.

2 November 2013 Ecke had had their most erotic night of his life. He was so in love, he did not know how he would handle this. His dream had been fulfilled and it by far. He had received confirmation that he really turns on, on transsexuals, not just in the imagination. He did not dislike women but he felt a little disgusted by their sex, he smply did not understand it. But he liked a curvy beautiful female body with soft female skin, soft as velvet. He had tried to satisfy his curiosity if he was homosexuel, far earlier, it had stopped sad or positively. He was not turned on a man’s body. But he thought that a female body with the penis, was the peak. He liked to hold the dick in his hand, he liked to jerk it off another limb at the same time as his own. He liked to suck and he thought it was cool to get the other’s cock to come.

The stewardess had left him just before breakfast. Ecke had taken a taxi from the hotel and on the way to his home he bought a pair of Napolitanas, (choclate rolls). Once home, he put in a couple of capsules in his new coffee maker that he received as a birthday present from the firm. He was now sitting on the sofa in the living room and drank his GTE Latte with whipped cream and ate chocolate rolls. He was flipping through the channels on the TV, and finally found some news. Ecke had in the beginning had problems with the Spanish language, it was not easy to understand. They talked fast and everyone had different dialects. It was cubans who talked as if they had a table tennis ball in the mouth. It was southern spanjards that does not pronounce the letter “s”, ithere were bask people not pronouncing the letter “d”. It was the South Americans who talked really fast and swallowed half of the words. There were people from the Caribbean islands who talked with quite different voca

Holloween hangovers

Ecke was watching the news on spanish TV. They talked about FAGOR, Industry in the Basque Country that made ovens, refrigerators and everything else for the kitchen. The industry would be or had been laid down, He was not so interested, but understood that it was bad for northern part of Spain. Ecke thought things was bad for him too. Now he finally knew what was his thing, but now he would be sent to Sweden, where there was notfound the kind of people he was turned on by. Ecke felt a tear fell down his cheek. He felt alone, he did not wantto be in his skin, he felt he was trying to crawl out of himself. Time for a pea of Cocaine, waking up on the right side, he called it.

At the Hospital in MadridÂ

Carlos was woken by breakfast in the hospital. He did not really understand where he was, he had tubes protruding from hand and nose. He first became frightened, but soon understood what it was, he remembered the police and that he had been angry at the punctured tires. He did not mind so much more. Hungry, he was not, he turned around and tried to go back to sleep. He then had the spoted a piece of paper with a phone number on. He did not know what it was, just number, he unfolded the note and read a short message written in bad Spanish.

“I do not know if it’s worth you anything, but I think I have saved your life.”

The note had no name no signature, just a mobile number. -Saved my life, If I had not been stopped by the police, I had not been here Now, grunted Carlos for himself. Carlos reef the patch into pieces and threw garbage in front of him, a snowfall of confetti fell at different speeds to the floor.

Saturday night at Robin Diner

Frederick stands and prepares the evening in his restaurant kitchen he him self had designed and planned. He had often track of how he wants things to work and got it good. The fault in this place was that he only worked well on Saturday evenings and sometimes on Friday evenings too. Fredrik was desperate, he could not handle much more, his only helper in the catering was a old man from Sweden, a friend of his mother who had moved down and settled in Irun. Jens was his name and had come down a year earlier when Fredrik had the previous restaurant Txin-Txin. Jens still could not very good Spanish and communication with the racist Spaniards was not easy. Fredrik often needed to take care of the communication with the visitors through the small door between the kitchen and bar. The best thing for Frederick had been if he could be able to find someone who knew the language well or one that could take care of the kitchen and then would Fredrik be able to take care of the guests. Frederick talked besides Swedish, also French, Spanish, English and some Basque which was the five practiced languages in this restaurant. The French came to Spain to buy cheaper tobacco, alcohol and drugs. The Spaniards were poor wretches who would rather eat just a choritzo sandwich, with nothing else on it. The French also appreciated Frederick’s designed restaurant and his well done products, all home made. Sometimes even English speakers tourists or backpackers and international musicians who played in Hondarribia koncert hall”P”. The Evening started late with the usual stress, first nothing and then everyone came at the same time and Frederick would become stressed, angry and tired. If it came not enough guests Fredrik would have trouble paying the rent he had been put off until Monday, when the landlord would come and collect. If they would work much of too much, Fredrik felt as if he put high demands on Jens hand, he himself got tired and sick of working. Frederick pre grilled twenty hamburger meat and some bacon slices. Then he walked out of the kitchen to the bar and took a San Miguel before the first table came in and wanted to have dinner for three people. A younger couple with their five year old daughter. Before Jens had taken the order came three more tables and Frederick realized that the evening was going to be hectic, perhaps he’d already tonight get into the cashier what he needed to pay the rent on Monday, then the Sunday sales might be saved, or enough to pay the electricity bill. Invoices and sales figures would have been an impossible puzzle already when he ran Txin-Txin, but Robin’s Diner was much more difficult. In start-up phase, it had been made contracts with too many workers and losses were large even at relatively good sales figures, when sales declined continued losses, despite the fact that they did away with the staff. During the summer, sales had gone down so low that it was hard to even get together enough to pay electricity and water. The rent was not to think about. One had after the summer made up of new reduced rent and to try to pay back the lost rents during the coming winter months, when sales should increase. The problem remained. There was no money for marketing. The project was stuck in a fox trap and could not get out. The only solution now was to sell. Selling would give the family money at the moment, but without jobs, the costs would sum rapidly. Frederick and his partner were desperate.

3 November 2013

Sunday morning Carlos is discharged from hospital after talks with doctors and a small jar with small red pills. They told him to take a pills every three waking hours. Carlos was tired and went home to sleep more.

Sunday afternoon

-Elin? How was the Hello-Wine weekend? Elin had come strolling down the street: Calle Pinudi and came to Frederick’s terrace of Restaurant Robin’s Diner, where he sat and enjoyed a Budweisser in the sunshine.

-What Do you do? Sitting here drinking beer during working hours?

-Heheh We are in Spain, if I do not drink during working hours? When should I drink? I work all the time.

-You Ought to take time off sometimes and drink then. It would do you good to take a day off, workaholic.

-How was Hello-Wine?

-Oh, You’re talking lousy Fredrik it should be pronounced Halloween.

-Yes, it is juh what I say.

-Oh, It’s an Irish celebration, I do not care about it, I do not like to dress up, it’s no fun. Frederick thought it was strange, she always had new clothes and was sometimes so fashion conscious that people did not think she was else than compleatly crazy. Frederick thought about it and he was sure that he had never seen her with the same clothes twice, always new, he wondered if she bought and did not remove the patches so she could return them to the store “without having used” them. Frederick had known people in Sweden who did so. Frederick also knew some girls that went into clothing stores and stole clothes which they then sold at second hands. They used to bring clothes into the fitting room where they broke the theft protection. Sometimes there was a little hole in the garment but it was fixed with a needle thread or glue. Then it was just to head off to best second-hand selling on commission. Frederick had asked them why they did not just bring a strong magnet into the store? That would take the pin out without hurting the fabric. his friends had done so and started almost a new company to be able to sell all they could steal that way.

-I Want a coffee with milk, do not sit there and dream.

-OK, With milk. here you are.

-Thank You. I’ve been out and traveled some how has it been here?

-As Usual, Friday on Friday, Sunday on Sunday. The rain falls from above and if it is not cloudy usually the sun comes out a while. Each day new miracles. Strange that God doesn’t give the sun and moon off a day per week, it must be tiering that job they do all the time, Frederick chuckled, -God himself became completely exhausted after 6 days of plodding. Frederick was not extreamlyhappy about religions, he liked to blame God for any wrong thing.


4 November 2013

Ecke came after a misery of small roads that were not even paved, to the little cottage that would be his new home in on approximately six months ahead. The cottage had been rented out by a family who resided in Stockholm (Stockola) on v책mhustoungue, the local language spoken in Vomhus. The house was nice with a view over the Lake Orsa, there was no sauna on the backyard but one could roast hot dogs and drink snow chilled beer. Pripp’s Blue, but Ecke probably thought now it suited better to Drink Norrland’s, so he could be himself for a while. He smiled and thought of difference, blue moments or to get to be youself for a while.

There seemed to be neighbors living in the next door house, but it was so quiet that you could hear the birds from far away. Suddenly pivots a Dodge van up at the neighbor’s driveway and out jumps a little man who is dressed as a country musicians. Ecke figured he might as well say hello. The man greeted and introduced himself as Kent. Sure enough, Kent worked as a musician. He was also married with a woman who was related to the owners of the cottage Ecke would stay in. Kent told Ecke that the family that owned the cottage did not used to come here in the winter. Before, it was a guy named Frederick who used to come up a few times in the winter months to go snowboarding. But Frederick had moved to Spain a long time ago, so he did not visit the house anymore. Kent lit up when he talked about Fredrik, he had certainly not been to the cottage in maybe 10 years, but he was still the craziest in the family. He always drove around on his electric skateboard with giant wheels. Kent said it was probably prohibited, but he added that there was not much polices around anyway. Ecke found that the absence of polices did not do much damage. Ecke said he himself had lived in Spain for many years now. Kent had jokingly said that maybe will all Swedish-Spaniards come back this year so you get together and drink a little out of the home made we have in the container.

-What Said Ecke, you have homemade liquor?

-Schhhhhh, Not so loud, it is culture and tradition here in the woods to have a machine that migrate between farms. So yes, we have can. Ecke asked some nicely if he could taste it, to be honest, he had probably never drank more than smuggled and medical spirits and ordinary general booze, of course. It’s not so common with homemade spirits in Spain as what is available in the shops are usually cheaper than making it on your own. Maybe it’s not alcohol Spaniards think of when it comes to manufacturing illegal substances at home.

-No? Replied Kent, and what would it be? Poppies on the balconies perhaps? Chuckled Kent believers to Ecke joked. Where alcohol so cheap, there was probably no need to make themselves much trouble with anything else either.

-No, I do not think so, responded Ecke and explained for Kent how Spaniards buys 400 Watt special bulbs and grow cannabis at home in the their wardrobes. Oops said Kent, I had no idea. Then one could be able to do it here in Sweden too, though it would be extremely illegally thoroughly. Ecke said it was probably not a good idea. better to take a good drink out of the can.

-Yes, Hehehe a drink from the can, is never wrong, he he he.

New Offers

Lunchtime at Robin’s Diner

As usual, there was not much to do. Frederick and his partner cooked good food and sat down to eat. Normally there are always guests coming when they sit to eat themselves, this time they got to eat in peace. they served and drunk a glass of good red wine from the Spanish region of Jumilla, a region Fredrik recently discovered and they both though was good and really cheap for what you got. Price was definitely affordable, less than 2 Euro per bottle only. They had just finished drinking coffee and were happy and relaxed. The phone rings and Frederick’s partner picks up the phone.

-Yes Frederick is here, oh well, yeah, OK. She hung up. And started to talk to Frederick: -Do you remember Stefan? The Frenchman who had The Oyster bar next door our restaurant in the small port in Hondarribia? He is coming here to talk. Hehehehe!

She lit up like a sun. I thought they had left the idea of this place, long time ago? Or?

-It Does not seem to be so.

-OK, Let them come and see if they can give us un offer!

-OK, Lets have luck! Are you nervous?

-Hm, Indeed.

Stefan and his buddy showed up, everyone greeted politely and they asked more than at the visit they had done before. Everything ran relatively smoothly, not to many difficult questions or revelations that could make the price dive too low. Frederick was sweating like a fountain, he really wanted the stupid Stefan to buy the restaurant. Frederick were sick and tierd of Stefan since their time as “neighbors” in the marina. Stefan and his former cronies had set up a large curtain with their logo on to separate their terraces. Stefan and his staff used all too often forget to bring in various things from their terrace at night when closing. One night they had forgotten to bring in the huge curtain and Frederick got the devil in itself and tored it down, rolled it up together and tucked it under e floating floor, in to Stefan’s local, so that if someone had lifted the floorboards it would have looked like an insurance fraud. Frederick was although against the Mafia, but he had his own practice in everything.

Fredrik thought that Stefan could well take over this fucked up restaurant project of his. Stephen was a man to respect, a person with authority, it made Frederick thinking, it would be easier for presentation to the landlord.

When Stefan and his new business Friend wer satiesfied, they thanked politely, and left.


Robin’s Diner Frederick has his daughter in his arms and standing and talking with his partner, Robin the older already sleeping soundly in the cart, the Bugaboo Cameleont they acquired when Robin was born. It was the most expensive on the market. Fredrik thought they cost 500 Euro, but it was 1 500 Euro, it hurted at the box office that year. Frederick came to think of the 1 500 Euro as the carriage had cost when Salvador, the landlord came in. He wanted to get paid the 1500 Euro, the premises cost per month.

They cold-talked during a quarter of un hour, fifteen minutes and after about ten minutes Raul comes in as well, Raul was the Bolivian who wanted to buy the restaurant. Hugh, They all showes up at the same day Frederick thought silently for him self, phu … just the landlord and the possible buyers of the restaurant. Would be nice if someone that came also wanted to eat some, he thought to himself.

Raul came with bad news, he could not get bank loans, so he wanted to bring down the price. Frederick knew it already, he had been visited by Raul’s friends, so He was not surprised when Raul offered the same amount. Frederick said as it was,

I have put 40,000 Euro in this restaurants renovation, this year I have gained back a bit, but I still owe the bank. So if you come with less than 35 000 Euros, you’ll have to go home and save more, as I got to do to be able to afford to build this place. Raul showed a list of prices of goods which would correspond to the ones that were installed in Robin’s Diner, the price was just over 18,000 Euros. Frederick saw immediately that the prices were not the ones he had paid. As one very important detail, Raul showed that he would get an Elvis Statue 1: 1 scale for just 250 Euro, but Frederick knew they cost around 1000 Euros. Same with Marilyn Monroe. frederick had got the bst price Impoting his statues from Poland, he knew Raul could not get better price than him, especially not in Spain were the prices on that kind of things were very very high.

Frederick said that the furniture that was listed on Rauls list came from Asia and had no metallic vinyl, as the furniture Frederick had bought from USA, [source:] (http://www.vitroseating.com) Raul lied and said they were metallic. Raul continued and wanted to know the sales figures.

Frederick told him: -First you show me false information and in addition you are cming here with too little money. If you want equal truthful figures from me as the ones you are showing here to me? I would say that the restaurant right now is crowded, which you can see that it is not. Second: If you have not enough money to take over this place? I have no time to sit and gab for nothing.

Fredrik do not like the South American way, he has become a racist, but without preconceptions. Frederick hate people who do not show what they are or what they have. he thought: If you do not play with open cards, there is no point in negotiating, but Raul continued, so Frederick was thinking that maybe he does have more than he says right now. Very, very right of him.

Raul finally says that he can pay 30,000 Euro, plus the 3000 Euro, the landlord would charge for the first month and deposit. Frederick shouts at his partner who accidentally stayed in the restaurant, talking to some people she knew that had entered. Frederick tells of the 30 000 and ask what to do with Stefan who had been there in the morning. Frederick’s partner Vanessa says she want to know what the conditions would be and that of course they have to give Stefan a chance to replicate. Frederick felt that if Raul wanted the place instead of Stefan, he could have it for 30,000 with no problems from his side, problems would come to Raul with time ….

Frederick had ran this place now for 11 months. He had suffered scrap mafia when they rebuilt. Scrap Maffian comprises different groups of scrap collectors that are very aggressive. Partly because they live like gypsies did before. That is to say in their mobile homes or sheds. They have on any contribution, in some cases not. They live on collecting scrap metal of various types. Then they sell the scrap to scrap brownie.

When Fredrik was renovating the restaurant and had an approximately 1,000-pound machine that he wanted to send off. He told a couple of guys who came drifting, that they could get the machine if they took it away. They came as told, around eight in the evening. They were provided with tools and began to tear and pull on things. They had neither the knowledge nor the strength and Frederick and His dad Lennart, who was there to help them lended a hand in the body’s sweat hour. The scrap that little by little was pulled off was neatly arranged in piles on the sidewalk.

Around 22:30 stops a pick up outside the restaurant premises and out jumps a Fat Guipzy style man, mustage and potbelly. He begins to ravage that it is he who control the scrap from the restaurants in Irun and that it is his scrap. Fredrik do not like that kind words. Frederick said, are you mob boss, you can go to hell, you piece of shit. The old man shouted that he would make sure it did not go well with the restaurant etc. Then he began to load all scrap into his pick up, as the others had towed out on the street.

Frederick had also had to deal with the brothel mafia when one of his employees had not been paid. There had been people who were involved in brothels and tried to get Frederick to sell his Marilyn Monroe statue for only 650 Euros. The money he would then pay to the girl since Frederick had not been able to pay her last salary. Then the girl would pay with their 650 to them because she had borrowed money from them. The girl was a wasted on drugs poor single mother with a daughter three years and without daddy around.

The girl had worked as a waitress in Robin’s Diner from start up until eight months before the mafia visit. About 6 months earlier, Frederick tried to re-hire the girl and had put her in the kitchen. But she was completely apathetic and just sat and sighed. Frederick considered that he would not help someone to earn money if they would only be for buying drugs. Therefore, he had neglected to pay. Now that she sent the Mafia at him, he became furious and let his Sambo call the girl and make it clear to her that if it comes mafia guys more times. frederick would call the police and report the girl to have sent mafia members to get money.

Frederick had also been warned by the Spaniards neighbours that the arabs would try to turn the bar into their bar and sell dope to the clients. He was told to charge extra from the Muslims / Arabs especially those from Morocco. The Spaniards called them Morros. A not too friendly nickname, which, however, stems from the time when the Arabs ruled large parts of Spain. Fredrik had done as he had been ordered by their new neighbors. He had, however onstead of problematic arabs, been visited by new other threats from Spanish new extreme nationalists, not Basque separatists but the Spanish Nationalists who yelled and screamed. Posted farscist slogans where they felt they fit on the walls in the restaurant. They were Spanish skinheads.

Frederick was so tired of this melting pot of people. He did not find any future anymore in what he was doing. Fredrik thought it may go all to hell if that is what was going to happen. he got into thoughts: What we suffer now is lack of free time. Getting off the mafias would only be a plus. He just wanted to get peace and quiet around him. Frederick’s thoughts made him absent from the real world in the midle of the meeting with Raul.

-So? What would you say, how do you want it? Asked Raul.

-OK, We’ll say like this. I have to call the others who were here this morning. Then I’ll call you in the end of the week. Answered Frederick

-OK, keep in touch, replicated Raul. Frederick felt really bad about this, Raul, he finds it hard to respect people who send decoys to get the price down. He would have done the same himself, but not so bad. He was of course also proud to have revealed Raul, but he did not cause him to lose face now, before they signed the precontract. Frederick was surer every day that Raul came directly from the rival Susie’s Diner and that it was them that wanted to take over the place.

5 November 2013

Frederick had the day before been visited by both potential buyers. The Frenchmen had shown interest and it was partly good to have two buyers trying to get up the bid. It was time to make an important phone call to Stefan, the Frenchman who by pure coincidentally had been the one who started up his oyster bar in the marina where Frederick had had his first cafe / restaurant: Txin-Txin. They had been starting in about the same time in May 2008. Now, Stefan was interested in taking over Frederick’s Restaurant. Frederick felt that it was fun to see that these who had originally been snobbish oyster salesman had now sunk to junk level. Fredrik suspected Stefan of taking powerful drugs already when they had their shops beside each other. Stefan used to come on Sunday mornings and ask Frederick lower his music boomed out of the speakers, he used to say, that it hurts in the head. Bright red nose… A guy around 40 usually do not have alcoholic red nose, if a not being large alcoholic. Stefan was a Frenchman. He drank normally a couple of glasses of wine per day but did not drink uncontrollably, except on weekends or when there was a party. But with a little Cocaine the nose turnes a little faster red, the day after. Frederick had therefore suspected that Stefan used to consume Cocaine or other drugs drawn in the nose. But considering the cars, House and motorcycle that Stefan had, he was not a pauper and probably did not buy the cheaper Anphetamin.

Fredrik and his partner first talked through what they would say. Frederick said, she should call, who speaks French better. but she claimed that Stefan’s Spanish was good enough and that Stefan was Frenchman and probably didn’t want to do business with women. Fredrik as a swedish thought that was strange. There is nothing called equality, he said. She laughed and said that there are much that sounds nice and is written on paper but in reality not so much practiced . In business, there are no such rules.

Frederick sighed called and told Stefan that he had another buyer, as it seemed could be a final contract with.

Stefan replied. -Will You sign with him?

-If they come with money, yes.

-Well, sell to him then.

-Yes Had planned to do so, but with respect to you, for coming yesterday I wanted to at least tell it to you before I sign. I have I said to the other that I will return at the end of the week.

-OK, We have not thought through all yet, I will call you in about 2 days.

-OK, We heard. Frederick’s partner said: -Now you missed the most important details! you were supposed to say that we were not totally happy with some of the details. Like that you should have to show how to do certain products. Now it seemed that we said goodbye.

Frederick replied: -If she wanted it done her way, she had to take care of it and do it herself. Now they had left Stefan to his fate. At the end of the week they would have to call the Bolivian Raul and say that the other had not been able to decide. Now if Raul was in a hurry, he would have to pay for it and if not, they may have lost both the buyers. Frederick was not happy about his partner’s words, he felt more unsuccessful than ever. But he had time to think through what he would say to Raul on Friday.

6 November 2013

Frederick was sitting at home in his apartment in Hondarribia and listened to the radio, French news with his partner. It was a new revolution in France. In the northern area known as Brittany the people were in revolt. They had assembled 6 pieces of traffic toll stations set up as a so called eco-tax. Trade unions in France had said that if the government did not delete the ECO tax they would continue to dismantle more of the already set up, eco tax toll systems throughout Frankrike. Fredrik laughed and thought it sounded sick the whole story. Frederick was waiting for a good news story that would give him a good feeling for the whole day, it was anyway so it was in told in the stars that it would be, that day. He did not think the strike could counts as that good news.

18 November 2013

Monday Evening Raul shows up with his son in the evening, he says that he can only obtain a total of 30 000, and that from them they must remove security deposit and the first rent, so there would be about 26 000 Euro to Frederick and Vanessa. Frederick tried to make sure he would come on Tuesday at 15.00 to meet with the landlord. they arrived to an agreement.

19 November 2013

Tuesday afternoon Raul shows up on time at 14.45. the landlord has misunderstood Frederick and did not show up. At 15.30 Fredrik calls the landlord because he wants to know if he can get. Moreover, Raul had already set up another meeting with his accountant to get the contract for reading it and give opinions if any. Raul goes away after Frederick had talked tothe landlord and it is said that they will come at 11 on Wednesday.

20 November 2014

Wednesday morning at 10.50 am, Frederick and Vanessa awaiting Raul and Salvador for an initial presentation. First comes a call from Catherine from the couple who worked at Susie’s Diner in Bilbao. Catherine says they’ll take over a bar in Bilbao instead and thanked for themselves. Frederick said that this is to make Raul now feel that he have advantage and know that we have just been rejected by the others, though Frederick and Vanessa knows that they are the same people so they do not care. The clock strikes 11:00 and the landlord opens the front door and enters into the heated restaurant.

Frederick gears a few words with him and they wait approximately fifteen minutes, Raul still has not showed up, Fredrik is calling Raul’s telephone that is turned off. Frederick ask the landlord for apology for all the misunderstanding. The landlord wonder a bit what kind of type, that Raul is. Frederick’s phone rings. Frederick answer and it is a man with soth american accent who pretends to be Raul’s auditor and that they had gone through the inventory list and did not like the price -27,000 Euro is not right. They think that it is worth no more than 21 000. The voice is so similar to Raul’s, Fredrik think it’s a brother or Raul himself who has rung. Frederick becomes angry and says to the man on the phone that if Raul is interested in taking over the place, he should come here and apologize for not showing up on time as agreed. Not come with more bullshit. Vanessa may terminate the call because Frederick is now furious, he boils with anger.

23 November 2013

Saturday night a couple consisting of a South American guy a child and a girl which presents herself as Sandra, come in and say they have seen an ad that the restaurant is for sale and want to talk. Fredrick is not open to talk to more bullshit southamerican buyers so he tells them to come back the next day and talk with Vanessa. Fredrik is now tired of Raul’s people and front men who come and gave bids of exactly the same 25,000 Euros.

24 November 2013

Sunday Morning: The couple who are South Americans, perhaps Raul’s closest, 40 minutes late, surprise? No, addition they offer exactly 25 000. Raul and his former allied. Frederick tells them that there had been many others that wanted to buy the restaurant, bt because of lack of funds had still not made any trades, that they are not alone in not having money, friends of Raul? Most certainly. Fredrik has cooked for himself and the rest of the family and tells Sandra and family that they have come 40 minutes later than agreed, Now they will eat before it starts to come clients to the restaurant, Fredrik said he did not have time to sit and talk with paupers. Vanessa asks if the couple knows Susie’s Diner? Well, they are big fans, and like very much that sort of restaurants and therefore they are now interested in this local as they claim is better decorated than Susie’s Diner. Fredrik has just changed tactics and requests EUR 65 000 negotiable, but want at least 30,000 Euro at the contract signing. A counterattack against Raul, who has tried to reach after too much. But it is also because they have now decided to set out an ad in France, where you do not sell a restaurant for less than 50% of annual turnover.

25 November 2013

The Monday Morning Fredrik comes into the restaurant and sits down to count up the debts and conclude that they should sell and run away with what they can get, for the daily sales are only going down and down and down.

During the weekend news, they had learned that EROSKI, belonging to the large enterprice cooperative Mondragon, now had 2 500 million in debts they wanted to renegotiate with the banks. This was after making 121 million Euros in losses in the past year. This is a few weeks after Fagor closure. FAGOR and EROSKI included in the same group of cooperativ. It had all started about 50 years earlier in the city of Mondragon in the Basque-Spanish province of Guipuzcoa. They run the university called “University Mondragon”. The University has over the last 10 years grown a lot and promise work / study for those that were not able to pay the studies, they also offer job after training, and supported many new business projects. Fredrik read and felt a pressure in the chest. That is the seond giant company that can not cope with the crisis in Spain. He puts down and sighs. This will not help the future in Spain. Frederick shed a tear and weep breaks out. Fredrik feels a rising panic inside him. Then Vanessa suddenly says that they have received answers from the job that had called Frederick, a company in Aix de Provence who works in marketing on the Internet and that they asked Frederick to come to them for a second interview.

She says: -There you see in all the darkness, there are some light anyway? Or?

Frederick wipes his tears and says -OK. If they want me, we move and don’t give a shit about this place anymore, it seems to be impossible to even give it away, lets sell the furniture and fittings.

-What? You would leave the restaurant for nothing? For free? Just a few minutes ago, you wanted not to sell it eve for 21,000 Euros, and now you would give it away for free?

-No, You are right darling, sell the shit for 20,000 Euros, so we can have some vacation money. If I can get the job, it will be fine and we can pay the rent and education for children. It will be OK, maybe we can get one more small car if we need if we are to cope with the logistics with children and working hours. But I am still not sure that raulh ad stayed at 21 000 Euros. if we had accepted the 21,000, he had then gone down til 18,000, then 15,000, until we would not get anything. Better not to have to deal with misers.

In Bolivian mountains

At the home of José and his family In the evening they go to sleep as normal. During the night the grandmother is talking a lot in her sleep and at sunrise when the sun rays protruding into José’s hut he lacks the aroma of freshly boiled Mate the Koka. He iss stiff from the work the day before, crawls out of the hut. he looks around but can not see anyone who makes the hot morning Tea, the Mate de Koka. It is the first time in José’s entire life that no one is outside his hut and makes him the tea. José becomes anxious and enters rapidly into the hut next to his, where his mother and sister lives. The sister sleep like a log, the mother also seems to sleep but he can not hear her normally so heavy breathing. He crawls up to her and holds his and at her mouth and nose, no air is movin. José tryies to shake his mother, so she’ll wake up, but she is stiff, she is not even soft and relaxed anymore. She have died during the night. José bursts out crying, he does not know how he should do; he is heartbroken. The sister wakes up from the noise and wondering what was going on. José slobbering all forward some incomprehensible words, the sister turns around and go back to sleep. José goes out of the hut, breathe life into the fire and puts some water on for the morning tea. He removes gently in the water, and looking listlessly into the eternity. He has never been through this before, he was very young when his father passed away and he does not remember how to do that first mourn and then bury the dead. Least of all he knows how to tell to the others, he lets them wake up one by one and a little at a time and he tells everyone one by one what has happened. Each reacts very strong, they do not really understand what is going to happening now, how should he do and who should do his mother’s chores. His head went into a chaos and José got stressed. He tries to collect them all to explain that they now have to divide the tasks that the grandmother used to do. Normally it should be José’s wife Maria who would now take over the household, but the sister does not like her manner, José’s sister on the other hand can not be the one to make the morning mate de Koka, because it is impossible to wake her up until it is thoroughly with noise around the huts. Finally José says. he will be the one who may make the Mate de Hierbas but he says, that then the others get to split his chores, because he must now be more rested in the morning to get up in time before the sun get up, if the Tea is going to be ready in time for everyone.

Drugs in Duscusion Direct

1 December 2013

Frederick and his partner read in the Sunday magazine about the new currency used in the Internet world, It was called Bitcoin. They said both that it is another fraud that will end as all other unregulated phenomenon, it will be removed, or fall apart, discovered things that make them unable to continue, or the World of Banks will take over or prohibit the currency and all will fall, requiring that the currency is declared in the declaration would definitely be the death knell.

Fredrik read that there was a bar in Berlin, Germany, where the clients could pay the beer with Bitcoin. Frederick hooked quickly and said that they would be first in Spain to get paid in bitcoin. If not to get more customers but to possibly get some free advertising if we are the first in Spain to accept payment with Bitcoin, Frederick had said. He went straight into Internet and did the registration to be able to sell his products in Bitcoin, the same afternoon and then he bragged about it on the restaurants facebook.

10 December 2013.

Uruguay legalizes cannabis. It will be accepted to produce, trade and consume cannabis. Uruguay, thus becoming the first country in the world to adopt a law for the drug cannabis. [Read more at:] (http://www.constanzamoreira.com)

Uruguay’s President had said as an excuse for the new law “La guerra contra las drogas es una guerra perdida “, afirmó la senadora part FA Constanza Moreira “The war against drugs is a lost / impossible war “Confirm Constanza Moreira, Uruguay’s President “Frente Amplio “(Wide open front or Broad Front).

13 December 2013, Friday

Svante on “Asterisk production” has gathered a group for a Special program DDD: Drugs in Discussion Direct. The program is broadcast ove The Internet. He wants to discuss the legalization of drugs. The reason is the new wave of liberal politicians who believe they have lost the fight against drugs. The math does not add up in police houses. It costs just a few thousand to set up automatic road cameras which photograph speeders and fine more or less automatically. Speeding cameras tend to become profitable already after a couple months. Trying to get the Cannabis dealers into jail is very exhausting, dangerous and not at all profitable. The reason is partly that they are difficult chased people, they usually carry guns and have no barriers, they shoot first and ask later. Worst of all, of course, the economy, there has never been paid a single fine after Cannabis busts. Why? Because they declare that they nothing at all and the bailiff goes portionless. A large financial hole for Police and politicians. Cocaine dealers usually have better financial resources but their assets are usually hidden by innocent wives, children or ed by ownremove tax havens where prosecutors do not reach. Drugs are therefore only viable for a State if the State self could earn money on the drugs somehow, either through money laundering, domestic consumption of luxury in the country, or if politicians could charge a tax on the drugs. It is the last option, that had started to become fashionable in USA and South America, which is now also the basis for the evening’s program. Invited guests are:

Elin Wennerström, porn star and drug consumer.

Thomas Knapp, Chief of police of Narcotics in Stockholm. ‘ Muhammad, jailed drug trafficker.

Jesus-Maria Echebeste, Social Scentist and Spanish Social Democrat in the European Parliament.

Lars Petersson, professor of criminology.

Mr. Alain Ferrier, French journalist.

Igor Sanchez, a customs official international affairs EU.

Svante begins: -You should all get to say your opinion about the drug trade in the world and then there will be a short debate. But first there will be some word from our sponsors. Haaang On!

Commercials talk” When the cat is not allowed to choose, when there is overtime in the Butter factory, when Johan gets grumpy, then it becomes Plenty plenty plenty… good good, with Direct Talk. Do not miss the future, we recurrence of 2.8 minutes …”

Svante laughs and reprsent the show and al the guests. he says first out is Elin! Elin (porn star and drug consumer), first word, saying: I personally do not think the actual usage of either cocaine or cannabis is outright dangerous. That trade is illegal, it is understandable in a historical perspective. If a state should accept or legalise a drug there should be ways to detect it, one must be able to know the difference between consumers and non-consumers. One must be able to treat patients in hospitals, depending on whether or not they have consumed substances in question. Before one knows how to detect and distinguish differences in quantities in the blood. It is ipossible t is to accepo know what would be the level for each and every one to be able to drive a car. I think we should legalize it now, as one nowadays can check the blood and it is not costy. the states could add tax on the goods so that there will be no way for the mafia to earn billions.

Thomas Knapp, (Police Chief of Narcotics in Stockholm) Counter: I think, however, that all substances that damage health, both physical psychological and economic health. Which also puts other people’s safety at risk if consumed, should be banned and I am proud when I say that we in Sweden have good laws against drugs.

Mohamed (Imprisoned traffickers) says: I en ogether with my family if cannabis had been lawful, myvchildren could be happy and proud to have their father at home every day. Now others in my family do my job at home, now they are fewer to perform all the chores and I can not help them or protect my family. The laws against cannabis has ruined my life and my family’s welfare.

Jesus-Maria Echebeste (Spanish Social Democrat in the European Parliament) think, however: It has long been known that there are a lot of black money in drug business. What we also know is that it is often high-ranking politicians, police and customs officers who lay claim to both switched drugs, weapons and money coming from the business. We also know that it comes in a lot of money in various countries’ treasuries when the money is washed with legal company catering, hotel operations and construction companies. During the Italian mafias rising economy, they washed billions in Spain, where you can read in the book “Camorra”-By Roberto Saviano”, now that the Italian mafia have turned into pieces of various reasons the Italian mafias is out of the money. Spain have no longer the injection of money as before. This has put Spain in major economic crisis. Had the drug cocaine been legal, this had never happened. Why do they not legalize drugs in Europe? Usually because it favors the personal finances of those who decide to make drugs illegal. How? If we could take 10% of the todays drug trade, it would barely be noticed. But If making it legal also would mean puting the price correct on the product? As long as it is illegal to trade the goods; it is possible to maintain prices high. Partly because it was in the sale price included incur losses in the smuggling. Therefore, profit margins are large even if there is a loss of one shipment. If one can make 90% in profit in a business. 10% of the profits in bribes, is not so much for the merchant. In addition, the person who takes 10% of a very large sum, get much more than the VAT of 25%, would be if the products became legal, particularly because the price of legal goods rages to reach just under 10% of the current price. I want to give a mathematical Example: 30 Ton Coca leaves costs about 150 Euro, it can be transported to Europe for about 3 000 Euro. transformed the Koka leaves into cocaine costs about the same to. The price of transportation and manufacturing would be approximately 63,000 US Dollars. That shipment would possibly become 300 kg of pure cocaine. The price of that quantity Today, on th street would count up to approximately 45 million Euro. 10% of it will be 4,5 million Euro, that would be enough for a pair of very fine homes in any luxury area outside any capital in the world. However, legalize cocaine, price would be as low as on any other drug. Maybe 10 times the cost of production and thus sold for 630 000 Dollars, plus tax. VAT at the rate would be 25%, that is with a fast math made to 157 500 Dollars in tax, which in comparision to the 4,5 millions, just enough for a couple of kindergarten places in a regular suburb area. As a politician, banker or for someone that works in the Customs office, with the wages they have, and if they get the offer to double or triple their income if they help organizations to come by with their loads. The choice becomes easy for the state worker and the low-paid service man. In addition to the black money herons much more than the paltry tax money at checkouts, everything ends up in the tax authority’s cash state assets. It is harder to get some of the money from the tax authority. Robbing the state or city treasures, than robing some cash that is already “illegal” money. Another point of view on the problem is: How to deal with a society where drugs such as cocaine and mariuana are legal. Whom is ready to provide health care to them that are drug consumers? What would it cost? What should in that case be considered as addict?

There are lots of issues that must be taken into account if the politicians are legalizing drugs that destroy people’s lives. As long as there is more money to those who controls the trade of keeping drugs illegal, there will be countries where the drugs are illegal. I know where I stand, but I’ve tried both cocaine and mariuana and they are good products for consumption in controlled amounts.

Lars Peterson (Professor of Criminology) laughing at Jesus-Maria’s post: Hmmmmrmm, you’ve probably had good experiences mostly because you have tried very occasionally and therefore you may not have a personality that would normally fall for drugs. However, I am working with crime and criminals. My unidirectional opinion about drugs is that they should not be available. Not for anyone. Partly because that when someone is in the influence of drugs, that person does not control himself.Thera are no real quantity that one can call controlled amount of drug. What Jesus-Mary says is that they are good at the right amount. It is a romantic chosen approach that usually changes with time. Anyone who begins to consume becomes in time jaded and need more and more and finally it is no longer a kick that is sought but an abstinence stunner. Virgin trip is taken only once, therefore it is called “Virgin”. I must completely disagree, but I believe that if we want a drug-free society we should work to really achieve it and not only work with laws and then take advantage of the illegal trade as Jesus-Maria rightly points out. You should locate and find the source of the drugs and look more international, not only in the custom duties.

Mr Ferrier, (French journalist) nods and agrees: That is absolutely right. I myself have tried cocaine and in the younger years, we used to smoke some mariuana and hash joints. They are substances that when you take them you believe yourself to be totally normal. But if you then see others who have taken the drugs, when you yourself are sober, you will see that the behavior is not normal. I think that my personal experience has been good, but I do not think everybody who tries have the same opportunity to end their consumption and move on in life as I have done. I write a lot in Spain and France on this very subject and I want to say that what is happening in Europe is dangerous. It appears as the South Americans have started economic war against the Italian mafia or mafias. The Colombian cocaine producers have been hard against Cosa Nostra and they seem to have lost their grip on the cocaine trade. I also think we have seen the end of the drug money in Spain, where the money previously stayed. Europe is in deep economic crisis while South America’s economies are growing rapidly. We’ll see what Uruguay’s new law will provide. I think they want the drug tourism to help them economicaly and bring tourists to their, almost forgotten country.

Igor Sanchez (EU Customs clearance agents, Hispanic Basque) holds Poker Face, -Hmrmmmmm, It is very important that the law looks to the village, the city and society. It will nurture the country, family, and individual health. One should ensure the country’s rule of law, you should ensure that the Union of Europe is strengthened. It is then important to make customs, police and prosecutors working together to see that the laws are followed and that punishment should be distributed to those who violate them. He concludes: Without laws and regulations society falls into pieces.

Svante finished his cigarette in silence, thinking a moment and said at last: “Too bad Igor, they stomp you on your feet but you are not well defending yourself is, how can you buy it in a discussion? “ He keeps on: -Now I want to hear some different angles how we should deal with legalization and what it could mean for Europe. First a little break for some short messages from our sponsors. Haaaang On!

New creams from the Institute of beauty promises wrinkle free nights, Invite uninvited terrorists for a cup of a Nespresso and If you want to be nice in your hair? buy Shampoo from Schwartskopf.

5 minutes later:

Elin’s turn again: -Jesus-Maria, Your statement is not completely sober and therefore incorrect. Alain should have a good punsh, you were much more fun with Coke in the nose. I feel sorry for Mohammed’s family. Had the drugs been legal, he had been able to work legally with the distribute mariuanajoints and tablets or powders of various substances. Lars does not have to be so politically correct, we discuss things that most of us probably have tried, or can’t you admit that you with your education and your experience in criminology have tried any illegal drug? Tomas Button… I do not know you, but I do not trust you, you have a Cop style I do not buy what you say, you might also bought? Igor, you are so transparent that you should be ashamed, it is so obvious that you earn millions on illigal drugs.

Thomas Button (police chief of Narcotics in Stockholm). Bought ?, just neat to be called bribed by a whore and drug addict. I seriously manage Swedish Narcotics Division and we are dealing with lots of drug trafficking cases daily. We could strike at people in much larger extent than we do today, but it can not be done without more help from the law that has to do with the raid, security laws and wiretapping, the list goes on. But I swear we do what we can within the limits of the law. We are daily reducing the amount of drug circulating in Sweden.

(Elin laughs and hisses, reducing? or recirculating?)

Muhammad, (Imprisoned trafficker). I can vouch for that they put where all the immigrants they can if they find drugs in their homes or in their cars. However, I can not agree that the police officers obey under any law that would prevent them from either phone tapping, nor that they await the search warrant. They do as they please, they don’t follow any prounounced law, they are the law and act as if they were gods, evil gods. I am Muslim and I see them as demons.

Jesus-Maria Echebeste, (State scientist and Spanish EU politician). Ye, we do have some disobedient police officers in the country, which might be a good thing, for protection against individual is so high in Europe that it is almost impossible to get a permision for phone tapping. But it is perhaps because they are a little naughty that some smugglers are locked up. It has been seen in many movies from United States, where the creative Police is the one who finally gets the prank call, the regular nice guy police will not make any heroe. I have a friend who once asked me: What would have happened if the children in the stone age had done as their parent’s said? Answer: “Nothing” We had still been living in the Stone Age. Long live the creativity!

Lars Petersson, (Professor of Criminology). -Hrrrmmhrrmmmmmm, You have lost it each and every one of you. We have a revolutionary craving old porn actress who does drugs, even stoned here now in TV to, it is so clear on the facial movements that she is stoned. We also have police officers who defend their bad crackdown, when the world is totally full of all imaginable kinds of drugs. If you want to, it’s really easy to shop drugs in th whole world. limit is actually just how much one can afford to buy. Police satements is always political tactics to get more money from the state. The police are inefficient and work not good to make the world a safer place, there is no anti criminal thinking within the police power.

Mr Ferrier, (French journalist). Lars is absolutely right, it’s a cinch, I walked around a bit in the center of Stockholm earlier in the day and we did some filming for my next book. In the break came some people who know the TV guys, and they offered drugs as if they were walking pharmacies. Up or down, hallucinations or a journey into the subconscious, cacti, mushrooms, pills, powders, grass and other whatevers…I agree that it is not the problem to find the drugs, that is reducing the consumption, but the interest to take it and maybe the only barrier in the consumption is the price set and the price the people is willing to pay for the drugs. I think that the only way to make the people not start to take the drug is a lot of information about the dark side of the drug consumption.

