What's New in Java 8
What's New in Java 8
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What's New in Java 8

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Completed on 2018-10-26

About the Book

If you're just getting to Java 8, I definitely recommend@adamldavis' book -- very concise and helpful. -Fred Jonsson

Java 8 is a giant step forward for the Java language. In Project Lambda, Java gets a new closure syntax (lambda expressions), method-references, and default and static methods on interfaces. It manages to add many of the features of functional languages without losing the clarity and simplicity Java developers have come to expect. In addition, many of the existing Java core library classes have been enhanced with the new Streams API.

This ebook will help you understand Java 8, including: Project Lambda, the new Date-Time API, Streams, default methods, Nashorn, and more.

This book is 100% complete and available in print here and other places.

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About the Author

Adam L. Davis
Adam L. Davis

Adam Davis makes software. He's spent many years developing in Java (since Java 1.2) and has enjoyed using Spring and Hibernate. Since 2006 he's been using Groovy and Grails in addition to Java to create SaaS web applications that help track finances for large institutions (among other things). Adam has a Masters and a Bachelors degree in Computer Science from Georgia Tech.


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Table of Contents

  • Preface
  • 1. Overview
  • 2. Lambda Expressions
    • 2.1 Syntax
    • 2.2 Scope
    • 2.3 Method references
    • 2.4 Functional Interfaces
    • 2.5 Comparisons to Java 7
  • 3. Default Methods
    • 3.1 Default and Functional
    • 3.2 Multiple Defaults
    • 3.3 Static Methods on Interface
  • 4. Streams
    • 4.1 What is a Stream?
    • 4.2 Generating Streams
    • 4.3 For Each
    • 4.4 Map/Filter/Reduce
    • 4.5 Parallel Array
    • 4.6 Peek
    • 4.7 Limit
    • 4.8 Sort
    • 4.9 Collectors and Statistics
    • 4.10 Grouping and Partitioning
    • 4.11 Comparisons to Java 7
  • 5. Optional
  • 6. Nashorn
    • 6.1 jjs
    • 6.2 Scripting
    • 6.3 ScriptEngine
    • 6.4 Importing
    • 6.5 Extending
    • 6.6 Invocable
  • 7. New Date and Time API
    • 7.1 New Classes
    • 7.2 Creation
    • 7.3 Enums
    • 7.4 Clock
    • 7.5 Period and Duration
    • 7.6 Temporal Adjusters
    • 7.7 Instant
    • 7.8 Time Zones
    • 7.9 Backwards Compatibility
  • 8. No More Permanent Generation
  • 9. Miscellaneous
    • 9.1 Base64
    • 9.2 CompletableFuture
    • 9.3 Annotations on Java Types
    • 9.4 Repeating Annotations
  • 10. Functional Programming in Java 8
    • 10.1 Functions
    • 10.2 Immutability
    • 10.3 Concurrency
    • 10.4 Tail-Call Optimization
  • 11. Conclusion
  • Backports
  • Contact the Author
  • Notes

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