Livin' Just Enough (Polyamory Package)
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Livin' Just Enough

SistaGirlz Book 1 (What He Did For Her Love Edition) Rachael's Story

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SistaGirlz: an Urban Fairy Tale book series contains strong language, graphic sexual content and is intended for MATURE READERS ONLY (18 and older).


They both treated her like a princess but only one of them made her his Queen.

SistaGirlz Book #1 LIVIN' JUST ENOUGH: WHAT HE DID FOR HER LOVE Edition is the FULL story of Rachael, Aaron and Alonzo. Find out what Aaron and Alonzo did to keep Rachael in their lives!

The first book in my SistaGirlz series, LIVIN' JUST ENOUGH: RACHAEL'S STORY, left my readers dangling with a few unanswered questions. Most will be revealed later in the SistaGirlz series but there are some things that only "Aaron" and "Alonzo" can tell you. Now we have THEIR side of LIVIN' JUST ENOUGH. WHAT HE DID FOR HER LOVE accompanies LIVIN' JUST ENOUGH as it includes the points of view of Rachael’s lovers, Aaron and Alonzo. After reading reviews of SistaGirlz Book #1 Livin' Just Enough: Rachael's Story, I came across one review that had several good questions about LIVIN' that honestly could only be answered by Aaron and Alonzo since LIVIN' was solely from Rachael's point of view. WHAT HE DID not only gives you more insight into the characters, Aaron and Alonzo, but it also gives details that will be further explained later in the SistaGirlz series.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: If you didn't purchase your copy of SistaGirlz Book #1 Livin' Just Enough: Rachael's Story from Leanpub, you have the ORIGINAL manuscript sans "Aaron" and "Alonzo"'s side of the story. Email me at to get a coupon for a FREE COPY of the What He Did For Her Love Edition!

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About the Editor

Lea Mishell
Lea Mishell

Author/Editor Lea Mishell was born and raised in the suburbs and more recently seasoned by the CITY of St. Louis, Missouri. In fact, most of Lea's stories are set in her hometown as she likes to "write where I am", as she says. Although she's been writing since the age of 16, a self-proclaimed Professional Procrastinator, Lea didn't publish her first book until after finding her "Things to Do by 30" list and saw "Publish A Book" at the top of the list! Without a storyline in mind, shortly before turning 31 and in less than 3 months, her first book, LIVIN' JUST ENOUGH, was created. Still within the timeframe of her 30th year of life, the book was published and thus launched Ms. Mishell's budding writing career with the release of ILLUSIONS the following year. Ambition pushed her to try a few short stints as a journalist for local St. Louis publications, but Lea soon accepted the truth that her true writing passion lies with fiction as her stories drew from events in her own life.

In 2010, Ms. Mishell contributed her short story "Neva Saw It Comin'" to the book, "Tales From The Lou" written with fellow St. Louis authors Teresa Seals, Mary L. Wilson and Myron A. Winston. In between editing and publishing books of her author friends, Ms. Mishell is currently in writing mode for the double release of UNEXPECTED DETOURS and UNFORGIVABLE, the fourth and fifth books in her SistaGirlz® book series. LIVIN' JUST ENOUGH and ILLUSIONS were re-released in 2012 through Amazon. NEVA SAW IT COMIN' and the "What He Did For Her Love Edition" of LIVIN' JUST ENOUGH were released in 2013 on Leanpub. As of 2015, Ms. Mishell has entered the area of Erotica as well with her "Mistress Harding" series. All available SistaGirlz® and Mistress Harding® e-books are on Leanpub.

​Branching off into podcasting with her best friends, Ms. Mishell discusses everything she's learned along her free spirit ethically non-monogamous journey.

"I love to write and I enjoy reading feedback on my work. Good or bad, every review makes me a better writer." -Lea Mishell

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Table of Contents

  • Lea Mishell’s Acknowledgements
  • Childhood Sweethearts
  • Secret Lovers
  • Playing House
  • Reality Check
  • Diva in Distress
  • The Return of the Ex
  • Weddings and Funerals
  • Unwanted Guest
  • For Old Times’ Sake
  • Love You Forever
  • A Promise Is A Promise
  • A Change in Plans
  • Ya Shoulda Told The Truth
  • Reunited
  • And It Feels So Good
  • Me and Mr. Jones
  • Facing the Truth
  • One Last Try
  • ‘Til Death Do Us Part
  • Because Love Never Dies
  • SistaGirlz Book 1 Trivia
  • The Lea Mishell Collection
  • Excerpt from Illusions
  • Excerpt from Neva Saw It Comin’
  • Excerpt from Unexpected Detours
  • Excerpt from Unforgivable
  • Excerpt from Her Ideal Husband
  • Excerpt from JaShel’s Trilogy
  • Excerpt from Clarissa’s Trilogy
  • Excerpt from SistaGirlz Finale…?
  • SistaGirlz Polyamory Package

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Since 2005, StudioSTL has worked with St. Louis youth, ages 6 to 18, to publish five bound anthologies, seven newspapers, and countless superhero trading cards. We believe that writing is an essential life tool and that skill-building requires personal attention and feedback. Our writing mentors work in small groups with youth through all phases of the writing and thinking process. The result is a young mind trained to think and to appreciate writing in all of its many forms: a well-crafted poem or essay, a thank you note, a job application, or a story about an imaginary river squid!

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This book is published on Leanpub by Author Lea Mishell

Author Lea Mishell presents her first Urban Fairy Tale book series, SISTAGIRLZ: AN URBAN FAIRY TALE BOOK SERIES, and her first Erotica book series, MISTRESS HARDING EROTICA BOOK SERIES

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