Igor Sanchez (Toll Officer EU). The customs service is also limited by the economic resources, with better resources, more dogs for example, better scanners and an approach with more freedom to take in the illigal smugglers, we could prevent a lot more of the drugs coming into Europe. It has come to our knowledge that the Italian Mafia Cosa Nostra bribed many of the customs officers in Spain. In Italy they were part of and paid the construction of a cargo port. It was all funded by dirty Mafia laundered money they earned on drug trafficking. Of course it is not accepted in European Union to work that way. When facts were discovered the shareholding that belonged to mafia families were confiscated and now it is property of the state. We have over the years seen much illegal trade and it circulates lots of black money in the Europe and between the Europe, Asia and America both continents, to not to mention The whole former Sovjet. We understand that since it is about illegal goods, the price is very high and if one scrapes away just a little percentage of the large iceberg he can take a lot without almost making it show anywhere. But if it get legalized the prices are much lower, as in the case of Uruguay, they want to sell mariuana for only US $ 1 / g, approximately 0,70 Euro. It is to be able to compete with the Mafia by offer the lowest price possible. But with that kind of pricing, there will be no profit in the production. I also doubt that it will remove the illegal trade of Mariuana. With the price that low, ther will be a lack of iterest in selling the production to the state. If that happens the black market will grow instead of being reduced. And the country will also for sure grow their drug tourism. People who want to come and see how a country with legalized cannabis looks like. In addition, cocaine sales will also go up, because cannabis and cocaine go hand in hand. It takes one to come up and the other to get down. The dark side is that, it will not insert any profits to the State selling cannabis for a dollar per gram. But there is another aspect. It is suspected that there is much cocaine coming through Uruguay to Europe. This draws suspicion for an entirely different direction. It is believed that there will be peoplecoming from all over Europe to Uruguay to buy cannabis. They will be registered by the state as buyers, as if it was an inspection, something controlled. Then, when the tourists go back to Europe, they will be in their database. If Uruguay then want to use it as customer lists in the future to sell drugs in Europe? Or equipment that is for development of drugs? It can be a great coup against Europe and other parts of the world to win the cocaine war in South America. As we know right now, there are large plantations of coca in Peru, Colombia and Bolivia. We do not know where there may be more, but perhaps most comes through these three countries, but some unknown power is currently working on taking over large parts of the exports of cocaine. This is evident in various ways. The quality of the cocaine seized last few years are of different qualities, it means that There are different manufacturers coming into the market. Perhaps in Argentina someone have come up with a new variant of coca bush? We are working hard right now to locate and understand the reorganization that has taken place in recent years in the underworld.

Elin Wennerström (porn star and drug consumers). Igor is paranoid, the best thing that can happen is that the price of drugs goes down and that the tax authorities and the social insurance can take part of the sale in form of taxes.

Thomas Botton, (Head Police Narcotics Division in Stockholm). If prices go down and the people can do drugs cheaper than today we will get a worse drug decadence than the one we see today in Spain and Holland. If I am not mistaken, we will see scary things in Uruguay in the near future. My personal opinion is that we should have extra control on the persons traveling to and from Uruguay, from today’s date.

Muhammad, (Imprisoned trafficker). If they get down the prices of drugs it may be less interest to trade on the black market with drugs. However, I believe that Igor is right. Uruguay want a global data base of who is and where the drug consumers are. The “control” becomes for them a perfect tool as a market survey with customer records, passport copies etc. They need only to look from where customers come, start the export-import there, then look up their old visitors and suggest to them the local goods. The drugdistributers know that the client will not say no, that is how drugs work on you, they dig themself into the brain so solid, you can not say no, the whole time you are thinking of the drug, how you are going to get more, how nice it felt last time or the first time and how nice next trip will be etc. The drug is present all the time, the only way to get it out of your present mind is to take more and then you get stuck.

Jesus-Maria Echebeste, (state scientist and politician). I can, to some extent agree, but I would like to see the politicians who stand behind the legalization of cannabis or cocaine in Europe. Hehehehehehehe

Lars Petersson, (Professor of Criminology). Hrrrmmmrrrhhhrm, yes it is not simple, you can let the illegal trade continue and let the tax department skim money from them, it would give incredible revenue to the state. It would be a kind of non-public location in regularization. It allows abusers to pay high prices, the state would take care of the profits and may therefore have money to deal with and pay for what drugs causes. If legalizing and lower the prices, there will be no money to the state and health care, not even enough to cover up for the costs that the consumption causes. Legalization would thus just be interesting in that position you can take out the prices ruling in the current situation. If the price falls there will be no money left. Seen from Police and political point of view, they would also lose lots of money and prestige. If you put down the entire Narcotics? Ojojojojojoj.

Mr Ferrier, (French journalist). I believe that legalization would remove much of the secrecy and the anxiety that drug consumption means for those who do not feel accepted because they “take drugs” it is not the whole world to draw a line of coke or smoke a joint every now and then. But destroying much for those who just want to try it, making it so illigal that just almost no quantity is equivalent to imprisonment. It should be everyone’s own responsability if one want to try and then continue consuming or choose not to do so.

Igor Sanchez (customs official EU). As it is said, it is a very complicated situation and personally I think that so far only Lars have spoken the truth, keep the price but legalize, it would give money to states and countries to pay for the dammage the drugs causes in the society. For the moment we are already paythat we have to use the already paid-up ordinarying with regular tax money to cover the costs that the drugs cause, and that is without getting anything back for the costs.

Svante summarizes OK, we should not expect any changes in Europe, but we should maybe legalize, but if we do so we need to keep prices up so that there will be money to pay for the dammages the drugs will cause to the society, instead of destroying society as it is done today. Until further notice, If you may want to smoke cannabis entirely legally, go to Uruguay and buy the products in the coffe shops over there. Then you may be contacted at home by Uruguay’s drog commision. They will send you a questionnaire where they say they want to know more about your attitude to drugs. When they know all your secrets… they will offer you drugs at home in Europe. Next year we will talk about black money and how international organizations and banks every day are lurking companies worldwide in billions of dollars. How the money are cleaned by international banks and what we should do about it. Haaaaaaaang On!

20 December 2013

Alain is reading the news on the Internet: “The police make several crackdow on drug dealers in Madrid. They have throughout December struck at “La Nano”, a Gypsy woman 32 years old with the real name “Arrows F.C.” who had a bunker in the shabby area in Madrid center, Cañada-neighbourhood. La Nano was operating together with her sister, mother and brother in law, in an area where aid agencies are trying to help drug addicts by giving them free food.

In the bunker area which held 14 dwellings with 2-3 rooms each, fitted with double doors that went in different directions so that they were not to be opened at the same time. What was special with this organisation was that they used minors to distribute the drugs. The minors have been sent to sociāl care.”

[Source:] (http: //www.europapress.es)

The Clue

December 21, 2013

Santo Tomas in Spain (mid winter blood in Sweden) in the Basque Country the say “Txistorra” which means that you walk around and drink red wine or apple cider and eat choritzo-tapas in street stalls, This is for the these festivities very big and everybody like the thin corn bread roll called talo. Alain had been in touch with Fredrik via facebook. he also got some time off over the Christmas holidays and they had met at the “Plaza de Constitucion “in San Sebastian to celebrate this day together. They first took a couple of glasses of wine and ate some Taloswith choritzo. Frederick did however like better the classic tapas called pintxos in Basque country, so they left the crowds and headed towards “Astelehena” where Fredrik knew well the Bar Manager Sergio, who had previously lived inherent in his home at that time, Frederick was a bachelor and rented out rooms in his apartment in Hondarribia. Sergio who headed the bar greeted happily and gave Frederick the two cheek kisses as custom culture between men who are good buddies in the spanish and south american culture.

-Houw eis it? Sergio had avery strong Chili dialect, but Frederick found himself as usual and bent the words on the south american way.

-Eit eis good, damm.

-It looks like you guys have it easy today?

-Nouu wei worrrk as juiciall, baut the creijs have dooone suu we duu nout work as befuure, seems to be trouble financially in France too? I know I have just closed my restaurant and sold all the furniture and machines, but what the hell, I have another job waiting in France and I’m not going to cry, at least not today. Let us cheer up, you have a bottle of good Chilienskt redwine? And give us a plate with the best hot pintxos please.

-Should Be Frederick, a Chilean redwine? Cabernet

Sauvignon? Stored? How much do you want to Pay?

-Don’t worry about the price, but I think we have drunk so much already that we do not want to pay more than 25 Euro, for the winebotle, are there anything drinkable in that class? -Yes of course, you know that, we’ve all classes.

-OK Thanks and 2 plates with good pintxos for 20 euros per plate.

-No problem man, you have everything in a short while, will you stay here inside the heat? Or would you go out in the cold on the terrace?

-We’ll take it in here thanks, Frederick replied and stuck a 100 Euro note in the hand of Sergio.

Alain watched with wide eyes on the conversation and realized that his Spanish was not worth much when it came to talk to the South Americans. He also realized that Frederick had many sides he did not know about before, Frederick was like a chameleon and complied in all situations. Wine and food came in place Alain seemed to have something he wanted to tell, he sat all time and looked mysterious. Frederick poured into the glasses and toasted.


-Txin-Txin, Alain replied, but he was a little in his own world. After they had eaten and the wine began to be noticed in his veins.

Alain finally broke the silence: -You Frederick …

-Out with the language guy, I can see that you are lurking on secrets, what do you want to say?

-Hmmm, I do not know how to start, there are so many things that have happened and things that you don’t know about me.

-How bad can it be? Are you a cop or something?

-Yeah, that’s right, I’m a police officer, which you apparently already figured out.

-Yes, your toungue sliped once at my restaurant, you said you had job compromises which meant that you could not smoke cannabis. What I do know is that there areonly police officers and pilots that are drug tested regularly.

-Hm, Maybe, but it’s more stuff to it. Before, I was an ETA scouts, now they have made peace, and I have been reassigned to narcotic detectives.

Frederick got the wine in wrong throut and got a nasty coughing for a few minutes. When finally Frederick coughed clear.

He asked: -Completely seriously? You? Drug Scouts? Well, you do not need to scout? You alreadyknew that market, right?

-Hm, Yes, I know of some it, but it is quite clear that those who are traficking are all of the time ahead in ways to hide their goods. Right now I am reading a lot about the industry, but there are things that isnot always right, I may not have enough to sue yet, there are things that is wrong. If you follow the information as it is today. There must be a hidden organization, a guerrilla, a group that does not work as others. Who do not work with the Italian maffan, a larger organization. I was in a TV recording for a couple of weeks ago and it was said by one of Europe’s customs officials that it appeared that the drug trade is under reorganization. I’m starting to think he’s right.

Frederick wondered why he told him.

-Yeah, and what do you think I should do? Should I step out and say it’s me? I have grown at home or, right now I’m not into that stuff anymore, I thought it would be interesting to be serious, work, pay taxes, not cultivate drugs, all that stuff, become a “Smith”, being a good father, drive my station wagon and bring the kids to the kindergarten in the morning, maybe try to get hold of a house where one can have dogs and cats.

-Phu, I do not know Fredrik, I’m concerned, I do not know if everything is right and good. I’m worried that Elin is involved, she gets hold of so pure cocaine it appears to come from that source I wonder about, I checked her up, but she is not directly in any criminal register for thins from before, she is kind of clean, except that she gets hold of some really good coke.

-So, Fuck it, who cares, do you think your boss promote you if you brings in Elin? A little brat whore from Sweden living in Spain? Let it down, it’s not interesting. You understands that well yourself, or don’t you?

-Well, first It’s my job. Second, please don’t call Elin a whore, she’s a walking sex spectakel, but she’s not a whore.

-OK, Cheers for you, empty your glass now, we have to get out and get some air and maybe a decent drink somewhere else, I will just say goodbye to Sergio. Frederick went to the bar.

-Thanks Sergio! See you again soon! I’m moving but I will come to visit you before I move !!!

-Yeah, bye, take good care!

The two friends went out and took a couple of pintxos and some more wine, in one of the most reputed Pintxo restaurants, in the Old Town of San Sebastian. By many in the world thought of as the most beautiful seaside town in the world. located almost on the border to France on the Atlantic coast.

They become moderately toxicated just in time for lunch and Fredrik wanted to go and see and show one of his former competitors: Susie’s Diner for Alain. The Restaurant chain that finally bought Frederick’s restaurant furniture for not even 10 000 Euro. They come into the restaurant, where they were working at half speed, frederick and Alain ordered respectively burgers and some more wine. They sat at the window table so they did not have look into the kitchen cage where the chef worked, sweating. Actually, it was not much to do, but the cook sweated not from the work effort, but because he had just taken a hefty line of cocaine.

They get their wineglasses served and they cheers again. Alain twists his face in convulsions.

-Merde, What kind of ratpoisson is this? Do they have anything else? A beer or whatever, water might be better in comparision to this shit.

Fredrik goes to the bar and asks for a couple of beers, he gets back to Alain with a couple of Budweissers and a couple of bottles of Coca-Cola. Frederick mixed the Coca Cola into the redwine glass.

Alain looking wide-eyed at Fredrik when he was desecrates the wine, which admittedly was not drinkable before, but with Coca-Cola?

-Bud? Questioned Alain astonished. Frederick, Do you know the similarity between American beer and making love in a canoe?

-Fredrik Responds accustomed: “Fucking close to water!” hahahaha, I already knew that joke since many years back?

-OK, But can you explain why you mix red wine with Coca-Cola?

-Of course, It is called Kalimotxo, all Spanish adolescents drink it. You do not get so drunk so fast at it, you can drink cheap crappy wine and get drunk without spending more than a couple of Euros. Moreover, it is convenient to drink it when you smoke cannabis because cannabis provides much thirst and if you then drink beer or wine as it comes, one will be shit soon drunk and falls asleep.

Alain says it’s time to piss, he was wary of saying “go to the powder room” in Frederick’s presence. Fredrik, thought it means different things than to go to the toilett. Alain knows that Fredrik not have anything against people with different sexual orientations any that are legal, but is large anti-drug fighter.

Alain walks towards the restrooms, he pass the kitchen stall that has windows facing the guests, he steers towards the stairs and go down to the restroom that are located on the basement floor. When he is ready and goes out of the rstroom, he sees an open door with the sign “Private”, the curiosity takes over, he glances through the open door and sees a lot of packages Mate the Yerbas on a pallet, he recognizes the packages for he has bought one that he has at home. Alain goes upstairs and notes that they have a large and expensive lift for the handicapped, so they can get down to the toilets and for food that is probably being prepared in the basement when there is not time and space enough for all preparations in the open kitchen, on the ground floor where the restaurant is located, or to transporting pallets of Mate the Yerbas? When Alain again passes the kitchen, he sees the cook in the eyes and he suddenly recognized him, it is Elin contact selling cocaine. Alain starts a new treadmill in his head. How can these things be related? Why is it strange that there is a pallet with hundreds of kilos of Argentinean Mate the Yerbas in the basement of a restaurant that does not serve the Yerba Mate? And in the same restaurant works the cocaine dealer who Elin knows who sells the best possible cocaine Alain ever tried. Alain goes puzzled back to the table and sits down next to Frederick and looks out though the window.

Frederick wonder what happened? -Have you seen a ghost?

-No, I do not know I’ve stumbeled over things I wonder about, just that nothing much.


-OK, it may be that I have come across a piece of the puzzle in the game that I talked to you about before.

-Ye, ye, ye, her I invite a burger and you go to the restroom, and finds the solution to the worlds new drug trade?

-Maybe so, but if it is as I think … I’ii be happy to invite next time. Alain seemed suddenly sober and restless.

-Did You take cocaine when you went to the toilet or, what? You can not sit still.

-No, I’m clean for some time now, I’ve been on training camp and not drinking or taking any drugs since I left Irun for workplace relocation. But I’m getting a little curious and would like to look at some information on the Internet.

-We can check into on a Cyber cafe if you want, we can have a coffee at the same time, we would probably need that both of us.

-OK, Damn good Frederick you are a nice friend. Here we are on the drunken sailor tour doing the town and then I get work-paranoia on the day off. But you are ere for me, as if it was the most natural thing in the world.

-Do not worry, real friends are never in debt to each other, it evens out.

In the Bolivian Jungles

On the night in Jose Wargas hut.

Jose lies awake, he thinks of the funeral they had during the day and how everything had changed in recent days. He feels how the desperation rises within him and how he wants to start earning money now. He thinks about how he will be able to earn enough money to start his own little cocaine production. He knows that with only 250 kilograms of dried Coca leaves and a couple of cans of cerosene and some other chemicals like chlorine and some rags and a couple of old plastic barrels, he would be able to produce cocaine for a value of approximately $ 90 with work done in only 4 days. The risk of being detected escapes his brain in the midst of the adrenaline rush that rises in his body during his new borne plans. He’ll find out what it would cost. Then he would make a plan, how long it would take to save up money. Since his mother passed away it has been difficult to get the family together to harvest the coca leaves. He feels he must do something to regain some order. It’s in a hurry now, because soon the buyers will come and want coca leaves. If he can not deliver, he could be fined. He has heard how other coca farmers have lost their daughters, they are abducted and never comes back. Only one farmer had got his daughter back, but she came home in a bag, she had been murdered slaughtered into pieces and sent back, this had occurred after she had been paying for undelivered coca leaves and then refused his new “master” to have sex with him.

Christmas celebration

22 December 2013

Frederick sit in front of the computer and log on into Facebook. Alain greet him and and invite to chat. -Have You read about the raid in Madrid?

-Yes, But it was small, many men and women but they found just some dope, 160 grams of cocaine and a few hundred grams of heroin and some cash € 21,000. They have arrested 12 people but they will be released before the New Year.

-I wonder why they do strikes at retailers only, but never find the source. If they have been whatching the bunker for a long time, they must have car registration numbers and knowing a lot about the people that lives not only inside the bunker?

-As Usual, small game gangsters? They never fix the really big fish. Police are careless or do not have the resources to do a job good enough. Did you hear about the raid in Morocco? The Moroccan police did a crackdown on 10 tonnes of cannabis, but it was cannabis with no value. Drug dealers deceived the police and the driver.

-What? deceived and cheated?

-Yes, the driver had done things behind the backs of his Boss. He worked for the Italian mafia. And betraying is iqual to death.

-If the Italians were not so hot blooded and greedy, world would probably be a much easier place to live on.

-Italian Mafia works with cover loads, but they also sends scapegoats.


-Yes, as in this case. They sent a driver you wanted to get rid of with the huge Cannabis load, not even worth as lousy firewood. He had to drive a useless load of balls formed out of Cannabis trash, that would look like tomatoes but that was crap disposed of hashish. It smelled cannabis and they took him. The harsch burned or sold to various dealers and the driver got jail or something unpleasant. It makes sense that they have caught someone for huge drug traficking and the police get points, the politicians show up nice figures, etc.

-Well, what’s the point then?

-Well, Actually it passed a truck in front of the police averted, which was loaded with tons of cocaine worth hundreds of times what cannabis cargo would have been if the Cannabis had been good. It came all the way to the French port and Paris before the transhipment were found by other mafias and the entire load was divided within diferent mafias. French police stood and protected the work of dividing the cargo.

-Heheheeh, Paris police protected the division of a giant load of cocaine?

-Yeah they did not want bloodshed in Paris, especially at Christmas.

-They did not want various mafias to kill each other?

-Yeah that’s right, no blod bath.

-And why not? They might as well die the whole heap? The world will not get better when it runs around a lot of maffiosos and sells coke, right?

-It’s not really the drug sale that is so dangerous, but if they start to kill each other in France, Paris, in addition, that gives a very poor external image, it can kill tourism to Paris, Riviera and the Alps. It will be much more expensive for France to lose its international tourism than to have some small mafias rampaging. The truth is that if they also let their drug money laundered in the country it will be good for the French national economy as well.

-Hahahah, Hehehe, I can not stand more, I think I will pee in my pants. How can money laundering be good for the national economy?

-You know how bad it is set in Spanish economy nowadays?

-If I know? Before, my business went up 20% per year. But since February 2013, sales declined by 80%. What we sold in December 2013 did not pay neither the water nor the electricity purchases. Then try to pay the rent and salaries and make profit.

-Right There, you know why Spain is in such deep crisis?

-Many reasons, I suppose. Aznar? Rajoy? Madoff? Barcenas? King’s illegal accounts in tax havens, you name it? Am I wright?

-Right, but it was primarily due to the Italian mafias. They have more or less slaughtered and fled Spain. In addition, it is said that the drugs will no longer come the same route as before. The black money and money laundering has been removed from Spain. Therefore nowadays there are not as many dope billions left to build giant complexes of. Mafia bosses have fled and now they are building where it is cheaper, minor problems and not so much Spaniards.

-Well, Italians does not like the Spaniards?

-Apearantly not, but who does?

-Not me anyway, I like you from France. I’ll tell you one huge difference between you French and them Spaniards. I have runed restaurants in Spain now for almost six years. I’ve been selling the best hamburgers in town a long time now. I have always worked with French-made goods, such as hamburger meat made by Meat from Spanish cows. Until November. When I worked with Spanish pressed burgers that cost the half. The Spaniards felt no difference, but to me the difference in quality, not only in taste, even the kitchen smells shit when gilling the Hispano pressed meat. I have looked at the contents. The French made burger are made of 100% beef with less than 15% fat. They are just fine, they surpasses some steaks as they become more tender. The Spanish burgers are only containing 60% meat, the rest is water, salt and potatoe flakes. Guess who complained when I swapped out the meat?

-The French?

-No! the Romanian gypsies! Hehe hehe hehe !!! Though they were French speaking.

-OK, And why did you switch?

-For the price, the price and again the price! 40 Euro cent per burger! There are maybe 50 Euro saved on a good night sales! In addition, I had at home the good meat too, but that I sold with additional cost, to make a plus. Quality to those who are willing to pay for it, as one clever American said: “The one who pays peanuts, get Monkeys”!

23 December 2013

Fredrik has a day off in his new job: “job search”, he has listened to his friends’ advice, to take a day off a week to enjoy the Basque countryside. Today there will be a picnic on the Basque Corniche between Hendaye and Saint Juan de Luz. It is super fine high waves and lots of surfers out there to surf.

When they had the picnic the family went to Saint Juan de Luz for the Christmas market in 20 Celcius degrees and blazing sunshine. There were live nativity scenery, chocolate for the kids and some coffee for the parents. They enjoyed the nice pedestrian streets with low picturesque houses in old Basque style. They had to stay a couple of hours in the playground where Robin had played during the summer, he actually remembered how they had played there four months earlier.

In the evening there were Christmas shopping in Chinese the Christmas market, and then Frederick went to Solbes to purchase a Christmas rabbit and some good cheeses and white wine. Frederick loves to cook and eat rabbit, as his partner Vanessa had taught him how to prepare with tarragon, white wine and Dijon mustard.

December 24, 2013

Christmas Eve for many, work for some. Alain was on vacation but could not rest, he had got wind of something and had spent days in front of computers. He had allowed to install Internet at home, he had acquired two notebooks that he could sit and download various youtube clips and images and texts that he printed out and was reading. He began to envisage how it was all structured. How they could smuggle in so much cocaine in Europe without losing a single load. The idea was so brilliant it could be. They exported and imported tea, a tea which was completely legal worldwide. The tea had as most some caffeine in it, which is considered non-toxic, or at least completely legal. If the Plce wanted to do a raid or a control, they would behind the first podium of tea to find a pallet of tea and behind that pallet more tea… aand so on to and another tea pallet. A 40 foot container could hold 30 tons of tea. Why was it wise to import tea? Well because there is a tea called Mate the Yerbas. It was perfectly legal in the whole world, but also difficult to distinguish from the a bit more illegal tea Mate the Koka, Alain had found information about the tea on the Internet: It came from the beginning from Peru. Koka, as in cocaine. Mate the Koka, koka leaf as torn down and with a cup of boiling water makes an ordinary tea. Mate the Koka is used as herbal remedies, it reminded in many different ways of green tea. You can also chew coca leaves to get a little stronger effect of the content. It contains a lot of minerals, iron, antioxidants, etc. The reason chewing Koka is historically and chewed by those who live at high altitudes. It is chewed for strength to live there without getting altitude sickness. It is also chewed by miners, to manage to work in the mines with low oxygen content. They chewed large quantities. Also were it chewed by the farmers. To cope with the heavy burden it is to be a farmer in Bolivia and Peru. the more modern profession that chew in large quantities is particularly truck drivers. They chew in order to manage the long journeys and not fall asleep at the wheel. Chewing the Koka gives a habit. It is not taking Cocain when you chew the leafes. One need about 100 times the weight in leafes to get to the cocain, that is 100 grams of Koka leaf to make one gram of Cocain. One cup of Mate de Koka was normally made of 1 gram of Koka leafes. Those who were chewing in the mines also filters 96 percent alcohol by their balls they create in the mouth. So they get more power out of the chewing than what just koka leaves give.

Bolivia, Peru and Colombia have had very large Koka leaf consumption for many years. It will become impossible to eradicate, the production and consumption as now Bolivia also K-marked the habit as historical tradition. It has been consumed coca leaves long before Incas started researching were Koka best grew. Inca had built an incredibly big test place where they cultivated coca leaves, potatoes, coffee, corn and cotton, the five pillars of the Inca agriculture. Corn and potatoes to eat (meat they took from alpackas, fish to prepare the national dish “Seawiche” (Hispanic “Sushi” without rice served a kind of trout salad with diced red onion, chopped chilis and trout marinated in lime juice), coffee and Koka for social life and central stimulation. cotton for clothing and tents. Koka was the base of the Inca culture. An Inca chewing coca constantly. When he does not chew it is because he is eating, sleeping or having sex. Mate the boil is possibly as addictive as Coffee, but it has nothing to do with the drug cocaine. If you do not chemically alter koka leaf, which takes about three days of soaking in kerosene. The chemical process can be done anytime and anywhere. It have no need not be done in the jungle, where it is both more difficult to transport kerosene, and harder working it and dirty. In Europe, Spain, for example, it is easy to get hold of large quantities of kerosene or other chemicals for processing of coca leaves. It was this that Alain had discovered. He was proud, but he knew that his managers at the police, or in the newspapers, would like to have real proof and secure resources. How could he obtain evidence? What sources were there? Everything was so far only circumstantial evidence with a lot of loose ends. How could Alain be able to get the facts? Mathematically, he had realized that he was on the right track. The availability of Cocaine in Europe was endless, there were more Cocaine than anyone could afford to buy.

The law worked against Italian mafias and other small gangsters who thought themselves to be smarter than the police, customs.

The Spanish customs though they had struck at as much as 10-15% of the drugs that are taken into Europe. Alain guessed that it was rather 1-1.5%. He guessed that when they seized 200 kilograms of cocaine from Italian Mafias. South American drug traffickers brought in containers with tons of coca leaves into Europe without attention and they produced more than one ton of Cocaine per week. Only in one factory in Getafe in Madrid could they make one ton per week. How many factories did they have? Alain decided to go on facts vacation in South America.

He sent a Facebook message to Frederick: Can we meet? I’m going to travel to South America and learn about druges … Fredrik happened to be online chatting with his brother. They had had a little daughter during the summer and did not want to come toB the asque Country this year so they stayed at home. Frederick’s sister was on vacation in cannabis country New Zealand. Frederick’s mother was celebration Christmas at Frederick’s brother. To Alain’s invitation Fredrik replied: It would work if they could come together the whole family, because they had plans to go to the whitch caves in Zugarramurdi and go to the whitch museum and then eat a good lunch. In the afternoon the weather would be better and they thought then could maybe get up on Larrun, ““The last peek of the Pyrinés” with the train which was now 98 years old. An old wodden train without windows that just drove in good weather, as the brakes were manual and there was a risk at wetness that they did not work as they should. Alain thought the idea was amazing he also liked Zugarramurdi’s whitch caves. The caves had also since the last time he was there, been in the center of a new movie called just that: “The Witches of Zugarramurdi” He knew that Frederick was one of the few in the world that had been Guiding in the the caves for international groups. Frederick was happy to have some company in addition to the family and Fredrik’s partner was also happy, but happiest became Robin, he was very fond of Alain.

25december 2013

08.00 Hendaye It was determined that Frederick’s family would come and Pick Alain up next day, early in the morning, so that they could take a morning coffee and extra ni cebreakfast buns in Saint Juan de Luz before the day began. he whitch caves opened the entrance at 10 o’clock so they had plenty of time to h ave a long and calmbreakfast.

Hello to you all happy cute and lively! -Heeeeellooooooo!!!! Alain got back from all over the car, he spouses in between the two child seats and overjoyed children. It was Robin that had decided that Alain would sit next to him. Fredrik pressed the gas harder than usual for the car weighed quite a bit more now when there were so many people and picnic load in the car.

-How well it smells! have you brought the whole Christmas table?

-We brought a little of everything, it will be good to enjoy some fresh air and have a picnic at 900m. Don’t you think?

-It will be just fine, I trust that Vanessa has chosen cheeses and bread? And wine, added Fredrik.

-Luxury pic-nic! It will be just fine, how lucky I am, to go with a restaurant family on Pic-nic!

-Ex restaurant! We have sold to the diner you know. That town Irun will never be able to apreaciate that kind of places. It were all pearls for pigs.

-We’ll see, I hope you will get lucky, you need to be together just you in the family. They stopped outside the breakfast cafe.

-I want a chocolala roll, I want a roll with chocolalla, roar Robin, He glances toward his mother and asks if chocollala rolls are good for growing?

-Vanessa says it is not really good for growing, but it’s good enough today as breakfast, now that they do not eat chocolate rolls every day.

-Robin gets his “Pain Chocolat” and all the other chooses the same as Robin or a croissant. Café with milk to all. Robin and his little sister Helène drinking decaf with cold milk. After breakfast had Frederick a special plan, the weather was perfect, he said, -Lets take and walk the Smugglers road!

-Smugglers road? Replied Alain.

-Yes, thousands of years ago right up until not so long ago smugglers, smuggled tons of goods between Spain and France up here in the Pyrenean mountains. The area between the village of Sare on the French side and the village of Zugarramurdi and Urdax village on the Spanish side, smuggled everything from tools, animals and machines to food, drugs and people. I usually take groups on the trek and then they get a fine Diploma. The walk is not very long, but nice and you walk past a small farm with its own cheese production. They do Basque hard sheep’s milk cheese that is yummy. The walk is really nice when weather permits.

Said and done, Frederick parked the car at the caves in Sare, caves with amazing underground passageways. But today it was planned to hike to the caves of Zugarramurdi, and a small visit in Urdax cave, with its underground little stream where with some luck one could see the trout swimming around in the cave. It was amazing stalactites and stalagmites in the cave. The walk was guided and the guide showed how oakroots hung in the cave’s ceiling fine lianas into the water in the underground stream that flowed through the cave. Robin was a little afraid in the cave, he said that he saw “Maldone” in there in the dark. When they came out again they went to Zugarramurdi and took a tour in the whitch caves. Caves used by groups of whitches in 1400, and 1509, more than hundred people had been notified of whitch craft. the whitch queen”Ana Etxebeste” was just over 90 years old, the youngest of the reported was a minor. They had jailed 31 people and some of them were burned at the stake, others died in prison. By the cave there is also a museum that was built inside the old hospital premises. Cuts were made so the hospital was clsedlong time ago. You had to go several miles to get to the nearest hospitals. Frederick found it funny that now housed a witch museum in the old hospital. Witches who according to them could heal the sick and cast out devils. A church was also in the village, but it had fewer visitors than the bars and souvenir shop. Total throughout Zugarramurdi lives about 150 inhabitants, of whom one third in the heart of the village.

However, there are a variety of restaurants and bars. One of them serves grilled outdoors, they actually grilled the food on the terrace. Frederick had pre-ordered Monkfish to everybody. They first drunk some red wine from Rioja (Idun, Crianza from Dariens Bodega) and it was served with some “piperade”, (vegetable stew on peppers, onions, zucchini and tomatoes). Then a white wine (grape: Petit Manseng, from the district: Bearn, The winery: Cabidos, the only bodega that makes a dry white wine from the slightly sweet grape. Fermenting grape in batches to get until the wine’s special character and pretty strong alcohol content. One of Fredrik selected wine. As dessert in Frederick’s family it was always chocolate in force, or they jumped over the dessert, though first some cheeses. Frederick’s favorite, Saint Agur blue mold, even a Camembert from Normandi made from unpasteurised cow’s milk and Idiazabal which is a smoked cheese made of unpasteurised sheep milk. And a local cheese from unpasteurised goat’s milk. To this they drank Goya, a dark sweet Moscatel from Catalunia, Spanish province where Barcelona is the capital.

-Some chocolate and a couple of coffees?

-That will be so well, but when will we have the pic-nic? It’s already half past two!

-We’ll take the train up to Larunn at half past three, the ride up takes about an hour. Once up there, we walk around and look a little, photograph, you understand that you can see fifty to hundred kilometers in radius from uo there! It’s a great view, a day like this! then at fivish we can have a picnic, with a little black foot ham, “Pata negra “more cheese,” Ondares “nice bread baked by hand in Hondarribia and more wine, of course. If we do not drink the best wines already? What have you to offer? Faustino I? Gran Reserva from Rioja. We had thought about it, but we changed our minds after having been dissatisfied with the Faustino I, last Christmas, so it becomes a Chateauneuf de Pape, 2005. terrific year.

-You Are wonderful, a day full of culture.

-Culture roll, Robin joked, then he asked Alain if he k newRoll? He is on Youtube! Robin continued and imitated. I called the roll, a roll …

Then he swiched to hello to Uncle Frey,

-Look here what Uncle Frey does, Robin took out something from his pocket and placed it on his head, that he found so funny that he laughed as he choked before he could finish the joke.

Helène hung on, she also put her hand on her head and laughed.

The train ride up the 900 meter high mountain “Larunn” became-lived, the kids wanted to run around and look in all directions, while Frederick and Vanessa chased the children and tried to hold them, results that they screamed like pigs. When it was ten minutes left on train, Helène fell asleep without warning into the arms of Frederick. Robin thought then that it was not fun to play anymore and sat still with his mother and he fell asleep as well. Perched atop 900 meters above sea they all had a fantastic view over the whole Bay of Biscay, one could imagine Bordeaux in the north, and there was snow covered mountain peaks to the east. Westward was the Saint Juan de Luz and the sea to the horizon. To the south, they could esily see San Sebastian, further away they could see Bilbao. Frederick picked up diplomas which he had prepared for each one, with their names in fine caligrafi.

-Oh, Frederick, you are a real friend, very very nice I will put it up in my kitchen. Many thanks

Creativity - Herbal tea or cocaine?

“Take a sparkler and get as high as a Christmas tree” /Unknown origin

January 7, 2014

In Hendaye Alain’s home in southern France, Alain, was sweaty, it was not exactly warm, rather January chilly. During the night it had fallen lots of snow in the mountains and there was nice contrasts in the views. The evergreen grass in the foreground, with the white mountain peaks in the background, this with a strong blue sky and a warm sun. Alain sat and decided how he would tell anyone about his discoveries. He had begun using a new tactic to decide. He called the new tactics seven hats. Actually, it is a reworked version of a certain Dr. Edward de Bono, a Malte which in the 60s had invented various methods for creativity and new solutions and organizational tricks to quickly and efficiently conduct meetings in companies and other organizations. Alain had got in contact with these tools during the journey in South America. It turned out that in Venezuela they used the techniques as subjects from elementary school up to university level. Each hat had its color, each color representing something. When Alain wanted to analyze situations that were difficult to grasp, he used to the hats. He would first put on the black top hat, it represented the problem. With the black hat on the head, he wrote down everything that was difficult / dangerous / risky and negative.

Right now Alain had the head full of problems. To be able to think clear he had to bone up all the facts, the facts were taken care of with a white knit cap on head. Fact was that Alain had by chance ran on a giant league, or rather an international mafia which stretched up in Venezuela’s President’s office. It was as it seemed not only known by the president, but it seemed for some unexplainable reason even being led by the president himself. Alain suspected it was to suck out of Europe economically. It was only one week to pressure peak at the Sud Oests theme issue “MAG” on the International leagues, and this was the story that Alain had, he had not told anyone yet. With the white top of the hood facts in black and white. It was difficult. Facts were a little vague, there were photographs but there was no substance. There were no sure names and data tha proved that they really dealt with coca leaves and or cocaine were actually missing. Since emotions had to be noted, he put on a red Santa hat and felt how he felt about it. Alain sensed danger, anxiety and worry. Alain took off the emotional hood and instead put on the yellow coneflower, that hat would be optimistic about the situation. There was only one positive thing with this project, the ability to remove coca leaves import to Europe. Time for the brown hat, it was a brown leather hat standing on both feet on the ground. Hmm, risky projects. If it had been a simple European unimportant Environment Minister, or a small harmless entrepreneurs, but no we’re talking Venezuelan President, we’re talking international giant and very dangerous, criminal giants. It was too dangerous for the others … Not too dangerous for Alain. Alain was in his own eyes immortal, he had been at war, it was part of his education. He had never though sat in a French prison, he had been in trial but received a suspended sentence and almost got suspended from his job. Every time he had fared off the hook as an agile cat. The question this time was not similar to earlier times. On with green hunting hat, time to be creative … Hm he had thought the thought before, if he only revealed a little bit of the history made it a regular drug deal? Not an international league who tried to crush the european economy, he did not write it, he did not want to say it, but he could not help but think about it. If I write this story as it really is, maybe several persons will die, maybe even me.

It had started as a normal crazy idea some time before the visit to the Susie’s Diner in San Sebastian with Fredrik, that day the 20th of January. It was the visit where he had started the thinking and it had become real and it was true, and now there was evidence he had photographs, he had physical evidence. Now, moreover, he had even tried the product, it was the best cocaine he ever taken. It had actually started many years ago with a regular holiday trip to Peruvian forgotten village of Machu Pichu, it was a long time ago now, around 2005. The name was given on Indian language Qechua, and meant “Great mountain”. It had been a experience for life, he would never forget. When he saw the rapids of “Aguas Calientes” hot water, flush with a absolutely deafening roar reminiscent of jet engines on a 747, the water was brown color of clay. Alain had asked if one could not go in that water with a raft or take it with a kayak. They had said that the level would have been around 10 on the 5 point scale and would be equal to suicide. The place had been used as a dump for dismissing people who were executed by the Peruvian guerrilla “Sendero Illuminado”. The Peruvian terrorist organization, however, had been closed down, 2010, when the Peruvian military had finally had killed the leader.

Alain had at that time still been totally against drugs and thought as a good Frenchman that if he chewed coca leaves or drunk hight sickness relieving tea “Mate de koka” had taken the drug cocaine. He had, however, become altitude sick of not consumeing these herbal remedies in preeliminating purpose to not become dizzy, get oxygen deficiency and finally get altitude sickness. Alain had that way learned that in order to obtain even a single gram Cocaine one need at least 100 grams of coca leaves, a cup of mate de coca was made with one gram of coca leaves. In addition the cocaine is not produced just like that in ordinary heating or soaking. Cocaine was obtained by chemically transform coca leaves. One had to mix the leaves with something that could dissolve the cocaine out of the leaves, such as kerosene and it took about three to four days to complete the process.

Alain had finally bought some coca leaves to chew. He did not think it was especially tasty, bitter and sad, was a better decription. But as a innocent drug in precausing order against altitude sickness, it was OK to drink the tea, Mate de coca. With some sugar in the cup, it reminded about Yerbas, Alain’s favorite liqueur. There was even a soft drink in Peru tasted the same and was called Inca Kola. It actually have the same taste as Mountain Dew, from USA. The parallel becomes fun when you know what Mountain Dew mean and what Yerbas liqueur is for drink. Mountain Dew = Moonshine. Yerbas liqueur is really: Hierbas de orujo. Orujo is Spanish moonshine in Spain, though not many make homemade liquor in Spain today, it was formerly a way to make spirits at home and they used to season it with anything to make it drinkable, as in this case herbs or hierbas. As can be written Yerbas. H or not in Spanish is pronounced basically the same. One could say that Mountain Dew, Inca Kola and Licor de hierbas are the same thing, but Mountain Dew and Inca Kola is sold without alcohol. Alain had since gone on vacation in Spain, or rather, he had gone to the French Biarritz on the Atlantic coast. In order to enjoy the beautiful autumn holiday and while watching the World Cup in wave surfing. Surfing is avery large sport in the Basque Country and “Les Landes” the French coastline between Bayonne and Bordeaux. As an honest Frenchman, he had taken the opportunity to sneak over to Spain and buy some booze cheaper than buying in France. He had met on the seller Pelle in the liquor store at border trade in the small neighborhood of Behobia, Irun, a Swedish after a few winters in Val d’Isere learned some French and had managed to get job as a salesman in the store. Now he had made Alain trying to taste Mate the Yerbas. He had not liked it at first but neither had he been able to remove the taste of the, by Alain known Mate de coca. He was thinking about why they had this to sales in Spain, no high altitudes that required this drink, where from his point of view it was even a disgusting drink, although with sugar it became however, good and reminded addition, of Yerbas liquor, the daily drik in Basque Country. He inquired about the price and bought a kilogram for only 2 Euro. He did not know what he wanted it for, it was like a strange memory, he thought it sounded so cheap that it could not do either on or off. One kilo was no problem to add to his cargo, since it was summer and Alain only had swimwear and a costume, which he had also chosen to havewear when flying. He did not like to travel in Hawaii shirt and kakishorts. He wanted to blend in, or at least not stick out. When Alain sat on the plane on the way home to Paris, which had been that times residence, he pondered over the difference in the TE he had drunk in Peru, with what he had drunk in Spain. He thought about the taste, he thought about the price, he thought about the similarities and wondered why on earth they tried to get people to buy this product. He realized that it was a rat, it was although his job to find buried dogs, but he could not help wondering why and then check how much could be true. He had lost the thread which long ago. Shortly after he got the job as ETA scouts at the Spanish border, and life became hectic and the focus was not to be recognized and he lived therefore double life. In Spain as a journalist and at the border of duty scouts for suspicious cars and suspected drivers. they had routine to stop anyone who had a beard, was dark-skinned and the who drove vans and luxury cars. Furthermore, it was sometimes sharply position on certain license plates. If it was a bit of traffic was stopped by addition of all foreign cars. When Alain had seen Mate the same Yerbas package in the basement outside toilet at the US dinern Sussie’s Diner in San Sebastian, northern Spain, Alain had realized that there was a connection. When he additionally received view of the chef, who was Elin’s dope contact, then had all the tokens slumped down simultaneously. Alain got the idea and started researching the track he believed he had found, he ran away to the area where one of the largest factories of Mate the Yerbas low, in Argentina. It is a small area penetrated on the border with Uruguay. the had proved a little too true and Alain had as usual nosing up something very big and dangerous, a little too dangerous this time. Alain needed vacation to think through what was wisest thing to do. Alain had seen the difference via the Internet at factories where Peruvians and Bolivians manufactured cocaine, and where Melissa had its factory of teabags of the true coca leaf. He had compared these with the extremely much cheaper Mate the Yerbas. Alain thought it was odd that a factory that made packages with one kilo each, which they sold for 25 Euro cents, could build a plant host multi-million amount. While those who packed coca leaves had a factory that looked like it was a empty warehouse. Strangest of all was that the factory of legal yerbas: dried, roasted and packaged it and still seemed to give more profits. They had in the past years, moreover, entered the cattle and fish farming. They were not happy with only cultivate yerba bushes, they wanted to break into several areas. Alain thought that legitimate business doesn’t give as much as the billion industry dope does. He suspected them thus for to dry and package even coca leaves, for transport to Europe, where it would be purified to Cocaine and sold a few hundred times more expencive, than what the leaf cost in South America.

