The Devil in the Church
The Devil in the Church
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The Devil in the Church

Last updated on 2015-02-14

About the Book

There is a a murder on a muslim leader in Sweden, this happens after a public religious discusson held with different religious leaders.

The jewish leader is still alive, the Catholic leader is still alaive. there is an Ateist and reprsentants from Testimonies de jehowa and some other small religious groups and sekts.

The murdurer could have been a antirasistic killing and something dircted against the muslims, if not after one more week the jewish leader also gets killed.

The only thing that binds the two murdurers is the fact that they have been to the same public religious discusson. before the meeting they had never thought of meeting.

Now they are maybe killed by the same person for the same reason...

About the Author

Martin Liss
Martin Liss

Martin Liss,

Know by some because of his anti mafia books "Mafia Hunter" or his children books serie "Maldon".

Although his most known book so far is "The boy who died a fake death" about how the Swedish Stieg Larsson Author toThe  Millenium triology about Lisbeth Salander and Mikael Blomkvist. he describes how the Stieg Larsson is not dead and is hiding away from his past and living well on the millions that his family is fighting about. 

Table of Contents

  • The people loving priest
  • The nightmare
  • The Sunday school
  • More nightmares
  • Regular sunday
  • Serial killer is searched in the villlage
  • The hypnosis
  • New nightmares
  • The Pope have to clean up more and asks his assistant to stay in sweden a few weeks and he do some cleaning in the muslim world.

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