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This is an exclusive offer to my fans and new readers. All of my bestselling ebooks are included in this bundle, especially Melvina, and Ibrahim Unites (also available in paperback on Amazon).

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The Color of Power
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Our story opens in 1884 with the discovery of a murdered prostitute in Deadwood, South Dakota. U.S. Marshal Seth Bullock arrives at the scene and reviews the evidence splattered over the body. He then decides that it is time to interview the most notorious Madam in the Red River Valley, MELVINA.

What made Melvina Massey so mysterious? Was it her racial ambiguity, or the fact that she leverages this at every turn? Why do prosecutors set up fake witnesses to convict her? How does a 63 year old woman pass for 49, was she really that beautiful? Was she a successful brothel owner or bootlegger, which is true?

In 1900, an older seductive woman in her 60s rides a lonely train car. Her destination is far different today than it was twenty years ago. She closes her eyes and remembers that first trip to Fargo. Back then in 1881, she shares a car with a very pretentious young woman, dead set on evangelism and ridding the northern territory of the scourge of mankind. ALCOHOL. The woman clad in black from head to toe, her red hair and snow white skin are a perfect contrast to her drab clothing. Juxtaposed to the drab and righteous, sits the opposite in every way. Melvina is 40 but looks at least 20 years younger, fashioned in white to include her bonnet, shoes, and umbrella.  Melvina, the mulatto from the east. Her presence takes the air out of the room, a woman so striking that most do not venture to guess her ethnicity. No, they are admiring her beauty and primal considerations of race are not welcome. Melvina Massey is every inch of seduction.

Unsolved murders, deceit, sickness, political intrigue, statehood, affairs of the heart, will come to pass, but bitterness will stand between these two women until the end.

Come with me as I take you on a journey back in time, to discover a family's distant relative and the true color of power... MELVINA.

This is a speculative historical fiction based on the real Melvina Massey, written with permission from her descendants. 


"This story was about Melvina Massey, but there is  a ton of other characters involved in this story, and since third person omniscient is used, the reader is in their head as well. This was probably what scaled back the excitement for me a bit.  I would’ve preferred to see it through Melvina’s eyes alone and omniscient doesn’t give me that opportunity. I was delighted to have a chance at reading and reviewing this piece of history. I came to the very real conclusion that this is not only the Massey family history, but it is African American history. It is a raw account of what not only passing Black women would sometimes resort to do to support themselves, but it is what women resorted to in such a male dominated era.  Just based on that incredible foreword alone, and the ending I would recommend it.  If you are a history buff and you love to take a journey into the past give Melvina:The Color of Power a read.T. Austin"


The battle against evil resumes and the training of the Last Dragon Warrior continues. Siobhan leads and Ibrahim Unites!
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Starting April 28th, Ibrahim Unites will be available as a paperback through CreateSpace print on demand services (order through Amazon).  You will be able to purchase it also on Barnes and Noble, Books a Million, and Powell's books as well.

“Open your eyes and believe”: ZION RIVERS, an international man of action and the last ALLUNDAE GRANDMASTER, is a member of an ALIEN race that came to earth over 20,000 years ago.  He searches for the remnants of his kind, to halt a growing EVIL in the guise of cult leader LANDEN MUELLER (an Allundae of lesser stock known as the SANGANESE). Mueller has developed a cult following numbering in the tens of thousands and seeks to corrupt mankind by replacing established religions with his own perversion. He is allied with an ancient enemy of the Allundae, the FICAR EGO, from the planet MAKUWE in the CYGNUS star system. SWORN ENEMIES of the Allundae who now seek to colonize earth.

Mueller is clever in hiding his crimes and even more devious in assigning dark deeds to underlings. Zion has chased him down for decades and now has this elusive serial killer cornered. But he cannot defeat him alone. Powerful and resourceful in his own right, Zion enlists the help of another. RAHEEM FLOROS a racially ambiguous man, a veteran, capable researcher and single parent suffering from PTSD; who just so happens to be afraid of the dark. An unlikely pairing, but Zion requires his assistance. Raheem is the key to the last battle and does not know it.

Raheem is putting his youngest daughter to bed after reading some of her favorite stories about some fictitious heroic beings called The Dragon Warriors. These stories have been in his family for decades. “Papa, are there no more DRAGON WARRIORS?” she asks, and he smiles and assures her that somewhere somehow there is one. Raheem ponders her thoughts and for the first time in his life, he proceeds to research these stories. The tales of miraculous feats of valor are from the three most current wars, Vietnam, Korea, and World War II.

Hours pass and he eventually falls asleep, the PTSD comes to him in his dreams, and leaves him screaming and in a pool of sweat. His daughters know the only way through this is to wake him, and then hold him tight. Tonight though, there is another reason. The youngest had her first period and needed feminine napkins. So off into the night he goes and to his destiny.