Alain was tired and needed a long rest after these hectic weeks. He decided to take Frederick’s offer, a holiday in Sweden and do Vasaloppet. He looked up Fredriks Facebook and thought that -Now I’ll make him happy, to see if he can get over there up to the north and bring some Licor de Yerbas.

Alain quickly wrote in English: “Frederick, I am in urgent need of vacations. I remember what you told me about the lodge in Dalacarlia, close to Mora center, where I can do the Vasaloppet? Is it still an open invitation? “He finished with courtesy phrase,” your friend “and hoped for a quick reply. Frederick who never were online, it could take a week before he answered, so Alain continued to find people who were online or who had written / sent something fun on Facebooken. Elin was somewhat passive, but very ironic and critical on Facebook. She was a bit of a “casse couilles” “pimple on the ass” pure torment simply. He commented something about being serious, grow up and get a little ripe.

She replied quickly that it was he who was narrow-minded and that he needed to open his eyes a little. he asked then if she wanted to hang with on holiday to Sweden?

-You’re sick in the head, I do not live in Sweden for reasons named SNOW, cabin fever and darkness. You call that vacation?

-No, It may not be for you, but I’ll borrow Frederick’s cabin in Sweden in Dalacarlia and I’ll do Vasaloppet and Fredrik’ll try to come and visit with his family.

-Hm, I’ll think about it.

It took a few hours but Frederick replied finally. He wrote: have you got together the puzzle yet? Is that why you need to get away? I’ll take of the cabin so you get a week or two in the house and I’ll come to visit, we can take a couple of beers or drink some homemade sprits, roast hot dogs and eat foie gras and drink good Bordeaux wines on the terrace. When do you want to have the cottage? Alain had switched down and did not answer.

In Bolivia’s jungles, the split.

José had trouble making ends meet, he began to realize that it would be impossible to raise money for barrels, kerosene and all that would be needed to convert coca leaves into cocaine. He had asked about, what any of his children could work with so that they could raise money. He had received offers to sell their daughters. His eldest would turn 15 this spring, the others were 12, 10 and 6 years old. For her that was almost 15 and the other two who were 10 and 12, he could get 20 dollars each. José did not know how he could explain to the rest of the family what he was thinking.

One evening, when they had worked hard and the daughters complained that they had each forced to harvest coca leaves three whole Sundays in a row, Jose took the chance to tell.

-If you really think life here in the hut is so bad I might have a solution, he began. Before he went on he glanced searchingly at his wife and other family members to see if they would agree to listen, or if they did not desire to hear. He then told about the man he knows who could help their daughters to get educated and come to the city and learn to read and help out at the home of a rich family where they would have the luxury to sleep in real beds and eat as much real food as they could. José explained that the girls would be forced to go far away and may not come back for a long time. But the family would get money sent to them for the job the girls would do. The family would be better off, but at different locations. Mary, the eldest of the daughters asked if they would live in the same house, all three? Together? José lied and said it could probably be arranged, there was a large and wealthy family, so they would need the help of several talented tots. José’s wife, Mary, sat completely numb. She had not said anything the whole time. She began to cry softly, her tears became closer and closer, she did not want to be separated from their children, none of them. The girl who were 10 years and was named Natalia told her mother.

-Don’t cry mom, we’ll help you to get it good, additionally, we will learn to read and get good food and a good living. Strange that father has not thought of this before. The mother wanted nothing more hear, she understood that this was something her lousy husband had thought for a long time but were afraid to speak about when the grandmother were still alive. Now that she was gone, she could no longer control the family. José’s lethargic hand had loosened the family. Now that would happen physically too. Mary was broken inside, she wanted so badly that everything would be for the better, but she feared that her daughters would end up with bad people.


Januari 7, 2014

The clock struck 10:50 Frederick’s Family starts their trip across the border to France and begins an about 8 hours long car journey to the childrens’ grandparents. However, it took until 20:30 before they arrived at the Aix Provence. The children howled with delight as they caught sight of the English setter who resided in the grandparents’ house. They ran all the time and wanted to pet it. Helène held out her hands but ran away as fast as the dog came close. Robin on the other spanned forward and crouched low so that the dog could come and lick him in the face.

January 8, 2014

There were guided tour of the city of Marseille with picnic and revolving round for the children. Frederick thought it was a bit like Stockholm, though more height difference and more modern buildings, mixed with the old. Tere was a small boat ferry that crossed the small bat harbour, in the middle of the city. They crossed to the childrens great happiness. Frederick could remember times in his childhood, how he had travelled in Stockholm with boats and he felt that his chldren did not have much experience of boats, even though they were practically growing up close to the sea.

On the evening they had a glass of pastis as an aperitif and then tasty home made french dinner as usual, with fine wine, this time from bouche the Rhone. After dinner, cheeses. Good alp cheeses and Camembert as Robin wanted to learn to say the name of.

January 9, 2014.

New guided tour, now in Aix de Provence. Frederick felt much better about this cozy little town of about 200,000 inhabitants. Very crowdy, with similarities of ambience to what he had thought of Paris, before he first had visited the capital. Frederick felt that Aix de Provence was what Paris probably had been when everyone wrote so romantic about it, around the turn of the century, though the capital had definitely lost all the romantism over the last 100 years. In Aix, however, it was still there, terraces on the cozy pedestrian streets, people with no stress, no cars, 100% cosy. They did time out for a small pic-nic in a playground so the kids got to play and pick ingest food every now and then when they felt like it.

January 10, 2014

05:30 The alarm clock reminds the already awake Fredrik, that had not been able to sleep the last 2 hours to his daughter Helène playing mole in their bed since 3:30 am. Quick shower, breakfast and in with everyone in the car, time for Fredrik to show up between 9:00 and 10:00 in Montpellier for a job interview. A chance for a new life and new Hope in Frederick’s Family. For Fredrik to get a job in France, where it is not easy to get a job even for a French-speaking, was considered as an impossibility. Frederick searched right now job where Swedish language value added and where he could work monday to friday and have time off in the weekends. There were not many jobs that could offer it, except possibly in Paris, but the salary would never compensate accommodation costs.

12 January 2014

Alain, sitting and reading on his iPod. Ururguay is the first country in world removed prohibitions related to production and trade in Cannabis to do … “La Nueva regulación a Uruguay también puede ser fuente de negocio. “The new laws in Uruguay may be the source of business “

(El Gobierno y varios Laboratorios de Canada, así como farmacéuticas Chile email Israel, he iniciado contactos con Montevideo para saber qué posibilidad Habra de comprar allí mariuana).

“The government and several laboratories in Canada, as well as Pharmapceuts from Chile and Israel have initiated contacts with Montevieo to ask for the possibilities to buy mariuana “.

(Incluso see podría trans molds el país en un polo the Biotecnologia y Centro de Investigaciones sobre el uso de la medicinal mariuana.)

“In addition, the country would be able to convert into a biotechnological pool and center for medical research on the use of mariuana. “Source: http://www.elpais.es

January 16, 2014 “Full Moon”

Fredrik has been offered the job in Montpellier in southern France, not far from the Mediterranean. The job would consist in improving Google Adwords. He looked forward to being able to work Monday to Friday business hours, 35-40 hour week. It would change much for the better. Frederick thus went into the Internet and found the Swedish consulate in Montpellier and rang. He began on his crunchy French, introduced himself and asked if they possibly speak Swedish? No, but English. Was the answer. Frederick therefore continued the questions in English, but it became silent in the handset, he got after a while the answer in French that English was not viable. It had to be French. Frederick realized that it did not matter what language they spoke, there was no help to get through them. Fredrik just wanted to get help to get any idea or maybe in contact with someone that could help to find somewhere to stay, an apartment to rent or just a room, whatever. Frederick told Vanessa that they do not even spoke English at the Swedish consulate … She believed him, of course not. Frederick got the idea that he would report the incident to the Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs and phoned them. After over 5 minutes explained about their bad experiences of Swedish consulates around Europe, he received the answer that the lack of language skills at the Swedish consulates around the world was known and under scrutiny.

January 17, 2014

Alain read more news on the Internet: “In Rome disappears and murdered a family, drug dealer Giuseppe Iannicelli 52 years old, his Moroccan 27 year-old girlfriend and Giuseppe’s grandchildren 3 years old, was in the car. The kid’s parents were in jail for drug offenses and was not in the car when ‘ndrangheta-mafia performed the macabre crime of first cold-bloodedly shoot all in the car and then burn them inside the car. Giuseppe had been put in luggage compartment. The 3-year-old boy died and as fried in his saftey car seat. On top car roof the Mafia hade left their message. A 50-cent coin. Which would mean that they owed the money to the Mafia. “

January 20, 2014 “San Sebastian day”

Since the night before, thousands of San Sebastian habitants had been marching extracted with their drums and drummed for nearly 20 hours in the rain and strong winds. It is a very local celebration dating from the time when San Sebastian was occupied by English troops. At that time the housewives and the chefs went to the city fountain to fetch water. English soldiers thought it was an interesting place to try to get to it with a Spaniard girl. The chefs protected their women against the English soldiers, which of course ended in brawl. Now we they celebrating this with half the town dress up as cooks and the other half into English soldiers. They march and gather in platoons at the “Plaza de Constitucion” in the center of the old town, where most cultural celebrations has its center. They drums in batches and see who wins. For historical reasons, the Basque chefs always wins. Could it be this that makes the chefs have so much influence in the Basque society?

Olympic Opening Ceremony 2014 in Siberia

Irun on the streets, Frederick made final cases before they could move to Montpellier, he was getting done, closing of bank accounts, checking that it would not come weird threatening letter from the Spanish authorities in the future.

Frederick then ran into the old-old man who used to come to the Diner, and talk away two of Frederick’s holiest hours, at the time, Robin’s Diner still was open. The old man found 50 Euro cent was sufficient to pay for a glass of wine and then he stood and ground with Fredrik two hours. Frederick was so sick of him. Too Frederick he represented the Spanish people, cheap, time-surplus to talk away others lives and give free lessons in how to live and run their businesses. Now they came into the Olympics, The old man found seemed dangerously with snow sports, he had himself driven in snow 10 years ago with his Renault Express, which incidentally he still paid for even though he did not have it, it had become scrap in an accident five years earlier, and since he had driven without insurance, he did not get anything, but still owe the bank for the car. The old man returned to the Olympics and said, “Russian Winter Olympics in Siberia … nothing for pussies” He chuckled and Frederick thought the joke was well rehearsed and nothing Frederick himself could enjoy. Most people Fredrik knew from his bars had sexual orientations that would surely make double knots on Putin’s S / M whip.

February 21, 2014

04:30 piiiip, alarm clock made itself felt. At last Friday, Alain had packed everything he could think of would be necessary for a stay at “Lake Orsa” in the small village Vomhus, which he had received spelled separately by Fredrik. In his suitcase there were assorted French delicacies such as foie gras and a number of bottles of Armagnac. They were inserted properly with underwear and warm mittens and socks. A French-flag woolen cap he had also acquired for the occation. He was supposed to do Vasaloppet with it, so that it showed that there was a Frenchman compeating.

He had booked the airline to Arlanda where Frederick’s father Lennart would pick him up and give him the key. Alain had reserved a car that he would be able to drive in the Swedish winter landscape.

Arlanda 11:30

Alain went through customs and thinking that it’s really lousy controlled by police nowadays. Alain gave his Armagnac bottles a seconds thought and wondered if there were rules for how much alcohol one coud really bring into Sweden. Within the Europen Union it should not be necessary to toll anything. Now Alain thought to use the alcohol as thank you for a ride and other services which could come unexpected on the road. The law says that your own packed spirits from other European Union countries should not be declared, but may not sold to other people even if you sell it as cheap as to the purchase price. One should not give away the booze, but may invite it at celebrations like birthdays. Alain thought that being welcomed to Sweden was festive enough.

There they were, Frederick’s father, Lennart with his wife, they had a sign that read: “Bien Venus Alain” on. Lennart’s new wife Marianne, who spoke French explained the details about the cottage. There were two cottages on the property, one was already leased to a company that had started a hamburger factory in Orsa. They had rented the bigger cabin, but the small was vacant. The little had no own shower, but it had electricity, you could cook, it was well constructed by Lennart 1961. It was equiped with heating and light for reading, etc. If he needed Internet the neighbours had Wi-Fi. Showering could be done either at the neighbor Kent and Kris who was related to Lennart. Alain had no problems with spartan living, he saw it as a better way to get closer to nature and sort out his head. Alain would try to concenrate but on one thing: to ski the Vasaloppet, not having shower all the time.

Lennart drove Alain to the car rental company that Alain had contacted through the Internet and he acknowledged his car, a red Volvo XC90, equipped for winter, heat in the seat, which Alain thought was a funny detail that he laughed at for a long time. Lennart said it was no joke, it’s even a very good thing to have if you will sit in an unheated car in the morning, in a few minutes it is warm and cosy on your back.

-One very very important thing, you have to pour K-spirits in the gas tank before the night so the evaporation of water from the gas doesn’t produce ice in the ignition, because then you will not be able to start the car in the morning. You must also use the heater a couple of hours before you start the car, because a cold start at minus 30 is not recommended, even if you have poured K-spirits in the day before. In addition, you must be careful not to fill up with diesel, here in Sweden, most private cars comes with gasoline engine.

-How? Huh? But that’s no problem, I have a gazoline engine in my car in France, I like it better, it makes the engine sound better and it snatches better.

-OK, but yuo have to be careful about snapping in the snow. You have spike wheels and fron wheeled power, but when there is ice, packed snow etc, the car will fly out in the terrain in a split second if you are not careful. I can promise you that you don’t want to be standing there in 30 minus without your car working well for you.

-OK, yes sir I will think of being careful.

-Well, I have asked Kent to explain further details when you arrives, you should knock on the neighbor, he can speak some english, but if you do need language assistance? Call us and interprets will be done by Marianne. I’ll call the fellow that is renting the bigger cabin. His name is Eric, he might invite you some snack or a beer. Marianne interpreted. Alain thanked for all the kindness, left them a gift box with French delicacies and a bottle of Armagnac, the French liqueur finer than Cognac, though not as well known around the world. Armagnac comes from the area of Les Landes, southern France on the Atlantic coast, Capital of that area is called DAX. There are Armagnacs that cost more than the most expensive Cognac.

Roundabout in Mora

18:35 Alain refueled at the entrance to Mora and bought some food at Statoil, the petrol station, he thought that it had been good to eat one of Frederick’s thin pizzas that one just put into the oven, but he had to settle with some pasties and a couple of beers. It had grown dark just after Alain had run out of Hedemora in the southern part of Dalacarlia and had it not been for the nice GPS as the car was equipped with Alain had never been able to find the way. He sat down again in the car to make the final 10 kilometers to the cottage in Vomhus, a little north of Lake Orsa.

About half an hour later, he rolls into the yard in front of a small red house and a smaller ched alike building. It shone some light in the larger and Alain assumed that it was the house already rented by Erik who allegedly should talk Spanish, Obviously he were at home and awake. Alain felt a little stiff after all the hours in the car, got out and became quickly aware that he was expected. A chille run fron his nose as he breathe the clean fresch air that seamed never been touched by city life. Then a pretty young blond and curly man not more than 30 years old and an older, thin man stood there and welcomed him. They had a beer can each in hands and was quite intoxicated. It was Kent who first spoke, though Alain did not understand a word. It must be Swedish, he thought. He responded to the crunchy English that he does not understand Swedish. Erik, stretched out his hand.

-Ecke, I translate if you want. He says they have not been able to put on the heater in the guest house yet, so Alain first had to come in and have a beer and try Kent’s “thunder lineup” that Eric called Kent’s home made liquor. Then you can sleep anywhere. There is room for you in the main cabin as well if you want. Alain said that it is OK. Alain became first a little flabbergasted, but realized that he was probably forced to take a couple of drams with them and make friends before they knew each other. as a Frenchman he know how the brandy bottle should to be taken, so Alain thought rather that it was an interesting offer than a threat. It then appeared that in Sweden they have the same mentality as in the Basque Country, in the circuits talking business. It is written in the air: “I do not trust one who does not dare drink hmself drunk with me “the reason is of course that the alcohol will bring out the dark sides out of people who would otherwise try hide them. An alcoholtest is in this context not when the police stop them and check if you have alcohol or not in the blood. An alcoholtest, is a test that shows how much alcohol the other handles and at the same time tells, what kind he or she is. They drank several hours and Kent took up the guitar and played and all sang cheerful. Eckes head went round and round in circles, he had difficulty keep the tears inside. He thrived in the party, but felt abandoned and remorseful inside. He was so in love with “the girl” that he had had his first proper sexual experience with. In this environment all three felt happy and secure. Ecke, the one who wanted transgender men, did not at all want this sort of men who was as mas as himself, bearded, hairy chest and 100% man. He wanted a girl, but with a dick. He was a Trans-Lit, or transhorny. Calling him a homosexual would be a slip of the tongue. Gay is someone turning on by one of the same sex. If Ecke had been a transgender, he might be called gay, if he turned on by other transgenders. Gay would be the transgender, if now the transsexual was turned on by another transgender. But Ecke could not be called homosexual. Then what would a girl be called if she was turned on by transgender men? Would thus women turned on by transsexual men be hetrosexual. That would not work because a woman to light on another person, which seems being a woman, but with male organ, must have homosexual tendencies or simply be bisexual. But Ecke could not be called bi because he was not turned on by men, nor did he like the woman gender. Transportation Ignition, transhorny, or transpiration cut. If all conditions now had to do with sex. What was then called a relationship where sex was as not an ingredient? Platonic? The opposite is then nymfomaniac? A nymfomaniac relationship becomes what one has with one that is FF “Fuck Friend”.

Alain who preferred to have sex with sexy girls or good women, one or two at a time, it was not neither important nor played very big role, a hetrosexuell, with stereogama tendencies. Kent, one that never in his life even considered other courses than there are girls and ladies in various sizes and types, but they are all sexy, the nice thing about women is that they are all different. A true hetrosexual.

Suddenly hatched Alain out of himself: -If we now were in the Basque Country, now one of us had been driving us all to a brothel and we had fucked a whoreeach, or two each. Kent laughed so hard tears spurted.

-Drive? Heheheheheheeheeeeeee. When he stopped big laugh, he said he must go to the toilet, it was the funniest thing he’d ever heard in a long time. Driving now? And whores? Funny you are you foreigners. Ecke suddenly starts to cry, he knows why and know it will be hard not to have to tell the trueth.

Kent comes back and says: Tell me more, I want to hear about Spain and France, hookers and drugs that are taken there. Is it really like that one sees on TV? Alain replied.

-Hm, I have not seen much on TV in Sweden yet, but I can understand what you mean.

-Yeah, it’s like on TV, but much better. Ecke had stopped crying and agreed. It’s so damn fucking good in Spain Kent, you do not understand. You can not understand.

-So that is, why are you crying?

-Hm, Yeah, yeah, yeah, I miss it so big.

.Skul damn it, Kent had poured the fourtyfourthy “thunder lineup” and now it was time for “Hell and gore” on the guitar again …

-Grrrr, Good. Said Alain and gulped down the drink with a little more NORRLAND Gold. -Shouldn’t we eat something? He asked then. I have foie gras in the car, if it has not frozen it is probably good cold now.

-Foie gras? Kent lit up, Ecke, did not think it was so interesting though. Kent went to the door while he asked if Ecke had some slices of bread to spread it on. When Kent comes out on the porch he throws his snuff that has run for a while now. Alain asks what it is and Kent offers snuff. He shows how to do and Alain insert a small ball of the snuff “General” under the upper lip, he freezes on the spot and then he starts to spit and scream, he roars:

-This you put into your mouth voluntarily?

Kent guffaws, by the laughter he is doublefolded and tears flowing from his eyes . They get to the car and Alain pulls out his secret box of delicacies. He finds a Armangac bottle, 35 Euros in France, Alain had planned a better destiny for the bottle than to give it away in change for some poison homemade spirits, but he figured it was not the price in money that was worth here, it was camaraderie and a friend is good to have when it’s 20-30 degrees minus. He reaches the Armagnac to Kent, that takes it and falls over, the bottle crunching in the hard frozen snow and there was the booze gone. Alain had hard to not start yelling and screaming, but he held in the skin, it probably was not Kent’s fault but that they simply were both well drunken. They walked in silence into the house again. Ecke was in the bathroom, Kent saw that it was empty on Eckes place and yelled,

-Hey, Where the hell have you gone you little brat. Ecke comes out from the restroom and spots Kent with the broken bottleneck in his hand and menacing looks. -Now You get to be calm down yourself, you next door neighbor, he said.

-Why? What’s up? Do you have some bread or something to spread the fois on?

-Wel, yes, But you could you please put away that murder weapon, the last time I saw someone hold such thing in his hand, it became very blody.

-Aha, Kent smirked a little, and said.

-But where is the rest of the bottle? Alain said that it lies in the snow out there. Kent was about to go out to retrieve it, but Alain explained that it was not need, it broke he said, -there will be nothing to get.

-Fuck, Alcohol abuse. Ecke began to laugh aloud, yes, that’s right, alcohol abuse. Then went Ecke into the kitchen for some bread. All three ate bread with foie gras. They could probably had eaten just about anything in that moment. But it was precisely eating foie gras that made this special occation so much better that just having a hot dog or just any sandwich. Everyone felt calmer now with some food in the stomach. The door to the cabin goes up and in steps Kent’s wife Kris. She wonders if he wants help to get home. Kent says that was a good idea, time to go home. Alain took his chance to get away, him as well. Now it should bewarm enough in the cottage. Alain walked past the car to take what he had in the car, except for the ski equipment. Things he would not have any use of tomorrow, he wanted first of all take a walk in the new neighbourhood, to get to know the resort.

He had thanked for the evening and gave French farewell kisses to all of them. Once in the little cottage with the nice heat, he tried the bed. Not the best… Frederick had lent the cottage without requiring financial compensation. Alain began to understand why he did not pay. Alain decided to go to an IKEA as fast as he could and get a new bed, he would give it as a tip to give thanks for the loan of the cottage. While he thought of it he was already in the bed and fell asleep without embedding, shoes on.

February 24, 2014 Saturday morning

Alain’s phone rings, he has a headache and he reaches for the phone and see that it is Fredrik calling, he pressed TALK and tried to say something but can’t talk, the tongue has been stuck in the lower part of the mouth.

-Hellllllllooooo! Shouts Frederick in the other end.

Alain is searching for a bottle of something to wet the tongue with. He finds a bottle of Armagnac. He looks at it and see in front of himself some misty memories of the night before, and how the bottle goes in the ground when Kent had it in his hand. he realizes that Armagnac will not hlp his toungue right now. Instead he goes out and takes a bit of snow, Brrrrrr hear Frederick in the other end.

-Hellooooo, Alain are you there?

-Hmrrrrrr, Oui, he beeps. What the hell, you’ve had frozen tongue, he says straight out.

-NO, It has dried, says Alain.

Fredrik laughs, haahaahaaaa. -The mauntain dew Alain, the shit spirit they have in the damajanne, one must drink water, otherwise it happens, the toungue dries. Check the Swedes and you will see, they run all the time to the toilet, it’s not for taking cocaine, it is to drink water, then can they go on all night, but you seem to have kept up for the damajanne only.

-Hm, Yes and beer, damn nice time we had, anyway.

-Hohohoho, I can guess, when did you arrive? And how long they keep you awake?

I arrived just after seven in the evening, it was dark as night and cold as I never experienced before, though dry, not too wet.

-What have I always said? In minus 20, it is safe moisture venture out. Frederick chuckled. Well, I wanted to check that everything is OK, and was going to say that the main cabin will apparently be rented out until the weekend, then he’ll move out, has he said anything about it?

-No, Not that I know, or remember.

-OK, But we are going to come up to see you during the weekend. I’m going with the whole family, the kids have not seen so much snow before and Vanessa have not been so high up north. It will be a good memory to ensure you make it to the Vasaloppet finish line. If you take the car up to Sälen for the start, we can retrieve the day after if you want.

-Wow!, Fredrik !!!! it would be so much fun. What an honour!

-Will You coping? It’s really far! About 90 kilometers. It takes one hour by car and I suspect that it would take me at least three or four hours, If I would make it to the end… But due to the cold I do not know if I could to. I’m not a real Viking. I have been working in 45 Celcius kitchens my whole grown up life so I prefere not suffering minuses…

-I Dryers, no problems. I have good training behind me now. I have a French cap, with French flags on which I should have on me. I do not want to betray my country.

-OK, Then we say so, see you! In case, bring your mobile if there will be so many people we don’t find each others aftr you have reached the goal…

-OK, Merci, I will do so, batteries charged. See you soon!

Bolivian jungles, new family.

In José’s hut to sleep the family, now with three members fewer than the night before. Maria José’s wife, cried until she fell asleep exhausted by grief. The man who had brought her three of four daughters, had left 60 dollars, six green real banknotes. She had never in her life seen so much money at one time. Since the man had promised, and protested her that her children would get the best of educations.

Vasaloppet Sunday

March 2, 2014, 07:00

Frederick sat in the car they had rented, a dark green VW Multivan, to make room for everything. Vanessa was overjoyed, she had always wished for such a car. Now at least she got to drive one. Children and women, in the car, Frederick cried, without being directly irritated. He had installed video with one screen each, for the children, they would see the Swedish old serie “trolls times” that Frederick had seen when he was about 11 years old. He thought it was a good choice, for a three and a half year old, and his little sister one year and a half. Frederick’s father Lennart had at that time worked at SVT (Swedish TV) and he had done the steps one sees the beginning of all 24 sections. He had done other things also, large cigarette butts and matches and large giant mushrooms that were like houses. He had also made magic sticks which exploded on TV. Frederick was very enthusiastic about the TV program he had downloaded and now had loaded before the about 4 hours, plus breaks long journey.

-Everyone Inside and everything with us? Nothing forgotten?

-I think all is in, said Vanessa.

-I want to watch Harry Potter, says Robin, as soon as he caught sight of the TV screens hanging from the parents headrests in the car.

-There Will be no Harry Potter, it’s not for children.

-IIIIIIIII WAAAAAAANNNNNT TOOOOOO SEEEEEEE HAAARRRY POOOOTER roared Robin, whom is provided with extremely strong voice.

-Helène, his little sister immediately started to cry out very load she as well.

-So was the circus started, said Fredrik, Can’t they sleep, now?

-You Can not just snap them off, you know that, very well. Said Vanessa.

-No, That’s the only fault with children, that they will not shut off at these sorts of trips. Not even with a cool video on they can stay silent, spoiled damn brats.

-I’m not a brat, snot dad! Robin yells and laughs.

-Are you sure he’s only three and a half? Prompts Frederick sarcastically to his partner.

-Don’t be stupid now, everyone, please be calm? OK? Calm, calm, calm, Vanessa began rattling like a mantra.

-Now We go and now no whining because then all the whiners will stay in the cottage when I am alone skiing with Alain.

-I want also ski with Alain.

-Keep calm then, please Robin, can you be that? Calm?

-Hm. Robin stops but … (If sights could kill).

-Three Years, sighed Frederick.

-Three And a half, almost four Robin said.

-And who taught him to count? Asked Vanessa.

-I usually rattle off a bit, plus diagrams when they swing, so they must stop rocking if they can not. They learn a lot when they swing these small. When motivation is high, the education is easy.

-We are not small, not me anyway, I’m big and should go to the yellow school. Helène is little she can go to kindergarten, hahahahaha.

-Small or not they are in any case not small in the head, the size is probably not important for intelligence.

-No Intelligence comes with practice. But who could believe that a nearly four years little could talk five languages? And count?


Frederick stops the car at the roundabout at Mora is there anyone who wants something, Fredrik were about to say, but stoped himself, right in the middle of the first word when he sees how everyone is asleep. Phuuuuu, what a relief. He regrets suddenly all the harsh words and watching his fine family he deep down love so big and so deep. It is the finest he has. He gets tears in his eyes, clenched and go quietly out and closes the car door with great caution. He thought and acquiring the little goodies that he thinks that kids can have as a snack when they wake up. To itself, it becomes Turkish pepper from Fazer and liquorice money, Harribo, Piratos it says on the bag. He reminds himself that salty licorice and strong Turkish pepper is great favorite. Frederick returns into the car and heat. He drives towards Mora center, realizing, however, soon that they will have to walk the last part to find Alain by the Finish line. He wonder if they all have good clothes, he stops and checks that all are well dressed and their caps and mittens are handy for the cold weather outside the car. The shoes they have taken off, all three of them. But they have good winter boots everyone. Frederick look at the clock and see that there is plenty of time left to walk to the finish area to meet Alain. Frederick felt so happy, he had his little family gathered, they slept sweetly all of them and now they would meet Alain, Alain had been a loyal customer in the restaurant. He was great fan of the 50’s and 60’s, his great music idols were Johnny Cash, Elvis The King and Jerry Lee Lewis, his big movie idol were Marilyn Monroe and he could spend the whole weekend in front of the TV and watch old movies with her. He had his retro-inspired Mini specially designed and extra lowered, with the Basque flag on the roof. Frederick smiled when he thought of all these memories he had of Irun and Hondarribia. Now they lived in Montpellier on the Mediterranean, with better weather but it was not as in the basque country. Frederick had quickly entered the French, but worked in marketing at Internet towards the Swedish market. He searched for the first best place to park the car. It was not easy, but finally he found a hole by accident, on the other side of the river, that was frozen this time of the year. That way they were parked on right side later on, for the drive to the cottage. Frederick parked the car and took the opportunity to lean back a little while everyone else slept, He fell asleep but got only a short powernap, 15 minutes, a quarter of an hour. Then Helène started to whine. She had had 12 months of Hell with their teeth, they would not come out as quickly as they had done for Robin, where they came out everyone in three months. Frederick awoke with a jolt and saw Helene’s wrinckled raisin face, she could turn to when she was not happy. She pointed to her mouth and said: -Thutti, thutti. Frederick understood the words Helene had begun to pronounce. he pulled out a well prepared water bottle and gave her. she had learned to drink herself from both bottles and glasses very early. She learned everything all by herself, looked at adults or other children and imitated and practiced with great diligence. Frederick was very proud of their small children, they were his joy in life they gilded dreary days but they were also able to scream and make quiet moments completely unbearable. Robin was next to awaken. Are we in Sweden now? He asked. That he had been asking all since they landed at Arlanda.

Frederick replied: -Sure now we are in Sweden, in a part called Dalacarlia, in a town called Mora.

-I do not want to be in Mora, I want to be in Sweden in Stockholm with grandmother. I want to be with grandma.

-Robin, Before you fell asleep you wanted to go skiing with Alain, do you remember that?

-Robin was not listening, he continued: -Do be with grandma, not Mora, Mora does not live, grandmother, grandmother, grandmother, bueeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

-Vanessa woke up from the cry and wondered: -What the hell is this about, what you screaming about, what has happened.

-Frederick starts laughing. It’s just Robin who has received a decision anxiety, now he wants to be with grandma in Stockholm, now he does not want to be with Alain and go skiing.

-Well, well, Robin, no dammage, Alain has done 90 km skiing today, he will probably not want to go skiing for a while, she fell into laughter she as well.

-I want to go skiing.

-And be with Grandma? Filled Frederick. Frederick liked to tease a little bit with their little children, he thought they could be annoying when they screamed, but he wanted to show them that they had to be logical in their regret, not jump here and there, between the desicions.

-Farmor can ski with Robin!

-But Robin, grandma is in Stockholm, she will not come up here to Dalacarlia.

Like that they continued for a while until Frederick decided it was time to start approaching the finish line and look for Alain. It was drawn up truck and sledding. Both wanted to go sledding, Vanessa had to pull the wagon empty and Frederick pulled the sleigh full of the two beasts that had turned on their highest fighting spirit, people looked wide-eyed at the two small who spoke French, Basque and Swedish mixed with each other. Robin had not forgotten the Basque which he learned during his three years in the Basque preschool and Helene seemed to understand everything that Robin said. Frederick had always adhered to Swedish when he talked to the children. Vanessa had always talked only in French with them. Frederick and Vanessa spoke both Spanish and English with each other at home. this did that when they lived in the Spanish Basque Country, the children were listening to five language daily. It did not really affect Robins language level in particular. In school they had said that he talked a lot and good Basque, sometimes better than the other kids who were “only” bilingual. Also, there were many children in Robin’s class who talked lots of different languages. Robin, however, had very early understood that various people, speak different languages. When he was about to learn words in two years of age, he used to show a thing to his mother and asked -Ce qoi ça? And then he came to his father and asked, What is it? She had an incredible ability to remember words and imitated even every conceivable animal before one year of age.

Frederick searched for Alain, that had sent a text message when he crossed the finish line, as promised. At last they saw the French-flagged top hood, it was not exactly discreet, they shouted loudly: -Aaaalaaaiiiiiin! As loud as they al four together could! He heard them first not for all the noise and all the people and dogs and vehicles everywhere. But after a few screams, he reacted and turned in their direction and lit up.

-Fredrik! (Alain came slippery Spirit against them), damn huh damn! ça va mes filles and the French kissing party started. Robin took command and filled the cold winter air with his warm clear boyish voice. -Alain, We’re going to ski, you and I, he first pointed at him and then himself. We are going fast fast fast. As schwishh. Displayed with his hand fast motion.

Alain laughed and said -Good, we shall first go home and eat, I’m starving, I’ve asked Kent light the grill, he didn’t wnt to be here in the chaos, which I can understand. Wow it is much people here!

-Yes, it was sold out early and it was 15,800 skiers signed up. Think of it about 16 000 people on skis and all their friends and families who come here and pick up …

-Now You are picked! Let us go to the house and eat some swedish hot dogs.

-I do not want hot dog, I want bokata with black ham, not white. Bokata, bokata.

Helène latched on and would also say Bokata, it was cataloged, kata, kata. (Bokata is sandwich on Basque) The black ham is the air-dried Spanish serrano ham.

They chatted while they walked to the car. With the trafic that resembled of nothing else, they got to the cottage in about 2 hours, normally without vasaloppet it is done in half an hour, and all had regretted that they had not stayed in Mora ating the hot dogs from the sausage stalls for 50 Euro per hot dog. But with rented cars were the budget already cut tight, now it became Wasa sports and hot dogs on the barbecue by the cottage. kent was not home but he had prepared the barbecue for them to enjoy. Frederick had however, brought some excellent wines and Vanessa had acquired fine cheeses from the Alps that they could enjoy on the porch, Frederick’s father had built and put a roof over where they sat until the sun went down. Then they went indoor and turned on the TV. Alain had become filmed at the finish line but not interviewed, they got a glimpse of him and his name had been written in the box as one of the twenty best foreigners.

-Congratulations Alain, everyone had said.

-Zorionak Robin said, in Basque. - Onak said Helène when she tried to imitate her big brother, she had complete coverage of Robin all awake hours.

The adults laughed and praised the children.

-They’re so cute said Alain.

-Yes, Isn’t it time for you to start thinking about becoming a father, before it becomes time for grandchildren? You’re well soon fifty? Or?

-What, What do you say? There is no hurry.

-Maybe not, but you can not be running after Elin the whole life, she may well not get good children, as she does so much drugs.

-Oh, She is not a junkie, she just likes to party a bit, that’s all Alain was embarrassed. She is also financially independent. I care a lot about her, we get along good together.

Frederick knew why but did not want a big diskusion.

-Fuck, take me to hell, yelled Kent when he came in.

-Hello Kent, great to see you after all these years.

-Yeah, you’ve got little ones! We’ll see if my girls will come with their littles before you go home again, how long are you staying this time?

-We do not know yet, a week, we believe, we have rented the car until the Friday evening. But we thought mainly to see if Robin likes the snow and can learn some skiing. Helène do not like the cold, so with her we know that it will be the heated cabin and hot chocolate. If we are lucky maybe she thinks it’s fun to go with the sled I have acquired a snowracer in “Stockola”.

Ha, it’s a blast to go tobogganing. Do not you remember Niss Ohlsson. He who sings “Why go skiing when you can go in a sledge”?

-Yes Hell yeah, Don’t you have one of his records here?

-I Do not know, but the guitar is well maintained, we can sing, everybody! Robin and Helene began to dance around and around and howled loudly.

-What happened to them? have they already learned to dance?

-If You only knew, they’re running and dancing all the time, it took twice as long to get here today, compared to when I used to drive my old junk cars up here. And everything depended on hundreds of food stops, leg strechers and pee breaks. Now we have a luxury car but it had been quicker by bike, sighed Frederick jokingly.

Kent took the guitar and started strumming on it.

Robin stood immediately in front of Kent and looked interested in his handling of the guitar. Helène just danced, clapped her hands and laughed. Kent sang, happy to have such a festive crowd.

Frederick saw how Alain blinked at him. They went into the kitchen and told the others to continue without them.

-Fredrik, It’s good to see you again, it was a while ago.

-Yeah, It was a fun way to meet you by the Vasaloppet, what do you think? Is the place nice? Or what?

-Nice as hell Frederick, I regret that I have never got to know this location before, beautiful. I know that this location additionally means a lot to you.

-Of Course, half my family originated here, though it’s shit cold in the winter. I can not stay here, it would never work out. But Alain what did you want, what have you got on to? If you wen all this way to sort out your head? It must be important as hell?

-Oui, It’s big, damn big. I went to Machu Pichu on vacation in 2005, where I got to try Mate the koka, you know what it is?

-Yeah, I’ve been in Machu Pichu and drinking koka tea and chewing koka leaves, I have sickness relieving tea at home that I took home both tea bags and loose whole leaf in a bag.

-OK, You also tried Mate the Yerbas?

-Nop, you win, tell me is it something stronger?

-Nop, opposite, It is perfectly legal and it should be according to nature’s laws and regulations not possible to make cocaine from it.

-If You can not do cocaine on it? What will they be good for?

-They uses it as a top load. To cover the kokaleaf transport to Europe. It comes from an entirely different shrub with another name. But they are alike as blueberries. Both the plant, the leaves and taste, and smell.

-OK, And you are the first in the world to find thi out?

-No but it is the similarity that is the thing. However, that is the base of the new built up mafia that do not import cocaine into Europe. It’s too expensive and risky. Importing instead leaves of the plant, , but with the cover that you import yerba leaf.

-And yerba leaf are innocent and lawful?

-Yeah that’s right.

-So If you ends up in a control in customs it looks good? No drugs?

-Right on, no discovery.

-And what do you do with the leaves in Europe?

-They manufactures the drug, cocaine.

-How Much then?


-Hahahahaha Big Joker!!

-I knew you would not believe me. Why do you think I have gone for vacation, I needed time to think of all the faults. But I’m right.

-OK, If you now are right, where do they make the cocaine? In all the villages in Europe? Because if you do everything in Spain they must in all cases transport the drugs and the risk of getting caught for smuggling? Or?

-Right There, they started in Spain but now they make it also in Sweden.


-Yes Here in Orsa!!!

-This Just gets funnier and funnier, Frederick laughing loudly.

-Vanessa comes in and asks what is going on. Alain becomes quiet and Frederick says Alain tells a lot of fun jokes he learned in Paris.

-Do You want me to tell you one story? Prompts Frederick.

-We may be able to take that later on when the others have fallen asleep or and gone home, please be a little bit social now, Kent is really nice.

-Yeah, when he is not drunk, says Fredrik and Alain at the same time. They starts laughing loudly of having said the same thing about Kent at the same time.

They gathered everyone in the living room having a ball. Kris, Kents whife come then in and ask if they want supper. Everyone gets excited and Alain limps off to his little cabin to retrieve a bottle of wine, which he had brought with him from France, from Burgundy wine region, year 2005, grape Pinot Noir. WWhen he comes back he snorts the cold. Everybody ate the food Kris had brought to the cottage. They chatted about everything, Alain could not understand how Frederick had been able to fool him to ski Vasaloppet, no one in the party would ever get the idea to do it themself. They laughed about it in the c context that he was the only one who had done an old Swedish king’s ski route. Vanessa who was the most interested in history in the group had read of the king Gustav Vasa and the reason for the Vasaloppet existing. Vanessa reads aloud the story of the Vasaloppet:

  • “Vasaloppet’s history began back in 1520. Sweden was then in union with Denmark. Dissatisfaction with the Danish king was great, not least of Gustav Eriksson after having opposed, imprisoned in Denmark. But the 24-year-old Gustav managed to escape . After having landed south of Kalmar began a long and adventurous march northward. In the villages along the road called Gustav peasants to revolt against the Danish authorities, but the people would rather have peace. The hope was to Dalacarlia, where the people are known to be tough and rarely joints in authorities and kings decision. Gustav was hunted throughout Dalacarlia by the Danish persecutors, but the people protected him from King Christian II soldiers. After a month fleeing through Dalacarlia, Gustav stood outside Mora church and spoke to the masses. Weeks before, his father and brother and 80 other magnates had been beheaded in Stockholm Bloodbath. Gustav wondered how long people thought endure the atrocities and urged them to take up arms. But the congregation wanted first consult with their neighboring villages before it became matter of war. Pursuers approached Gustav before he got the answer he wanted to have. Therefore, he was forced to flee westwards towards Norway. A few days later reached Mora news of King Christian’s brutal rampage in Sweden. The people regretting then that they did not directly supported the Gustav. The resort’s two best skiers, Lars and Engelbrecht was sent therefore set out to locate the fleeing Gustav. In the neighborhood the hall was Gustav caught up. He was persuaded to return to Mora to lead the fight against King Christian II. In 1521 began Gustav their attack with Dalacarlians in the lead. It took two and a half years before the war was over and Sweden a free country. On June 6 1523 was elected Gustav Vasa as Sweden’s king at a session of Parliament Strängnäs. Now he is a symbol of the world’s biggest ski race -Vasaloppet! “ [Source:] (http://www.vasaloppet.se/wps/wcm/connect/se/info/om/historia)

The dinner ended and Kris brings Vanessa into the kitchen, they wash up and Vanessa says they have not eaten cheese yet.

-Have you brought cheeses with you? Prompts Crisis and Vanessa opens the fridge and Kris becomes lyrical, -wow, so much good stuff. Vanessa fishes out a bottle of Bordeaux from the small region in Bordeaux, Haut Medoc, again favorite year 2005. The finest of Bordeaux she explains.

Kris thinks it’s nice to be-one-on-one, she gets a little tired in her head to talk English and listening to so many other languages simultaneously, but between four eyes will not be so embarrassed with her level of English, she does not understand a word of what Alain says, she does not know if he speaks French or English with a terrible accent. However, with Vanessa, she can actually comunicate good no matter if they talk in Swedish or English.

-Great how well you speak Swedish, she said to Vanessa.

-Thank you, but I am not so sure yet, I have only been in Sweden a couple of times before and before I met Frederick I had never heard any Swedish at all.

-Oh, You’ve been doing some good work then.

