Modern Java Career Bootcamp
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Modern Java Career Bootcamp

About the Bundle

This bundle includes everything you need to jump-start your Java career. It includes three ebooks from two experienced Java professionals, Adam L. Davis and Sam Atkinson. They will help you:

  • Ace Java interviews.
  • Improve your software development resume.
  • Be knowledgeable about Java, concurrent programming, building, testing, web frameworks, and the best JVM languages.
  • Understand Java 8, including Project Lambda, the new Date-Time API, Streams, Nashorn, and more.
  • Advance your career in software development.
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About the Books

Java Interview Bootcamp

The practical guide to the Java interview process
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Java Interview Bootcamp is now available as a physical book from createspace.  Send your reciept to to get the ebook for free.

A few years ago I started interviewing for a new developer role.  I hadn't done an interview in over 5 years and despite being a pretty darn good developer I found that I was really struggling.  I can design and build an awesome system, but if I couldn't remember the Big O for a bubble sort  then it meant I didn't get the job.

This was immensely frustrating but it happened time and time again, whether it be esoteric JVM flags or the design of TreeMap, I kept getting hit with questions which just didn't come up in the real world as a developer.  The simple fact is most Java interviews ask questions unrelated to the real world of Java development

You can be the best developer in the world but if you don't prepare for an interview you won't get the job.

I then discovered quickly that the internet had zero good resources.  Sure there were plenty of of lists of Java interview questions, but they were all one sentence answers. Real interviews deep dive through design and implementation questions.  It was terrible! 

Through a combination of a lot of textbooks and internet searching I managed to get myself prepared enough to start getting job offers.  But I never wanted to have to go through that process of crawling through terrible adsense spam pages to find the information I needed to get a new job.  So, I started writing down everything I learnt and created Java Interview Bootcamp so you don't have to go through what I did.

Java Interview Bootcamp goes through all of the core Java concepts in great detail with diagrams and code samples.  Instead of stupid one line answers, each topic is written around real interview questions that I use when I'm interviewing people to come work for my team.  

Having the knowledge is only part of the problem though- you need soft skills to do well in an interview. It's amazing when people come to interview for a job on my team and they're quiet, even hostile towards my colleagues and I.  Making a great impression is just as important as knowing the answers to the questions.  As a result, Java Interview Bootcamp has a dedicated section about soft skills- phone interviews, face-to-face, pair programming, and even how to make your CV stand out in the crowd.

I'm immensely proud of JIB- I get regular emails from candidates who are now starting their new job thanks to this book.  Here is one of my favourite emails from the inbox:

"I have been interviewing for more than 2 years, I always faced a huge problem, there is too much information scattered everywhere and no good single place review the basics, so after finding your site I purchased Java Interview Bootcamp, and l really like it

Not only did it talk about and demonstrate the concepts I needed, it was clear and precise.

Your book gave me confidence and given a clear path on how to succeed.

The end result, I am closing out one offer and I'm at the final round with another company"

So, if you're ready to be the best prepared candidate in the process then grab the book now!


Buy now and you will get instant access to the bonus materials:

- Free Junior and Senior example Java resumes for you to copy and be inspired from

- An example interview with full solution PDF

- A free online resume website design for you to download and use.

What's New in Java 8

An unofficial guide to Java and JDK 1.8
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If you're just getting to Java 8, I definitely recommend@adamldavis' book -- very concise and helpful. -Fred Jonsson

Java 8 is a giant step forward for the Java language. In Project Lambda, Java gets a new closure syntax (lambda expressions), method-references, and default and static methods on interfaces. It manages to add many of the features of functional languages without losing the clarity and simplicity Java developers have come to expect. In addition, many of the existing Java core library classes have been enhanced with the new Streams API.

This ebook will help you understand Java 8, including: Project Lambda, the new Date-Time API, Streams, default methods, Nashorn, and more.

This book is 100% complete and available in print here and other places.

If you like this, please check out Adam's other books: Learning Groovy, Modern Java Second Edition, and Modern Programming Made Easy

10% of all proceeds go directly to the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF).

DisclaimerJava is a registered trademark of Oracle. You can find Java here on Oracle's website.

Modern Java

Java 7 and Polyglot Programming on the JVM
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Second Edition is now out!

It's an exciting time to be a programmer, especially in the JVM space. Java 7 is production ready, Java 8 is getting closer to completion, while other JVM languages, like Groovy and Scala, have been increasing in popularity. With the accelerating pace of change in technology, it's important to always be learning and looking forward to the latest and greatest technology.

This book will help you:

  • Learn all the new features of Java 7
  • Understand how JUnit theories and Hamcrest can help you write better tests.
  • Work with in-depth examples of Groovy and Scala code.
  • Learn the design patterns and principles of Groovy and Scala and how they can improve your Java skills.
  • Understand the latest frameworks for concurrent programming on the JVM.
  • Get tips on Maven, Gradle, Grails, Play and more.

This book is meant for the following people:

  • People who want to learn about the latest Java and JVM technology.
  • Java developers who are curious about Groovy, Scala, etc.
  • Developers who believe that learning about other tools and languages make them better developers.

"bought both of your books (Modern Java & Modern Programming) and let me tell you, what a great value and extremely good content" - Rozzot


Java is a registered trademark of Oracle. You can find Java here on Oracle's website.

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