Raheem fears the night because of the pain it brings to his eyes. The pain is normal for others of his kind, but because of his need to resist the transition, his eyes hurt. He takes five more steps before stopping, and then a reassuring touch from a stranger who ironically seems familiar. “Accept it and let the transition occur it will cure your ills.” He says, and then steps into the shadows, revealing his very own eyes. Large orbs befitting a very large bird of prey and not a human look back at Raheem. Raheem feels comfort in the stranger’s eyes. “Come we have much to discuss and work that requires doing.” Zion says.  

Over the next 72 hours, Zion explains RAHEEM’s long and complicated lineage as the last pure blood descendant of IBRAHIM, an ALLUNDAE patriarch from the CRUSADES. The skeptical Raheem learns of IBRAHIM and others in his line from the KINGS of KUSH to SPARTA, and many others. ZION refreshes his memory of things taught to him long ago that are fighting techniques and enlightens him on the UNIVERSAL CONSCIOUSNESS which enables an ALLUNDAE to motivate and inspire others to heroic deeds. Training is not complete, but a plan emerges.

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CRIME-PHYTER a Next Level Fiction

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    “When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be” Lao Tzu

    CRIME-PHYTER is a non-stop scifi trip, that spans three decades in the lives of four different people. All of whom are being manipulated towards one singular purpose, JUSTICE. 

    Story 1 revolves around the discovery of a mystical plant in south America and the life of one Kieran Church. He loses his wife and son to street violence and when the court system fails to convict, he strikes out on his own. But that is not the end or beginning of Mr. Church's problems. 

    Story 2 is No free rides. It begins with the savage assault on a female member of the special forces. But the perps and their protectors, did not count on the involvement of a friend of hers. His justice is swift, but it comes with a cost. 

    Story 3 - I need an ALIBI, continues the story of Rachel Holt and her protector Paco, as the plant takes a full grip of both of their lives.

    The final story is all about regret. It is called Not 4 Nuthin; when a reluctant arms dealer sells access and arms to terrorists that attempt to blow up the World Trade Center in 1993, he seeks not only revenge but redemption. 

    The mysterious plant is highly involved in the lives of all the main characters and the stories culminate in an unlikely conclusion.

    No capes, no masks, only JUSTICE

    Robert Manis The Carnal Conspiracies

    an erotic crime drama anthology
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    Free ebook download, of the Sexy Master of Dominant Seduction Robert Manis. Preview this sensual ebook for FREE! Download it in PDF, epub and kindle formats.

    When sex becomes easy love is lost. Imagine a world without sexually transmitted diseases, as long as the inhabitants ingest a pill once a month for the rest of their lives. Here is the complex yet simple truth of the world in 2110. Where a super drug Nomescula, emerges as the new spice for the remaining civilized Peoples. This drug in 20 years has wiped out all sexually transmitted diseases, cured AIDS but also increases population by 15%. Unbridled sex led to unwanted pregnancies, which in turn led to abortions or abandoned children (The Forgotten). With promiscuity abound many have left their morals by the way side, forcing legislatures across the globe to enact various Carnal Control laws. These laws segregate single and married people but open the door for criminal elements to offer sexual liaisons to all who can afford them. New types of crime emerge, Love Control is one of those illegal activities that quickly alarms the NU FBI. As the power of Love Control grows they seek to not only restrict the access of Nomescula, but to absolutely control those left in its wake as well. Their pursuit of political influence and Pulse weaponry make them a menace to society. However their abduction of the Vice Presidents daughter takes their diabolical machinations to another level. Enter Robert Manis, independent consultant to the NU FBI. Robert's mission will be to subdue these criminal elements wherever he finds them, in a quest to save the VPs daughter, and seek his own retribution in the process. Political intrigue, seduction, sadism, deviant debauchery, espionage, and ritual killings will stand in his way, but Robert Manis is perfect for this time and especially this mission. He has 72 hours to acquire the daughter before the kidnappers go public with an incriminating video of the daughter and other members of the executive cabinet engaged in various sexual acts. Robert Manis has two clear orders; get the girl; and of the rest "Kill them ALL".

    reviews from GOODREADS 5stars 

    Robert Manis is intriguing, sexual, mysterious, and a man not to mess with. I really enjoyed the unexpected twists and turns the book took and the time set in the future. Its a book that peaks your sexual curiosities, moves in and out of various cultures, tying crime and intimacy and a technology advanced future together. Love that the female characters are strongly written. The dichotomy and atagonism of the male and female characters always leave you wanting more. A MUST read that left me hoping for a sequel...James Lee Nathan III just became one of my favorite authors -- JGearing

    This book didn't disappoint in any way. It was able to hold my attention where most books don't. From beginning to end I was in it and can't wait to read more from this author. Thank you! -- Anna Marie 

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