-Maybe so, but you know Fredrik speaks Swedish with the children and we have lots of videos and CD in Swedish, moreover, tend Fredrik show films on Youtube for the kids and then I usually also have a look and try to understand. It is amazing to see how children can understand and then I do not want to be outdone myself. Fredrik has lots of theories about how the brain learns language and he tries all possible techniques and some of them work apparently. He speaks and understands approximately six languages, though he writes bad in all.

-Oh, Six languages?

-Yes, Swedish, English, Spanish, French, Basque and German. Then he states that Norwegian and Danish are so close to Swedish that he can comunicate with them too.

-Yeah, But that we can all in Scandinavia, we have always been able to do that. You can also numerous languages?

-Phu, Yes, I can very well: French, Spanish, English, reading, understand and talk. But not so good Swedish and Basque. German I have not even dared to try yet, it will probably be too difficult. I can not even seperate their words, it sounds too difficult.

-Oh, You’re young, you, you have time to learn more languages, but first we will ensure that you learn perfect Swedish. They laugh together and have a good time.

Alain is though sitting on pins and needles, he may soon not wait to tell the whole story. He becomes uncomfortable and would like to have removed everyone that should not listen to his theories. Can’t they go soon he thinks. Kent and he finishes the wine with a few pieces of cheese that the ladies have stuck to them. Fredrik is playing with their children, they have loads of fun, laughing so Helène wet herself.

-It doesn’t matter she is on training to stop using dipers so it happens every now and then. After much romping and playing children become tired and they may crawl into bed, they recieve their milk bottles and falls soon into deep silent sleep.

The adults brings more wine and cheeses. Alain get more incomfortable, not until 23:39 o’clock may Alain have a chance to continue to tell the story to Frederick. They are both tired after the long day, but Alain just had to tell.

-OK, I’ll try to take it a bit short so you can ask later if there are something you do not understand. OK?

-It Will be fine, do you have it written down?

-Yes, I have the whole story in my laptop out there in the little cottage.

-You know that it is not safe to have secrets in your computer if it is connected to the Internet?

-Yes, but I don’t think I’m hacked.

-And why not so? You are in Narcs … what are you thinking of?

-Eh That sort of thing only happens on TV.

-Do you say so to your managers as well? When they send you out on missions? Eh, no bulletproof wests? That is only for TV? If I say the same to you now? That what you have found out if the drugs to be manufactured here in Orsa, of all places? (It only happens on TV)?

-Tell me what you want, but I think it is restaurant chain Sussie’s Diner that is behind the whole organization.

-Yeah, sure and me. You are more than nuts! Why should it be like that? That you are in the heels of the same fucking company that wanted to fuck me and my restaurant? That finally even got my stuff for some shitty Euros? Why them? Sorry man it is to easy, not them.

-But there was a certain Carlos from Argentina who started Sussie’s Diner and he has got his chain to grow extremely during the biggest crisis that Spain has ever seen. he is not the least bit afraid that it would start going bad. He has more money than he shows here in Spain, in Argentina he is also owner of the TE company, which exports to Spain and Sweden. They imports the products themselves to Spain and Sweden. Here and in Spain the factories they control manufacture cocaine from the leaves that they import. It is a small league of about 100 people at the top who are involved in Spain and Sweden just for the manufacturing and wholesale. They do not deal with the actual distribution. They make and blend the pure cocaine to the drug sold on the street.

-Well, Are there any real hard proof?

-Yes, Yes, but not great ones. There is a lot of circumstantial evidence. I went to Argentina and mathematics go together well, I think I’ve found it really big the source of cocaine in Europe.

-Alain, Hmmrmmrrm, you know what kind of people do this kind of trade?

-Yeah, exports and imports is in this case taken care of by the Argentinian, Carlos Muños. Then, usually Gypsies from Romania handle the distribution, through their brothels in Spain.

-Are You sure that there is not someone else behind the whole organization? It sounds weird about Italians should have released their monopoly of cocaine imports to Europe just by letting some Argentines starting parallel competition against them. Seems fishy, I think you’ve got in on a side track.

-I thought I could get some help from you, you who have great ideas and knows lots of people. Fredrik you have cultivated Cannabis and sold? Or what?

-Well, yes, I have to admit that but it was almost four years since the last time and I did not like it, especially not the sales, it was always trouble, money here and there, no one trusted no one. It was always the money directly in exchange to the product, but there were always those who wanted to build trust and then try to get credit. One should not engage in that kind of business when you have a family, it can you do when you don’t have children who may be trapped in between.

-But you know how they think? You did risk assessments, you have the experience. Can’t you help? Use your imagination!

-Alain, I would be happy to help you as a person, but if the French National police want to have my expert knowledge on drug sales they have to get in touch with me and sign a serious contract with me. To you, I just want to say one thing. Fuck this, it is not on your table to resolve this on your own, it can be very, very dangerous. Do you know approximately how much money is involved? Do you know how dangerous people with too mich money can get? My expert advice to you is to do your job, not more. No one will thank you in the grave because you cracked the code to cocaine source. Go to your boss and tell him about your discoveries, if he thinks it makes sense you can get the cops to grab this, I would not risk my family.

-But, I have found it out myself. And besides, I know that ther are many cops involved in this kind of business, so I can not trust them.

-Even bigger reason to stay out of it, let it happen, just listen to your boss and follow order. Bring home your wage and drink Yerbas, what else do you want out of life?

-I want to have their mney and some kilos of their Cocain. They have dirty money, so they will not go to the Police and denounce me.

-No of course not, but they woud kill you without any thoughts.

-But it must be as I say. It concerns a very large amount, but I have no exact figures. But if we expect roughly: We can assume that the cultivation of coca leaves and Yerbas leafes are equivalent in terms of costs. A kilo Mate de Yerbas in Spain currently costs € 4 in the supermarket, it can be expected that the importer gets € 1 per kilogram. The cocaine one can get out of one kilogram Mate de coca is worth approximately € 500 on the street. The importer that convert coca leaves into cocaine may perhaps gain about half, that would be € 250, which is about 250 times more than if they imports Mate the Yerbas. If you fill a container with coca leaves, it will be about 20-30 tons of leaves. Transformed to cocaine may each container have a value of at least € 4 500 000. Instead of the approximately € 60 000, that one is able to get if you stay with only Mate the Yerbas. Since you can count on how many people are consuming Mate the Yerbas in Europe? And how many people consume cocaine. The illigal Cocain business is sooo much larger.

-Oh, Four and a half million euros, if you import a container? And what is the cost for the container to fill it with leaves and get it here? How many takes cocaine in Europe?

-A Container with Yerba leaf cost about $ 10 000 plus shipping for about 5000 dollars. Then add VAT and chemicals for the production of cocaine.

-Phu, 30 tons of coca leaves, it would take very much karosene.

-Yes, but it is almost legal or at least safe, nobody comes and makes a seizure of coca leaf in Europe, who would look and where? Therefore, you do not purchase a Lube truck load full of kerosene at a time. There are about 12 million per year who try cocaine in the world. One could think that a 20-50% continue to take it every now and then, and that a 10% quickly become major consumers.

-Very Large numbers, and we are talking about things I am personally totaly against. I don’t want that stuff around, I don’t want my friends as you to take it and I definitely don’t want my children to grow up in a world full of drugs. Phu …. can’t we talk about something else?

-Fredrik And Vanessa, with full respect, I understand if you do not want to know anything about this, but I have taken me up here and I have done Vasaloppet to get your respect. Can’t you cope a little bit, just a bit? I can convince you that I’m right.

-OK, and if you convince us, what happens next?

-I do not know, let us take it with the hats that I work with and look at it as a game, what can you do with a company in Sweden that can produce cocaine to a value of 4.5 million Euro a week? Or if it is a large factory, every day!

-I know my answer, without a hat. One mug the factory on money and coke! Escapes to the moon and snort as hell. Then when you are out of money and Coke, you go home and a hit manfrom the mob killes you. Rock’n Roll. Live fast as Hell, die as fast and become a shattered corpse. Not as nice at all. Fuck You!

-No, We should probably not do so.

-No Alain tat is wright, we do not want to rob the mafia, we do not want to go to the moon, I want at least not snort cocaine and I do not want to be killed by the Mafia. So s far as I am concerned, it is not interesting and I have hereby turned it down. Thats it. Now we take and drink and then one more, get really drunk, playing cards and laugh, OK?

-OK, you spread the cards, I am going to the bathroom.

-You’re naive, that is dangerous, I have no words. How can you trust that I do not cheat when I give out the cards.

-It Does not matter if you cheat, cheat if you want, if it makes you feel better than me. I’ve done “Putain” Vasaloppet and you do not want to listen to me.

Alain was not happy, he had wanted to be a little bit backed up and have some enthusiasm in change, he had missjudged his friend Frederick, he was not as mafia-inspired anymore. They played cards for a long time without saying a word, other than what was necessary for the game. Vanessa thought it was sad that it had gone so wrong and that they both were so disappointed.

Finally, said Fredrik: - And you say that they manufacture cocaine here in Orsa?

-Hm, yes, but I do not want to talk about it now, I’ll get all the details, I will talk to you another time, so if you want to know more you get to come and visit me in Saint Juan de Luz, fancy as hell I live now. There’s more money in The Narcs police than in terrorist police, Alain smiled tricky.

-We’re waiting for the invitation as soon as possible. Completed Frederick and Alain said:

-Now Is the time to sleep.

-Alain, have you smeared yourself with Tiger Balm? Because otherwise you will not be able to walk tomorrow, chuckled Frederick.

Maria, Natalia and Patricia

They were all transported by van and had been taken out of the car one by one in different places. They had been separated already the first night. Natalia had been in the van a long long time, she knew it was several days. She had, however, received only water and a bit of bread thrown in from time to time. Her head ached from the withdrawal achieved by the lack of Mate de koka, which she usally drank three times a day when she lived with her family. Finally the door was opened and she was hit by a very strong sunshine that made her having to close her eyes. A big fat man who spoke a language she did not understand, grabbed her arm and led her away somewhere. She felt strong odor of scents she had not felt before. She moaned from the hard grip around her arm and said in Spanish that she was promised to stay in a nice house and eat well served food. The man laughs and says in Portuguese with Brazilian dialect. Ha, sure, you will get something to eat, you little slut. You’ll get to eat, you just wait.

Natalia was pulled into a room with a shower, she was told to take a shower and make out fine, she would soon meet her new master. She did as she was told, though the water wasn’t particularly warm, she enjoyed getting a shower. Thought of the nice dress she would wear now that she was finally going to meet her master who would teach her English, which would give her a nice bed and good food. Natalia then walked out of the shower, put on the dress and went through the door that was in the room. She saw a lot of men who sat in a row pointing toward her. A large man with a white T-shirt gets up and goes to her. The T-shirt has a text she does not understand and a great stopping hand contoure around the text, the text reveals his nationality and attitude towards the woman. The t-shirt says in French “Touche pas à ma pute” (Do not touch my whore). The man gets up and wlks with big and desided steps towards Natalia, lifts her dress up, aksa her to turn around, and he looks in her eyes, forcing her to open her mouth and looking at the teeth and down her throat. Natalia thinks it is scary and gets scared, but do not dare to cry. The man asks in English if she really is a virgin, he is promised it and he nods and the other man stretches out his hand. The large adult man with t-shirt pays $ 100 for her. The second man shakes his head and says more, more, we said $ 200 or Euros if you prefer. The large adult man takes up a bankroll and pay a € 500 note, asking for change back in dollars. The others laugh and he gets to go with Natalia without the change. The man holding Natalia’s hand, the hand is so much bigger than Natalia’s and she also sees that she only reaches him up to the navel about. They go off to a door, there is a man with a big gun outside a door. Natalias master asks to come through, they walks through the door into a small room where there is a worn mattress in a corner. On the mattress is also a teddy bear. The man says his name is Christoff, he speaks Spanish without problems because he grew up in France with mixed nationality. He is both French and Spanish. He has previously had a beach café in France in Hossegor on the Atlantic coast, but have sold it and are on vacation. He tells Natalia that he bought her to take care of her. He asks if she is hungry or thirsty.

-I would like some Mate de coca and maybe some corn, I am soooo hungry, says Natalia well mannered.

-OK, we’ll see what they can get for us. Christoff knocks at the door of the booth they are in. The armed man opens and wondering what is wrong. Christoff talks to someone and makes up a deal with the man outside the door. A few minutes later, the man knocks on the door and handles over a pipe and a bottle. Christoff open the bottle and takes a sip, growling snorting of the excessively strong rum. Then he passes the bottle to Natalia who first takes a small sip and then spit out like an elephant all that she has in her mouth. Now Christoff gets angry. He yells that she shall be greatful for what she gets. Then he takes the bottle and presses it against Natalia’s mouth, he turns up the bottle up side down and fills her throat with the liquid that burns the throat and lands in her empty stomach that starts twisting in convulsions. When the bottle is almost empty Christoff takes a sip of what’s left, snarling hard that after drinking really strong whiskey. He then takes up a Zippo lighter with the French flag on, one can still see the worn letters: Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité (Liberty, Equality, Brotherhood). Then he lights the pipe. Takes a little puff and then gives the pipe to Natalia. She have double vision from the alcohol, the drink has made her quite dizzy and she drops the pipe. Christoff get one for tantrums and beats her so it burns in the cheek.

-Smoke the pipe! Damn brat! He yells.

She again takes his pipe in her hand, she approaches the barrel to her mouth and sucks gently on it, it tastes strong, she swallows the smoke.

-Damn brat, one should not swallow, it is supposed to go to the lungs. Natalia tries again she pulls harder puffs this time and it reaches the lungs, she coughs, but now she is so intoxicated she doesn’t care so much, and it’s not so bad anymore. She takes another puff on the pipe, Christoff patted her on the leg and say -Good girl. She feels better. Christoff smokes a fag and he now stears his hand under her dress. Natalia begins to feel that what she have smoked, starts to runs into the blood a strange sense of calm goes throughout the whole body, starting from the stomuch and she can feel how different piece of the body start to relax, last piece to relax is her arms, hands and fingers, she is totally relaxed and does not care when Christoff takes off her dress. He puts her on the bed and begins to touch her, he sucks and licks on various parts of her body. The worst she thinks it is when he pinches her nipples. Breasts, she has not got yet, it feels sore and she has no feeling between the legs. Natalia has never been taken on before, she feels weird. Christoff starts parting her legs and she let him go on without resistance. He inspects her still bare abdomeen and turns her around so she lays on her stomach. He asks her to stand on all fours. He starts slapping her butt and now Natalia get scared. He also spank on Natalia’s sex and she thinks it’s even worse that when he squeezed her nipples. She cries at each stroke. Christoff press after a moment of smacking one of his thumbs way up in her anus and she spans like a bow and screaming out. He pulls out his finger and lights his pipe again as it has extinct. He turns her over and sees a tearful face. Smoke some more it will make you feel better, he says. She smokes, now with hunger, she does not want to feel more pain. With three puffs she begins to feel relaxed again. Christoff takes a drag him as well and begins to undress himself. Now Natalia is so stoned that she just lies and giggles. Christoff has already his dick hard and ready, he goes off on this 10 year old breastless little girl who has not started to get hair on her pussy yet. He pulls her to him, puts himself on top over her with his whole body mass that probably weighs five times more than Natalia. He is aiming with his cock and push it in with a single motion. Natalia shudder in horror, she is so stunned by the drink and the smoke that she feels nothing, but she notices that something is inside of her and it is not at all nice. Christoff humping a couple of minutes before he squirts his seed into her unprotected innocent womb. Natalia can not move under his weight and now he falls asleep on top of her. She can not breathe, she tries to call for help, but the air is not enough. Natalia tries to get air, she resists with arms and legs, but her 10 year old body can not move the great colossus of over 260 pounds. Natalia can not get more air into the lungs and suffocate eventually to death. The last thing she thinks is how she is going to be able to look her family in their eyes after this shameful experience, How shold she explain that she did not want it? How would she explain that she got taken to this?

When Christoff wakes up, he can see how Natalia is asleep and he gets dressed, turn on the mobile and receives a message with a photo from his family in Capbreton in Southern France. It is the wife, son, dog and daughter who sends a greeting. The daughter is 10 years and is going to have her birthday party when he gets home. Christoff sends a message back saying that business is soon taken care of and that he will be back ASAP, turns off the cell phone, leaves the room and asked the man outside where the toilet is. He is sent to the cafe across the street. He goes there, order a café and goes to the bathroom.

Inside the brothel Natalia is left dead after her first meeting with a stranger. They finds her body a couple of hours later, they put her in a sack and a boy on a scooter comes and gets the bag, he then drives to a dump and throw “the rubbish” there.

The meeting

19 April, 2014, Easter Saturday.

Elin now owned many computers, or as it should be expressed: she had access to many other people’s computers. It was getting so many that her life became difficult to live. Elin had a couple of buddies who were hackers and they exchanged information and drugs with each other. Now she had a friend that had written a program that Elin sent out via Facebook. The program gave Elin free admission in the other person’s computer. The only downside was that he or she had to be in her Facebook friend list. Alain was featured in her Facebook, she therefore had free access to his computer. As so many times before in her life she lit a cigarette, took a deep drag but choked almost the smoke in her throat. She had read a personal Facebook message. Her new version of the remote eye on other people’s computers, sending personal Facebook messages if they had had new activity since last time.

Elin read from Alain’s computer: “There are smuggled every month tons of coca leaves to Spain.” Bad, bad, bad, fucking damn, stupid Alain. Why do you have to do this? Elin knew very well that it is not smart to put up a fight with drug gangs. But that Alain was that stupid? If this was the next scoop of Alain? So will it be the last. Elin continued to fast-read from Alain’s computer. It was a really good story, it could have become a worlds scoop of the year. It had been able to put really big names in the headlines around the world. But Elin did not want Alain to get into trouble, so she decided to stop him. She felt just as bad about drug gangs as misogynist, they would additionally often be the same hefty devils. She thought that Alain needed help, her help. She knew suddenly how she would await the press day and instead of Alain’s super hot story they would publish her little milder story, which would be about the same drug dealer, but on a national level. Elin would give the debt to the Italian mafia as was customary in the official drug world. They deserved that, considered Elin.

Alain was getting ready with his research work and were getting clear about who controlled the importation of koka leaf and cocaine production in Spain and Sweden. Importers in Spain of the innocent leaves, had done all they could to avoid being detected. They only had a small problem, they had to account for tons of Mate de yerba for koka leaves need was big, too big. They were forced to sell the Yerba Mate so cheap that it became less expensive for Argentines to buy home Mate de Yerbas from Spain than to buy it in Argentina. They had overlooked this small detail. One could have made it so simple. They could have sent, the from sales point of view, useless leaves to which other country and tipped it on a tip to make compostor or anything anywhere. But since Spain was the country that it was in, it was in Spain that the Yerba Mate stayed. They were additionally worried that it would be brought suspicion on large exports of tea, from Spain to the rest of Europe. The price was thus the reason for the revelation that Alain had now gotten to. Alain had tasted Mate de koka in Peru, Macchu Picchu, he had not liked it much. He tasted on this story and did not like it any better. He had not liked much about cocaine, he had been “babysitter” to the many colleagues within the force who had taken cocaine and then gone out and partied. It always ended the same way. The coke turned on colleague did not want to stop partying and drinking. They had all too often gone over to Spain to fuck young south american whores. In brothels in Spain were cocaine and cannabis where like water and air. Elin had given Alain a new perspective on cocaine. She got hold of strong almost pure cocaine, she had opened his eyes to this high-octane drug, which he had learned to love. But Alain did not use it as most others, he used it only in connection with sex to get more out of the activity. He liked cocaine intoxication and sexual orgies. He did not like S/M but he liked bondage, teasing now also kokaining as he used to call it.

Easter Sunday.

Alain sat comfortably in his chair on the terrace, the sun was on and he enjoyed. He opened the book “Exported Mafia”. Alain had never thought that the mob was so big and powerful. Billions and billions, 160 000 Euro per minute, it was the Italian Mafia’s total daily sales, not just drugs. Alain thought of his newly acquired knowledge and tried to make calculations. He had studied narc gangs propagation in months, it was his new job. His new position which drew scouts had got him over the head. He started to honestly believe that it was better to do as in Colorado, USA. Start legalize and bring in TVA, tax on drugs, it would be much more money to the city treasury, but on the other hand, what would the police do? If there were no mob? Alain kept reading and realized at once that the author who is said to work as an anti-mafia teacher at a university in Italy. He writes to get people to feel sorry for the drug syndicate, he is paid by the Mafia, the bastard. Damn here sits is a French policeman and read a book from an Italian antimaffioso and realize that the whole thing is a setup by the mob. Alain already knew about the whole dope story, he realized that the Italian mafia bosses just were obese spagettis. They were really just frontmen for a business that seemed poorly organized. They seemed to deal with quite a lot of money, but it was just a little bit of the total. The 150 tonnes of cocaine that were seized annually in Italy would in the book correspond to 10-15% of what is actually smuggled into Italy via Spain. Alain realized that it was the part of the cocaine that came pre-processed directly from Colombia, Bolivia and Peru, which had become the policemen’s salaries, they seized, they boasted photographs in the newspapers, that they had made major crackdown, then they divided the goods, put away some for themselves, sold some and gave back a little to the Mafia. That’s how the game worked, it allowed the Italian Cosa Nostra mafia to get at the nut. Politicians and police officers had been godparents to Don Corleone and his family a long time. Now they had to pay back, now that the economy in the organization was great and it was all about big money, billions of Euros.

Alain thought of Frederick and Elin, he wondered how he would do to get them to make a coup against these new Koka leaf smugglers. He put out the light, put himself to sleep to find out how he would trick each one into the coup.

21 April 2014, Easter Monday

Piiiip, alarm clock finished Alain’s sleep and he went into the kitchen to make coffee. He had a Nespresso super coffee maker, named Aguila “eagle” in English, with Milk frother and lots of other features. It would have cost him € 7000, but he got it through a drug bust. He sat down to drink his coffee, smiled when he remembered what was today’s task. He would get together a team that would coup the new drug mafia on one hundred kilograms of pure cocaine, and possibly a lot of money, maybe millions of Euros. But it had to happen before the police could strike. Alain opened his computer and logged into Facebook, he saw that Elin was online so with her he could chat. He sent a small -Hi to you and it was a long time ago … He wrote a personal message to Frederick, where he wondered how it was with the economy jobs etc … he got chat invitation from Jerry, The Japanese, he thought we were trying, though it would probably be only Chinese out of it. Frederick did not appear on Facebook as usual, his fast and short visits would only be a few minutes a day to see if anything new happened in his family and social circles. Alain sent a personal message to Frederick: -Fredrik, I have more information, you want to come to my little nook in Saint Juan de Luz and have a drink an maybe stay for a nice dinner? I can say this much: The restaurant chain Sussie’s Diner, they are behind the whole organized coca leaf imports. I have proof. Do you want to rob them and get back some of what you lost at the sale of your restaurant to them? There may be a couple of million euros? For Elin, he focused instead on the cocaine that he knew she would fall easier for. She was, what had she to lose? An apartment building? Life? She was open to adrenaline kicks, but she demanded that Joanna, her Swedish friend would be involved. Alain felt immediately that it was a good idea and wondered if they could get together a couple of days before they were to begin the operation: “Rob the Tea Gang” and play some interesting games? Fredrik suddenly also answered and asked how many they should be? -Jerry is back in Spain, I have heard, he wrote. Then he kept on and assked: -Alain, I have a good friend in Madrid, his name is Fabian, could we need him? Frederick added also that he lost his job and needed money.

Alain wanted to get but good pople, well yeah, if there was interest from Kamikatzes to be on guard for the coup? There were weapons for all.

Alain crafted the plans and told everyone what to bring, what to wear, what to do in order to be well prepared. He made a plan that was planned with the smallest details thought of. Then he logged in to determine the hit in order to present the entire plan and train his newfound colleagues. There would be shooting school and training in close fight, as well as some basic training in how to move unseen. Jerry would teach some Japanese martial arts, he was certain Ninja, with red belt. Alain wrote that now was all the details taken care of, time for operation in real-life situations.

Frederick ha answered, -When and where can we meet? Replies were received from both simultainusly. When? Where? And how? Wrote Elin. Frederick wrote: Can we meet you in Saint Juan de Luz, or are there mines at yours? Is there no other safer place? Alain replied that he had a friend in Hossegor on the French Atlantic coast, he had had a cafe there. He’s old coworker of mine since we were recruits in Paris. He is called Christoff. He has just come home from vacation in Brazil and Argentina. He has not really been told anything yet, I would like to discuss this with you first. We can get into a bungalow at the camping “Saint Martin” in Moliets et-Maa. Alain received support from both and it was determined that they sould meet now, at once, to talk.

Wednesday after Easter.

At the entrance to the Camping named “Saint Martin”. Alain was first on the scene awaiting the other two in the trio that would perform the coup of the century against Venezuelan drug mafia or “the Tea Gang” as they came to be called. Elin came sliding in a rented red Chrystler cab, she steps out, she has combed her, dressed and wore makeup so she looked like Marilyn Monroe, but slightly taller.

-You should have become a model, says Alain.

-Oh, I got the offer once, but I overslept, there is no acceptable schedule to pursue in modeling, that is for others.

-This is Christoff, we did basic training together. Normaly he works here in the region of Les Landes in the Gendarme. Though he has gone over to catering. serving “cops-coffe”, Alain laughed at his own joke. Elin greeted politely at the giant, Christoff and gave the usual French cheek kisses. Elin could not help but feel the discomfort of Christoffs revelation, she felt that he was an obnoxious type.

-Well, are you going to be in the coup?

-No, I have sold my Snack bar, divorced and bought a brothel in Spain, so I’ll import teenage girls from South America, and rent them to tourists and truck drivers, so they can fuck with real teenage girls.

-Elin frooze and felt even worse about this Christoff. Then she caught sight of his T-shirts Print: “Touche pas à mon Pute” the text was surrounded by a contour similar to a stopping hand. Christoff left them with an excuse that he had received a lot of emails that he had to answer.

Frederick arrived in his dark blue Dacia Logan.

-Hey Hey, here I come!

-When will you change car?

-Never, I love this car, but if I one day can afford it I shall install AC, it gets so hot otherwise, phu, too hot. How is it with you? How has the spring been? Are you within the crises or do you stand outside as before?

-I have to chase the people so that they pay the rent, otherwise everything is fine, or that is to say, everything is as usual.

-I’m better than ever, chasing drug gangs are good graft and not as dangerous as chasing terrorists.

-Aha, I thought they were the same types. Should we park here or is there a better place? Are there a nice restaurant around? I am a bit hungry, I have been driving since this morning and I don’t really like the highway food.

-I know a tapas place a few hundred yards away, we can take Elin’s car, it’s gourgeous.

5 minutes later.

They parked right outside a terrace equipped kiosk advertising tapas and Spanish flag and a bull outside.

-Distasteful with Spanish flag here in France, and so close to the Basque Country? Or?

-Oh, there is peace now.

-Well, I’ve lived in the Basque Country since 1999, for me it feels weird to see the Spanish flag, it used to be “Ikurriña” the Basque flag (red background with a white cross and a green transversal cross) that hung everywhere.

-What are they serving? I suppose they have good Rioja wine, with that flag?

-We shall order tablas with tapas and Rioja Gran Reserva.

-That will be just fine, now let’s get food, what a relief. You Alain, sorry for the Vasaloppet and the sad end. But when did you come up with the proof that it was Sussie’s Diner that is behind the Koka leaves importation and cocaine production?

-It was when I was in Argentina the second time now, I fell over the last evidence, but I expected it since we were on the pintxo tour in the old town of San Sebastian, on December 21, Santo Tomas in Spain. You called the specific day Midvinterblot? If I’m not mistaken. Then there was that young man Ecke who lived in your house in Vomhus, he seemed a little bit too fishy. I followed him and he worked in that factory, which were suppose to make “hamburgers”, but they got no meat there. The trucks drove containers there but did not come with cooling equipment and containers came from Argentina, Uruguay and Venezuela. I spied a little and saw that, what Ecke did inside the room was rather manufacturing cocaine than kneading hamburgers. I therefore went back to Madrid and then Argentina and glanced at each from freight arrived and found the farms and picked some leaves which I have analyzed. They are Coca leaves and not the Yerbas leaves as they say.

-Why didn’t you tell me before? Up in Vomhus for example?

-Hm, I tried, but you were not receptive, don’t you remember how angry you were? It wasn’t simply the right time, or I had only some unproven clues, I did not have much more than circumstantial evidence and suspicions. Now I’m sure. Elin looked strange at them both, she did not know how much she would dare to show that she knew. Actually, she should be completely unaware. She decided that they had to explain and asked: -Ok, I do not really know what you’re talking about, could you update me a little? Alain told the whole story and Elin got to know as much as she should know of the information that she had already been aware of since the sneak peek in Alain’s computer. Alain proceeded to tell us new information that Frederick did not know previously. He told of how he had been checking on that Ecke who had rented the cabin of Frederick’s family reside in Orsa. He explained that they had a factory to make burgers at for a fast food chain, but there was no chain of that name in Scandinavia. They still got a 40-foot container in the month to them and then came a lot of UPS and other couriers who picked up small packets all the time. Since Alain had gone to Spain to backup check in Madrid, where they also have a factory. The same thing there, it arrived a couple of 20-foot containers a day. Which was because they also prepared real hamburgers and other food, enough for 40 hamburger restaurants. But also cocaine. Alain did not know how many of the containers that could contain koka leaves. He guessed that it was 2-3 times more than what came to Sweden.

Frederick wanted the word. If you are right, as we are here to decide, we might do a trick on one of the most dangerous gangs in the world, or even if they are not dangerous, they have bigger budgets than any other country to liquidate us. It’s really really hot. While you also say that it should be large amounts of money in cash? Inside the factory?

-Well, I suspect that they get paid in cash from certain clients, it could be millions. I have recon and seen that they have been visited by cash shipments on Saturdays, so it would be perfect to make the grab before the weekend.

-OK, we could do it the last day in April weekend? Prompts Frederick. Both me and Vanessa have birthdays then, we could take a little vacation time. A small camping vacation the Spanish Mediterranean coast and I could make a fast visit to Madrid. Do the hit and go back to the family.

-Why the first of May? Alain did not really get the election.

-New moon, you will not be seen so much then … Frederick had an eye on the moon.

-If so, I think that May first will be fine, then it’s long weekend and many will be on vacation from the usual production.

-Good, then we take that date, who are coming? Should Christoff help? Frederick had wondered if they would be just three or more. Elin said her veto:

-No, if that Christoff is coming , I would not give this a try togther with him. Although he might be good muscle power, I would never want to see him again. Disgusting bastard, bueck!

-Wow, I have never seen him, I do not know.

-He was here before you came, he has sold his beach cafe, divorced and bought a brothel in Spain. He will import and rent out South American teenage girls as whores. Obnoxious type.

-He was my friend when we studied at the police academy in Paris, he seems to have changed a bit, though we cops are probably all a little bit sick in the head, especially in the sex, we have some need to exercise power upon others. Now we talk about other things, drink us happy and tomorrow I will start with the preparatory work before the coup. Txin-Txin!




30 April 2014

In Frederick’s bedchamber: “Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birhday dear mama happy birthday to , you.” Vanessas birthday and all three: Frederick, Robin and Helene congratulate on the bed. One maner that Vanessa has never understood. She was accustomed to celebrating birthday with dinner and wine, that would end with cake and presents, preferably chocolate cake, and much gifts, books, and travels was on the wish list. Vanessa agreed this morning terror for the children, they loved birthdays, they like to see the candles burn, they like to compete to see who can blow out the candles first, they practice the songs for weeks before. Of course it was a little complicated in this home. The languages, the children were exposed daily to about 5 languages. Swedish that Frederick talked with the children. His spouse spoke of course French with them. At school before they had moved to Montpellier the two children had talked Basque, an ancient European language which has nothing to do with Spanish and according to those who speak the language considers it to be the finest of all languages. Additionally spoken Spanish by most on the streets and at home Frederick and the children’s mother spoke English. Neither Frederick or Vanessa had learned Basque particularly good and the kids had, therefore, a secret language they could speak almost entirely secret. Frederick and Vanessa, however, could only speak their own languages, plus Spanish and English. The children understood everything they said.

-Vanessa, today is the day we have to do the job.

-Are you absolutely sure that it is a good idea anyway?

-No, we aren’t, but if we don’t do this now we will never be able to do have the same chance again and we would have a big load of money, they are about to run out. Now that I do not have a job and we can not live on the grants only.

-Well, you do as you wish, but we don’t want you home in a body bag, please promise me that.

-I promise.

Frederick quickly showered and dressed to take the car to Madrid to meet Elin, Joanna, Jerry and Alain. That would be just a daydrive now when the family had moved to Montpellier, to stay closer to the grandparents. Frederick had suggested camping in benidorm area as holiday for the weekend, but it had not been approved.

At Carlos Muñoz residence, he had been ill in amonia for almost a week and was on the mend. At the doctor’s encouragement, he had begun to make some physical efforts. He therefore went to the gym and would drive a recreational round and then swim a mile. In the dressing room, he began to feel dizzy and nauseous, could it be the antibiotics? He thought to himself. He got changed, however, and walked with slow steps towards the gym. He started with some warm-up but did not feel hearty. He went instead to the Jacuzzi and sat there for a while. He was still not well. He got changed and took a taxi to the hospital for a checkup.

A few hours later, Carlos is in a hospital bed, they have taken for the analyzis, three test tubes of blood and he is awaiting responses with nerves on edge. Since he had the heart stroke he had to check his blood pressure and constantly eating various heart medications. But he handled the piece flawlessly and exercised moderately every day since. Just as the doctor had ordered.

-Carlos Muñoz Rodriguez?

-Si, yes it’s me, can I get something refreshing so I can be discharged?

-No not yet, we have some things that you need to be informed about concerning your health. I’ll send you to a therapist.

-What therra, I want to get out of here, now, today, there must be something you can give me so I feel better.

-Well there is certainly something, but you must get your health declared for you and you need to get information on how to keep on living from today and on.

-Oh, what the hell, talk like people, so I understand. Give me a recipe so we are done with each other, then I will not disturb more.

-I can’t, you first need to see the therapist. Carlos was red faced and looked for the heart medicine in his pocket.

-Fuck it, take me there then so we can get the crap out of the world.

5 minutes later: The therapist’s waiting room

-Carlos Muñoz Rodriguez?

-Yes that’s right, it is me. Rodriguez, Carlos Muños Rodriguez, can you please take the short version? I have no time for major fuss.

-Hm, the short version can be 2 years, it can become a bit further 10-15 years. How long time do you want to live?

-What? I have medicine, the heart is OK, I try to exercise regularly etc etc etc.

-Carlos, now it is not the heart but the blood that has become sick. You have received a fatal disease that can not be cured, it can be slowed down and it can be kept in check for many years, but there are many new things you need to start thinking of on a daily basis.

-OK, so tell me, what is the name of this disease then?

-Well, It is known by many names but is best known as HIV.

-Hi hi hi HIV, HIV? You have got the wrong person, I’m not gay.

-There are only gays that gets AIDS.

-Hm, first, it is not true that it is only homosexuals that get HIV, you must also learn to distinguish between words and meaning. You have so far only HIV, your disease situation has not yet reached AIDS, which is good because we can do a lot for you to continue to live a fairly normal life.

-Well, one should have to live normal life now? How do you do that? Getting up in the morning and work in the factory, or …? What is it good for? Hm, phuuu?

-It can be a kind of life. What do you usually do during the day?

-Business, I run both a Tea imports from South America, and I’m also president of the American retro-designed restaurant chain in Spain named Sussie’s Diner. Do you know it?

-Well I’ve heard of it, but I eat obviously not such food. I eat ecologic and not meat.

-Ah I see, a vegan huh?

-I do not eat meat but I do eat fish if it comes from our own river. My family grow everything ourselves, we have a farm with fishing and forestry.

-What are you doing here then?

-Trying to help people like you, in personal crisis and distress.

-Distress? Hehehehe, the Spanish crisis has not hit me, I have no crisis or emergency, I’d probably be able to buy your little farm tomorrow day, cash if needed.

-It is not for sale, but it would probably cost you about € 20 million.

-Wow, so much for a few shrubs, carrots and potato plants?

-Well, well, let’s not be such, we have great hunting grounds, too, although we rent them out because we do not hunt. But overall, we have 200 acres. Many buildings on the property and we have plans to build a golf course and maybe a small SPA and hotel with raw food theme and organic menu.

-Oh, pull the pulleys, that’s the kind of shit sick people are eating.

-Yes, and if you want to feel better you will probably need further consideration now, and realise that you actually are sick now and if you misbehave you can go fast downhill.

-Oh, you know, we could take this on the emails or whats up? In fact, I have not got time for this today. I have full schedule.

-If you have the chance to calm down a bit it will definitely be easier to help you.

-Here is my card, I’ll let you know. The therapist sat there dumbfounded, she had met many who denied their illness, she had managed to do most. Many or almost all had eventually broken down and had crying spells and anxiety-like attacks. But with this man, she felt that there was probably no point, “let him die” she wrote in her notebook. She quickly tore off the sheet and tore it into confetti pieces, threw it in the trash. Then she lifted up the phone and rang the hospital’s lawyer, to inform of the new problem.

Carlos cell phone rings


-It’s from the hospital, I am a lawyer, you disappeared without having been discharged, you must come back.

-Fuck, what else?

-You will be picked up by the police, you carry dangerous infection and must sign a couple of papers with information about your health condition.

-What the hell have I done to have to put up with this, I told the therapist that I’m not gay, I do not have AIDS.

-Come and don’t you wiggle, you will be wanted on International basis unless you come within 2 hours. Carlos felt how he started sweating and blood pressure rose. He searched frantically for cardiovascular medicine, he stopped the car, took the pills, looked stressed at the clock and then he steered the car back to the hospital. At the reception, he shows up health insurance papers and identity documents. He was ordered to sit and wait. After five minutes, the doctor came with another man, they stepped into the waiting room and the doctor pointed to Carlos and said:

-There he sits.

The other man introduces himself as the hospital’s attorney and that he had various things to discuss with Carlos. The Counsel indicated with a gesture that Carlos should follow him. They walked in corridors that seemed endless. After about 20 minutes of hiking and a long elevator ride, they came to an office at the top of the hospital building. A striking views stretching in all angles.

-Wow, what does this office cost you?

-It costs many years of toil in law school and then it’s taken me about 15 years to reach this item.

-Well, you’re official? What do you gain?

-I am a state employee, which means that I can not get fired, as long as I don’t do anything illegal that puts me for example in prison.

-Ok, but what are your salary, how much chips you get at the end of the month?

-Around 3000 net.

-Ha ha ha ha, 3000? What kind of currency?


-3000 Euro? I have around 20,000, plus benefits, but I like this office. Can you rent it to me?

-It is not going to be an issue, no way you will have this office.

-Well, yes, I think so. Do you know the song: “Money for nothing and chicks for free”? It’s about me, you know? Shall we say 3000 Euros a month, with the Internet included, I will pay you in cash, no receipts, if anyone is wondering what I’m doing here I am visiting, or on business. I order some newer furniture, some color, fancy curtains, new carpet and a couple of inches larger computer screens. Carlos walked in a circle around the office and pointed to the things he would have changed if the office had became his, he stopped and pointed to the orange monochrome computer screen that stood on the Counsel table, Carlos grinned far and asked if it was a museum piece. Then he found an old floppy disk that he bent on nostalgically in front of his face, he smiled and said: -Do you know when they stopped making these?

-You can forget all that and this is my office. Now let’s tackle the legal details. You will be informed of your legal rights and obligations regarding your condition.

-I’m not sick, damn it, they have mixed up blood samples. I do not have HIV, I’m not gay.

-It may be that I can believe you on the point, that you aren’t gay, but that does not mean you can not have been infected by a prostitute.

-I do not fuck whores. Girls come to me like flies to shit.

-I would need to know more about your sex life. You say you are not gay and do not go to prostitutes. Do you have one or more partners?

-What do you care? Wat is this? A fucking interrogation?

-It is important that we map out your sex life. We must try to find the source of your infection. He or she must be taken in and examined.

-What is this talk about “him”? I have said that I am not gay. Damn, it must it be so damn hard to get into your small mind?

-I understand that this is not so funny. But it is our legal obligation to tell us with which you have had sex with the last 6 months or preferably 12 months.

-12 months? Phu, Carlos blew with stretched cheeks. It can be difficult to find them all.

-Ok, we start with where you usually go? Do you look for sexual partners somewhere in particular? And would you be able to estimate the number?

-No, I don’know how many, maybe a dozen a week, I usually go to fine bars and hotels where I end up with the job.

-And where do you pick up girls? Or do you make up where to meet. A dozen a week, you say, are they the same dozen? Or are they different?

-Oh, what different does it make, lots of girls, count yourself, a dozen a week for 52 weeks. Approximately five hundred a year.

-How long do you stay with those you meet?

-Sometimes a few days, it has happened that it has become one night stands, but it is unusual, the girls like me. I have money and offers gourmet food and champagne.

-And how can you be sure that they are not prostitutes?

-I pay for food and drink but I do not pay for sex.

-OK, we’ll assume that you’re right, we could get hold of any of these girls you have met in the last year? Now if you are so sought after, you probably have tail wherever you go, some of them will come back and maybe want more contact?

-Can be difficult, but what the hell does it matter.

-Well if she is out there and don’t know that she is sick and has sex with severals, more will maybe also be infected? In addition there is the risk that you have infected a large number of girls, if you have had unprotected sex with them.

-Oh, let them die, we’ll surely all die?

-Yes, but besides that it is not fair, it is also illegal. We thus have a legal dilemma, therefore they have called me.

-Yes, but I don’t know how they can be found?

-You can simply look through your phone book and write down recent calls in the call records from your phone company.

-Funny guy, give me the papers to be signed so I can take a look at them later.

-There is a way to find out quite exactly what date you became infected, but it requires a special test, it should be taken out of the spinal cord, it gives us the answer through a method similar to the carbon 12 method, though it is a test from the mother cells of the spine where they come from. It is a good method if you do not know who in your case how many you’ve met and when. Since they work with something right now that is a completely new vaccine against HIV that uses exactly that, the mother cell as a base in the culture. I can recommend you to enroll to the test panel.

-Sounds rough, you know what? We do not care about the whole thing, I’m healthy, that I was yesterday and I can be that tomorrow too. Well there is something you can give to me, right?

-Yes, of course we can, but it is clear that you must cooporate to get help. If you don’t accept our help, AIDS will soon get hold on you, the doctor said six months from today and you will be walking around with infections that will kill you, until you die a very painful death.

-Now I think you sound a little bit too intimidating.

-I’m not threatening you, your own body will eat up its own immune system, and you will die the most painful of deaths.

-Ok, if I cooporate, there are medicines that fixes me up then so I will get well?

-Well has so far non become, but we are usually able to provide about 15 years of life, to those who cooperate.

