Unexpected… by Lea Mishell et al. [Leanpub PDF/iPad/Kindle]
Unexpected Detours
Unexpected Detours
Unexpected Detours

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Last updated on 2016-12-16

About the Book

TaMeeka James' life hasn't been the easiest but she'll be the first to admit the part she played in it. Happily married to Chico Banks, TaMeeka thinks life can't get any sweeter until the return of her son's father, Darius Price, proves otherwise. With unfinished business left on the table, Darius makes it his mission to reunite with his family.

About the Editors

Lea Mishell
Lea Mishell

Just as I did with SistaGirlz Book 3 NEVA SAW IT COMIN': RAVEN & IMANI'S STORY, I am putting SistaGirlz Book 4 UNEXPECTED DETOURS out while I write it. My readers can have the book DURING it's production!! Until you see that DETOURS is 100% finished, you are reading a work in progress. If you buy it now, you should get an updated version every time I upload any changes. As always, I welcome all of my readers to leave comments about all of my books.

Causes Supported

StudioSTL Writing & Publishing Center

Write & Shine!

StudioSTL empowers St. Louis youth to discover, develop, and celebrate their individual voices through writing. Our volunteer writing mentors work one-on-one with youth on writing and publishing projects that build writing skills and appreciation for the power of the written word.

Since 2005, StudioSTL has worked with St. Louis youth, ages 6 to 18, to publish five bound anthologies, seven newspapers, and countless superhero trading cards. We believe that writing is an essential life tool and that skill-building requires personal attention and feedback. Our writing mentors work in small groups with youth through all phases of the writing and thinking process. The result is a young mind trained to think and to appreciate writing in all of its many forms: a well-crafted poem or essay, a thank you note, a job application, or a story about an imaginary river squid!

About the Publisher

This book is published on Leanpub by Lea Mishell Ink

Lea Mishell Ink presents it's first book series, SISTAGIRLZ: AN URBAN FAIRY TALE BOOK SERIES!

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