API Design on the Scale of… by Nordic APIs [PDF/iPad/Kindle]
API Design on the Scale of Decades
API Design on the Scale of Decades
API Design on the Scale of Decades

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Completed on 2017-04-02

About the Book

Roy Fielding once described REST as “software design on the scale of decades: every detail is intended to promote software longevity and independent evolution. Many of the constraints are directly opposed to short-term efficiency.” Essentially, Fielding acknowledged that developers often execute short-term design without long-term design in mind, which causes inadaptability as technology evolves. 

API Design on the Scale of Decades is a response to this sentiment, digging deep to acknowledge modern web Application Programming Interface architectures and design decisions that will truly stand the test of time. In this volume we provide analysis of API design best practices that make quality developer programs truly stand out, including:

  • An introduction and history of Representational State Transfer (REST)
  • Assessment of GraphQL as an API query alternative
  • Technical case studies in scaling internal API architectures
  • Versioning strategies that optimize efficiency
  • How to implement agile, serverless API backends
  • Learning from API design anti-patterns with microservices
  • Securing the future Internet of Things (IoT) with OAuth 2.0 + OpenID Connect
  • Deploying API management in an enterprise context
  • Benefits of building on Open Standards and the Open API Specification
  • and more...

In October 2016 Nordic APIs held it's annual Platform Summit centered on this theme, bringing together over 300 API industry thought leaders to share their insights on what it means to architect and design APIs on the scale of decades. The event detailed design techniques for platform longevity, as well as operational components of sustaining a working API business model.

API Design on the Scale of Decades gathers some of the best information shared by speakers at the 2016 Platform Summit; so even if you weren't able to attend, you can now catch a part of the experience! For this book, we took the 15 most popular speaker sessions on API design technique, and used them as inspiration to craft in-depth chapters on a wide range of API design topics.

All the proceeds from the sale of this book will be donated to the Red Cross in Sweden.

About the Author

Nordic APIs
Nordic APIs

In 2013, Nordic APIs was formed to help organizations become more innovative, lean, and efficient. Nordic APIs has grown into one of only a handful of all-­API-­related event series held anywhere in the world. After hosting more than a dozen events, the community has grown to include hundreds of international thought leaders. Through the global reach of its blog, Nordic APIs is connected to 10's of thousands of API practitioners from around the world. Visit nordicapis.com for more information.

About the Contributors

Art Anthony
Art Anthony

Blogger, Nordic APIs

Art is a copywriter/blogger/content creator who gave up the big city grind to go freelance and live out in the countryside. He writes about everything from financial services and software/technology to health and fitness for big corporations and startups alike. He started his own company, Copywriting Is Art, several years ago and tweets at @ArtCopywriter.

Bill Doerrfeld
Bill Doerrfeld

Editor in Chief, Nordic APIs

Bill Doerrfeld is a technologist and writer interested in disruptive software and projecting technology of the future. He is especially devoted to tracking the API economy, and is the Editor in Chief for Nordic APIs, a blog and knowledge base devoted to helping API (Application Programming Interface) providers refine their platforms. Follow him on Twitter, Linkedin, or reach out via email. Visit doerrfeld.io for more.

Kristopher Sandoval
Kristopher Sandoval

Blogger, Nordic APIs

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