-Damn, OK, make sure to get that bitch who gave me the crap we will have to deal with her as soon as possible.

-Well, now I am immediately on a better wavelength with you, I’m going to print all the forms we need to fill.

When Carlos had done all the paperwork, he went home to rest. He thought that tomorrow is the first of May, He is not working, I can take a long weekend, he thought and, he called the number to his favorite escort service and ordered four young ladies, he wanted them all weekend and they should have different hair color red, black, blonde and a brunette, he wanted them to be 20 years, not more neither less and be very feminine.

The Raid

Alain sit again on his huge terrace, having his morning coffe and browse through all the world digits on drugs in the world. “2010 Bolivia’s annual production of Coca leaves amounted to 40 000 tonnes, which would be converted into 400 tons of pure cocaine, or 1,600 tons of blended street cocaine. The selling on the street would be approximately 75 billion Euros (75 000 000 000). However, it is “only” approimately 25% that goes away to export and therefore becomes cocaine, 400 tons, 400 000 000 grams, 4 000 000 000 lines. Adding the production of Colombia, Peru and nowadays also Argentina and probably more countries in South America.” Alain took notes and made a calcul… Hm, 4 billion noses of coke… 1 normal guy like him might have consumed a few grams per month, and someone like Elin maybe a gram a day and some really high consumer could take a few grams a day and about 5-7 grams in a day could be overdose and cause instant death. Alain chosed to go for 1 gram per month and made the calcul… 400 000 000 grams in 12 grams per consumer… 3,3 million consumers. Alain realised that the production from Bolivia woud not last long. Only in Europe he estimated the number of Cocain consumer to approximately ten times that or about 30 milllion Cocain consumer that in average consumed only one gram per month. He also thought that could be low numbers… he had read somewhere that the Mafias Direct sales were responsable of approximately 5-8 % of the Italian BNP. If in Europe the Cocain sales were responsable of 2% of European BNP, it would be about…30 000 euros per European habitant 500 000 000 habitants gives a BNP of 15 000 000 000 000 Euros, 2% would be 30 000 000 000 Euro. That would be on the street 1 000 000 000 grams of cocain, approximately the double of what Alain had calculated. Alain thought that was an OK number to count on, defenitely not too high, probably still to low. Aain thought that could probably represent Spain and Italy only, but maybe also France. It would probably stand for only half of the consumtion in Europe. Alain got tired and thought that the world is crazy, he finnished his coffe and put the last piece of Chocolate roll in his mouth, closed his eyes and fell into a sleep full of dreams, numbres, drugs, people taking drugs, brothels, killing, and money, it all started to roll faster and faster in his head.

May 1, 2013 Thursday

It was time for the big raid before the cops would do it. Alain had taken command of the group’s overall strength. It was Frederick, Elin, Joanna, Jerry. Jerry could still not understand everything the other members said, but he thought it was exciting to be into the group. Alain had blueprints and weapons, everything was planned to the smallest detail. Alain distributed headsets to be used for the communication is between them all. He made tests to ensure that the equipment worked as it should. Hr also had awarded glasses with night vision for every one. Alain handed out the appropriate weapons and ammunition. Joanna wondered if all this would be necessary? Alain had replied that the drugfactory was probably well watched and that they could not ignore the risk that a cocaine factory would be full of armed guards. Now came the upholstery front, black military uniforms for combat at night. Frederick commented that they looked like a SWAT team on TV. There was a tense silence in the group. Jerry thought it was exciting, he seemed not to understand the risk factor in the operation and Fredrik began to regret that he had been consecrated in this operation. Elin, asked if there was anyone who wanted a nose of Coke? All but Frederick nodded entusiastic. Elin took a pea and sniffled a bit, you could see on Joanna that she wanted more and she asked for a separate line for her. She took it and looked euphoric when she had understood what quality the drug had. So far, the clock was only lunchtime so there was plenty of time to go through the plans and organization before the raid that would take place after dark scene. It was supposed to happen at 9:30 pm, at that time most Spaniards have dinner, which was strategic as employees of the cocaine factory would probably be on their way home or already at home. If they were lucky the factory would only have a single guard, perhaps not even armed, but it would be no problem for Alain to take care of a guard even with weapons.

Lunchtime and the group went into Getafe nearby McDonald’s to fill the bellies. None did really like the food they served, but they had chosen to do the raid May first so less people would work, and it was a long weekend, which meant many out of town. It also meant that it was difficult to find a good dining place for the group. Alain was not happy about the choice to eat at Mc Donald’s and says: -Damn Frederick, why didn’t you succeed to build fastfood chain? your burgers are 100 times better!

-And the Pizzas, how shall we manage to live without them now? Asked Elin high dreamily.

-If I had managed to build a chain with my Diner we had not gathered here tonight. But on the other hand. If this Drug Mafia hadn’t started Diners I could probably had succeeded and that is why I do this together with you tonight, I’ve lost everything I had built up in Spain to this bloody drug gang, they sat up competition against me, unfaire competition. Let them all die a painful death. Joanna sat quietly and nibbled on her Nuggets. Jerry did not say a word in edgeways as usual. Alain said it was probably not meant for bon vivants and people without plans should eat good food.

Frederick laughed and chuckled to clear, -Shit shoud crap have. The one who pay peanuts, gets monkeys. My restaurant was simply pearls for swine, no one really appreciated the quality I served.

-Oh, It’s about marketing, you have to have a lot of marketing, create Image.

-I know all that, but with no money, no advertising …

-Tonight You will see the money, promised Alain. I hope it will be fun says Joanna.

-It Is quite certain that there is an unlimited amount of Coke? Right? Completed Elin, before she chewed on the last of her hamburger. Frederick became curious about how Joanna and Elin had met, Frederick recognized Joanna and wondered if it was the girl he had met in Stockholm about 20 years earlier. A girl who was a friend of another girl he had met during a few weeks in Stockholm. A girl who was a stripper in the nightclub Taboo at Odenplan. Frederick became aware that Joanna could be a friend of one of his old flirts and he got up recollections of the head. Fredrik remember one night when he was done working an evening shift at the McDonald’s he used to work in, that year. He remembered how he had been invited to the nightclub for free, which was unusual. One would normally pay at least 1 500 Euro to come in and drink beer or non-alcoholic sparkling wine at high prices. Watch the girls who stripped, be served by the naked waitresses. Swedish laws so that a stripper could not take off their underpants on stage, but there were no laws on how little clothing a waitress could wear. They let therefore strippers stripping until they had panties on, but served quite bare, most dressed in high heels and guild league necklace. The night Frederick came to the club, his girlfriend got up on stage and brought up Frederick on stage. They had conducted a number of stripptease together where Frederick had prepared with tanga underwear, under his boksershorts. He was happy and proud afterwards. The next day, those who were responsible for the night club uploaded a new rule. All the girls would each evening have to bring up minimum one man each from the audience and stripping him. Frederick had made porn history in Stockholm’s underworld.

Well, Joanna already knew whom Frederick was, she did not direct like him, after what had changed at the club that night.

-It was a long time ago now. Later on we opened the cafà © Little OGO on Odensgatan, Jokso got a lot to do and in 1998 they shot him, but you probably already know about that, and if not just check on Internet, write Draan Joksovic, and they will tell you all the official lies? Joanna slowly began to shed tears. Elin came and hugged her and told her that if she wanted to, she could move down to her in Irun.

Alain sat and looked for information on the Internet: Gomorrah is Italy’s newest mafia shown through their methods. They are guilty of 4000 murders the past 30 years, three per day. They control the drug trade on the plaza Scampia, the largest drug trafficking place in the world, under the open sky. If the day collects a single clan of the Gomorrah about 500 000 Euros. The money must be washed and it is said that the Gomorrah has collected money for the rebuild “The Twin Towers”. Gomorrah was also the name of a book and a film, written by Roberto Saviano, an Italian that had grew up in the Gomorrah area and had hated them since he was a small kid.

Carlos castle look alike villa 14:55

Carlos woke up with anxiety and headaches, Champagne drunk without bounds and Cannabis had been smoked during the night. The orgy had eptied him on all energy, moreover, he had taken the first course of braking medicine that could provide various sideffects. Carlos thought at first that the headache was a side effect and called the hospital. They said it usually takes longer before the sideeffects will come. But that Carlos could not drink alcohol now during the first few months when they would identify the disease. Carlos laughed, no alcohol in a few months? Or maybe never had the doctor said. Carlos went into his office, he had installed in the basement of his villa. He had hired two standalone sequrity companies to install surveillance equipment both in his home and in the factory he was responsible for. From the office that was built under the house like a bunker, Carlos could see what went out in the factory. If an alarm went off, he had a specially trained group of 10 soldiers who could come to the factory in about ten minutes. They were always on alert. In the factory were traded daily 15 tons of Coca leaf into cocaine. It came every day a new 20-foot container full of leaves torn down, ready to break down and fished out Cocaine Crystals from. Production each week amounted to about one ton of pure cocaine, which were then mixed with powdered local anesthetic. Carlos was thinking when he seen on TV how they taste Cocaine to know if it is of good quality. He laughed a little, there was no tricky way to find out if it’s Cocaine or not. Nor quality could be settled that way. If cocaine is very blended usually it taste bitter and give the tongue a dazed effect, but it takes about five to fifteen minutes before the numbing effect is achieved. Snorting the cocaine the effect comes directly within minutes, there will a swisch right into the trip. The swisch from the Cocaine comes before you feel the local anesthetic. Therefore, there is really no other way to test Cocaine quality other than that just try the drug, a mind-numbing way of life, if you manufacture and deal in cocaine.

Getafe Industrial area,

It was quieter than in the grave in the Industrial area. In some factories it had been hanged unions slogans the weekend to honor the Labour day, but then they had gone away from there, probably were most at home playing Playstation and ate way too much Serrano ham and Bag in Box red wine or Spanish Cava. The time had begun to approach the raid, they wanted to get to the place before dark blasted properly, partly because of geting a overwiev and double-check the planned routes for escape. Alain had everything ready for them, but Frederick wanted to see if there were other escape routes to take in case.

They had three vehicles. Frederick was driving his Bark blue Dacia Logan Station Wagon and had brought Jerry in. Elin drove her Porsche Cayenne which she proudly had Joanna in. Alain drove a custom built motorcycle with hybrid engine which he had got through the job. What was most special about it was the electrical motor that could be turned on when he didn’t want to be heard. Otherwise the motorcycle looked like any other military vehicle. Green and black in ugly camouflage painted pattern in matte colors. Alain gathered the group for a final review of the attack, the implementation of the raid and escape. Alain wanted them to try to do everything in shortest time possible. Preferably not over 10 minutes. Alain did not tell why there was such a hurry. He knew, however, that it could come a van or two full with Carlos soldiers who would try to end the group very quickly. Alain felt sure to survive, but did not know how the rest of the group would fare.

Darkness came and the clocks showed 21:25.

Two red tiny Smart cars and a white Toyota Celica had left the factory five minutes earlier and Alain took the opportunity to encourage the group to feel strong. They had parked their cars strategically. Elin’s car that was guard car stood in front of the factory so that those who first got out could jump into her car. It was Elin’s Cayenne staffed with Joanna and she had a AK4 and a PSG-90 (armored rifle model 90). Her instructions were to shoot if it came cars driving towards the factory. First with AK4, and if it did not help, she would fire a shot armor, which she only got to shoot off if hostile vehicle was found at least 300 feet away, in order that the shot would not otherwise be reinforced, and it would not work. The reason is realms of physical injury to person firing on armored bulkhead would explode too close. The other car that was Jerry’s lookout was in Frederick’s dark blue Dacia. Jerry would be parked around the corner, but get driving only if he heard vehicles approaching. He was also equipped with PSG-90 a couple of pistols and hand grenades. His instructions were to throw hand grenades until they ran out. Then shoot with the PSG-90 and then holding back until he needed to use guns. The actual attack and the job would bee done by the trio Frederick, Elin and Alain. Alain was in charge and told the group that now was the time. In order not to be labeled in any On-Line monitoring equipment, Alain had been practicing infringing alerted the premises. He had acquired jamming equipment. In addition, he set up mines at the entrance to the factory, so that any vehicle that could come driving up the factory’s drive way, would be shot with lots of bullets in 20 millimeters size. Fredrik carried two guns of some kind with the bullets inserted into the handle and Elin also had two of the same kind of guns. Moreover, they were provided with knives and throwing stars. Jerry had trained them in how to effectively throws with the stars. Alain had besides pistols also a AK5 as he hugged tightly and gave a lycky kiss before they walked toward the building. We’ll see them all of 5 to 10 minutes here with bags full Alain said. If something goes wrong we will meet tomorrow in Segovia were we have decided. OK.

Here we go. All took a deep breath as if they were going to dive in under water. The intrusion was painless, they came into the factory and saw the huge machines cooking equipment mills and other machines they could not understand the use of, they realized it was the production area. A little further out, there were packaging machines and large boxes more or less filled with TE-packs.


Carlos pocket suddenly heard an audible alarm, and he jumps awaken from a nap. He looks sleepy but stressed on the screens in his office and sees three people walking around in his factory. He does not recognize them and wonder what’s going on. The three looked like cops what the clothes were concerned, but they did not move at all as if they were trained police officers, except maybe one of them, the tallest, cropped hair and a neat AK5 gun. Outside the building could Carlos just see a car parked, it was a Porsche Cayenne and there sat a little girl in the car. Carlos felt it was time for a call-out and pressed the emergency button to activate his soldiers. Carlos awaiting a phone call from the officer, to receive orders. It took 5 minutes before the phone rang. Carlos had consumed a number of cardiac tablets during the wait and was completely red in the face, he had difficulty breathing. The conversation was short. Because of the long weekend was the officer in charge at the moment alone but five other soldiers were on their way in and the officer would prepare for real-life situation. Carlos concluded that he would get to the factory as soon as possible. Carlos swore that hell typical moment when we thought of sending Ecke back to Sweden.

In the Cocain factory,

A small electric motor sound, Elin is looking straight into a camera that rotates according to the group’s advance. She pats Alain on the shoulder and points at the camera. Alain swear and then says: -OK, we may have no more than 10 minutes on us before we will get the resistance group here. Move on. The group was moving towards what would be offices and vaults. They came into the office and found a huge door to a vault. Alain fished up some plastic explosives and smeared onto selected parts of the safe door. He told the others to go away. Elin who was really just looking for a few kilos of Cocaine, ran away to the cartons in which it was fine clods of Cocaine, the most concentrated form possible to produce and not the white powder she used to snort at home. She put about twenty kilos in her backpack before she disappeared into the entrance and would secure the exit for Frederick and Alain. Frederick took a good bit Cocaine and put in a bag of Alain. 5 minutes remaining maximum of screamed Alain and so there was a, BOOM! The blast was deafening and it blew a blast through the building. Fredrik thought quickly that shit, with such a bang, there will be no money left, but Alain knew what he was doing and it was really only the door to the vault that had gone up. Inside the vault, it was pallets filled with vacuum-packed 500 Euro banknotes, Frederick became at first completely speechless and just watched, then after Alain patted him on the shoulder he woke up from the shock and began filling his backpack with blocks of millions of Euros.

-3 minutes remaining maximum, screamed Alain.

Out in the Porsche Cayenne Joanna were shaking of fear, she had heard the blast and was now sure if she seen Elin for the last time.

Alain took his backpack and filled it, too. One minute left let’s pull out shouted Alain. Just as they were about to go out of the building they hear a bang as Alain know is one of the mines. He thinks “what the hell now”, why mine first, and not a single shot from either Joanna nor Jerry. Alain throws himself on the floor and shuffles to the door to see if he can understand what has happened. He sees only smoke first, then he knows how it burns to the ear. Shocked he crawls back and sign for Fredrik and Elin pulling weapons. There comes a big man in the door and he almost stepped on Alain. Alain grabs his leg pulls him down while in a rehearsed reflex cut the man’s achilles tendon, the man falls to the floor slide spirit with his rifle. Alain puts an end to him with a well-aimed stab in the neck and the blood spurting like a fountain from her neck. The aorta thinks Frederick, shit it had been truly looking if it had been on the movies. Fredrik know how he has become wet in the pants, he had wet himself. Elin screamed in panic and Alain shouted that they would get to escape to the cars and go away. Alain had electronic disarming for the mines and deactivated them all so they could get to the cars without getting shot at by their own mines. Outside the building there was parked a similar motorcycle that Alain had, it was not the same kind, it was the one that the big man had come occupant on. That was why they had heard nothing when the giant had approached. Frederick ran to his car where Jerry waited. Frederick could not see Jerry, Fredrik thought that Jerry had perhaps come to the rescue, he had perhaps seen the man coming on his motorcycle. But Frederick could not find Jerry, he ran around the car and jumped quickly into the car on the driver’s side and started the engine and drove off. He had been instructed to run away to the wilds if there had been problems. Frederick had completely forgotten himself and drove the same way they had come by earlier. Meanwhile Alain drives away on his motorcycle out to the wilderness, Frederick becomes aware that he himself is driving towards the wrong direction, and thinks that he should turn around later. He is looking for a good place to turn the car on.

Elin comes up to her car where Joanna sits in the driver’s seat with rigid gaze and AK4-gun in the firing position. Elin screaming for her to start the engine. It takes a few screams before Elin understand that Joanna does not respond when spoken to. She opens the car door grabs Joanna, she is soaked with blood from the spine and falls lifeless in the arms of Elin. Elin gets hysterical again, hitting around her and it takes a couple of minutes before she comes to her senses. Joanna falls to the ground next to Elin’s car. Then Elin suddenly spots headlights from the forest and do not know who it could be. Is it Fredrik coming back or is it the enemy coming and going to finish her? Elin panicking and looking for the PSG90 that Joanna should have on hand. She sees it lying on the floor, she puts it in the firing position, then she takes the AK4-gun and slamming of an ointment to see if the car stops and pushes back. Her porsche has a small detail that no one knows about, it is armored, it was an option for about 10 000 Euro, which she does not regret now. The car in the forest stops and she sees how it burns with an automatic fire salvo against her. She sticks her hand after Cocaine box she always has in her pocket. She pulls a small pea. Then everything becomes clear. She then raises the PSG 90 and pulls the trigger, a rocket flies away and there will be a huge blow, exactly where she had previously seen the car. A heavy cloud of smoke formed, and she could see nothing of the car, she assumes that she has liquidated it and starts the engine of her Porche, now much calmer. Then she sees a pair of headlights again lights up in smoke cloud now closer than before. She panics, hitting a 180 degree turn and press the gas pedal, the automatic transmissioned Porsche roars like a hundred lions and the car completely jump off and Elin holding the steering wheel in a trance. She thinks, how the hell did Frederick get away from them, the enemy car should have met Frederick on the road?

Frederick had at after a few hundred meters drive stopped the car and thought of turning back, because he was afraid it would come more vehicles than the motorcycle. When he was going to turn, he had been surprised by the same car that Elin had shot against. He had stopped the engine and turned off the car lights. He had been lucky. They had not seen him. He sat petrified and very shocked by the hail of bullets that came from Elin when she fired at the other car. Frederick had stopped the car in the same shot line but behind enemy’s car. A couple of Elin’s bullets had bounced in his car’s roof, Frederick had vaguely seen the other car in the dark and registered that it was a H1 Hummer, the military jeep used by the USA in modern wars, Arnold Schwarsneggers favorite car. It had been Arnold’s merit, that the car was now available as a civilian car to buy. Solid H1 was precisely the military model as Arnold in the 80s had bought after lots of convincing from his lawyer. Frederick was jealous of anyone who could afford to just get to test drive a Hummer. Ideally, one H1, not the new H2 or the latest model H3, they were pussy wagons coof the “real” macho variant. Now sat Fredrik completely speechless in his car. He saw how Elin had fired PSG90 towards the H1 and Frederick knew that the shot would never do harm on the H1, it was built for that kind of bombardment. It had custom made tires that self filled if punctured, it had a steel beam under the seats which made it quite impossible to mine apart the H1. Frederick was looking for more knowledge about the car in his head. He did not so much more, but knew that there was no point in shelling it. He grabbed his cell phone and tried to call Elin. Elin did not answer, she had already fled to the forest. Fredrik started his car and drove behind the Hummer, now with no lights on. He had big trouble staying on the road, the absence of the moon made it hard to see well. Damn fucking typically thought Frederick, why would we do this during a new moon?

The Hummer’s headlights did not help much, Frederick could only move towards the factory building which was now fully illuminated by the flames from the fire caused by Alain’s last attack on the building. The Hummer stopped outside the factory building and one, two, three oversize men steps out, the driver seems to have stayed in the car, Frederick recorded every detail as if he was Robocop. He thought he could snap them with his AK4 gun. He shut off the engine and rolled last bit and stopped his car in front of the entrance just behind the Hummer, he ended up in the driver’s blind spot, he knew the lobster had a few weak points, one was the blind spots. They were indeed replaced by sensors, which Frederick had remembered. The plan was to activate the sensors and thus scare the driver so he panicked, got out and Fredrik would then wait for him to end the driver and thus gain superiority. The alarm in the lobster went off and driver flew out with drawn pistols. Frederick had already put his sights on him and pulled off a rain of twenty bullets, Frederick sighted’s feet and head, where they should not be protected against bullets, the driver fell into spasms against the gravel.

-One down, whispered Frederick, three to go … Frederick knew that now it was war, he felt like eighteen again, in the head, he returned to military service, he lay inside the military base “I1” and the adrenalin level was on top. Frederick had done military service as MP, Military Police. Frederick absolutely loved to shoot, he got such a kick out of firing there was no description of this lustful feeling in shooting swinish drug smugglers or drug dealers or whatever they were for kind. If they were bad and he had to kill as he felt so good, warmth the body. Frederick saw how the other three men threw themselves to the ground to hide. He was, however, higher up than them and he shot as much as he could, he got them all, one by one to the last. Then he pulled off an armor shot with the PSG90 against factory building as a trophy. He hauled up the cell phone and filmed the entire explosion. Frederick sat and laughed so the tears spurted. Frederick was a hero, larger than Rambo, harder than COBRA. Frederick was, FREDERICK. Frederick was additionally rich, he had a backpack full of big Euro banknotes that it would take years just to exchange them without being suspected of money laundering.

Frederick stopped recording, started the engine and drove away, he slammed on the brakes, thought a split second… If he would take the Humer? Hehehehe, no, no crazy ideas, Vanessa had said she wanted him home without nicks, better in his own wheels, who knows what the lobster had on it, maybe it was already in the police records as drug trolley? With the money bag in his hands the purchase of a new own H1 would probably be a pushover. Fredrik started again his Dacia Logan and drove the same route as Elin and Alain had disappeared in a few minutes earlier. Frederick drove however quiet and at first without switching the car’s headlights. Frederick analyzed the situation, he had just liquidated four of the international drug mafia best bodyguards. What would this provide as side effects? He would probably be hunted until his life was taken. Frederick considered, surrender immediately, take his own life and let the mafia continue? Fight until the last drop of blood trickled from his veins? Frederick had promised his family to come home alive, they needed the money he had got up during the coup. Frederick kept his word to the family and was not going to let anyone take this opportunity away from him. Tomorrow he would send the package with all the money to his family in Montpellier. Frederick was proud of himself, he smiled and tears began to trickle from his eyes. Frederick had finally done something great for his family, he would be a hero. He remembered what their first attorney and financial advisor had said once:

-You Frederick, you have strong mafia tendencies. Frederick had replied: -That’s why I have a wife from Marseille. Frederick’s tears turned into a nervous hysterical laughter, the tears continued to flow from his eyes.

Carlos finally approached the factory, but slowed abruptly in when he saw the flames hit the sky and realized that he would have problems. He stopped the car and was going through a couple of different horror scenarios. The money burnt up? Cocaine worthless? The soldiers dead? Or all at once? Carlos simply had to wait until the flames died down.

Jerry had lain hidden and awaited the opportunity to shoot against potential enemies, but he never got the chance, but he had seen how Frederick had taken the charcoal on the entire guard force. Jerry had been very impressed. He felt that he owed Frederick a great service. He wanted to return it but did not want to risk his life again tonight, he took Alain’s motorcycle gently in the dark and went noiselessly away. Carlos didn’t see it, if he had done, he had probably shot at it. When Jerry had gone a couple of miles away, he started the gasoline engine and the lights. He headed towards his hostel, where he had booked the room earlier in the day.

Frederick finally got to the Ibis, a motel with a cheap room that reminded Frederick of the Finland cruize ships that he went with, in the youth between Sweden and Finland. He asked if he could pay the next day, or if they accepted cards? He entered the hotel room and threw the backpack on the bed,he then laid in a fetal position with the bag, teddy bear. Before he fell asleep he thought that now he was finally a millionaire.

Elin had become so frightened that she ignored all plans. She drove until the tank warned about refilling. She stoped at a CEPSA petrol station, pulled out plastic point cards and credit cards, refueled and bought night snacks in the form of six-pack of Coca-Cola cans and a big pack of Snickers, a bag licorice rolls, she felt soooooo Swedish. She started her Porsche Cayenne and slid out onto the highway and drove home to Irun.

The industrial area Getafe,

Factory premises which is in flames. A motorcycle stops at Carlos automobile, motorcycle driver receives instructions from Carlos and then he begins to drag the corpses to the fire, so that it would look as if they had been burnt inside the bilding. They undressed and the jackets were collected to see if they had any identification documents in them. Those who work for the organization were provided with new Italian documents to make it look like a deal between the Italian mafias. Joanna were left as she was without any paper, they may be looking for her identity as good as they can, thought Carlos, who cares much of a whore? Carlos stays with his subordinates until the sun rises. First, Carlos discovers is that the vault was open, all the money has burned up completely or partially. He is trying to save parts but realize that there is not a chance to obtain sufficient parts of the packets to piece together one convenient bill, to run to the bank with bales of half way burnt banknotes in 500 Euro style would probably not be the wisest. Before they thought of leaving the factory they swept the place from illegal trails, they had time to also search through Joanna’s Jack pockets where the gathering place for Alain’s group were ploted down.

-Bingo! shouts Carlos, we’ll take the small rats and squeeze them into a trap.

About 200 yards away in a green PATROL Jeep Nissan are two men with night vision binoculars seated and sees the whole event. They are from the Spanish Guardia Civil and tasked with observing and filming and photographing if there is anything going on around the building. They may not involve themselves whatever happens, but they’ll report if someone is approaching and if someone goes from the factory. It should be noted car registration plates and done any possible search. The men in the Nissan Partol Jeep gets a lot to do and looks up Elin’s Porche Cayenne and finds her home address in Irun. A patrol is sent to watch over her home. Frederick’s Car has French signage and French police is alerted. They have not seen the electric bikes leave the area. One note of H1 address that appears to be the factory’s address, so there was nothing to report at this time. The dark blue Logan is equiped with swedish plates and the Swedish police is also told.

Rally Point

May 2, 2014

Fredrik celebrated his 43rd birthday alone, but with a great breakfast buffet at the Ibis hotel, he then showered and checked it out aleady at 08.30 am. He went out and felt how the spring sun warmed nice in the face already this early hour in the morning. He sat in his baby seats equipped Dacia logan model year 2010, he had been a pioneer in acquiring, this low price car. He had taken the opportunity to take the largest engine, cargo guards, roof rack and armrest between the driver and passenger in the front. He had done some stupid saving on the radio and air conditioning, which he regretted the same month of August when he had received the car from the factory, the heat was unbearable and the cold air that in other cars was enjoyed, in this car it was engine heated and excruciating in the August heat, which 2010 had offered. Frederick checked that he had got rid of his swedish licence plates, so none would recognice the car from last night. After all, the Logan were now a commun car and with different plates from yesturday it would blend in perfectly. Since Frederick now had a French dRiving licence, he wouldn’t be suspicious of driving a French car. Especially as they might be looking for a car with Swedish plates on. Frederick turned out on the highway and would get to the meeting place as planned. But first he would go to a MBE Mail Boxes Etc., where he could send a UPS to the family with all the money he had received the night before the coup. He had been looked up the address and knew almost exactly where the office was where he could send the packet. It did not take more than 5 minutes and the package was sent. Frederick kept one little package of the 500 Euro bank notes the package were made of. 100 bills of 500 Euros, Frederick smiled thinking of the 50 000 Euros he had in his pocket, and the fact that it was just a dust scrape of what he just had sent off to his family. Now could Fredrik finally relax a little, he sat in the car, with the door open, closed his eyes and turned his face towards the spring sunshine, he let his thoughts play the yesturday scenario in front of him as if it was an unreal dream.

Knock knock.

A police man had knocked on his door. He was asked for car papers and licences. He first got scared but he kept the calm and searched the papers in the glow department and handle all the legal papers over to the officer and was approved, no further questions. The police said that it had been some terror actions last night in Getafe and that they now were searching for some cars. He looked at the clock and realized that he didn’t have much time to waste.

Ring, ring, Frederick’s mobile rang. Damn he whispered quietly to himself as if he were bugged. He saw that it was Alain. He wanted to know where all was?

-How the hell am I supposed to know where everyone is right now, we’ll surely meet as determined in Segovia, where we had thought?

-No! Now it is not a good idea. Joanna remained on the factory location. Alain had seen in Spanish morning news and recognized Joanna’s burned body.

-Carlos Guys may have gotten hold of our plans from Joanna’s pockets, who knows what she was wearing?

-What, I killed them all! I can not explain right now, Spanish Civil Guard also works with this. I did not know that they had been so fast, I thought they would wait for a call from the French police first.

-Shit, can you inform Elin and Jerry? I have dodgy batteries and it seems that the charger has come astray. He turned off the phone now an hour until he approached the meeting place, then he would put it on again and calling them. OK bye.

-Alain Sat at the other end flabbergasted, and without a new plan. He screamed, -Merde! He began to think that the whole idea to mix amateurs In this important operation was stupid from the start, damn, what could he do now? Would he have time to warn everyone? Where could the others be?

Alain dialed Elin first to check that she had not yet gotten to th Segovia house. She did not answer. -Putain, She can not do this now. Alain kept on and called Jerry, who spoke almost no French at all, he had learned a little Spanish and Alain would have to communicate with him on Alains third language on the phone. Jerry replied, they tried to talk but Jerry did not understand that the plans were changed and that he would not go to the place that was previously decided. Alain thought OK, we will lose Jerry, so what, but what could they get out of him?

Elin sat in a cocain rush in her bathtub at home in Irun, listened to Joan Jet singing “I Love rockn’roll” weeping, mourning Joanna and had the phone in the living room, she didn’t hear it at all. Elin had not understood why they should meet in Segovia, she had gotten her kilos of cocaine, Alain had taken a little of everything, even weapons. Frederick had brought the amount of money that had been possible to carry. He certainly had gotten away with maybe 2 million Euro, which was enough to take the family on the smash vacation in the Caribbean or circumnavigation luxury and then still have plenty of money to buy himself a big fancy house in Calanque outside Marseille with sea views of the turquoise bays in Mediterranean. It would be better to spread out and not keep in touch, now that everyone still lived so far apart, Joanna had been shot and not passed the mission. Elin cried and cried and cried. She had been too busy with herself to go and visit her, she took the “business trip” with the rest as an excuse to see her and she had really missed Joanna. Now that Joanna had helped them, Elin had understood that Joanna really loved her, now it was too late, it was over with Joanna. Damn, fucking shit. How the hell would Elin now find a soul mate to share life’s sour moments with? And who the hell would she dream of that she visited and had supersex with? Elin took the fetal position and her face was twisted into a scream, that must have awaken herself from the psychosis that cocaine had pulled her into. Elin suddenly got off the ground and she got air under the slippers. She completely flew out into the living room and tried to reach Frederick on his mobile. No answer. She saw that Alain had called her and called him up. Alain was suddenly glad to hear her voice. He explained that he had suspected a rat and that they should not meet at the location specified, that he had talked with Frederick and that Jerry probably already were at the place in Segovia. Elin became numb, if they had murdered Joanna they could kill more people. She felt glad that she did not even thought of showing up at the meeting place. However, she was worried about what would have happened if Frederick had approached and perhaps met Jerry on the road. If Carlos and his men knew where they would meet, they would be slaughtered like cattle at the abandoned villa in Segovia.

Segovia outside Madrid

Just like Jerry turned in where the abandoned villa in Segovia, where he had been instructed by the GPS he had in his rented Ford KA, the ugliest car he ever sat in, rang his mobile, it was Frederick’s number. -Jerry, Can you hear me? I have crappy batteries, but if you hear me do not go to the meeting place, it seems to have happened something, it could be that they know we’ll meet you there.

Jerry had only heard half before the call died and he had the most heard the question if he heard what Frederick said. Jerry did not want to disappoint the gang, he believed that Frederick had called and asked where he was. Jerry got paranoia, maybe he was late. For safety’s sake, he stopped the car and waited for the others, he thought that the others might have gotten things in the way that enabled them to show up in time and would probably come later. He raised his music in the car and rolled down the seat a bit and closed his eyes. Jerry fell asleep at once, he had been on tenterhooks for several days and been takeing more cocaine than usual, and now he was really tired. He slept so deeply that he did not notice when the silver painted Dodge Nitro turned up at the same courtyard that Jerry’s car was standing on.

The Dodge driven by Carlos driver. Carlos two bodyguards jumped out of the car and strode up to the car and saw the sleeping Jerry. One remained at the car and waved forward Carlos. Carlos came out and looked at the sleeping Japanese. Jap-Crap he shouted. One of the bodyguards tried to silence him and the other cartooned that Carlos would stay at Jerry’s car with weapons ready if it would become necessary. The two bodyguards weared their jackets full of ammunition and weapons from the trunk of the Dodge, since they were already dressed for battle, with camouflage clothing and body armor was taken only gunpowder. They glided noiselessly into the house fitting on each other so that it could not happen an accident. They went through the house room by room, but everything was empty and deserted, it was most old cigarette butts, used condoms and some needles thrown on the floors and in what once had been a kitchen it was full of old garbage that revealed how someone had eaten canned food but not bothered to either clean up or throw garbage that stood around the room with lots of flies as a result.

Carlos had seen that Jerry had started to move and had gotten the idea that he was about to wake up. He had broken the window pane with the gun and shot Jerry in the head. Then he looked after who it really was.

-Damn fuck, He screamed. It is Jerry, what the hell is he doing here?

-Was doing, you mean, corrected the larger of the bodyguards, who had come empty handed back to the courtyard.

-And how do you think we should get something out of him now, asked the other.

-We’ll see if he’s as stupid as the Polish pussy we grilled yesterday. Look through the car and see if he has anything in our car. The trunk was opened but they found nothing of stolen goods. They swore and yelled, when they realized that the Japanese, Jerry had nothing from the factory the night before, they could still not be sure that something really was stolen. They wanted to know if the others would come and when. How would they behave in order to get the rest? And if they stopped anyone that came driving, it could be wrong kind of people? How could they recognize them? Would they be able to take the others one by one when they came to the meeting place? maybe they would take down innocent people, that had nothing to do with the attack yesturday?

Bodyguard 1 decided that they would start to get rid of the car and the corpse. Carlos stayed in his car and forged plans while bodyguards cleaned up the crime scene.

Frederick was not sure if Jerry had understood him well, or if Jerry was indeed heading for his last fateful meeting with the Mafia. He thought about Jerry, he didn’t want to lose him, he was good, he was fair and Frederick wanted to try to save him. Frederick could not wait any longer, he should have gone and got help, or at least a new battery for his phone. Frederick steered his car towards the abandoned villa. Alain had stayed where he was at the motel outside Madrid. He had checked in under a false name and paid cash so he was probably quite difficult to find as long as someone did not go out with his photo on TV or on a national newspaper. Alain assumed that the mafia would not choose that option.

Elin stayed at home, she had been driving stoned all the way home at night, as usual, she could not sleep unless she came home. She needed a Harschjoint to calm down and fall asleep, she went to the bar Arnedillo on the same street as Frederick had had had his Diner earlier. In the little bar run by a Brazilian one could buy just about anything if it was drugs. Amount for the economy and good quality at all. It was like a candy store, one ordered and it was weighed and you got a bill from one of the fictional guests who always sat at the bar, one paid him and then got one bag of goods from another person pretending being a regular client. It all looked like they went in ordered food, and came out with a bag with a sandwich in. Take Away was their cover story.

Frederick steered the car towards the abandoned villa and parked a few hundred meters from it and went the rest of the way by foot. He thought that the car would be too noisy and he wanted to surprise any opponent. After 20 meters, hiking Frederick had heard voices and saw movement in the woods far away from the house’s location. He crouched and tried to hide in the tall grass. Frederick was armed, he was fine with training in using weapons. He had been in the USA 25 years earlier, shot rifle, .22 and shotguns he had also fiered in military service, he got to try many different weapons, but he was above all the old 9mm KP much in love. Others called it piegun and other bad names, but Fredrik thought about the safety and simplicity of the KP and felt it gave good shots in most contexts. He could feel that the newer weapon AK4 was better but they were so bulky and heavy to wear for long hikes or for quick transfers albeit short as sometimes had to be crawling and ringling. AK5 he thought was too plasticky, he liked the KP, but now he had picked a Magnumm 44 with silencer. It was an impressive piece of metal that he willingly held in his hand as he had seen the movies, spun in the index finger and into your pocket as Doc Hollywood in Fredericks favorite movie “Thombstone” Frederick felt like a cowboy in the Wild Wild West. He was the great one to save his friend. He took a deep breath. Pitched six-roller and verified that it was filled. Oh yes, six gleaming half manteled revealed themself. He always had extra rolls in his belt, he had learned through Western movies that it took too long to reload on 6 cores, instead of using a roller that filled all 6 of the same movement and the time it would otherwise take to put in a single bullet . With the confidence hitched he crept closer to those who moved around the house. As he got closer, he realized that he thought wrong, it was a couple who had sex in the bushes. He tried to sneak away without being seen. But he lost in this moment protocols on the terrain.

-Put down the weapon. He suddenly hears someone whisper and feel how something cold touches the throat, hell, he thought, and released his beloved Magnum 44 that he has never had fired, but at the time he had applied for the license.

-Do You have more weapons? Drop in that case them at once so we will not have to undress you.

Frederick fished out a pocket knife out of the socks. The man who Fredrik guessed was a colleague of those they encountered last night shoved him in front of him. They came for a while until a grave recently dug, in the grave was Jerry. Frederick became cold and began to sweat, felt how it got wet in his underwear. He was not of the kind that would play mafia hit man, it was coming to him now quite clear. It was easy to be daring with the beautiful heavy Magnum 44 at home in front of the mirror, but when it really heated up Fredrik was not as tough anymore. Bodyguard 2 saw Frederick’s jeans changed color and grinned. Bodyguard 1 looked in the same direction and began to guffaw and pushed Frederick in the grave, Frederick landed on top of Jerry with his mouth against his blood soaked neck, one of the guards shot at him and Frederick whimpered, he had been hit in the side right where protective vest did not cover. Swine he thought, and remained motionless. Fredrik thought that if he played dead now they might let him be. He remained without breathing until he felt the first shovel of sand over them, and another and another. After about five minutes, there was not much room left to breathe and the air felt heavy and pour on oxygen. Frederick had not heard more of them after they had jumped on the mound a little bit and put something heavy over. Frederick tried to move. It was difficult, moreover, he was terrified that they would stand there and wait for him. Then he heard a cell phone ringing. One of the guards answered and they said they would come immediately. Frederick lay still and waited some more. Eventually he got such a feeling that he would suffocate, he panicked started trying to get out. There was something heavy that was in the way, they have put stones over the grave? He thought of even in Viking graves which he had seen at home in Vallentuna north of Stockholm.

Suddenly, it became easier, someone said something about it’s someone down there. Frederick dug further and realized that he was good far from rescued, there was so much ground over him that he had difficulties to breath, he had a hard time finding a way to get air. About 10 minutes later, he sees daylight and it is a couple there, he thought it wasa hell of a lot of people that ran around this abandoned villa. When he looked a little more on them, he realized that it was the couple he had previously seen having sex in the bushes just a few meters away. They helped him up and started asking a lot of questions. Who, how, why, etc. They had heard a shot and had become curious. They had seen two big and armed men leave, so they thought it was best to lie low for a while and then they had rolled a large stone which was placed on top of the tomb.

-Shouldn’t you call the police? Asked the girl Frederick. Now he heard her talk for the first time, she was from Brazil, it was clearly heard. Frederick waved away the words of the police that it was not necessary. The girl asked if Fredrik needed help?

-No thanks, I can take care of myself.

-Yes, Hehehe we have seen that chuckled the man who was in the same age as Fredrik and thus about twice as old as the girl. The man was for sure a Spaniard and from Madrid.

-We will help you the girl said. We have nothing to do right now anyway.

Amateur Laboratory in the jungle

José has started producing cocaine from his harvest. They are fewer than before in the family who are working to reap so it takes longer than usual to get together the leaves that buyers want, but now promises José them to get cocaine instead. Purchasers promise to buy the cocaine instead of leaves. When the dealers had left the scene yesterday, José had gone back to his small laboratory he had built over a couple of larger trees. Suddenly he hear a helicopter sound and it comes bullets against José, he is attacked by military men chasing Cocaine Manufacturers. A megaphone sounds, the voice says: -Put down any weapon, you are discovered, get down on the ground so our soldiers will not to kill you. Whereupon it hauled down a bunch of soldiers through the ropes down to José’s little amateur laboratory. The soldiers pulls up José and start asking questions. They confiscated everything finished Cocaine and disappears into the helicopter through the ropes they come down on. José is left with nothing of the cocaine he had made, only half of the harvested leaves and what was in the process he got to keep. He knew now that instead of the $ 90 he had previously assumed he would only be able to get about 40 dollars. He sits down and cries like a child. How did it get to this? How could the family split up, how could they come and find his small and well hidden laboratory. He came to think of the purchasers, maybe they gossiped? Why would they say to the police? They had wanted to buy cocaine, then they sent are not real soldiers? Or?

A few kilometers away from José’s hut and laboratory.

-Well done guys, now we have ten producers who give us Cocaine instead of leaves, in adition it is almost for free! heheheheh Tomorrow you go there and buy what they have been able to obtain. Then you sell them kerosene and tobacco to.

-Tobacco, What should they have tobacco for?

-To smoke of course! But they do not smoke!

-Not Yet, but we’ll get them to start.

-Then all their little profit will go to buy tobacco, hehehehehe. Purchasers had found a gold mine, they now knew that if instead of delivering Coca leaf through the jungle could steal the farmers on clean, cocaine, they earned much more money. It went faster, they did not have to wander through the warm jungle. It was jackpot each time. No one dared to resist.

