Robert Manis The Carnal Conspiracies
Robert Manis The Carnal Conspiracies
Robert Manis The Carnal Conspiracies

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Completed on 2014-06-10

About the Book

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When sex becomes easy love is lost. Imagine a world without sexually transmitted diseases, as long as the inhabitants ingest a pill once a month for the rest of their lives. Here is the complex yet simple truth of the world in 2110. Where a super drug Nomescula, emerges as the new spice for the remaining civilized Peoples. This drug in 20 years has wiped out all sexually transmitted diseases, cured AIDS but also increases population by 15%. Unbridled sex led to unwanted pregnancies, which in turn led to abortions or abandoned children (The Forgotten). With promiscuity abound many have left their morals by the way side, forcing legislatures across the globe to enact various Carnal Control laws. These laws segregate single and married people but open the door for criminal elements to offer sexual liaisons to all who can afford them. New types of crime emerge, Love Control is one of those illegal activities that quickly alarms the NU FBI. As the power of Love Control grows they seek to not only restrict the access of Nomescula, but to absolutely control those left in its wake as well. Their pursuit of political influence and Pulse weaponry make them a menace to society. However their abduction of the Vice Presidents daughter takes their diabolical machinations to another level. Enter Robert Manis, independent consultant to the NU FBI. Robert's mission will be to subdue these criminal elements wherever he finds them, in a quest to save the VPs daughter, and seek his own retribution in the process. Political intrigue, seduction, sadism, deviant debauchery, espionage, and ritual killings will stand in his way, but Robert Manis is perfect for this time and especially this mission. He has 72 hours to acquire the daughter before the kidnappers go public with an incriminating video of the daughter and other members of the executive cabinet engaged in various sexual acts. Robert Manis has two clear orders; get the girl; and of the rest "Kill them ALL".

reviews from GOODREADS 5stars 

Robert Manis is intriguing, sexual, mysterious, and a man not to mess with. I really enjoyed the unexpected twists and turns the book took and the time set in the future. Its a book that peaks your sexual curiosities, moves in and out of various cultures, tying crime and intimacy and a technology advanced future together. Love that the female characters are strongly written. The dichotomy and atagonism of the male and female characters always leave you wanting more. A MUST read that left me hoping for a sequel...James Lee Nathan III just became one of my favorite authors -- JGearing

This book didn't disappoint in any way. It was able to hold my attention where most books don't. From beginning to end I was in it and can't wait to read more from this author. Thank you! -- Anna Marie 

Table of Contents

    • Of Nomescula
    • Of Control
    • The Assignment
    • Of Partnerships
    • Of Betrayal
  • We are not what we were
  • Hola Papi
  • We are always capable…
  • Quick Assessments
  • Pieces that fit
  • A timeline emerges
  • The Roosevelt Island Suicides
  • Rendezvous of sorts
  • Why do I want you so bad?
  • Knowing is better than not knowing
  • Memphis
  • The other shoe just dropped
  • Lagos
  • What remains
  • Back to reality
  • Morning interludes
  • City Hall Confessions
  • Meeting Marissa
  • Who said it was fair?
  • Robert Manis the Ghost
  • Governors can’t fly
  • Suddenly awake
  • Summer duties
  • Taking them out
  • The aftermath
  • Take her with you
  • At the bridge
  • Are we there yet?
  • Over the water
  • The Turk is a great host
  • Have Mercy on me
  • Watch your back
  • You cannot save them all
  • Epilogue

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About the Author

James lee Nathan III
James lee Nathan III

The number 1 bestselling author of erotic crime dramas on;James Lee Nathan III  grew up in Corona and East Elmhurst NYC and graduated from the HS of Art and Design in 1979. He entered the US Air Force shortly thereafter,serving 20 years and retired in 1999. He was stationed overseas for 18 of the 20 years and has been to 40 states and 10 different countries. He loves pugs, jazz, beer, and the company of an intelligent and pretty woman. James is single and resides in Severn, Maryland.

About the Contributors

Belkis Polanco
Belkis Polanco

Proofreader 1

Belkis (aka Becky) reads all of my initial drafts and basically tells me if they suck or not. So far so good when it comes to Manis.
Cat Spivey
Cat Spivey

Proofreader 2

Cat provided valuable input as my 2nd draft proof reader of content. Her suggestions made the characters grow into believable personas.
James Moorer
James Moorer

Creative Consultant

Big Jaxx provided a clear and discerning eye for the project as a whole. His insights motivated me to push the envelope even more, as readers will see in the "Wicked and the Forgotten."
Jody Gearing
Jody Gearing


Jody worked tirelessly to assist me in creating a seductive and flowing piece of fiction.
Lisa Ward Slade
Lisa Ward Slade

Manis Focus Group

Lisa provided essential feedback as I struggled with the initial novellas and what I wanted to convey to the reader. She got it, but still made some suggestions which have been incorporated.
Lou Sinfield
Lou Sinfield

Manis Focus Group

Lou was an early Manis advocate and basically gave me the idea for "Bond, Bourne, and now Robert Manis" Her interpretation of the characters and their struggles was key in identifying problem areas.
Sarah Sabsay
Sarah Sabsay

Creative Consultant

Sarah's assistance is quite simple; she gave me a pic of her and I created an entire story-line based on it. Her character will appear in the Forgotten and also in Dragon Warriors.
William Shane
William Shane

Creative Consultant

Shane is the inspiration for the technical guru "William Thane" in Carnal Control. He will be an ever present character in more Novellas as Robert leans heavily on his expertise for the hottest gadgets and devices known to man.

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