No Brakes 2
No Brakes 2
No Brakes 2

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Completed on 2016-04-21

About the Book

Speaking of Rachel Holt..."She is like a hung jury all wrapped in one; filled with dogged determination to do the right thing, but wanting more than anything just to be left alone." J.Margolis

Rachel Holt returns to her childhood home in Jackson Heights Queens NY, to ready it for sale. She feels a deep gnawing pain in her gut, but continues to rifle through her recently deceased father's affects. Rachel comes across an envelope addressed to her, with a picture and note inside. 

The photo is from 1980 and it is in front of the big globe in Corona Park. Her parents always took her there to talk over things or just hang out. A place she went to immediately upon hearing of his death as if he would be there waiting to console her.

Those memories of that day fade away, and she opens the letter.

"Dearest love, I have no need to lie, I'm not married to ya... Rachel I am writing this because I fear my time is near. Yes I know I am not that old, but I somehow managed to cram 80 into 50. I write this as I live and breathe, however if you are reading it then I am long gone, no worries.

All of my life I have hated bad guys, and now that I am dead it's your turn. Look up in my attic, behind an old brown leather satchel; there is a cold case file that I have labeled No Brakes. It is a metaphor for the times of the day in 70s NYC, when our lives seemed like a runaway train with no brakes. Inside you will find five cases I could never solve before my retirement in 97.

I believe there is a common thread between them all, at least that is what I tell myself. Delusions can keep us warm I guess. Rachel you have a keen eye for the abstract, please put this to rest so that I may finally have peace. Each case comes with a brief synopsis and more of my own observations.

P.S.; Oh, Rachel if this leads to some old schmuck, now living in a retirement home somewhere in Bensonhurst show no pity. Use both barrels!! Loving you from the other side pops-“

‘This is an odd letter, never knew pops to write let alone type out a letter. How long did you know you were sick pops?' As she looks upon a distant memory, a tear rolls down her cheek.

"Once again the mind of JLN3 thrills me as he entertains my thoughts with yet another glimpse into a page turner! I'm honored to have read much of what James has to offer, and I have never been disappointed. If you want to read something that takes you to another place and time and keeps you enthralled along the way, read anything by this author!! You won't be disappointed!!" Goodreads review Trudyluvn

Table of Contents

  • Prologue
  • A Slice
  • Nice guys just finish
  • Not even gonna try Sweet Ricky
  • The Terror of NYC
  • Trifiling Hoes
  • Scheming at the White Castle
  • Opening up the books
  • Out of place and looking to party
  • Checking traps
  • Boogey Down my ass
  • Bad for business
  • Trick or treat my ass
  • Closed cases
  • Honor thy father
  • That’s what you get
  • Don’t ask questions
  • Washing the grime off
  • Chelsea shenanigans
  • If you had the chance
  • Following leads
  • Do you have a moment
  • Once a chicken head…
  • Goodfellas not so much
  • Yes you can be that stupid
  • But I tell you what I will do
  • Epilogue
  • Due diligence
  • I didn’t expect you
  • Now tell me what really happened
  • They had it coming

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About the Author

James lee Nathan III
James lee Nathan III

"JLN3 writes the stories we wanna read." K Hughes

I have written many stories with many more to come. It is my deepest wish that my readers enjoy the worlds I have created. 


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