Laughing first as …

In Alains hotel room

Alain still hadn’t heard from any of his friends and began to become nervous. He could not sit still he needed something soothing, he took the stairs down to the hotel bar and ordered a large glass of Hierbas with ice. He drank the first glass in one fell swoop and ordered as a precaution two more at a time. He finished the second in the same way as the previous glass, and then he placed himself in an armchair and sipped a little at a time on the third glass. However, it took only three minutes, and the third glass was also empty. He went again to the bar and ordered two more glasses. He swept the first and went back and sat down in the armchair. After about half an hour thirty minutes he had drank ten glasses Hierbas, representing nearly two bottles or one and a half liters. Hierbas contains 25% alcohol and Alain began to feel dizzy. He hurried to the elevator and went up to his hotel room. Once in the room, he started to have double vision, and in the confusion he lies beside the bed with a thud. Alain swore loudly, crawled into bed and lies down in the recovery position with the mouth protruding outside edge of the bed, which he learned in the many programs he had attended during his time in the Gendarmerie. He woke up a little while later by cramps in the stomach and that he was about to vomit. He got completely emptied of everything he had inside, it got big and wet yellowish green of Hierbas on the floor, the carpet would be a bad memory and he felt ashamed. Completely exhausted, he puts himself in the same position but now the other side bed and falls back asleep.

In Segovia at the deserted house

Frederick sneaks along with his two new friends through the forest toward the house. Fredrik just realized that he had lost his gun and told the two that he was unarmed now.

-No problem, the girl said, -we have weapons and can fight if necessary.

Frederick looked puzzled at the two who just joined him, armed? A few in minutes before he had seen them having sex in the woods, close to this house? Now they are also armed? How could all this happen? He had the answer, we’re in Spain, what can’t happen anywhere else, but anything can definitely happen in Spain. You simply could expect just about anything. It took Frederick long time to realize, and he never ceased to amaze.

Frederick said that if they had an extra weapon he could take it and there it was, he got a little theater gun from the girl,

-Eh, but…do you have anything now? In case you need? He asked her.

-Yeah, I have and she showed off a black but shiny Glock,

-Wow, was the only Frederick got out, Can I feel it?

-No no not now, later on, if you survive… Now we’re at Tiger Hunting, she said with tongue shoved up against her lower lip and Frederick could not help but laugh.

The man schysched against him, and they crept towards the house. Frederick had misjudged the distance and they had to walk a good distance before they caught a glimpse of the house in the forest edge.

When they came so close that they could see Carlos on the yard, the girl said:

-But shit that’s Carlos, I sent away by ambulance last fall. We did a little setup against him. He was stopped by “police” and he had to blow in a breathalyser which we had prepared with a poison that makes you get provoked heart attack. It’s kind of harmless, but you need medical attention. He tumbled to the ground and I “helped” him to get an ambulance. Since I did not hear from him more, did not know whether he had died or survived. I wrote a note but he never contacted me. He is easy to recognize, but he has another car today.

Now did not Fredrik longer follow the truth, What?, do you know that the old man there? And you have saved his life?

-Yeah, that’s right, though I was in preparations to test the old man. We work within the same organization. He works with business and I am working with safety. We like to test people to know if we can trust them. But we do not like to kill people. But in this job, it is quite common. One could say that there is a high turnover of staff in the firm.

-Well yes, I seem to have that effect on people I lately.

-What? Are you reservoirs of infection? The girl asked with concern.

-One could almost think so, but it is well that I busybody all the time.


-OK, What is the plan? Should we rush forward like Indians and scream like hell to scare them? Or should we snap them from here? It was the man who had asked with ironic undertone.

The girl said: -I could probably snap them from here, but we do not know how many they are so I think we’ll wait.

-Good, then we wait. The man said.

-For what, wondered Frederick, waiting and waiting.

-Is there someone we can call? Can we get back up? You don’t work completely alone against this killer gang, are you?

-No Initially we were at least five.

-Five? What the hell were you thinking of? Trying to get the big Mafia with only five gang members?

-Oh it would be an ordinary burglary, they manufacture Cocaine and they spread the shit all over the country, good things said reliable sources.

-Aha, And you do not like that, of course?

-No, I am against drugs, but my friends think it’s normal to go with the nose powdered day long.

-Oh-yeah, If you had the money to buy an unlimited amount of Coke? I would be pulling up the nose all day, pulling up a line that had no end and just pull and pull and pull. Te girl got a lyrical expression in her face, as she was dreaming herself away.

-Yes, I’ve heard that it is so, but I have family and I want my children to see me healthy and I want to live a little longer.

-Do you want to live a little more? What the hell wheat are you doing here then? You were buried alive! less than an hour ago.

-Yes, but now we’re going to burn these bastards, cost what it costs. Have any of you an extra battery? I would have to call and see if we can get someone here. The girl quickly took out a small crank with a micro USB cable on it. She put it into Frederick’s phone and started cranking.

-Call now I will crank up your battery.

Frederick rang Alain mobile. He had understood that Elin was out of the game, damn bitch, she will get at the nut if he ever saw her again.

Alain’s mobile calling many signals and Fredrik think the race is run. Finally, it responds but it is the automatic answering machine that picks up. It says.

-Alain, (Pause) …. Yeah that’s me, what do you want? … (Pause again). Fredrik fills in the intervals. After the usual questions he heared the beep and Fredrik realizes that he has been tricked by a machine.

-Goddamn, He yells, but the man has time to silence him.

-Damn are you crazy, you’ll attract the entire district.

-It’s Alain’s answering machine, he pretends that he is responding though it is actually the machine, damn sad joke, what a crappy boot he is.

-Try Again. Frederick made another attempt, this time it also takes a long time to Alain’s voice is heard on the other end. Frederick hangs up, believing that it is the machine that this time too has gone on.

At the other end sits Alain with headache and the stomach empty. He sees that he has a missed call from Frederick, he had done a second attempt and at the second trial Alain had tried to respond but then Fredrik wasn’t there.

Alain calls Frederick, His phone emits an audible Riiiing. Carlos jumps and starts looking around for where the sound came.

The girl says, -He seems to be alone, otherwise one of the giants would come running as well, don’t you think?

-Hm, If you’re right, it is probably best moment now.

The man threw a large rock in one direction that would misslead Carlos. Carlos thick body waddled off toward the stone with his Automatic weapons firing in the same direction.

The girl took aim and snapped three shots, the first took the leg, the other at the same height, but when Carlos had sat down in agony, so he got hit in the arm, weapon bounced out of his hands. The third shot must have hit him in the head for the little hair he had on the head shot up as if he had seen something scary. Carlos then fell to the ground and moaned and twisted as a snake seamed to be in pain. The girl quickly ran like the lightning to Carlos and looked at him closely, he was bleeding heavily from the scul but he was conscious and she told him that this time she would not help him.

-Don’t Worry, he said, last time we met you made me so sick that I will soon be dead anyway. The girl did not understand and asked: -What deadly ill?

-Yes, You must have given me HIV.

-Big risk guy, you’re wrong. It was a setup. I come from the security force, haven’t you heard of us? Westoped he car dressed as cops, we gave you a heartattack, then I brought you to the hospital… You have been eating “heartmedicin” that makes you weaker and weaker, finally provoking low preassure and dissiness… The rest you know.

-You Might want to take a test anyways, though an IQ test.

-Idiot. Pang, the girl shot Carlos between the eyes as his head exploded and blood spattered.

-What the hell happened said Fredrik and the man in the sae instant.

-Oh, Nothing, I just thought he was nothing for us to save. Now we can take care of those two killer machines, or we get them in our heels until we all die.


Frederick had spoken with Alain. Frederick had asked about Alain could send someone? Or if he could come himself? Alain had pulled out with various excuses that he could not do police work in Spain, he was tired, he was far away and so on. Frederick had heard on Alain’s voice that he was dead drunk and thus counted him away from the already short list of possible candidates.

He suddenly got in his mind that he has a friend more in Madrid. Fabian, he called Fabian and told that they needed help. Fabian said he could take a couple of buddies and see what they could do, as long as it was not illegal. Frederick said: -Would it been legal, I had called the police long time ago, but it is the police that we have robbed the candy from.

-What candy?

-Would you remember a well-dressed girl who usually come to my Diner drinking milkshakes?

-Yes, a hot chick? So? But who cares about her? What candy are you talking about?

-No, but she has about 20 kilograms of pure cocaine in her car,

-20 kilos? of pure Coke? Where has she gone? She lives in Irun huh?

-That’s right.

-Where are you? I’m coming right away!.

It took 20 minutes to Fabian to get to the place where the old abandonde villa was. He had more weapons with him and now it began to resemble a mini-war. Fabian hauled additionally up night vision binoculars and other electronic equipment.

The couple got sent away to serch for the two, well armed and with instructions from Fabian as he was their Boss.

A few hours later appeared the two body guards up and when they saw the dead body of Carlos, they got panic. They pulled guns and went back to back around and around and tried to find Frederick, Fabian and the odd couple.

Fabian was the fastest firing, he pulled off a volley so it crackled in the bushes. Frederick tried to get him to take it easy, because they did not know where the couple had gone. They could perhaps be on the other side of the courtyard and be hit. Fabian said that in the best case, we got them too.

-What the fuck are you saying? They saved my life.

-Good for you, now we’ll see where they are. Fabian ran up the yard and shook the bodyguards who were already lifeless and bleeding from the limbs. One was so badly damaged in the face that it was difficult to see if it was a man or a woman, especially with the long hair, which was put up in a ponytail. Now the ponytail was laying beside the lake of blood the head now consisted of.

The couple approached and Frederick looked frightened. He wanted to warn them but because Fabian was his friend he did not know how he would do. Fabian let them get closer, when they were in just five feet away Fabian raised his gleaming assault rifle, which was of unknown brand for Frederick. Frederick saw how the fire balls hit out of the barrel and the girl and the man fell to the ground in spasms.

-Aww, said Fredrik in an exhalation, muffled by the deafening sound of the gun taht filled the silence of the forest with.

-Well, Yes, now it’s just you and me, Fredrik, now you show me what you have in your car and where Elin lives.

-What the fuck, does that matter?

-Fredrik, don’t you be silly now. Carlos was our Boss figure here in Spain, we had perhaps thought that he would retire sooner or later, but we usually choose the date. Now you and your friends’ dangerous games finished his contract early. Furthermore, you have stolen a lot of Cocaine from us. You have burned down one of our factories which was worth many millions. Not to mention the Billion of Euro we had in the safe that you blowed up last night.

-From you? What the hell are you talking about? Are you well?

-Fredrik, now listen carefully. I am multilingual? Or what?

-Yes, you have Spanish mother and a French father, and so I taught you English.

-I already knew English, I went to see you because you had international contacts. We suspected you for coming here from Sweden to Spain to do things against us. I soon realized it was not really so. Though now I’m beginning to wonder again.

-Fabian, It was you who taught me to smoke Mariuana, it was after I learned French I started to work in France and after the summer I began to cultivate cannabis at home in the closet. It was so I could afford to operate the first restaurant, it was so I could afford to buy my car. Without Mariuana I had not had anything today.

-Well, So now you want to say that without me you would not have been anything. You should know that the Spanish government put a lot of time and money on you. You will remember my friends who used to be with at parties? They are all from the Guardia Civil, but they are double agents. That is how it is, they work with salary etc from Spanish State ETA police officers. At the same time, they sell various goods that show up at busts.

-Well, and Alain? He’s also a double agent? Or?

-Right, now maybe it all starts to get clear for you? You have been subjected to a test, you’ve done well, but we expect future collaboration, otherwise you will be executed as the others.

-Keep on going, I am listening, we have plenty of time, it takes about 4 hours to Irun.

-As If I didn’t know that? But the show first what you have in the car, I want to know how much you have stole from us.

-Completely Honestly, Fabian, Elin ended up with a backpack full of cocaine, but I couldn’t get anything, I had a bag with me but it was left in the factory, I came away empty handed. Frederick tried to sound credible and was very grateful that he had had time to send away the whole package with money home to his family in France. allthough the 100 500 Euro bills in his pocket, made him nervous. He hoped it wouldn’t be found.

-OK, Jump in, I’ll drive you need to rest.

-Before We go any further, I want you to let Elin live, she is a rich brat and bitch but she’s OK, though she has her nose powdered constantly.

-She’s already involved, she got paranoia and raan way from you, what do you think it means? Right now meanwhile we’re talking. The local police is doing a crackdown against her and they will confiscate her car.

-OK, And the couple who “happened” to be in the woods?

-Well, it’s a long story. But it has nothing to do with you, OK. From now on it is I who decides for you, you do as I say or you have been breathing for the last time. What you seem like coincidences are well planned events. During the Halloween weekend or Hello-Wine weekend as you call it. Carlos was stopped by the police and resulted in a flat tire and then he got infarction, which was also planned because he got poisone through the blower police used to see if he had been drinking. He then got a heart attack provoked, and we sent a small Brasil whore to him that would have infected him with HIV. It was as late as this very week we told him that he have HIV. He has kept it a secret, it means he conceals things for the company. We don’t like that. We want open cards from the workers, we want everyone to trust us and tell us who he is, so that we know. Carlos did not pass that test. He would retire shortly, but we had some work left for him before he was to be liquidated.

The brasil whore was the girl I just shot, she was a soldier in the special forces. Though it is the part of the organization that Carlos did not know of. That is said, he was the Boss figure, not operational. He happened to be the one that started the whole koka leaf Importation, so we kept him so we wouldn’t have any problems with him, but now we are controlling it all and he have just become an expence… You know when you work within a Mafia, you are protected, but only as long as you are worth more alive than dead. The mafia uses you as a vampire, and when you have no more blood to drink, you are liquidated. Never forget that.

-You said earlier that he had time left?

-Yeah, he had. But now he doesn’t. That is saying, you messed up the situation, now you will help me to do his job, but fist we will clean up the mess.

The talk continued until Frederick fell into a deep sleep, he fell asleep in the midle of a sentence. Fabian stopped the car on the side of the highway, steped out of the car and took a deep breath. He lit a cigarette and took a few quick puffs before he threw the half-smoked cigarette into the bushes. Then he pulled out a small box, shook up some white powder on a mirror, he spread out the powder with a razor blade, the quality was too good to crush with a plastic card. He rolled up a five hundred Euro banknote and pulled out two small lines, one in each nostril, then he seated himself in the car again, drove to the nearest gas station and filled the tank of the car, bought a Coca-Cola bottle and a snickers. He wrote a short text message to someone, the message was: Frederick is clean, but I have him as hostage, until we have no use for him anymore. He opened the Coca-Cola bottle and drank a sip, he felt that what he had his nose slowly walked down the throat and landed in the stomach. He drank some more and put away piece of chocolate for breakfast. Sat in the car. Looked at the clock and noted that it would approximately 3 hours more to arrive in Irun, then it was on approximately 3 hours left before they could visit the people they trusted. Or they could go in at 4 am at anybody’s house and see if they could be trusted.

Fabian put the gear in and sped off Frederick’s Dacia. Frederick slept like a baby the whole trip. Sometimes murmured he in his sleep, he seemed to talk with their children, he murmured things that sorry, I should have stayed at home, I don’t know why I was forced to go away …

The clockshowed 04:30 Fabian stoped the car outside one of his favorite brothels. He rang with another mobile than the one he had used before. He talked and made up a meeting, turned off the engine and stepped out of the car. He locked from the outside with Frederick left in the car. Fabian then went to a door next to the main entrance. The main entrance was at that late hour closed, so as not to incur the police. Brothels in Spain have special license to remain open until 02:30 on weekdays but until 04:30 on Friday and Saturday evenings. Special Festive Nights could get permission to remain open until 8:00 in the morning. Fabian stands in front of surveillance camera and says he has an appointment. It clicks into the door and it comes out two large adults Gypsies. They search through his pockets and make sure that he does not carry any weapons. He manages security check and get admitted. Once inside Fabian senses the scent of Chick-bar, how it tickles nostrils and the tickle is running through the whole body and tickles his groin. He sees that they have received new beauties from various countries. He puts away the eyes of a bleached short stature girl with pretty face and small breasts. She may not be old he thinks and stands at the bar and orders a beer. Eight Euro cost the beer at this sort of bars. If you order a whiskey or a gin and tonic it costs the same. If you want to invite a girl to drink, which most girls tries to get one to do, her drink is twenty five Euros. She gets five Euro. So they earn money even if they do not whore. It becomes a social exchange, an expensive one for the customer, a very good deal for the barowner, and the girl ordering namely, usually one shot, as she usually wrap and ask for more … If you want more, one can rent some time with a girl in a cubicle just large enough to accommodate a small narrow bed. There one can get a blowjob with or without a condom, you can get to fuck too and it usually cost around 50 Euros. If you have a lot of money to waste, you can let your imagination soar and pay twice and rent two girls at the same time. Fabian thinks that the luxury of taking two at the same time, the whole thing with these brothels. Fabian says he is Stereogam, monogamy he thinks is boring. He is looking for one more which could become a good pair with the new young beauty, perhaps one of the ones he used before that can help to kick-start the new one. He can not find anyone that he feels attracted to right now. He lights a cigarette and beckons to the blonde standing in a corner and smokes a cigarette.

-Let Us to smoke together, he says to her.

She butts out her cigarette and says - Do you invite?

Fabian hauls up a pack of Lucky Strike -Take what you want

-My Brand, what do you offer me to drink?


-OK, I love champagne.

Fabian says to the bartender: -Can you obtain a magnum POMMERY? Or do you have something else in the ame cathegory?

-POMMERY You want? Pommery it will be, how many glasses?


The girl said requester? -Three?

-Yes, one for you, one for me and one to the buddy you want to invite on champagne and to join our threesome. And if you choose right, we can have a private party in your little cubbyhole.

-It Will cost you 100 Euros, for the feast and 150 for the champagne.

-Yeah, I know, but I suppose it’s worth it?

-That We’ll ensure that it gets. Replies the girl and looked for a friend and consulted first with Fabian about who they would choose. They choses a busty girl with long black braids, she looked like a basketball player from Barbados.

-Hello, my name is Elly, My name is Fabian and this is Rosie.

-We of throughing a little private party and was wondering if you want to join?

-OK, What do you want me to do?

-What are you good at?

-Suck Dick and anal sex is my favorite, especially with small European penises, they do not fill out my big pussy.

-Damn you talk dirty, you’re elected, said Fabian. The girl Fabia called Rosie giggled already under the influence of the champagne. They drank some more before they decided to go into a private room.

-Well Inside Fabian asked if the girls wanted some Coke. He put up a few lines on his pocket mirror and they drew on apace. The girls did not at first know how they would take the five hundred euro note that Fabian had rolled together. They had never seen such a bill and asked finally if it was genuine.

-Yeah, Well it is true, but no one wants it, so I use it to pull the Coke.

-I’ll take it gladly, said Elly.

-Me to, said Rosie.

-And what would you do for me to pay you so much? Asked Fabian.

-I’ll find out something, said Rosie, and Elly said there was so much she could do to get the bill.

-Yeah, but now we have a little party to start with … said Fabian and started stripping. He beckoned to Rosie, as he showed that she would follow his movements and started to undress herself.

May 3, 2014

Three hours later, freshly showered and still breathless, Fabian walks back to the car, he awakes Frederick who have slept the whole time.

-Let me sleep fuck, answers Fredrik and Fabian opens his Snickers he had bought to have as breakfast.

-Time to open your eyes guy, we have a job to finish.

-Oh, There is none awake at this hour anyway.

-Fredrik, I’ve just driven up from Madrid to Irun, then I fucked two whores for three hours. I have not slept, If I know Elin well she has not slept neither, right? She is on Coke, right? Especially now that she has the car full.

-I don’t know how that works for you, I cann’t do drugs, they give me oblique ignition. I want to sleep some more, give me 15 minutes, then we take a coffee at the Café Colon, where I had my school before, they have great cafe con leche.

-Coffee, What the hell should you waste time for. Coffee? It is for retirees. Want to be refreshed? Take a shrimp, it’s the only thing that works.

-Tick talk, I want coffee, otherwise I will toss in the towel.

-Fabian Laughed, he started only a little quiet, rose and did not stop. He laughed so he got tears in his eyes. -Damn Fredrik you are so funny, that’s what I like about you. Should you leave us? Before you even started?

-You said that you wanted with me in? Or didnät you? Frederick was a little worried, he didn’t want to be executed as Carlos.

-You are inside until you stop, we never dismiss someone, they fail and die, that’s the way it works, we have no defectors and no sacked. In any case, no one who is alive. Fabian laughed.

Frederick began to be afraid, what he had embarked on? Or what was it he had become embroiled in. He thought it had probably just been avoided by having stayed in Sweden, which of course was not an option, it had never been. Frederick knew at the age 6 that he would not stay in Sweden when he became an adult.

Fredrik wanted to regain confidence.

-You Fabian, I’m a good guy, good survivor. Do you want me you get it, but you must trust me and I’ll keep the books and cards open, I’ll do whatever you want as long as you protect me. I want stuff like American passport and a free pass out of prison as the other people working for you have. Fabian looked anxiously at Frederick squinted and wondered how much he really had found out. He bit his lip and hummed a little.

-You Frederick, there are things within the company that people outside do not know, or should know. How do you know so much?

-Hm, Do not really know, maybe I’ve dreamed?

-Fredrik, remember what I said about not having the book or cards open. You must tell!

-A Friend is good at getting information.


-Elin sort of.

-Sort of?!

-Yes, Elin obtains the information, but I think she buys it, for she is no cut on anything really. Except for one thing. She claims to be proficient adult film actor.

-The pornstar, Elin?

-Yes you can probably tell, you might have seen her before?

-Ha ha ha, It is that Elin, she is fine as hell on the canvas. Do you know how to get a contract with her?

-No not quite sure, but you seem to have a bargain with the devil himself, what makes you hesitate?

-Oh, you know I can get her into bed, anytime I ant, I can get any chick laying on her back for me, just thought you might know if she have any special kind of favorite styles?

-She may not fucking back.

-Fun Joke the guy, then she may well take me laying on my back then. I don’t mind how as ar as I get to dip. OK, we’ll take your breakfast coffee now?

-Fuckin’ nice offer man!

-Fredrik, you can not continue to talk like a gangster, you must learn to speak properly.

Frederick, looked at Fabian with a look that could kill.

-We have rules in the firm, they are, keeping Booyah facade, Armani, clean car, polished shoes, impeccably language. Speaking of the car, the one you have is damn discreet, but what the hell is wrong with the engine? It doesn’t kick, it moves like an amoeba on the highway.

That’s because I can not afford to drive fast cars, they would give me a fine all the time. I love fast cars, but they are dangerous.

Fabian sighed.

Inside the diner it was very noisy and hum drowned out the background music, coffee smell mixed with sour hangover odor. The scents were changed as moving further into the bar. It smelled of freshly showered woman, too much aftershave on ties and suit gentlemen.One could go for an undercover agent, disheveled, unshaven, cheep after shave, cigar stub, overcoat and reading the newspaper with a black coffee and a Congac in front of him, stood at the bar, though he probably was so hungover that he found it difficult to both stand and read .

-A double cortado and a croissant, mesedes. Frederick ordered and Fabian looked questioningly at Frederick, he shook his head.

-Mercedes? You don’t drive Mercedes? You drive a crap car. Fabian looked strangely bewildered.

-No, but you ought to know what mesedes means here in the Basque Country?

-No, I didn’t study here, I went to school in France.

-It means sort of. please.

-Well aha, that is how you treat me? Is it because I correct your language? Now you are the language snob? Don’t say “Sort of” OK? because, Sort of is street language, nothing to use in business meetings OK?

-There Is no language snobbery in speaking the local language, it means that they do not take double the money from me. Whn I talk local language when I order they know that I am not tourist type, so I pay local habitant price.

-And if they think you are a terrorist? Fabian was playing with words.

-In the best case I’ll get the coffee for free, Frederick smiled and started slurp on the hot coffee.

-You don’t make slurping noises OK? Hell, we’ll start by sending you on education camps. Fabian rolled his eyes and sighed loudly, as if Frederick was a hopeless child.

30 minutes later

Fabian parked Frederick’s car outside Elin’s apartment. They knocked and Elin came out in a robe.

-Hello, Said Fabian and intruded on.

-Hey, what the hell are you doing?

-Something of lower rank than what you did to me day befor yesturday. You have stolen 20 kilograms of my snow. Where is it?

-Difficult To say, maybe the cop fired up the shit.

-Shit? It was Cocaine of really good quality. The cops?

I know I tried, it have a fantastic schwung. The cops have confiscated everything. They called on the door bell when I felt like the best, I had a hell of a Coke trip and bathed in the Jacuzzi. The cops ran in with guns blazing. They had received a track, I do not know how. They confiscated my Porsche Cayenne. So now I have no car.

-If You do not make sure to get back the 20 kilos you’ve embezzled, you can get rid of the property as well. Then it’s over with you, then you either go home to dark and cold Sweden. Ask for social assistance and weaning. I know of a couple of good places that have been weaning home in Stockholm, we deliver lots of snow there, Fabian grinned. For here in Spain it will be the street or a brothel to raise money for Coke. Where there are plenty of jobs for hotties like you! hell yeah, by he way you are damn hot,why don’t you take off some clothes? I’ve seen you on film, but I would like to see those breasts in reality.

-And what would it help me right now? 20 kg Coke? In exchange? That you get to see my breasts. Elin decided.

-Hahaha, I’ll probably get to see those breasts without tricks with repayments.

-There will be no looks, unless we have a deal.

-Should I trade 20 kg against a pair of fat lumps? Nadu little girl, you’ll probably agree more. You’ll be my girlfriend full time until I release you. Or I’ll take your property.

-Big risk little man, I’ll go to the cops, they have already been here, so they know that I had stolen the goods from the mafia, they might already be watching the house? If I say I stole drugs from you? By the way, these are not fat lumps, they are high tech silicones!

-Believe Me, the cop’re not watching the house and why do you think they did not take you in?

Elin looked blankly towards Fabian.

He answered himself the requester gaze.

-That’s right, I am in cooperation with the local police here in Irun, they are paid off and we are basicly running the town, through the Local cops, I had suspected that it would go as it went. I did not want you sewed, I prefer you to be my girlfriend, it would look great with you by my side when we slide around in Madrid and goes on Whiskyrian here in San Sebastian. So, then we say so. You can not walk around in a bathrobe all day like a damn gypsy toad. Get dressed please, we have business to take care of.

-Not A chance, I am staying home, I do not want to be in your business dealing your stuff. By the way, if you cooperate with cops, you may well fix back the snow itself, without me? Or aren’t you capable to do that?

-If That’s the way you want it? Fabian took her by the arm and pulled her into the bedroom. It was heard loud noises all the way out on the street. In the beginning it was hateful sentences and roar, like: -Fuck you, you’re a shit boot, I do not want to.

After five minutes the words changed, it was now Fabian who grunted and groaned. After another five minutes it was Elin who again shouted, now with more enthusiasm and like she was excited more than pained. In the end, she screams out, yes yes yeeees take me harder. It was quite obvious that Fabian had performed a rape to silence her but that she had actually liked the end. Judging by the screams.

Fabian came out of the bedroom buttoned his pants, straightened his shirt and tie.

Inside the bedroom

Elin was crying. Elin then came out and shouted to Fabian, fucking rapist, how the hell are we supposed to be a couple?

-Oh, Calm down now brat pussy, next time I’ll take you to a whorehouse and you should get so much cock that you can not walk nor sit on your tight ass for days, then we’ll see if you obey. After that, you might be a little more grateful to get my giant inside your pussy.

Until now Frederick had been paralyzed as a statue without being able to move. He felt that he would rather not have had to be a part of this. Why had he become involved in this? Frederick did not know what he would do, he felt he did not know who this beast Fabian had turned into, was. They had known each other for about 8 years. They had shared many evenings and nights in discos and restaurants together, they had even had barbecues together. But Frederick could not believe his eyes or ears anymore.

Finally he had to say something and: -Fabian, you shouldn’t you treat your new girlfriend with a little more respect?

-That’s what I do, but that’s only because she is so perfect, like a Barbie. She has been lucky. Any other whore that had done the same thing had been locked up and gang raped down at the brothel by the border, without any warning, there are many customers who surely would pay several hundred Euros to get to gang bang rape her. But Elin is perfect, moreover, she encounters well while fucking, she is super.

But she hates you.

-That is just now for the moment, I’m good at shaping bad and worthless girls to good and useful girls. I have also seen her on film and she is both good at her job as a girl and have some qualities of the ordinary. She is so beautiful that I think I need some more of her pussy right away. Fabian pulled up his case from his pocket and put up two fine lines. He drew one and offered Elin the other. She snored it asshe was a vacuum cleaner. Fabian grinned and said “schwung”.

Then he grabbed hold of her again and they went into the bedroom to the second round. It was same former screams at first, then it got silent from Elins screams. Frederick suspected it was due to Elin now having a mouth full of Fabian’s cock.

Approximately three minutes later Fredrik hears how Fabian pants out of himself a scream as from a dying pig. This time Elin comes out, she’s absolutely soak from her ed by blodface and down to her stomach, she has Fabian’s penis in her hand, it bleeds and has collapsed like a little empty balloon. Elin laughs hystericaly. She gives the impression of having escaped from a horror movie recording, the blood was genuine. She has gotten her head really twisted Frederick thinks.

Luckily I’m here, otherwise they would probably kill each other, what a couple, he thinks.

-What the hell have you done?

-Ha, I bit it off, stupid buddy you have, he forgot to attach me this time, now it is he who is fucked. Elin absolutely roared her laughter.

-Elin, He will die, he will bleed to death.

-Ha ha ha, I hope so! Damn rapist.

-But he will die in your apartment, I’ll call 112 and explain what has happened, then he might have a chance to survive, now I presume that he will not be able to rape more, right?

-Haha, He looks like a girl who has had her first period, bloody between his legs and stares as a little girl. Ha ha ha! Elin looked like a true Halloween Witch, only the hat and the broom was missing.

Frederick called the ambulance. It took more than 5 minutes. Elin did not want to relinquish the part of the penis which she had bitten off, she ran into the bathroom and flushed it down the WC. When she came out, the police had arrived and handcuffed her. Elin appealed to Frederick that he should call her lawyer.

After all the commotion was over, one of basque cops stayed to hear Frederick. Frederick told half the story, was not lying but withheld the big things and remembered what had happened during the visit of Elin. The police knew of course Frederick. After being a restaurant owner in town, Fredrik kew almost all police officers. The police asked how it was and how his last notification had turned out. Frederick which one. He remembers about a dozen in he trecent years: Burglary in the apartment, vandalism against his car, violent brawl in the restaurant with two elderly gentlemen, a couple of speeding, a traffic crash involving his old car, a SpringHill note of a couple of guests for almost 100 Euro in the new restaurant, a couple of complaints about non-payment of wages, violent behavior in his own restaurant, and a few other small things.

The police reminded him of his old cook who had broken Frederick’s car and left a couple of very nice footprints imprinted on one of the car doors.

Frederick said: -Aha, well that story. Don’t know, it’s almost 3 years ago now, and though he acknowledged with you, it never came up in court, I do not know, I’ve heard that it can take two years, but it is soon three years since and I think it is dull. He may not be here in Spain anymore? Maybe he went home to Brazil? He was from there if I reectmember cor?

-Yes, He was from Brazil, but I saw him in Hondarribia, I saw him at EROSKI Aliprox in the center, located at the Santiago street, or whatever it’s called in the end behind the Kutxa bank. In Hondarribia.

-Well, Then maybe you should go to the district court and check the issue. I remember like yesterday when we got him to admit, it was a turning point in my career. But it is clear, then it is up to the rest to do their jobs. I think I have everything now, is your mobile number correct? If I need to reach you? 673293281?

-No Now I have a French telephone, I live in Montpellier in Southern France now. We liquidated the restaurant just before Christmas and moved closer to my wife’s parents.

-OK, But there is no Spanish number we can reach you on? You are witness to a rather macabre history.

-Hm, rather? I think this beats most persons gets to see and hear in a lifetime.

-Maybe so, but do you have a e-mail? Un Correo Electronico?

-Yes, I have.

-Do you check it on a daily basis?

-Yeah, as soon as I open my laptop, and It tends to be every day.

-OK, We will keep in touch, by the way how is it to live in Provence? Good climate? Are there jobs?

-The Climate is top, on the job front it is dead, there are jobs but you have to take what ever is offered. It seems to be an European phenomenon, but in Spain it will probably bee like that now for many years to come. On the whole it is good in Provence, but it is not Hondarribia, there is nothing that really beats Hondarribia, I would move back as soon as I got the money, but it may never happen.

-Hondarribia, is the greatest luxury in Spain to live there, it is such a fat privilege if you are able to pay it’s price.

-Oh, yeah It has its price, I can promise you. We had a cheap apartment we were renting of public housing through a lottery we “won” though it meant that we got rid of all the other helps and after a year of losses with the restaurant we could not pay all what life cost there.

-Spanish crisis, looks to end as in Argentina, seven-eight years ago, do you remember, you could see on TV how people looted shopping centers? How service stations were emptied of everything , including gasoline and diesel. I call that a crisis.

-You speak in tongues, Spain is on the mend. Bill Gates has invested billions in property in Spain.

-Maybe so, but it’s probably a short-term placement, or maneuver to get attention. Or, the real estate assets that can be taken out of bolget and then sold as a shell company. Or there is another purely speculative reason, who knows, those who live money lifes can such things and Bill Gates are usually only doing good business? Furthermore, I heard about the investment for a really long time ago and it seems not to have had any significant change in the Spanish economy.

-Oh, Phu, I know nothing about such things. We shall see in the future. The one who lives will learn… “Agur” The police closed the door and left.

-Fredrik Looked for Elin’s drinks cabinet, he found a Braun blender and all the ingredients for his favorite grog, a great HULK, 6 ice cubes in the blender with 10 cl lime juice and 20 cl Aguardiente and a small splash of Mint Syrup. Everything would run until the ice was snow. When it was decanted, he stuck a straw in the green ice sleet and drew the first sip, he shuddered with the taste and the cold that made him remember his late evenings when he ran the karaoke bar Txin-Txin in Hondarribia. Frederick sat down and dialed the number to his family in Montpellier. Robin replied and Fredrik got to sing “Itsy Bitsy Spider” and “in a house at the forest’s end”, then it was time for “Pippi Longstocking” and “Bamse”. When Robin wanted to hear Pilutta song with Madicken and Elisabeth could not Fredrik more but asked to talk with mom.

-Mom is in the shower, Helene would also like to sing. Helène takes the handset. Helène still can not talk but like singing, she understands, however, not the idea of the phone, she starts screaming hysterically paaaapaaaaaaa! Frederick tries to calm her down but he can not, Helene repeats paaaapaaaaa for five minutes until Vanessa comes and takes the handset from Hélène.

-What She asks in the handset.

-I sang for Robin five minutes but wanted to talk to you and she gave the phone to Helène etc blah blah blah, she seems to miss me, that’s positive.

-We miss you here what happened when are you coming back? Is everything okay? Have you got a hold of a few million?

-The money I have sent with UPS, they should be there tomorrow at the latest. If you can stay at home so they don’t get on bad tracks. Then hide the package in the basement, OK! It is important that you do not know what is in the package and that you do not open it, remember that it’s stolen goods and dangerous goods. I will handle the package, it is full of big cash but it can be dangerous to wear them, OK? We don’t want to get into trouble with the police in France for money laundry.

But then it happened bunch of weird things. Most have died except Elin and Alain. Fabian has got his dick bitten off by Elin. Jerry and Joanna have been murdered by the Mafia, I was buried alive but got help from the Mafia. Then Fabian killed them. I don’t know darling, it’s messy. I’ll try to get home now as soon as possible, I just want to assure me that I do not get the cops or the mob after me home.

-Oh, Dead? Be careful, come home please. Uh, UPS, how much was it you got?

-As I told you, hide the package and don’t open it! I got a good piece, but you need to know more about it before we can use anything, it’s dangerous money, OK, do not touch! Hm yeah some dead, though the mafia lost more than us, so we are on the plus. I do not know how much money it is in the package, but it is all big notes so do not touch anything until I’m home and we can talk about it and make plans how to exchange them, they can be fake or have notified serial number, anyway do not touch the money, hide the package, high … Hugs!

-OK, I hear you, but be careful, do not bring problems here, the girls want to see you. Big kiss.

Frederick finished the drink and mixed another one, he drank it on the terrace before he went to the Jacuzzi. On the way to the Jacuzzi he mixed the third. He sat in the already heated Jacuzzi which was large enough for four adults. Frederick could not understand how this world was constructed. He worked like an animal with his life tearing apart and still never got enough money. Here was this rich brat and snot-ups away all her life and she had all the prerequisites in the world to really do good things. Though Frederick knew where the shoe pinched. To be legal, and nice shops gave no money, it was precisely therefore the illegal transactions were more attractive. It would always be more advantageous to buy and sell drugs than to work legally and pay taxes. Fuck that! Fuck everyone that gain money from Drugs, fuck you all, may you end up in the big nothing.


May 17, 2014

Fabian had been visited by most of his family, but none from the organization had visited him. He was heavily guarded and suspicious of being accomplices in cocaine production. When Fabian was discharged from the hospital, he threw his European paper and took his US passport and moved to America.

Alain had received a lot of crap from Fredrik because he had not been able to get the clue in his investigations that it was a little bit bigger than a small Argentine mini mafia. That It would be governed by the president of Venezuela.

Elin had not gotten back her car back from the police. She was therefore pissed off and did not talk to anyone. She had traveled to Uruguay to see what it was like to be on the legal drug holiday. Frederick came back to his family and worked with what came up for the day. Meanwhile he was figuring out how to change the stolen 500 Euro bank notes.

May 18, 2014, Montevideo

Elin sat on a newly opened Coffe Shop, they had grown up like mushrooms the new coffeshops in Uruguay, it was a franchise chain called GuayCoffe, Spanglish became the sense of “AwsomeCoffe”, the founder of the chain was Mr. Jamen Shively, the former Microsoft corporate strategy manager. He had the idea clear long time ago but in the US he could not implement the idea until now that cannabis had been free in Uruguay. This same year as Uruguay released Cannabis lawful it was also done in Washington state and Colorado that became the first two U.S. states to legalize recreational consumtion of marijuana when voters approved legalization in November and numerous other states stood in line.

Mr. Jamen Shivley’s live got stressful from building Coffe Shops. The chain’s name in the United States became more American “CanAJoint”. The name was a connecting clips of the words Cannabis and Have a Joint. Joint could mean as well the place as wel as the firework they could buy and consume in the very coffe shop. It was made membership cards, T-shirts and American hats, that are used in baseball. They sponsored a baseball team and an American football team and did lots of advertising. Tourism to Colorado flowed on. The first month the state received a million dollars in taxes only!

There sat a large and fat man next to Elin, she did not, but he had recognized her. It was Christoff that Alain had introduced her to in France, when they had the meeting in Moliets et Maa.

-Hey Elin, how are you?

-Who are you? I do not think we’ve met before?

-Well, You know my friend Alain, who lives in Saint Juan de Luz. You have had orgies together?

-I do not know you, I think you might be mistaken.

Elin disliked the fat Frenchman already when Alain had introduced them to each other the first time a couple of weeks before. She thought he was disgusting and lasting, moreover, he was bold and generally obnoxious.

-I Mistaken not to faces, you may not have the same kind of memory but I never forget a face, we are about one percent of the entire world who has that gift that we remember every single one we have seen. Sometimes it’s a pain, but right now it gives me hope. Shouldn’t we take a joint together? Or a nose of Coke? And have a good-goody orgy?

-Like I said I did not think we have met and we still haven’t, not in my records anyway. I have paid a lot for this holiday, I don’t want it ruined, please leave me alone or I’ll call the police.

-The police? I work for the police, what do you want us?

-Fire you and probably put you in the cage you belong in. You look like a pedophile or one of those disgusting rapist. Remember! I’m a woman, not an innocent teen that you will not be able to rape, even if you weigh three times more than I do, you will never succeed. Do you know what I did with the last Spanish drug boss, who reported directly to Mr. president of Venezuela? You know what I did to him? Fabian is his name, I bit off his dick! Do you know why I did it? He raped me! Do you want me to do it for you too? Do you want to rape me? And then when you want me to suck your dick, I’ll bite, it feels nothing first. Men have no real sensation in the penis root, the sensation is basically just at the glans, but it is extremely sensitive how does that work? You have sensitive skin, to touch, but because the penis is not a muscle or directly essential for survival. But if I bite it off, you will probably die. This is because you do not have a friend here who will call the ambulance! If they have the desire to come? Do you even have their number? Are there Ambulances in Uruguay? They may ride on donkeys? Yieeeee Howwwwww! Elin did the cowboy movements that she would throw a lasso, while she laughed out loud. She concluded: You Christoff, you are a loooooser and she held up her hand on his forehead shaped like an L, which she learned through TV series from the United States.

Christoff turned around and walked away, completely speechless. His T-Shirt passed quickly to the front of Elin’s eyes, “Touche pas à ma pute” Elin sat back down, ordered another joint with Cannabis species Chicka bomb, she smoked with devotion and sat a long time to enjoy it. The effect was palpable,concentrated to the cerebral part of the nervous system. The effect was almost hallucigen. Elin dropped the concept of time in total and after having smoked, she sat completely turned off for several hours. The eyes were open but there was no normal contact with the usual mundane world, she was floating around in a Cannabis Cloud.

-Do You want to try the mushrooms too? Asked suddenly someone on a dialect she recognized coming from Dalacarlial.

-What? Was the only Elin got out.

-Yeah fungi, it gives totaly cool time-contol-absence.

-What are you talking about?

-Well, You’ve been sitting here now and talked a lot of bullshit for several hours. It was how I realized that you speak Swedish.

-And you? Who are you?

Elin thought that the boy was pretty cool, good age, good looking, Swedish, nice and he seemed to know things that could be interesting to try, we will see if he’s good in bed thinking Elin

-My name is Erik, Erik Eriksson, but they call me Ecke. What is your name?

-Elin, My name is Elin Wennerström.


-Yeah, How so?

-I recognize it, but heck, I do not know it can be any confusion.

-Why would there be a confusion?

-Because I know if I had seen you before, as I have not.

-How do you know that?

-Because I’m crap disposed on faces, but you are so sleek and sexy that I don’t think you are possible to forget.

-Oh, Thank you. Elin , tried to appear sexy and stupid and pursed her lips, shook a little bimbo preferable and said, um, what can we get that to result in? She licked her gently on the lips and looked deep into Eckes eyes.

-Oh, I do not know what do you think?

-Orgie? Vacation Orgy! What do you say? What would you take with you to a holiday spree?

-Do you really think that you would want to know? Ecke thought to himself, he’d been looking up his favorite girl from Spain. The one he’d had his first really good sexual experience with, before he was sent from Madrid to Orsa.

-Hahahaha, You are the first to respond so, you certainly amaze me, make me believe that you are different! Hehehehehehhee.

-I would most of all bring a girl to but have not had time to be girl altogether.

-Hahahahahahahahahah, You have a sense of humor guy, what the hell are you talking about? Don’t you want me? You just said that I was fine? Or am I dreaming?

-No, you have not dreamed, but I like transsexual girls who were born male but still having the cock. I like female bodies but I prefer to suck cock than eating pussy.

-Ohhhhhhh, You’re not a little bit screwed guy, I might have some use of you, I can understand you in reverse. I prefer girls and definitely I feel better about licking a girl’s pussy than to suck a cock, especially as they usually like to cum in the mouth and then I don’t like to swallow.

