Reactive Streams in Java
Reactive Streams in Java
Reactive Streams in Java

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Last updated on 2018-09-22

About the Book

Reactive Streams are a standard approach to handling concurrency in modern applications. The Java 9 release includes new support for reactive streams. This book attempts to provide an easy introduction to Reactive Streams in Java including in depth introductions to RxJava, Akka Streams, and Reactor and how they can be used.

This book will cover everything you need to know about existing projects and how they translate in Java 9.

This book uses a progressive publishing model. As the book grows, so does the price. This encourages early adopters.

This book has been picked up by a publisher and will be published in finished version later this year (winter 2018).

Table of Contents

  • Preface
    • Who is the Target Audience?
    • Why You Should Read This Book
    • What is Not in This Book
  • Introduction to Reactive Streams
    • What are Reactive Streams?
    • Java 9+
    • Flow
    • Code for this Book
  • Java 10 and 11
    • Local Variable Types
    • Lambda Expression Local Variable Types
  • Existing Models of Concurrency in Java
    • Prominent Models for Concurrency
    • Synchronize in Java
    • Java Futures
    • STM in Clojure
    • Actors
    • Groovy GPars
    • Reactive Streams
  • Common Concepts
    • Hot and Cold
    • Backpressure
    • Filter
    • Map
    • Flatmap
    • Delay
    • Buffer
    • Window
    • Take While
    • Latest
    • Debounce
    • Single/Mono
  • RxJava
    • Getting Started
    • Flowable
    • Parallel Computing
    • Schedulers
    • Publishers
    • Backpressure
    • Testing
  • Reactor
    • Getting Started
    • Flux
    • Mono
    • Creating a Flux or Mono
    • Schedulers
    • Pull Events
    • Handling Backpressure
    • Context
    • Testing
    • Conclusion
  • Akka Streams
    • Getting Started
    • ActorMaterializer
    • Sinks, Flows, and Graphs
    • Backpressure
    • Interoperation with Reactive Streams API
    • MergeHub, BroadcastHub, and PartitionHub
    • Testing
  • RxAndroid
    • Getting Started
    • RxBindings
    • Android Schedulers
    • RxLifecycle
  • Spring Boot and Reactor
    • Getting Started
    • Gradle Plugin
    • SpringBootApplication
    • Auto-Cofiguration
    • Our Domain Model
    • ReactiveMongoRepository
    • Controllers
    • View Templates
    • Restful API
    • Further Configuration
    • Testing
    • Conclusion
  • Akka HTTP and Akka Streams
    • Getting Started
    • Routes
    • Websockets
    • Our Domain
    • Our Repository
    • ChatServer
    • The WebSocket Flow
    • The Web Client
    • Testing
  • Combinations
  • Performance Comparisons
    • Timing

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About the Author

Adam L. Davis
Adam L. Davis

Adam Davis makes software. He's spent many years developing in Java (since Java 1.2) and has enjoyed using Spring and Hibernate. Since 2006 he's been using Groovy and Grails in addition to Java to create SaaS web applications that help track finances for large institutions (among other things). Adam has a Masters and a Bachelors degree in Computer Science from Georgia Tech.

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