SistaGirlz Companion Book

SistaGirlz Companion Book

So you THINK you know the SistaGirlz?

About the Book

SistaGirlz Companion Book helps guide Readers as they read the SistaGirlz Urban Fairy Tale book series by giving history and details for each character and storyline. At the end of each SistaGirlz book sold on Leanpub are trivia questions about each available SistaGirlz title. ALL of those questions will be in this book.

About the Editors

Lea Mishell
Lea Mishell

Author/Editor Lea Mishell was born and raised in the suburbs and more recently seasoned by the CITY of St. Louis, Missouri. In fact, most of Lea's stories are set in her hometown as she likes to "write where I am", as she says. Although she's been writing since the age of 16, a self-proclaimed Professional Procrastinator, Lea didn't publish her first book until after finding her "Things to Do by 30" list and saw "Publish A Book" at the top of the list! Without a storyline in mind, shortly after turning 30 and in less than 3 months, her first book, LIVIN' JUST ENOUGH, was created. Still within the timeframe of her 30th year of life, the book was published and thus launched Ms. Mishell's budding writing career with the release of ILLUSIONS the following year. Ambition pushed her to try a few short stints as a journalist for local St. Louis publications, but Lea soon accepted the truth that her true writing passion lies with fiction as her stories drew from events in her own life.

In 2010, Ms. Mishell contributed her short story "Neva Saw It Comin'" to the book, "Tales From The Lou" written with fellow St. Louis authors Teresa Seals, Mary L. Wilson and Myron A. Winston. In between editing and publishing books of her author friends, Ms. Mishell is currently in writing mode for the double release of UNEXPECTED DETOURS and UNFORGIVABLE, the fourth and fifth books in her SistaGirlz® book series. LIVIN' JUST ENOUGH and ILLUSIONS were re-released in 2012 through Amazon. NEVA SAW IT COMIN' and the "What He Did For Her Love Edition" of LIVIN' JUST ENOUGH were released in 2013 on Leanpub. As of 2015, Ms. Mishell has entered the area of Erotica as well with her "Mistress Harding" series. All available SistaGirlz® and Mistress Harding® ebooks are on Leanpub.

​Branching off into podcasting with her best friends, Ms. Mishell discusses everything she's learned along her free spirit ethically non-monogamous journey.

"I love to write and I enjoy reading feedback on my work. Good or bad, every review makes me a better writer." -Lea Mishell

#DoYouKnowMyGirlz #AuthorLeaMishell

I live for my readers' reviews. You all make me a better author so please feel free to leave reviews and comments of all of my books! Thank you!!



Shereytah Reed
Shereytah Reed

I live for my readers' reviews. You all make me a better author so please feel free to leave reviews and comments of all of my books! Thank you!!

About the Contributors

Shereytah Reed
Shereytah Reed


Table of Contents

  • Meet The SistaGirlz
  • The History of “CQREW”°
  • Heirs to CQREW: Protected by Blood
  • Excerpt from Livin’ Just Enough
  • SistaGirlz Book 1 Trivia
  • Excerpt from Illusions
  • SistaGirlz Trivia Book 2
  • Excerpt from Neva Saw It Comin’
  • SistaGirlz Trivia Book 3
  • Excerpt from Unexpected Detours
  • SistaGirlz Trivia Book 4
  • Excerpt from Unforgivable
  • Excerpt from JaShel’s Trilogy
  • Excerpt from Clarissa’s Trilogy
  • Excerpt from SistaGirlz Finale…?
  • SistaGirlz Trivia Answers…?
  • The Lea Mishell Collection

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