-Yes It is surely nice, though I do not like all the mess with the pussy, with the dick, there is less mess and so I like to swallow the gravy, it becomes like an oyster in his mouth, though warm and good.

-Bueck, you’ve just taken away my desire to have sex, what are you drinking?


-Hulk? What is it?

-Order One you will like it. Believe me, it’s not as a warm oysters, it is green, fresch and strong. If you do not like it I’ll take it without any problems. Elin ordered a Hulk and after a couple of sips she liked it, “really good, she said, surprised, not sweet, not too sour no strong taste of liquor, it also is very refreshing, good to drink here in 33 degree afternoon shade.

-Hulk? I understand the name: GREEN, strong and icy, just like the Hulk! Hahahahaha, it strikes baad in the skull, just wait and see.

-Yeah I can already feel it coming up into my brain, and when you take a Sipp says you want to say Arrrrrrrrrrr, like the Hulk.

-Where Did you learn to drink it? And what does it contain?

-I lived for six months in Orsa in Dalarna in a small village or better described as a neighbourhood, called Vomhus. I lived in a small house in the wilderness, and when I told the bartender at the disco in the bigger city, Mora, where I lived, he invited me a Hulk for free, he said Fredrik will pay for that one.


-Yeah I rented the cottage from a family where the son was named Frederick, though he lived in Spain, they said, so he did not have visited, in several years.

-Frederick And Spain, Dalarna. What does that Frederick do?

-I don’t really know nobody talked about what he was doing, he was just damn trendy, everyone was talking about him as if he were a celebrity as well, a hidden celebrity.

-Didn’t you meet? You didn’t get to see him?

-No, I moved out of the house the day before he came to live in the cottage, I went to my parents in Örebro. Then when I got back to Vomhus Fredrik was gone again, like a ghost. And I had then moved to other accommodation so I never met the family any more.

-Aha, but do you have any idea who he is?

-No, but why are you so curious about that Frederick? What does it matter?

-No No, I just know a Swedish Fredrik living in Spain who has a cottage in Vomhus. Is it big? Many apartment buildings that could be others?

-On the same plot, it was a small additional cabin, but without water, where a wacky Frenchman stayed when I had the big cottage.

-Wacky Frenchman? What was his name?

-Hm, Alain, I think, though we partied together one week sort of, I did not come him very close.

-No Alain is not so interested in other boys, but you have a weird bending.

-Alain? You sound like one who knows him well?

-Yes, We are good friends, he would probably marry me if I was such, but marriage is not in my dictionary. Married, not until death separates me from this mortal life, I am myself most dear, and I am not going to change that. But if you lived up there in Orsa? What did you do there?

-I worked for Sussie’s Diner “Food from America” in Spain, though they had plans to start the chain in Sweden and they sent me up to do some prelook and check if I could get hold of Franchisees. (Ecke lied and Elin knew that)

-Well, I thought you were making cocaine there in an empty factory building.

-Oh, huh? Ecke became completely white in his face.

-Well, well mister. I was with Alain and Frederick and robbed one of the factories in Getafe in Madrid for a couple of weeks ago, I got hold of twenty kilograms of pure cocaine! But then came the cops and took it all when I had come home. My friend Fredrik is the one you rented the cottage from. And Alain is the my lover, the one that lived in the smaller cottage at the same time as you.

-Drag the sheaves, what the world is tiny!

-Oh, you probably don’t believe in fate and that everything is predetermined?

-No, I don’t believe in things like witchcraft. I am an ateo.

-How can it then always work for me, financially wealthy, look perfect, always popular at all parties, I always shag, I can fuck whoever I want, I do not work, I’m financially independent. I’ve always had good luck with almost everything. Besides just now, when I lost my girlfriend, Joanna, or Jojo as I used to call her.

-Lost? Did she leave you? I also miss my girl I had in Madrid.

-No she loved me until the very end. She was killed by Carlos soldiers, when we hit the factory.

-And what the hell did she do in the burglary?

-Put as guard outside the premises.

-Hm, she was like me, she didn’t do her job so good.

-What made you go down here then? Tired of strict drug laws in Europe? But in Spain, no one cares about neither Coke nor cannabis. The cops just close their eyes or are told not to touch…

-I’m on vacation, watching how a really free country looks like. And you? What brought you here?

-Well, I live here now. After your hit at the factory. Strategy was changed. The former plans were actually to build a second factory in Germany, Because of that there were a lot of money in the factory at that time, A whole billion Euro in 500 Euro bills, in the factory, cash, as you fired up. The clean police had tracked down our factories. It had been changed the politics last year and they had set up a parallel police team consisted of political officers who worked as volunteers. This meant that they had found our factories and would hit them. But since you opened the eyes of the leaders here in America, they changed their strategy, I’ll tell you. I run a couple of this café’s sister Coffe shops. There is a large chain that spreads at lightning speed in USA, right now. We take the ID of anyone who buys a bit of Cannabis and then we search for them where they live in their countries and we offer them to continue buying our merchandise over the internet. We deliver locally throughout the world now.

-What Do you ship?

-Cocaine, Cannabis, other drugs like mushrooms, etc., and so we sell gadgets around it. The idea comes from the former strategy manager from Microsoft. He said that Cannabis needed a brand, as the old leaf was not good enough…

-Do you have a website?

-No, we’re working as a Guerrilla on the Internet. We only send emails directly to them that we already have as customers and they can choose the products they are interested in and we will tailor a quote and deliver what they already want.

-Oh, advanced, is it legal?

Ecke started laughing so hard tears spurted. -No It is not legal, but who would bust us? Deliveries are made in very small quantities, but to many, many. Production, we have in all countries needed and we do not have big manufactures, no stock. We work as I said as a guerrilla with thousands of departments Internationally.

-Well, And what costs the cocaine you sell then?

-Not More than 50 Euro per gram, with shipping costs included, minimum order is always 100 Euro, which must be paid by card, Bitcoins or paypal.

-But if it is you who send Coca leaves to each country and manufactures locally? When the cost of Cocaine is not more than 1 Euro per gram?

-Not A chance, there are many who shall have their piece of the pie, not just the farmer. All possible police and politicians live well on our trading right now, it’s a small crowd but many together. I do not know how many there are who benefit from this but it is exported lots of Koka leaves from America now that it has become legal to cultivate Koka in Bolivia and legal to consume cannabis in Uruguay.

-But if you still send large containers? How is it that it hsn’t been revealed? Or can you afford to send smaller packets? How does it work?

-Sweet Cute little fine you. If I were to even whisper it to you, I have to kill you then, which would be a great pity. Don’t you think?

-Yeah, So it’s a secret then? No one really knows anything?

-Just like that, not even I know how, when, where from and where it is sent. I do not know if it is sent as leaves or as pure cocaine. But one thing is for sure, we work like crazy and it seems to be quite safe and we have clients all over the globe that have access to our goods anywhere at any time.

-Wow, You really have built a watertight system!


-Can I get your Facebook? I can probably like to become a customer of yours. Now we’ll call a tomboy and we’ll have a fun vacation orgy. Do you know of a nice restaurant around here, I want five stars.

-Wow, You’re good looking, you’re cool, you’re my Queen !!!! lets have fuuuuun!

7 months later

What do you do when you get an unexpected visit? -Make a a pitcher of Nespreso? -No, you should grill shrimps and drink heavenly wine.

13 December 2014

Elin had been up reading all night. She had hacked into on Alain’s computer and was able to read the entire edition he planned to publish in his name. She wondered if he would really blow this whole story, hang them all out and take all the cred and if bestseller, all the money for himself. She had to tested him and his credibility. She thought out a way how she could find out how much money the story was worth.

She laughed wildly when she found out how she would do. She would kill two birds with one stone. She would try to get Alain against Frederick, she would get to know the price of the story, she would win her bet against Frederick. Would she then be able to squeeze Alain against the wall, she could become the legal owner of the entire script without putting up a single small allowance between. She began writing a letter:

The letter from Elin Wennerström would be a lie. She started to write a letter that would appear to come from Stieg Larsson.

The year before, Elin and Fredrik made a bet that Elin could prove that Stieg Larsson lived, now she came up with the evidence.

“Hi Fredrik, If you read this and understands the importance of your trust in me, and stay with a sober head.

I that is writing is Stieg Larsson.

I have seen in your notes, Lisbeth (My hacker) has given me full access to your discovery. I have seen how you have done a very good job not only research purposes accurate source references are 100% correct, etc. Lisbeth has actually stated that she is impressed and it’s a very good story.

However, I must point out that my faked death doesn’t have anything to do with you. I had reason to disappear. I had many enemies that I created myself over the years as a Jihadist, anti-racist and a communist. I have fortunately also true friends who come to visit me every now and then. I have also fixed it so that most of the capital coming in through my books goes to me, in form of grants to various organizations worldwide. Fake organizations officially seen to be political organizations and aid organizations. I have a number of new identities and has undergone various surgeries and not even my ex-girl friend would recognize me. I live OK, I’m not complaining, I have a lot of money, I have friends, I was lucky, I bet everything and got it big on the books about Mikael “Kalle” Blomkvist and Lisbeth Salander.

But you, you are just running a non-functioning pizza concept that you are trying to sell. Moreover, it is funded by the illigalcultivation of cannabis. There is nothing in your work worth talking about besides various cadavers that have been your friends into death, litturaly speaking.

Although, the text written is good, You’ve done a great job, you should be proud of what you have found out, you should also be careful not to waste more lives in the fight against Mr. President of Venezuela. They are too dangerous. I know, I had as a young an idea that I was immortal and fought in the jihad in Ethiopia in the 80s. I was lucky to survive. However, I believe that you, if you let this story out to the public about Mr. President of Venezuela and that he would have created the Cocaine Trade in Europe to suck out the European bank. You are more than headless or will end up headless if you do not obey my advice to let this story fall into the trash. You would need much backup to be able to finish it in a good way for everyone. You’ve already lost people you care about. Do you want the mobsters to continue the slaughter?

However, I can because I already have my life hidden and do not need to be worried about such direct threat to me as a person. I have, as I said already built up the safety net and need not fear neither Mr. President of Venezuela or other drug mafias or even death …

My suggestion is: I will pay you 1 million Euro for exclusive rights to the story. I, or rather my brother and my father, will put it up as the last Stieg Larsson book and I will take care of all the shit you would have to go through if you publish. I am already a celebrity, even though I’m so to speak dead. Sales are guaranteed, if the book is due to new threats it will be at least harmless to you.

Also, I have a news for you, that you could really benefit from. You Fredrik has been robbed, not robbed of threats in the restaurant, no headbands or weapons. You have been deceived by fake checks. Cheques you have received as payment. They come from Barklay’s Bank of Malaysia. It is a major economic Mafia behind the fraud. If you want to know more, you are destined to change the information against the rights to your story.

That is said, you do as you like, but think twice before you say no to my offer. / Stieg Larsson “

Elin read through the letter a couple of times before she surfed in on a secret server, she had learned from a friend. Now she could send the letter with her selected sender. She would be invisible. She clicked on the send and email, now her deception of her only real friends had begun.

During the evening, Fredrik logged on to the Internet and read the email from Elin, he became silent plunged in deep thought for a moment, he thought about Alain’s indiscretions against Internet security he ignored completely all risks. Fucking Alain, thought Frederick. He wondered about the bet Elin had set up six months earlier and decided not to believe that it was a genuine letter, more likely it came from Elin. In order to ensure that he was right, he played the game and sent copies to Alain and Elin. Frederick received replies at once, when and where can we meet? It came from both simultaneously.

Fredrik thought for a while… then he wrote: We could meet at Alain’s friend in Moliets et Maa. Don’t repeat kamping. Do not check in somewhere where you need to show ID, lie low.

-I have no desire to go to Moliets et Maa, I met that Christoff in Uruguay and do not want to see him again. It is better to be seen, hmmmmm, in Saint Juan de Luz, north of the beach, there is a cozy café there, just at a playground.

16 December 2014

As desided, they met at a table in the cafe.

-What do we do now? Asked Elin.

Frederick humhumhumade little and then he finally said. -We take Alain’s hat system and turn everything inside and out. Then we’ll have a super nice dinner with oysters, prawns and grilled duck breast and we shall drink good wine, tomorrow we will go in that direction we decide tonight.

-Good I know where there’s a good place that I know the owner. An old Spaniards, where we can sit as long as we want.

-Can we be sure that the letter is genuine? Asked Mr Alain Ferrier.

Frederick replied: -It is never possible to trace the letter, it comes via a protected server and email address does not appear in the sender field, probably via the “TOR”, but it does not matter. What sets for this, “If I am to take on the black hat and write down the problems,” Someone else knows what we have done, they know I have lived on cannabis cultivation, which is basically the worst thing for me. They know who has sent the bad checks to me, tat have cost me a lot of money, however, even more interesting.

If I put on the yellow sun hat optimistic: That they want to buy the story can mean different things. It may be that Stieg really is alive, then he has also ferreted out our job, recognized it and want it. He knows he will be able to sell the story very expensive, but his former partner claims to have the 4th edition semi-finished in the computer. But if the brother and father of Stieg comes out with the 4th book, they have ensured a twenty million edition sold in maybe just a month around the world. Then it becomes a movie and they will be able to scoop perhaps as much for this book, that they have received in all three previous books from the triology Milennium. Just because there is a Stieg hype in the world right now. But we have suffered to bring together this material they now want to lay their hands on, we have to make up the accounts well. Two of our best friends have died. Maybe it’s just the beginning? How much are our lives worth to us?

Elin lit up and said, -I put on the yellow optimistic hat: We are three that have survived, we would get 333 333 Euros each? if he buys the script? You know, if the price on Coke goes up, I would need some more money.

-You and your Coke dependency, boasted Alain out of himself. This has nothing to do with your Cocaine to do. Of course we must see with clear eyes and maybe ask if there is someone who wants to print the book if we give it out. Maybe we can get more? And if we get together enough material about the fake checks? So maybe we can live well on that Stieg. Either we do the deal with him or sell the script ourselves.

Frederick took on the brown hat and said with skeptical voice. -Hm 333 333 Euro is enough for me, but then I have to appear as a successful restaurant owner, not as a cannabis cultivation looser. The script if it comes out and shows me in the right light can give me the future as well paid restaurant consultant. But if I will be shown as a bad guy I will have to have more money and the chance to escape from Europe.

-So What do we do? Asked Elin and continued. I can also imagine that avoid all the hassles and take the money that Stieg offer, even if it is not so much that it could have been. I do not want the hassles.

Frederick sat the yellow sun hat on for optimistic thinking. And expressed himself solemnly: -We might be able to increase the fee a bit? So far, the trio Larsson earned about 30 million Euro on three books. If you count low, they should be able to pull in roughly… hm, maybe 15 million on our history. If we decide to try to get 1.5 million Euro directly from him. We would get about 500 000 Euro each and then we could require 5 Euro cents per copy sold, it would pull up the price tag to the putative 6 million Euros.

Frederick kept on talking and Alain listened wide-eyed at the numbers. Elin tried not to lose her composure, she knew what the answer would be, but right now she were most of all afraid of saying the wrong things so that someone would reveal her deception. She kept quiet so as not to reveal herself.

Now Alain wanted to sound important, he said. -And how can we tell him about our ideas? We don’t know where he is?

Elin, however, had been awake, it was also she that was most gifted in computers. -Smartie, He reads everything you write so put it on the desktop of your computer. I think we will have an answer already tomorrow.

Frederick wrote directly a new message in g-edit, the simple writing software that Linux had provided him with, and saved as. ““To Stieg”. He then linked the computer to the network and waited for “Stieg’s hacker” to make the intrusion and read the message.

-So Now it is open to hack the letter. Now I think that we shall eat, said Fredrik.

Ptuff. It snapt in the room, a window broke into pieces and Alan fell to the floor with the skull blown into small pieces, blood gushed out of the headless body and the head was smeared all over the wall.

An armed man jumps in through the room’s door. He takes off his mug hood and Elin jumps and shouts’s a name: BEE? What hell!!!

-Sorry Elin, I had, he began to get complicated for the organization, you two must come with me, we have some questions to ask. Frederick thought it was a bad way to end of the day, and pulls out a pistol he had kept hidden. He fired three quick shots at the man who Elin called BEE. The first hits in the stomach, the other in the shoulder and the last goes straight through the head. Elin screams like a pig, she starts hitting around her with her arms. Frederick tries to calm her down but to no avail.

Then, two more men entered with drawn assault rifles, they shoot wildly around them, but Frederick’s fast and shoots against them before they have time to hit him, Elin though has fallen to the ground. She implemented powerful bleeding from a bullet wound in the shaft. Frederick throws himself quickly down on the ground next to her and tries to get contact with her. She is difficult to make contact with. Frederick had to know. Who is BEE? Why did they do there and what do they want? How dangerous are they really? Elin hisses: -Bert Milton is more dangerous than we thought, he ran the strip club Taboo in the 1980 and 1990s with the help of Dragan Joksovic. Bert Milton is the Cocaine king in Sweden right now, they are making cocaine in Orsa where that guy Erik lived in your cabin. They worked together. Run Frederick! Escape, now!

Elin stopped talking. One of the men that Frederick had shot began to move. Frederick fired the last four balls he had left in the gun, the man stopped moving.

Frederick panicked, he started to realize he was being chased by the world’s perhaps most dangerous mafia and that the main Boss, was perhaps Swedish. He had also killed least three persons to death here in France, where he and his family lived. He sat up and got an anxiety attack, he would have to run away, but where?

Spring Break Vacation ideas.

‘Connie, come and eat now the table is set and we are waiting for you.’

Connie were saying bye bye to her new contact over Internet, it hade been a few weeks now that she had been exchanging mails with Peter. Peter lived in Monaco, he looked soo good. Peter was rich, he had sent the Photos of the house he lived in, no it wasn’t a house it was more like the castles she had seen that the stars in Hollywood lived in. Connie was not a star, she lived in “Escondido” in southern California. She had learnt that Escondido ment hidden or hiding place in Spanish. And that is how she felt here. She felt ashamed. Her mother were having three different cleaning jobs and Connie had followed her a few times to see what she really did. Connie were suspicious about her mother. Maybe she was not cleaning but fucking other men for money, because she never really went to the job as if she was going to clean but to pick some one up. Connie had gotten her confirmation. Her mother was really not working as a cleaner but as a hooker. Not the street kind but she had a few different houses she went to and she did more sucking than vacuuming, that was for sure.

Now Connie were going to get her High school diploma this summer and after that she planned to leave the parents home and get married, live well and not having to worry about anything. She had been on the search for a possible future husband and she had been searching for men on meetic in Europe. In Europe the people didn’t live like her family, in a Mobile home, they lived in castles. Peter were one of her new contacts that she prefered. He was good looking, he was rich and he seemed to like her. She had had some fotos made in tennis outfit, Cocktail dress and in swim suit. Connie were in her own eyes normal with too small breasts and too short legs, to fat ass and a crooked nose. But photoshop and some make up took care of that so the photos didn’t blow the gaff on her.

She went to the kitchen were her parents were waiting for her.

‘Mom, Dad, hm You know it is soon Christmas and you know as I am a Senior…’ She took a look at them testing the air a little bit… just to see if they were listening… She knew that her Christmas whish this year would be difficult to achive, so she had to start early to work the subject.

‘Yes dear, We can se that you are really taking it seriously. According to your first quarter grades, you have really achived much.’ The father talked very ironically.

‘The matter of fact I am, I have asked for some study help from some of the friends at school, So what I wanted to say is that I have been saving up money for the spring break trip. And I have been looking for how much it would cost to go to Europe. Actually I had thought of going after the graduation, but it is soo much cheaper to go during the spring break. That way I will have a long flight that I can use to study as well…’ Connie were sucking on the words as to show that she had it all figured out.

‘Connie, are you saying that you have been able to save enough to go to Europe? And you think we will accept that?’

‘Well I’m not sure I have enough to stay there but I can probably pay my own flight ticket.’

‘And with whom are you going? You are not going with some boy are you?’

‘No I was actually thinking of going alone.’

The father almost choked.

‘Aloone?’ he almost screamed in falsetto, as if he had returned to his youth and as a young boy travels between falsetto and base voice. The mother had to take over the conversation while he made it to the kitchen sink and kept on coughing.

‘Connie, you have to understand that we will not say yes. I don’t think that is a good idea. You have still no High School Diploma and we know that the future is very difficult if you don’t get it. We would like to see that you at least get the diploma. You know I didn’t, and I have to have different works. To be able to pay all the bills here.’

Now Connie wasn’t sure if it was the best moment to say to her mom that she knew about her mother’s little secret. She kept quiet this time but knew that she could use it any time to get where she wanted. So she saved it for later… And said instead as a teenager is expected to answer. ‘You never let me do anything fun.’

‘Oh, yes we are and if you heven’t forgotten it, last year we let you go on a ski trip to Utha, as you were begging to do for months. We do let you do things. If you can pay for it your self.’

‘Does that mean, that if I can pay for it my self it will be a yes?’ Connie said it with a voice as one that had won the discussion.

‘Well we will have to talk about that another day, won’t we.’ She looked towards the father that now came back from the kitchen with a new opened beer can. he took a great sip from it and rared out a burp.

‘Oh, you are soo groose.’ Connie looked at her father as he was the dirtiest pig.

‘Whatch you mouth, you spoiled little brat.’ He stared back at her.

Connie left the living room and went to her room. She knew that the process would be long, that was why she had started already now almost half a year before the trip. She would need to arrange with pass port, tickets and everything. She knew she was going, even if it had to be on her own without her parents acceptance.

‘Look she never eat meat anymore.’ Her mother had noticed that Connie left the meat balls on the plate and only eaten the mashed potatoes and the sallad.

‘Yes I guess she is becoming like her mother, you never eat me anymore neither. You know I miss a good blow job. Come here now and take care of me, I almost died at the dinner table, a horrible life passed in front of my eyes. But now I am ready for a good blow job, and if I am goig to die. It will be your last chance.’

‘Well ain’t I the lucky one? At least get your self a shower first. Then I will give you what you need. I will wash up mean while.’

Christmas Day, 25 december.

Connie woke up early this morning. She was going to become 18 in June, the 18th of June, but she was like a little child all Christmas mornings, she had been like that all her life. When she was younger she always wanted books. Now she had read them all and wanted to explore the world that the books hade taught her about. She fancying about how to live a great life on the French Riviera riding in cabriolets in the sunny morning sun and having great meals at nice restaurants and be able to drink champagnes. Here in escondido she only could get some shitty marihuana if she got lucky. It had no effect on her any more and she wanted to try some real life experiences with an exciting young man. She felt so lonely, so unwanted. She needed the excitement. Oh she could kill for a little envelope from her parents saying that she could have a thusand dollars to help her pay the spring break trip. She was not sure if she dared to go out there and look under the Christmas tree and see if there were any good news. She went first to her lap top and checked if Peter was online, She normally checked on him before she went to bed around midnight so that she could fall asleep with him saying good night to her. That made her feel cared about, as if he was there and she could hug the pillow, pretending it was him. Peter was not online. He had set “flying helicopter” as mode… Oh, Lucky guy, flying helicopter… Wow, how can anyone be that lucky. What was Connie going to write? Taking the bike to the grocery? How could that even beat the dust off his shoes? Finally she felt so humiliated just being so poor in comparison to Peter she started to cry. When she had felt sorry for her self long time enough, about 30 seconds… she remembers that since she could not sink any lower it was time to see if her parental lobbying had given any results… She took a big breath and went out in the living room and found the tree there, her father had decorated it, she knew, because he had forgotten a half full beer can on the side of it. She thought of having a sip, but it was too early in the morning for beer, she thought, so she saved it away in her room for later, her father would never remember the can he left anyway.

She then went back to the Christmas tree to see what she could find.

There were so much stuff, most was to her mother, Connie thought it was her “boyfriends”. Of course her mother said it was from the families, she said she cleaned for.

She could find only four presents with her name on, and no envelope that could hold any money. She got a little tear in one eye, she dried it away, sucked up air through her nose and felt so sad and left alone. She thought of how she could gather money. She thought maybe she could try to get some money in the fast food restaurants waitering tables. She had heard that normally, the guests gave good tip to pretty girls. She could put on some make up and would probably find good tips. She knew that she could never ever take her mothers job. She had seen her mother blowing that old mans dick, she had become so sick she could not even see meat anymore. Anything that came from the animals world made her sick nowadays. It hade been more than 12 months that she had not even felt horny. Every time she started to think of a mans body she got pictures up of her mom sucking the dick of that old man and it made her feel so sick she had to drink a glass of water. And then she threw up. It used to happen once a week at least. That made her look thinner now and she was actually better looking now than one year ago. Now her ass was not so fat anylonger and her stomuch flat. She had gotten some stuffed bras so the fact that her tits was getting smaller was taken care of.

She took one of the present and opened it. It was a book called “The Cannibal” By John Hawkes. The title made her feel sick. Cannibal, brrr. She went to the kitchen to have a glass of water. She had nothing to threw up so she went back to the tree to see what else could be there. She found another book a French quick guide. She thought it was strange, She had at least a B in french so it was not the school subject she needed to study more, she could need a first grade math book though, or she would need to blond her hair, as Peter had said he prefered blonds. She kept on searching for presents, oh yes there is was a soft thing that she suspected could be whatever but she opened it with very little enthusiasm. It was a travel bag. Hm a travel bag, a Book and a french pocket language book, maybe her prework hade done results anyay. It did actually look quite ok. She found the fourth and last present and opened it. It was a DVD. it was called Fast learning french in 3 weeks. her parents had as it seamed found out that she would need to speak French in Monaco, so they would push her to learn more and then she could maybe get there if she presented better grades… Hm she had a foot in! “she was going Spring holyday” she was going to see her future Husband! She got goose bumps and she felt so very happy. Oh, if this is going to be true! Oh, she had to take a shower, she had to wax her legs, she oh, she just runned around in as in ecstasy. She started to jump to get the energy out of her. Ohhhhuoi!!!!

Christmas Holydays

Connies father has slept all morning until 12, her mother had left early. She said she had one new house to do some last Christmas “cleaning” in so that the family could have their Christmas in a clean house. Connie had ben instructed on a piece of paper how to prepare the Christmas food and she had also set the table and made everything so nice.

Her mom finally comes home, all steamy and said she was going to the shower.

Twenty minutes later she came into the kitchen and checked on everything. She said not much just hm hm hm and OK. ‘Lets eat.’

They all sat down by the table and Connies Father said the prayer.

‘Thank you god for the food you bring us this Christmas, Thank you for letting us have this Christmas lunch together, Amen.’

Connie never closed her eyes while they prayed, she was always looking at the others to see if they got any contact with God, as a flash or something, but had so far in 17 years never seen anything special so she thought she might just start to close her eyes as well. Then she wanted to ask her parents about the presents… She felt scared that she was going to get more things to do at home if she started to ask to much, because then she would not be able to work anymore neither, do her homework and finally she would end up without, money, without the Spring Break trip nor the High School Diploma.

‘So Connie, how has your morning been?’ Her mom finally aksed her.

‘Well, finally Santa Claus has been nice to me and he brought me a travel bag, a French Dictionary and a nice book I have already started to read.’

‘Nothing else? Hu, Well I have something for you. I have gotten one more cleaning contract so now I will be able to help you out with the trip, if you deserve it… You will have to understand that if you fail any school grade you will be so not going on that trip. And We have talked about if you possibly have any friend you could make come with you? All alone in Europe? You have none to rely on there.’

‘Well I could ask around, maybe my French Teacher want to go as well? That way I would have someone that speak well French. I might be able to find someone in France that I can come to. I have heard of Exchange programs?’

‘OK, do some checking around, because I certainly don’t want you to travel all alone.’

‘OK mom I will see what I can find.’

After the lunch Connie wrote a letter to Peter:

“Dear Peter, I am almost done with the lobbying with my parents and I am looking forward seeing you. How are you? I miss you every time you aren’t here on the Facebook or Skype. I like so much to hear your voice.

You know my parents want me to have someone to travel with together, do you happen to know a way to make Exchange or something? Couldn’t you find a way?

Love ya


Connie used her alias CON wen she wanted to show that she loved Peter.

Then she went into her bathroom and was going to blond her hair, she was soo excited, she was vibrating. She needed this change.

During the whole Christmas holyday she had been promised extra work ad she worked and worked as much as she could. She went every opened day to the K-mart and she worked in their cash register. It made her back hurt and she felt that hard work like that was not her thing. She thought her future was trouble free driving or riding a cab in the City of Monte Carlo, and maybe have a glass of Champagne in the Casino.

When finally school started again she thought of asking her teacher if she was intrested in going to Monaco with her.

When Connie went into the class room Where Ms. Echebeste used to have class, she saw instead a young man sitting by the desk. He were not bad looking, green sparkling eyes and a nice blond curl, a very sporty looking man.

The class started and he presented him self as Mr. Jones. he was french as well as Ms Echebeste but she had had a car accident during the Christmas holydays so she was in hospital with a broken leg. Connie thought that she had lost a good possibility to get one of her best travel companies. So it was to look for someone else. Maybe Rebecca?

She wrote Rebecca a note: “Hello how has Christmas been?”

She got a note back: “Nothing new, parents fighting, my big brother is trying to make it with me and I am soo sick and tired of it all. And you?”

Connie again: “Well I am also sick of this life, but I have an idea about how to do! Do you wanna hear?”

Rebecca looked surprised and nodded, so Connie wrote fast now.

“You know, I though of getting myself a rich and good looking man in Europe and get married and live nice, as we were fancying about as small playing princesses. And I have found one, but he lives in Monaco, so I will have to go on a long trip during spring break. My parents want me to go with a friend, so I want to ask you to come with me.”

Rebecca looked sad and wrote: “I don’t know lately my parents have less money. They are hireing cleaner for the house, but it is messier than ever and they seem to have less money and actually I am afraid to ask. How much could a trip like that cost?’

“Well it would be about 2000 Dollars, flight and living, but I have the boyfriend that will let me into his house, so you could live in the hostel, that way you will need only 1000 Dollars.”

“You are nuts, where would i search for that kind of money? And it is soon! In a few months only.”

“Well let me know if you can find a way…”

Rebecca read and looked sad.

Riiiing, the class were over and the teacher said something uncomprehensive in French.

Planning the trip

Connie had done a passport, she had the flight tickets ordered, she had the bag already packed. She were counting the money she had left and then she thought of what to wear in Monaco. She realized that she would need a princess out fit if she was going to look any half good as Peter on his side. She looked un on Internet what she could find. Everything was about 500 Dollars and she realised that it would not be possible. Now she got into a little dilemma, she needed to find a way but fast. How?

Maybe she could make Peter rent something in Monaco. Connie thought that a very nice dress is not possible to bring on the plane anyway. She started to think of how to tell Peter that he neded to get her something nice to wear… It took the whole day to think of some good way to make him feel that he was getting it for him, so it was not for her.

She started to write: “Peter, how are grls dressed in Monaco? I mean here we live on the country side so mainly we wear just T-shirts and shorts or a mini skirt. So What Can I bring to wear? Do you want me to wear something special? What will be our first night out there? What is the plan? What would you do our fist night?



Peter answered: “Well Dear connie, Don’t worry about the clothes, I will bring you on a shopping trip that will probably make you think you are going to Hollywood and “Rodeo Drive”… You just bring your mini skirts and I will take care of the dresses.

Love to see you slip into one…



Connie got so overwhelmed, this Peter was something so special.

Now she just hade to go to the Travel Agency to get the tickets. She took the bike and sat her Face book mode as: “Going for plane tickets”. She felt almost as good as if she could have written going on a helicopter trip… She was seeing double, she bicycled to the travel agency but she was at the same time sitting in a helicopter looking at her boy friend flying the machine. He looked soo Cool with Pilot Ray Bans and headphones, she could speak to him through the radio but all she wanted to do was to kiss him.

Finally at the agency she got in and had to wait for a couple that had been fighting and wanted to cansel their flight but did not have any insurance to cancel the trip so now they had to go on the trip anyway even tough they said they had divorced since they had ordered the trip. The Agency couldn’t do anything for them.

When she asked for her tickets she was asked back if she came for only her tickets?

She couldn’t really understand the question so she just said yes, of course I am getting my own tickets and she paid with her card. $ 997. Lost and won she said.

‘What, sorry, I didn’t get it?’

‘Oh, nothing I just said what my grandma usd to say when she had paid for something big. She always said: “Lost and Won” she wanted to say lost the money but that she had won something better than the money saved.’

‘Oh, yes, Monaco is a good oportunity for a nice looking girl like you. Do you speak French?’

‘Well, “Bien syr” I have good grae in French but I don’t really speak it.’

‘You wil have to meet a French man to teach you.’

‘Well who knows, maybe I will?’

Connie said good bye and left.

she was now more than flying, she were n the seventh heaven. She had won the fight and now she would go to Monaco. It had been almost to easy. Finally she had been working a lot studying well got her grades and now she earned a good vacation that was for sure, but she started suddenly to feel that it was too good to be true. She Connie, was actually going to Monaco, she was going to be the princess to Peter. She was going to be happy. How was all this possible. And it had happen so fast. In les than 6 months and there she was, with the tickets in her purse. She then suddenly felt that something was missing. Had she really put the tickets in the purse? She had to stop the bike and she looked through the purse. The ticket from the bank payment was there, but Fuck, No! Damn she realised she had gone half way back home without the tickets.

It was only one thing to do. Go back and explain what had happened.

She returned in 10 minutes and all sweaty and no breath left she had to listen to another couple that couldn’t decide where to go, to Cayman Islands or to Barbados. Connie tried to look over them and see if the sales person could recognise her and help her in between but no chance. After an hour of putting up lists of pros and contras the couple finally took a trip to Hawaii, they said it is where we feel good anyway so why try something new when we know what we get?

Finally the trn came to Connie.

Connie explained and the sales person said that she had tried to call on Connie when she left but then the Hawaii-couple came in and that was a good commission for her so she couldn’t let go. She said she was sorry but now she got a chance to tell her good luck again. ‘Have a nice trip!’

Connie answered and left, this time she checked once more that the tickets were really in the purse. They were safe and this time she started to pedaling a little bit more tired than before. No extra vision, just focosing on the street.

Finally at home, mom had left a note to fire up the BBQ on the porch so they could make some frech hamburgers. She said she was “cleaning” again…

Jitters before the journey…

Oh, if it could only become tomorrow. Connie had been restless the whole day. Now it was almost 17:30 and they were going to have dinner at home around 18:30. Connie had checked her bags at least twenty times. The tickets were there, the passport were there and the money for the hostel were there. She had finally been OK taking a room in a hostel outside Monaco in France. The price was better there but she planned to stay with Peter anyway, that detail her parents still had no idea about…

She could not think well, she walked around, around and she had switched on and off the TV hundreds of times. She had logged in and out on Internet to see if Peter had showed up or whatever, just to still her anxiosity. She had been drinking a lot of water and been to the toilet so many times two rolls of paper had been used. She was having the worst Jitters before the Journey ever in her life, now before her Spring Break Trip.

Now if she took the bicycle to the grocery she could get something again, she had already been there three times before today. She had bought a Snickers and a Mountain Dew at 11:37, at least that is what the ticket said. Then she had gone again after lunch for som sunscreen. And in the last hour she had gone again and bought a bag of “sugar babies”. Actually she could need some chewing gum for the flight. She had heard or read on internet that when one fly in an aeroplane it is good to chew so that the clicks in the ears go away easier and one don’t have to think of the pressure in the ears.

She took the bike again and felt how her legs were almost sored from earlier trips during the day. After all it took her about fifteen to twenty minutes to the grocery.

When she finally came home her parents were still not home and she found a note that they would be back soon. If she wanted to she could rest. They were out getting some Pizza for tonight.

She went to her room and opened up her laptop to see if the last hour had done any change to her Internet sites. Facebook and twitter. There yes, Peter. What did he say?

“Connie, I have some bad really bad last minute news for you.” Connie got cold and stiff , she got dry in her mouth, she didn’t breath she looked at the words on the sceen as if they were written in blood on the screen it self. No, no, no. It can not be that bad, tell me what. She kept reading:

“Connie, I am sorry but I will not be able to come and get you at the airport. I wanted to come but I can not, I have missed the Helicopter licence and I need to take some more classes before I can land on an Airport.”

Connie took a huge breath, she woundered if he had any worse things coming up? She could live with taking a taxi or that he could come to get her with his car or whatever. She didn’t expect to be picked up from the airport with a helicopter. So that was not really that bad news. Phuuuu, that was close.

Connie felt that she had to write something, she wrote: “Please Peter, don’t worry about that, I just want to see you, be with you and feel you close to me. I don’t need a helicopter pick up, even if that hade been different.” She finished with: Love /CON.

The door went up and her parents hollered “Hello”. Connie could notice that they were a little bit drunk. They had a couple of Pizzas and a cage of beers. Half of the bottles in the beer cage were already missing.

‘So lets see what we have here, we have one cheese lovers and one meat lovers.’

‘Who of you two have been driving in your condition?’ Connie sounded like a mother, she know it but she got really pissed off, here she relied on them to bring her tomorrow to the airport, and they had been getting drunk and got home driving?

‘What do you care? Aren’t you going to Monaco? You will leave us here all alone? You don’t give a shit about us anyway!’

Connies mother was really drunk and she seamed to have been drinking since long time and Connie knew that is was not the few beer missing, she could have been drinking a lot more and maybe stronger stuff as well.

Connies mom opened another beer, took a glass and aimed to pour the beer into a glass, she then searched for a pocket bottle and found it in her underwear. She opened it and poured the last drops into the glass. She left the empty pocket bottle fallen on the sink and emptied the glass in one mouth. When it was empty she screemed out loud: “Cheers” .

Connie got scared, she had seen her mom drunk some times before, but never this bad. She didn’t want to make things worse so she just kept calm and took out some plates for the pizza. She gave herself two slices of each and grabbed a beer. Her mom said: ‘Yes get your self drunk so you feel a little bit more like us regular folks. Not so fancy Monaco Princess.’

Connie bit her self in the lip not to open her mouth saying stupid things now. Now when her new future were so close and within reach. She wouldn’t loose this possibility for nothing. She were going to Monaco even if she had to run to the airport or swim crossing the ocean.

The mom went to the bathroom.

The father told Connie that mom had been to the hospital, taken away an unwanted baby. And that it would all be good again tomorrow. He said: ‘Let her be tonight, don’t worry it will all be fine. It always gets like this after her abortions… She gets drunk and then she is fine. Are you ready to travel tomorrow?’

‘well I was, right now I am in a chock, how many abortions has she done?’

‘Phu, If I could count that well, but well after giving birth to you she said that was the last time, so every time she got pregnant she took it away.’

‘Father, do you know how much I wanted to have a sister or even a brother?’

‘Well we all do when we don’t have it. But then with all fights all the time, it is not worth it, so actually trust me it is better without, I know the difference, my brothers and sisters live in other states and I am better off like that, I have more time for my self that way. But now we are going to sleep no? Tomorrow we are having a big trip in front of us!’’

‘OK, will you take mom to the bed? I think she have slept on the toilet. She is so disgusting you know.’

‘No worries I’ll take care of her. Good Night.’

Connie double checked all the alarm clocks, they were all on 07:30. They had about two hours drive and she wanted to have at least two hours to make her self ready and the plane would leave at 14.45. So that would give them time to park and check in and everything. Connie went to bed staring in the ceiling, thinking of: how the whole day could take so long to finnish when four hours of parenting could go so fast… before she slept she was sure to check the Internet again and went one more time to the bathroom.

The “D” Day

Connie woke up and she could first not get out of the bed. She could not understand why someone had been putting her sheets under her mattress, she got finally out of her bed, and fell suddenly over something soft on the floor. She crawled to the door and searched the light button and she got some blinding light in her eyes. She could then se that her mom had slept on the side of here bed, she had also threw up on the floor on the side of her and now the mothers face were in the puke. Connie got sick and crawled away to the bath room. She threw up in the toilet and flushed, than she crawled back into her room. Mom was still there and she smelled bad. Connie decided to bring her to the bath and wash her up. She took her mom under her armes from behind and pulled her to the bathroom. She got her into the tub and started the water, she gave her not to cold, but fresh water, so that she would sober up.

Then Connie went to the kitchen and prepared a bowl of milk and cereals. She turned on the TV and sat her self in the sofa and watched the news. Unexpected there where one new plane that had crashed in the French Alpes, almost in a village called Barcelonette, maybe three or four hours from Peter. If felt strange that she was going to that place where they had crashed a plane. Then suddenly she got reminded. She was going in an aeroplane, and it could crash! She turned off the TV and checked what aeroplanes her TWA would fly with. It was Boieng, same kind that had crashed, only hers would be a lot bigger, so the crash would be bigger as well. She kept on reading on Internet and found out that the crash in France had been a suicide. The captain had gone to the toilet and the other driver had locked the door and kept on flying into a mountain and done a hell of a crash, nothing left. Boom!

Connies Father came and asked her if she was fine. He had found mom in the bathtub and thanked her for the concerning…

Then Connie thought maybe she should have helped her mother to get up?

Her father came with a beer, he said that is the easiest way to make her walk again, and she will wake up happy that way. Later on she might fall back to sleep but, what the hell, then she would already be in the car.

Once they got all into the car they left and there were so many cars out this morning. More than they could ever had been thinking of. Of course it was Spring break so they were not alone going to the airport. Connies father were tapping the steering wheel all the time. Her mom was asleep all the time, better like that, she thought. That way she was quiet. herself were doing anything from keeping herself from eating her nails away.

Finally they got to the airport and had only thirty minutes before boardning. They parked and opened the trunk. Hey! What is tha? A joke? ! Connie stared at the empty trunk where she knew she had put her suite case. She started to cry. She had finally gotten to the airport, she had it all well planned but now she was without passport, tickets and no money!

Connie sat down on the pavement and cried, she didn’t know how bad she could feel before in her life she had felt pity so many times, but this was the ultimate humiliation.

Connie didn’t feel her mom trying to wake her up.

‘Connie, it is 6.30 and you should get up now!’

Connies father came into her bedroom and took her in his armes. Connie, you will have to wake up now, because they have been saying on TV that there are extra long cues to the airport. We will leave right away, no breakfast in front of the TV, you will have to bring it to the car. I have already brought the cases. Don’t worry! What is it about? Have you seen a goast or what?’

Connie couldn believe she had had a night mare? That hadn’t happen in years, She got dressed fast, dried her tears. She then checked the trunk that the cases were there and she grabed some candy bars and her bag of sugar babies and the gums she had bought the day before.

‘All in? Asked Connies father.’

‘All in shouted her mom, and they were on the road to the airport. The cases were there and they would have time to get to the check in.

It took them three hours to get there.

After parking the car they went to the check in and Connies father went with her to the desk. He left the lady three passports and three tickets.

Connie just stared at the other passports and tickets and felt how all her blod went from her head and fell down into her legs. She passed out.

When Connie woke up she was on the airoplane and her mom was sitting there looking out of the window and her father was sitting on the other side. She had a glass of juice in front of her. She emptied it. And she looked at her father. ‘What is this?’ She asked.

‘Well when we had been talking about your trip and everything after all we hadn’t had a very good vacation for many years, so we thought that now when you are big enough to travel. It is time for us before we get to old. So here we are. After all you aren’t an adult yet and since we are still responsable of your act, we want to be around.’

‘Ok, but I can go to places without you all the time? Right? I mean, I don’t want to have my drunk mom around all the time, that is humiliation big time, you know?’

‘Well I will try to help you so that you can have some real vacation. And I think me and mom wants to be alone a litle bit as well. So don’t worry.

Connie thought of what would happen on the airport, and suddenly the fact that Peter wasn’t coming with the helicopter wasn’t that bad.

She got one more orange juice, then she folded down the flight chair a litle bit and fell fast into sleep. She dreamed about the French Coast with the turquoise water. She mumbled in her sleep…

The flight.

Connie had slept the for three hours in the aeroplane chair. She woke up with a huge need to go to the toilett, she unbuckled her seat belt and tried to stand up, one leg of hers had fallen asleep. It hurted walking on that foot and she limped away to the toilets. When she got there two out of three were out of order and there were a long cue, she felt how she could maybe stand it one more minute but if these 10 people all were going? She couldn’t wait but would certainly wet the floor. She figured out a way and thought of making a scene and try to get in when next person came out.

It took more than one minute and she started to feel that it was not possible to hold it any more. She panicked, she felt that this was the end of this flight, she thought of what would happen if she pee here in the aeroplane on the floor? She tried nicely to ask a flight stewardess, but she said everyone had to wait for their turn. Connie then spoted how the door went up and out came a double sized 60 years old woman, she almost didn’t enter through the door way.

Connie then ran up to the door, and pushed herself before the one that had helped the old fat woman. She got in sat down and heard the hands slapping the door out there. They screamed all kinds of words to her, but she was in her own world, turned off from the outside world, finally in… Connie peed but ‘Fuck!’ the seat wasn’t cleaned, all wet from the before. Connie got all wet on her thighs from the toilet seat. She didn’t know what it was? The fat womans pie? Or was it water? Anyway she cleaned herself well and wiped well the chair after her. She went out and the person she had passed looked at her as if just the sight could kill…

The man went in and the rest of people in the cue told her she should be ashame. There was a mother with her six years old daughter that had peed on the floor because of the long waiting time.

Connie thought, it was better if the six years old pee on the floor instead of her, that was more acceptable than a seventeen years old that pee on the floor.

She went back to her chair and now her mom had also woken up.

‘Good morning mom,’ She said sarcastically.

‘Surprice! Here we are on the holyday all together!’

‘Very very funny, it is supposed to be my Spring Break, my first nice holyday, OK? I didn’t want you here, ok, as little as you want me in your life, I don’t want you in mine. OK?

The mom loked out the window, staring to cry, but didn’t want anyone to see her, like that.

The stewardess came with food to everyone and they got champage. The food were the worst crap Connie ever seen on her plate in her life, so she ate the bread with some mayonese only and asked the stewardess if she could maybe exchange her food for some more bread? And another beer. She said that after all she had paid a thusand dollars for this trip, and would like to remember it as someting else that the worst school picnic in her life… Not even being in school… But on her most expencive vacation ever.

She got another beer and two more breads and a few mayonese tubes to spread.

Connie had dreamt during her sleep and were now decided to find out a way to make her parents accept her going to stay as much as possible with Peter. She had to make up a lie about how they knew each other, she had to make him confirm the facts and that way he would be approved. She had some ideas, but she needed to make Peter chose the story. She started to type on her i-Phone a message, she had learnt that she could propably not be able to send it until they had landed in Paris, but that would still give her time to send Peter the message and tell him the news that her parents would come with her. She would tell him they will stay in the Hotel but she was not sure of how to do herself…

Connie started to think about what would happen if she stayed with him. Would he want her to to have sex? She suddenly got a strange feeling in her stomuch, she had not thought of practical things before. She was only so overwhelmed with the love she felt and just acted on her instincts. She got a lot of thoughts about how she would do to avoid certain acts in the sex as sucking his dick, she could not do that. After watching her mom blowing that fat man, she could not even eat meat any longer. She thought that if she got Peter really horny? Then he might just wanted to fuck her and she could get away with no sucking, at least the first time? She could just give him the ass and hope for him to be satiesfied with that. The thought started to make her desiring that Peter was close to her, she could imagine how he would come and stick his dick to her and she started to feel blury in her head, she had to go to the bathroom again and dry herself.

When she walked down the Aeroplane alley she was in her own world, she could not hear the people saying behind her back. “Look there is the Toilet terrorist”.

She got luckier his time no one before her, she slipped in and wiped the seat before she sat down and peed.

Well out and in her seat again she fell asleep again.

Connie this time dreamt about her having sex with Peter, how it woud be, how she would do and she woke up by the thought of her pills. She had forgotten to ask her gynecologist for pills, After all she was not eighteen yet and she was supposed to wait until she got married to have sex with a man, so she would normally not need them. How should she do now? Try to find condoms? Then she realized that the only reason she would need a condom or pills was the fact that she would protect herself from being pregnant. Why? Because she needd to get a High School Diploma… But now if she got pregnant? What would that change? School would be out before one could notice if she was pregnant, and if she gave birth to Peters child? She woud become a rich mans wife? Or not?

So far Connie did not have reglar periods so she wouldn’t know if she was in the right dates, but since she was supposed to stay for two weeks she thought she would try to get as much semen as possible from him and she started to make up planes of how to do to seduce him not having to eat his dick and that way she would get as much possibility to carry home his child. She got excited again and she was now sure of two things, she was prepared and easy to lubricate for this mission and she was defenitely in the mood to get pregnant.

The speaker told the passengers that the local hour in Paris would be early in the morning and that there were no clouds but only 8 Celcius degrees. About 45 Farenheit. Connie tried to remember if she had felt something that cold that was not the chilled air coming out from the fridge at home.

The landing in Paris were very shaky but Connie felt happy when the plane had stopped and they could start to get out. Now they had to change the plane to the national plane that would bring them to Monaco. She was so full of energy, felt like a new person not the under average country girl. Now she was adult and were ready to start het adult life with her future husband and hopefully father to her first child. She took a big breath and steped over the step from the aeroplane over to French ground. She felt her skin forming goose bumps.


Finally after a few hours more waiting in Paris airport they were on the national flight to Monaco.

Connie were getting nervous, she had received a message from Peter that he were going to take care of the cover up story, he had said he looked forward to see Connies parents. Now Connie felt so small again, as a little girl not controlling the action around her. She wanted something to drink and asked the stewardess for a beer or whatever strong stuff they could give her. The stewardess said they had a new drink in a can that held about 25 degrees, it was called “HULK” it was made from Tequila, Lime juice and some green Mint, it was a Mexican version of The Brazilian Caprihina, or the Russioan version Kaprinoska. Very fresch no alcohol taste and was servd with some ice. Connie said she wanted two. She got two. The drink were so good she could have drunken ten, but then she got more needs to go to the bathroom. She felt her self energized by the drink as strong as the Hulk, she were like a goddess. She came out from the toilet and now the speaker said time to buckle up and go down for landing in Monaco. Here the weather were better about 20 Celcius, 75 Farenheit. And now it was mid day.

When they had been waiting for their bags for 45 minutes, and Connie’s mother’s suite case was not found they had to start with lost baggage cueing and when they finally got through the costum, Connie got Peter sighted and she felt a twist inside her. He was so handsome, Club Blazer and with a sign, “Welcome to MONACO Family Smith!” On it. Connies Mother thought it was not for them as Smith is a very commun US Family name. But Peter said hello and welcome.

‘I have been told by Connies French teacher that you are coming so you are invited to us!’ Peter said.

Connie loved that version and just hang on, Peter gave the Frech cheek kisses to the whole family, even Connies Father got them and the two men claped each others backs in a hug.

‘But Connie, you said you had no company here? What more haven’t you told us?’ Her father was supriced but didn’t sound angry.

‘Well well, I don’t know anything just let this heh, Pete? What was your name did you say?’ Connie played unknowing and innocent.

‘Peter, P-E-T-E-R. As in Peter PAN, you know the green guy that can fly?’ Peter did angel wings with his hands looking rediculous, as a Clown.

Connie thought of him as funny, and answered ‘Yes, I love that guy…’ She blinked at Peter, she felt so happy, this was going perfect. Peter was the best actor.

‘So what happens now?’ Connies father was starting the questioning now.

‘Well I thought that I will bring you home to my little hiding place and then we can have a little drink with my parents before we go on a little shopping tour in the city. How about that?’ Connie thought that Peter sounded a s real guide.

‘So you live here? And you are a friend of Connies French Teacher?’ Connies mother kept on asking.

‘Yes we got to kow each other when we studied together in Paris five years ago. He was becoming an French teacher and wanted to go to California to teach French and I was getting an English teaching diploma and could work here on the Riviera to teach French people English. It is good business and not so hard work. I work mostly on weekends and on school holydays and I can keep on studying meanwhile. I love the University life, I just can’t get enough.’ Now Connie thought he was kissing her parents asses almost to much telling them he loves to study and everything…

Connies mother looked impressed at this young man speaking well English with just the slight French accent making him even more attractive.

Now Connie wanted to say something, she had been thinking loong time now on what to say.

‘Hm,’ she started, ‘So how do you live? Do you have an Appartment here in the City?’

‘No, no Appartment no, that would be complicated, we have to many cars and the Helicopter. Can not land on the city roofs.’

‘Helicopter?’ Connies father asked surpriced.

‘Yes, My father use it in his work. He is a stock brooker and work in Paris a few days a week and the fastest way to go between is with Helicopter, it takes less time when you don’t need to check in and out and all the street traffick. Paris is a big mess of cars you know.’

‘Wow, your own helicopter, driving a Lotus, I figure your English classes give good cash?’

‘I can manage but it is mostly because that I for the moment stay with my parents, they are seldom home anyway so it s better that way, so they have someone to take care of their animals.’

‘Animals?’ Connie looked curious, she had honnestly not heard anything about animals before, that was news for her.

‘Well, yes my parents have this sick hobby collecting strange animals from their trips around the world. The have mini animals, dwarws of just anything. My mom is a veterinarian and she have a hobby to make dwarf clones from any animal. She have some secret and is doing reserach about how to be able to have mini anmals at home. She have so far one Elefant that is 10 years old and supposed to be a few meters high, but is only 50 centimeters high, almost 2 feet. And we have a litte tiger that is not bigger than a cat, and does not attack people. We have a one and a half meter high Giraff. But personally the funniest is the eagle, it is as small as a Little canarie bird but looks like an real eagle, and it hunts rats as big at its self. I think she couldn’t fix away his instict to hunt. But it is also the first animal she have brought up this way. On the side we have normal animals as well. real minimonkeys and a huge dog and a huge salt water aquarium. You will see.’

Peter stopped the car outside a high wall with a black gate in with golden nobs on the top. He held out his hand and a thing came up through the ground and opened up. He pressed his hand agains something and a voice asked him something in French and he answered. Then the gate started to open up slowly. When the gate was opened he drove in awaiting the gate to close behind him and then he repeated the same procedure to get through the next gate.

Finally they got to a wall with a house on top. There was a door in the wall that he drove into and they got into a garage.

The House and the Jacuzzi

Peter opened the doors to the car as a real gentleman, They got out in a Garage that looked more as a lvingroom, it had a small bar, a sofa and a TV.

Connie looked chocked at the place, saying: ‘Is this your livingroom?’

‘No look, this is the resting area after a long car trip, but normally here is where my father sits to wait for my mom while she is getting ready. That way she doesn’t tell him he is just sitting there whatching TV and doesn’t move. He will be in the car meanwhile waiting, having a drink and whatch the TV from the seat inside the car.’

‘Having a drink? In the car? And then drive?’ Connies father sounded surprised.

‘Well yes but no. It is my mom that drives, she is French and she likes to drive and my father is always on the phone talking business so he can’t drive anyway.’

‘Aha,’ Connies mom sounded like that would not be an issue in USA where the man drives and that the woman doesn’t touch the weel of a mans car.

Now Peter wanted to show heis house and the garden with the animals.

‘Lets go upstais and take a look at the view and if you want to have something to eat or drink? Maybe you want to wash up? You have been in the aeroplane since when?’

‘Yes you are right, I think a shower would be nice, but I can wait for the others to take it, If you have a beer or something?’ Connies Father couldn’t do without a beer in his hand for long time… Connie looked at him embarassed

‘Of course I have a beer, but don’t you want Champagne? You know Monaco is not much of a beer producer, But we have a great Wine culture here. Why don’t we start with a visit in the wine cellar? Then you can bring a bottle of champagne and have a jacuzzi bath?’

Connies mother looked like she could just eat this Peter for lunch, Connie got a bit yellous and wanted to get rid of her parents somehow without being to much ashamed of them. She thought that if she got them just enough blury to make them go to the Jacuzzi, She would take care of this Mr. Perfect herself.

‘Lets go,’ he said…

They went down through a spiral stair and got down to a dark room that was not at all that warm as the rest of the house. Connie felt how her skin got goose bumps and she searched Peters hand in the dark.

When the light went on she let go of the hand but she had gotten a good squeeze to let Peter know she wanted more soon.

Connis Father said. ‘Oh, wow, that is a Wine cellar, worth it’s name!’ He stoped and just stared with the mouth half closed and nodding his head.

‘Well we use to celebrate after a hard week here in this room, it is nice and fresch so it is nice when the summer gets to hot.’

Peter went to a locker and dialed a code, the door opened up and he went into through the door. He came soon out again with two bottles of champagne, he had also brought two buckets and four glasses.

‘Tchin-Tchin, we use to say here. He then found a sable and opened the door to the huge terrass with a totally blending sea view. He took the sable to cut the neck of the Chnampagne bottle. It squirted out some foam and then he filled the glasses. Please have a really good Champagne, I guess in USA this kind is not known or even sold, it stays here in Europe, it is a special edition for collection. To be used for special occations as today! Cheers!’

‘Cheers!’ Everyone said together, Raised their glasses to their mouths.

‘Mmmm, how it kind of melts in the mouth,’ said Connies mother, that was used to have Buds that wasn’t comparable.

Connie was just silent, she could not have imagined this, it took her breath away totally. This was not even close to what she had dreamt of, this was perfect.

Connies father, swallowed the drink, looked at the glass and said: ‘If you hadn’t said it was a collection wine I would have taken it in one sip, but now I have to enjoy every drop and I am not a wine professional I have honestly normally rather a beer, but when it comes to this quality, wow, this is like having a rush of any kind of happiness. This is just hundred percent pleasure. Peter you have made my day! Thank you!’

Peter had to say: ‘Well enjoy, it is all thanks to the fact that Connies French teacher told me I will be visited by his best student, so I could have the pleasure to give her extra classes now during the break so she can raise her B+ to at least an A-. How would you like that?’

Now Connie got black in her sight. She was not really here to study.

Connies mom said, ‘Well why don’t you give us all a class?’

Her father was more clever, he thought this was the perfect way of living and thought that if he could get this young man to like his daughter, he could come back more times… So he said: ‘Why don’t you show us the shower so we can get ready and you can take care of the first class now, So we can all go for the city tour later?’

Connie liked her father’s suggestions better and better on this trip. She said: ‘I didn’t come here to study French, but if we are talking conversation and not so much writing? Because I think what I need is to work the oral language.’ She looked seducing into Peter’s eyes to see if he was on to that suggestion…

Connies mother emptied her glass and asked for refill. She knew that she needed to have a few drinks before if she was going with “daddy” to the jacuzzi.

Ten minutes later Connies parents were parked into the jacuzzi and Connies mother had been showed where to start on Connies father as soon as Connie and Peter had left the bathroom. Connies Mother got her mouth full of her husband and then she got to do him all kinds of positions and ways.

Peter brought Connie to another room. It looked like a conference room. He pushed a button and the shades went on and he locked the door. and said: ‘Finally alone. That was hard work, but they are nce, your parents.’

Connie went to Peter and hugged him and kissed his cheek, whispered in his ear, ‘I love the way you have taken care of them, my mom was getting on to close to you, but If you want to I will take care of you. You are such a man.’ She then bit his ear a little it and kissed his neck.

Peter didn’t regret a second all the spent money was now going to pay off. He had seen this little blonded brown eye “Dark Angel” copy on Internet long enough to want her anytime now. He answered the kisses and went down by her neck, kissing her all the way down to the shoulder, and then up again. He then let her answer the kiss lightly touching her toungue inside her mouth, teasing her. He grabbed her over armes and Connie felt how she wanted him to touch her more, she mooaned and kissed harder. Now Peter was going caressing with his hands over her virgin breasts, breasts that had never been touched before. Connie went crazy and couldn’t but scream out her reaction. She grabbed his botox and pushed him towards her in a hard push. She felt what she wanted to feel. He was already hard as she wanted. She then pushed him away and started to dance for him, seducingly undressing, she got out of her t-shirt and pushed her ass to his pants rubbing him with her but up and down and to both sides. She felt that he was getting even harder by this treatment and she thought that he could probably cum fast now. She got out of the miniskirt and asked him to take off her bra. He had good hands and got it off with just one hand, she felt soo overwhelmed by his expertice and she squeezed together her armes to make her titts look bigger . Peter kissed her nipples and she started to unbutton his pants. He leaned to him saying take me, take me now. Don’t worry about anything I have it all under control. She got his pants down and she turned around… She was wet and she helped him to find the right way, she then pushed towards him and felt how the glance went inside, how he pushed to get further in and how she got expanded inside and how every centimeter of the intruder made her hold her breath and how she first felt it almost hurting, but it was ok. She grabbed his thighs and digged her nailes in his skin. He roared. She then felt how her inside wanted him to come deeper. She pushed towards him and he came in and the clatching sound of two bodys ecoed in the roam. He pulled himself out and then he came slowly into her again, she thought it was to slow and pushed back. Now he helped her again and a new splat and then out again.

Connie thought she shouldn’t have waited so many years for this kind of acion, this was soo the best one could do. She now jumped up and down, doing what was possible to get his sex in and out as much as possible as scratching a mosquito bite. Now she felt she had to do this. She got away from Peter and showed him to lay down on his back. She climed up on him and started to ride him as a western girl, she was going totally crazy and she then sighted his face going into some other mood and she felt how she got something lubrication inside her that did not come from her. He had cum. She wanted more action though, but Peter pushed her away. saying: ‘Oh, that was good, but now I need a drink. Then we can come back into this game, you are a horny little student…’

‘Connie just smiled, she then spotted the dick and she felt how she wanted to put it into her mouth, She that couldn’t normally even eat meat anymore. Now she got hungry to eat Peters dick. She decided to let him have his drink before she would try any further games… she had gotten a good load of semen and that would do fo few hours she thought.

The Garden

Peter then poured her a new glass of Champagne from the second bottle. The first bottle had the parents gotten so Connie knew that was waste and gone.

She felt it would be good with a shower so she asked where she could get it. Peter brought her carrying her to a huge room with water fall showers and baths in different levels, it was as if it was a fontain, but inside a room. She thought this was unnatural. She climbed up into one of the levels and felt like a murmaid. She wet her hair and she got a such a happy feeling, she just could not stop getting surprised. Wow, she started to laugh as a baby.

Peter climed up to her. She saw his body moving as a tiger coming up to her. She wasn’t sure if they would have time for more sex now or how they would do. She didn’t have to think long. Peter got her in his strong arms, he climed up and down her body, she had her skin, her entire skin as an erotic zone and she felt how he was coming closer and closer with his mouth to her thighs, and that he spread her legs with his finger and she couldn’t make any resistance she let his mouth follow the skin into what before had been even for her self a forbidden area even for her own fingers. Now she let him take care of her and she travelled into an inner space, she simply let him bring her into a tunel of soft pink cotton. She wasn’t present. She had been waiting for this all her life. She was not sitting she was gliding in the air as if she had died and become a goast. And then she felt his toungue on her sensitive spot and she couldn’t but shake and shake ansd shake, after the earthquake of orgasm she felt nothing but that she wanted him to hold her, he did and she felt that she was one with him. For one minute she couldn’t speak, neither move, she just laid and enjoyed the relaxing feeling inside her. Then she saw his sex, all hard and asking for her to put it into her mouth. She took it with her hands  stuck out her toungue to it and licket carefully. It wsn’t that bad and she then started to treat it with her mouth, when she felt that he was getting tense she jumped up on top of him. She rode him again and let him fill her again with his golden sperm.

Now she also got a small little orgasm when she felt his lubrication inside her.

She awoke from the phycose she had been into and felt that it was time to get dressed and see the strange animals.

They dried each other as in a romantic movie, and Connie just couldn’t get enough. She already started to plan how she could do to get him inside her once more before the day was going to be over.

They went out and heard that Connies parents were already out there and had found the kitchen.

Mr Anderson said: ‘I am sorry to say that we got a little bit hungry after that “Champagne”…’

Connie knew now that the hunger didn’t come from the champagne but from long sex in the Jacuzzi, she could feel the same hunger her self.

They got some patê and bread from the fridge and swallowed down all of it with a great red wine. Peter said it was called “Chateau neuf de pape” a good wine he said. Everyone agreed.

Then they went out into the garden and Peter looked up the strange animals. First they found the Giraff, amazingly small. It really looked like a baby Giraff, but was already 10 years old. Then they walked around some more and found the little eagle eating on a rat bigger than it’s self. The mimi monkeys was sill Connies favorite. She couldn’t stop laughing at them jumping around and playing all he time.

The mini Tiger was qute but just a Tiger.

They went down to the clifs where one could smell and hear the sea coming in and hit the rocks. It was a magic place.

Peter then said they should get going and take the car to the town. He had called a driver so that they wouldn’t drive drunk, because maybe they would go for a drink as well later on and have dinner with Peters Parents.

Shopping tour.

The driver came with a Limousine and they all screamed out that this is just too much!

Connies father started to get scared, they had probably already eaten and drunken for more money than they used to spend in a month. Now Limousine? What could that cost? And for shopping? What are you supposed to shop, when you have wasted it all on extreme champagne and Limousine? He started to get scared, at the same time he loved to see his woman and daughter happy after so many years of struggling with his construction company at home, now it was paying off, but he still hadn’t seen the bill… what would be the price? Then he got in and Peter opened up a bottle of 25 years old Brandy. Mr. Anderson got it in his hand and he forgot all about money, the fine smokey touch that tickled his nose now overwhelmed him, he rolled it in his hand and heated it with his palm as if it had been a little new born baby that he had taken out of the bath. He stuck the glass under his nose, draw in the vapor of old oaked brandy. He fell in love with this glass, then he put it to his lips, it poured itself in through his mouth, landed on the toungue and he could feel a sence of happyness again, he enjoyed this brandy more than anything before in his life, it was totally amazing, how the real luxury life really was much better that the every day struggle, a cage of bud to relax the nerves at home, a take away pizza and all that crap, cheese doodles and beer was nothing compared to this. This was living, but really living good.

Peter looked at the father of his new little toy, thinking how was this going to end? He liked the little horny slut, but she was just that a good fuck, and as it seemed she was a hungry one as well. Peter started to think that maybe if he could make a deal with his father they could stay and they could have Connies parents for dinner?Â

Peters father Mr Smith had since the trip to Africa started to talk about how good human meat tasted. Peter had at first thought it sounded strange to eat human meat. But his father said it was the best, tender and nice. He had tasted it barbecued on one of his trips to Africa and had gotten hooked.Â

Peter thought maybe they could barbecue human flesh together? He didn’t like the way his girlfriends father was. He thought that maybe they could grill him? He then thought that was of course not going to happen. How would they do that? And if how would it be hidden? And how? And when? And all that. No, no way, they would leave in a week and then he would be free from them, no problems, human flesh was found every where if they wanted to try the taste.

They stoped the limousine outside a huge shopping mall and they got out.

Inside there were stores with dresses, perfumes, and all kinds of stuff.

Peter knew where to go, he brought them around from store to store. They bought dresses and wine, and chocolate from the producer. Connie did what she could to tease Peter when she was trying the dresses on and peter enjoyed this tour as if he was Willy Wonka in the Roal Dahls Chocolate factory.

Finally they had to stop shopping so that they could get it all into the car.

Peter called the car and meanwhile waiting for the Limousine, they had some apetisers in a bar.

Mr. and Ms. Smith

They got back to the house, Peter did the same precedure as last time and they stoped the Limousine outside the entrance to the house.

Peter said his parents were already home.

Connie got nervous and thought now she would have to impress on them and still stay low so her parents didn’t call her bluff.

They got in and took an elevater up this time. The found the couple, Peters Parents in the Living room on te top floor, with a great terrass outside.

Peters father were an impressing huge man with grey hair and gave respect just looking at him, he came towards Connie and she felt smaller than ever. He shook her hand and she felt how her small hand crushed in his.

Peters Mom was, was she? Pregnant? With a huge belly and a face of a pregnant.

She came ahead she as well and gave chin kisses to everyone, the helloes and nice to see you and all that filled the air.

Ms. Smith said exusing herself, that she was very tired and wanted some air, Connies mother and she went out on the terrass. Connie had to ask about the pregnancy. Ms. Smith said it was a secret gift to her son for his birthday.

‘Secret? A blind would recognize what you have in there!’

‘Are you sure? Can you see that?’

‘Well yes, who haven’t seen a pregnant woman before?’

‘Maybe you are right, but I am carrying five babies in here, and they are all going to be mini Rhinoceroses.’

‘Yes, sure and I am an alien… You might be rich and fancy and have a good doctors degree and everything, but you don’t fool me with crap about a human being carrying animals inside. Sorry.’

Inside The fathers were getting to know each others. The Mr. Smith said he was going to show the whiskey collection he had and they got away to have some drinks.

Connie and Peter escaped to change clothes. Connie really needed to get just a little bit more sex right now. She felt so jealous on his mother being pregnant and she not, well maybe, but not for sure… Connie had been teasing Peter in the cloth stores, showing off changing clothes like that. Peter was ready to cum and Connie knew that. She pulled up her miniskirt and down the string and touched herself so that the juice spread out a bit so he could just come inside her right now, she begged him to hurry up. He came fast inside her and this time it was more a missing space that was filled than an intruder visiting, she felt that she was owner of this dick of Peters.

They finished fast and got dressed for dinner.

When the young new couple came to the kitchen area they could find the two fathers there, Connies were definitely too drunk and sat down into a chair, and fell asleep in the fall.

The mothers came in and Connie had to ask if she knew what she was expecting. ‘A boy or a Girl?’

Ms Smith said to Peter, ‘Aha, so haven’t told them yet?’

‘No, mom I thought I leave the sickness to you…’

‘Well I am expecting five small mini Rhinoceroses. That is how I make the mini animals. I have done some special treatment after a cancer I had in the uterus. I wasn’t supposed to be able to have children anymore so I had an artificial uterus put in and now I can in a test tube make an artificial embryo and set it right inside my self and make any animal, and the best is that they becomes so small so they are very attractive on the market… I have already four of these small bastards sold. Guess, they pay one million Euros each! Sold to Crazy nuts in Hollywood.

Peter said: ‘You see they are some sick fucks’, My parents, (Voila) and then he laughed.

Connie got white in her face and fell into a little piece of faited girl… Connies mother had to sit down. Connies father were already snoring.

Mr. Smith were thinking of the meat he could spot on Mr Anderson, he thought that his thighs should make a good barbecue, and figured out how to find out. He started to speak to the group: ‘Well as we have changed plans, Mr Anderson seems to have a jetlag so I will bring him to rest in peace. If you women can please make some starters and you two loving birds can put some of the fire of yours into the barbecue out on the terrass. I will bring Mr Anderson and get some meat at the same time.

‘Oh, Barbecue, we use to do that as well,’ Connies mother said.

Almost un hour later

Peters father comes back all sweaty and carrying a big bag with something inside. He gave the bag to Peter and told him to grill it well, but not to much.

Connie asked what meat it was.

Ms. Anderson also wanted to know what this family had for dinner. The mother said that Mr Smith normally hunted and used to bring home Dears.

‘My dear’ said Ms. Andersson.

‘That is right’ said Mr Smith and continued: ‘This time we will have “American Jack ass” he laughed from his joke.’

‘I don’t find it funny said Connie, my father happen to be named “Jack”.’

‘Well well,’ said Peters father.

Peter looked at the meat and recognized the shape of a human ass, but it was without the skin. Peter thought what his father could have done? Was it really true that his father had been eating human meat in Africa? Had he been able to get human meat in Africa and transported it home? Aha, in the private helicopter maybe? Then he thought of the meat, it was warm, oh good god, could it be? Had his father done someting like that? Was this a real human rump-steak? was it Connies fathers but?

Ms. Anderson then said she needed to go to the bathroom and she also wanted to check on her husband.

Peters father then frooze and said the father was sleeping and it was best not to wake him up now, better to eat first. He said it would be cold if they waited and said to Peter that they would eat right away, and ordered him to cut up the steak.

‘eter got suspicious, he had seen that his fathers reaction on Connies mothers whish to checking on the father was not a good sign. But how had he done? And how was this going to be taken care of?

They sat down having a new glass of red wine from Chateau something that Connie couldn’t say. They all laughted at the differences in pronunciations in English and French.

They started to eat and everyone became silent, it was very good said then Connie, and her mom said it was sad that her husband couldn’t make it to the table.

Mr. Smith almost chooked, saying then that he could save away some for tomorrow, but he said maybe it is better to make a new steak tomorrow, adding that he had plenty of meat since the last hunting.

Peter tried to think when he had gone hunting last time…

Peters mom couldn’t eat the meat because of the pregnancy, she said she could only eat very very cooked things and that it wasn’t worth wasteing good meet eating it too cooked. She was due next week so she said she went to bed now anyway. Good night every one. She then told them to have some cake she had left in the fridge.

Now they were only two new couples left. Peter with his new girlfriend and his father with her mother. Peter knew that his father said that eating human flesh made anyone so horny. He himself started to notice that the meat they had eaten were human flesh and no ones “dear jack ass”. So now he knew that his father had planes for this night…

Connie started to feel very warm inside starting from the stomuch and going down the legs, and then it spread up into her chest and up in her head. She thought it was the wine and whispered to Peter that if he wanted to get a good night sex he should make it happen now.

Peter then suddenly said : ‘I think I will have the cake in my room I have some things to take care of, will you Connie come with me?’

They disappeared and Mr. Smith and Ms. Anderson was suddenly alone.

Mr Smith were sure that this woman also was getting the effect from eating human flesh. he could see it from the colour of her face, it had gone all pink. He therefore just took a great grip of her and lift her up, sat her on his face so the dress covered his head and he got into her underwear, and then he bit off the panties she wore and he started to treat her so that she couldn’t do any resistance.

She got all surprised, but it was so good and she had not had anyone going down on her for long time now so it was just the right thing for her and she thought that some oral sex was not really being unfaithful, was it?

Two hours later and all exhausted Connies mother was laying on the bed on the arm of Peters father. She looked at the huge hands and then she saw something she hadn’t noticed before. She looked at her husbands wedding ring. She thought she had dreamt and been having sex with her own husband and took a new look at the face. No it wasn’t her husband it was Peters father. But what did her husbands wedding ring do on that mans little finger? She did an effort to lift her head but couldn’t, it was to heavy and she then fell asleep.

Peter and Connie had been sharing cake on the body and fell then asleep.

Peters mother had been asleep for a long while, but awoke by something she first couldn’t figure out what it was. Then she suddenly knew it. It was the water that had broke. She was close now to give birth.

Mr. Anderson & Mr. Smith

Mr. Smith got busy that night, he had to make sure there were no signs of fights or human blod anywhere. He had his little chamber for taken care of his hunting trophys, so it would be difficult for anyone to examen his little hobby… But still… they could find traces and it could be enough…

Mr. Smith had to make sure that in the morning he could bring the “body” out with witnesses from the rest of the family, so that he would never be suspected for the crime.

He would place the head and a fake body under a blanket. On an ambulance stretcher, that way he could bring the man in the Helicopter… Or better in the car and. No he had to make the Mr. Andersson burn… a car accident would be perfect. Phu Mr. Smith was a little bit too old for this kind of action, he was not young anymore. OK, so if he could make it look like Mr. Andersson had taken the car and driven into the gate and the car blowed up and the corps would burn, just the head left… That could work. Mr. Smith was really going nuts from eating that meat, it was soo good, he had to have some more.

Mr. Andersson went to the kitchen to serve himself some of the leftovers. hHe ate the meat as a wild animal and he got his abstinence cured, he then felt calm for a little wile, before he started to feel the energy filling his blod again. Now he got new energy and started to plan how to make Mr. Anderson look like he had stolen the car and tried to escape and got burnt inside the car. Mr. Andersson laughed hysterically thinking about how they would find him all toasted the day after.

He got the head of Mr. Anderson and put it on a doll made from animal parts. He then arranged the car to go out and he drove it into the gate as fast as he could. The airbag worked and then he replaced himself with the “doll” and the head of Mr. Anderson. He then put some alcohol on the body and lit it up. After two hours of barbecue he then busted the gastank with an axe and lit it up. Wow, a big huge fire and a boom. Mr Smith run to the house and put himself in the room where he was supposed to sleep. He then waited to hear if someone had heard the boom.

Nobody made any noice so he thought it was better to wait and let the car burn as much as possible. After all if the police found some “dear” bones and stuff… they could possibly start to ask difficult questions.

At Seven thirty

The first started to wake up, it was Ms. Smith and she went to the kitchen for some Green Tea.

Then the Ms. Anderson came up as well. As she didn’t want to say anything to make anyone suspect her experience from yeaturday, she just kept calm. She opened the fridge door to get some milk for her coffe and saw the meat left from yesturday, she got her mouth all wet by salive, she just couldn’t wait to eat more of that delicious Dear steak… She grabbed a big piece and stuffed her mouth full, she got such a great feeling and felt all warm inside. Sh ethen took her coffe and joined Ms. Smith out on the terrass.

Connie woke up and felt that something was missing inside her. She felt hungry, a hunger never felt before. She looked at her prins on her side and noticed that he was still asleep. She thought of what she could do for him and her and see how far she could go while he was still asleep. She crawled under the sheets and found his sex, she started to lick it and she got it up and she got hungry for the semen, she had never felt this kind of feeling before but she just had to get it.

peter awakes from the treatment just when he is about to cum. And he jumps, Connie holds on to the dick to feed her with the sauce she felt need of. She got it and then she felt just a little bit better. Peter flet used but he was at the same time satiesfied, but he also felt a new hunger inside him and he went as in sleep to the kitchen to find what he was looking for. Connie mother hadn’t left him much but he got a small bite of the meat in the fridge. He wanted more and went searching for his dad to ask if they could have a new steak for lunch.

The old man was sleeping deeply. Then Connies mother had finnished her coffe she thought of trying to find her husband.

Mr. Smith woke up and had for an instant forgotten all about the day before. It was like a big blach hooe and he thought maybe he had gotten very drunk and just slept.

Ms. Andersson asked around if anyone seen her husband, and when Mr. Smith came up and got the question he suddenly got some memories played up in his mind from last night. he saw, cutting up Mr. Anderson, grilling him. Eating and then how he fucked Ms. Anderson, how he had set up Mr. Anderson in the car. he got goosebumps, thinking of what could be left of the car and the corps…

He answered, hm, no, no idea, can I have some coffe, I feel like a dead man. I need a good awaker.

Mr. Anderson seemed gone and dissapeared. peter got suspicious… he was thinking what his father had done yesturday… But his morning need for some more food and a Coffe made him think of other things that for himself right now would be more important.

Connie wanted to ask if she could go and search for him somewhere. She had for the moment forgotten that her father got too drunk and been taken care of by Peters father. She felt so lost and so unsatiesfied. She needed to eat some more of that meet from yesturday or she would need to get a good fuck or something. She found a half bottle of wine in the fridge. She brought it to her mouth and runk. Mmm, so good, now she felt better, she almost emptied the bottle. Then she put it back in the fridge and she wiped the drip on her lips, she felt it just a little bit thicker than red wine used to be. She then looked at her hand and saw that it was not wine, it could possible not be? Blood? She took out the bottle again and looked at it, No label. The took out a glass from the cupboard and poured a glass. It was not wine, it really loked more like blood. What the fuck? She started to temble, and sceamed, haaaaaiiiiiiiiieeeeee, Help, it is Blood! I have, I , I , i have drunken blood!

peter comes runing and saw what had happened and he now knew that the “Dear” from yesturday was not a four feet animal… But to be sure he called on his father, in case just to confirm.

Mr. Smith came slowly walking as if he had put on 20 years since the day before. yes, he said I always save the blood to make that Spanish “Morcilla” from when I have killed a “Dear”… So it is ok, but now we will have to manage without, no harm done. He looked at Connie and saw how her eyes were on fire, how she had gotten the blood into her waines, how she was hooked. Now she could become dangerous.

He said that he had been looking for Mr. Anderson where he left him yesturday, but not found there. So They decided to maybe take a tour in the garden?

They got all ready to go but then Mr. Smith got a phone call and said he needed to go to the town before the Post closed. he said that the others could go meanwhile he left and would come back in an hour or so.

The Investigation

Just a few minutes after Mr. Smith had left he came back all fired up. He said his car had been stolen.

Connie thought maybe her father had gone totally crazy and in the drunk he had taken the car and tried to escape this nest of nuts.

Now Ms. Anderson got worried, if her husband was gone and the car, she could imagine the story and feared the consequences…

Ms. Smith said she had to rest, she informed all about her water and said, that she was going to call her friend and doctor to see if he could come and help her with the birth. After all they were in this experiment together but he had lately got a lot of work travelling world wide to talk about this new experiment of theirs…

Mr. Smith said he was going to look for his car, asking if someone else wanted to come and help?

None really cared, he thought that was good, maybe I can take a good look at my little midnight barbecue and see if I have forgotten something… he thought for himself.

The young couple got into the huge Jacuzzi-looking fontain and had some great time licking each others different body parts and hade sex again. Connie felt that she needed some more of that juice to be sure to be pregnant before she were going back home to California.

Ms. Andersson had a long relaxing jacuzzi bath and Mr. Smith went to “search” for his car.

He didn’t have to search long… he went streight to the gate and started his little check to see so that nothing was forgotten…

In the Jacuzzi Ms. Anderson felt her hands like if she wanted to do something with them. Then see looked at them and saw that she wore her husbands wedding ring. Wasn’t that strange? She then remembered that she had seen the ring at night, maybe it was a dream? Or wasn’t it. She couldn’t really ask Mr. Smith if he had fucked her, that wouldn’t be apropriate… Hm she couldn’t understand what had happened… She tried to get the ring off her long finger but it was stuck. No chance in hell she would get it off. It was stuck there.

One half hour later Mr. Smith came back and screamed for everyone to come.

‘Hello, I have found the car! And Unfortunately I think I have found Mr. Anderson as well… And he doesn’t look to good…’

Mr. Smith then brought everyone except for his own whife, she was in labour now and the doctor had sent a nurse to assist her… Mr. Smith thought the nurse looked tasty, but he knew he had to have her for dinner some other day, now it was hiding proof time so that they could continue with this cirkus a while…

The four went out to the car.

When they got there, first Mr. Andersson said, be careful, you might not want to see this…

Ms. Anderson said she had to.

Connie started to cry when she saw the car in ashes, she could fast imagine how her father would bee looking like if he had been in there.

They all looked into the car and Peter screamed ‘Oh!’

They all were in a chock, they just screamed and Ms. Anderson started to cry and cry. Connie got hysteric and felt how a big rock started growing inside her, an uncredible strange feeling of being helpless and it gave her such bad feeling, she wanted to through up but the rock inside her made her so weak and she couldn’t move, she fell to the ground and got into a position of a baby searching for protection.

Then Mr. Smith called the police. Half way in the call Ms. Anderson said, why the police? Let it bee, it will be very complicated this. How could it happen.

Half un hour later there were cops everywhere and they had brought away the car with the body inside in five minutes. Ms. Anderson had to sign a certificate that the body in the car were her husband. So they could give her a death certificate before they had to go home.

Ms. Anderson said she now had had it and wanted to go home now right away. She called the TWA-company and changed her flight to same night.

Connie said she would stay and wait for her normal flight and that way she could also take care of any papers neccessary. The mother gave her a paper that said she could do whatever needed.

Peter told Connie to come with him on a Golf tour same afternoon, that way maybe they could think of other things, and Mr. Smith could help Ms. Anderson to the airport?

Connie said OK, that is fine with me. Mom do you manage yourself?

Yes, honey I think so, you can go. I will have to take care of stuff at home, this has been nothing but scary and I think it is better for me to go home and leave you here for a while. See you home in a week.

Ok, buy mom I love you.

Me to my love, I love you to.

The technics

‘look we have a new barbecue and I want a check on the bodyparts, can you take care of that please?’ Mr. Pirelli thought the last six months of strange barbecued cars looked a ltte bit to much as a strange mafia-work, not so well taken care of. He suspected something strange.

‘Yes boss, I will check it up, what are you looking for?’

‘DNA, Check if the head and the rest have same DNA to start with, the head doesn’t look like it fits with the rest, I don’t know how to explain it. Just do it and tell me if there is something strange on this, OK?’

‘No problems Boss, I will check that for you. Are you intersted in the hour of death? It takes some more time now when it is all burnt to ashes, but the DNA I should be able to get for you by tomorrow.’

‘OK, just start with the DNA, to see if it is strange or not then we can continue and see if we have anything else to look for…’

The following days afternoon:

Mr. Pirelli receives a SMS on his iPhone: “Yes Boss, you are totally right about things, the DNA of the head doesn’t match with the rest of the body. The head is human, but the rest is from a dear…isn’t that strange?”

Mr. Pirelli read the message, frooze, got goosebumps on his shouders, as thinking, BINGO! he felt that he might be a something big on the track. Now he had to start a silent digging investigation on this. But where to start? He couldn’t really start to ask the Mr. Smith a lot of questions. After all he was a powerful and rich man, he could probably make them stop the investigation, but maybe he could go there and see if there were anythng he could tell them. Mr. Pirelli started to think of something to have an errand to go to Family Smiths house and check for strange things…

‘Peter, if we go gofing? what should I wear?’ Connie was getting dressed after her second day of new sexual habits, she hoped they would have some more chance this ame afternoon again.

‘Wear? Hm, pants not to short or a dress, you know golf is an English sport so y have to hide the skin, it is not seen well to run around and bee sexy on a Golf court. Just get into a nice pair of pans and blouse or something, it might be windy but it looks like nce weather.’

‘OK are we going far?’

‘No just up in the alps, an hour of flying.’

‘Flying? But you haven’t your licence yet? And your father is bringing my mother to the airport.’

‘No problems, I know how to fly, trust me, I missed the test on some crappy details that I have studied now and I am sure to pass and I have been flying for a year now, so I will manage.’

‘Well, if you say so, you know, I think my mother would not make it if she looses he as well on the same day as my father. Oh how could he be so stupid? Driving drunk? He never listen to me.’ Connie started to cry.