Quick Guide To: (VPC) Vertical Plant Cycle
Quick Guide To: (VPC) Vertical Plant Cycle
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Quick Guide To: (VPC) Vertical Plant Cycle

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Last updated on 2014-12-05

About the Book

This book tells you how to:

1) Grow: More Plant Cycles per year.

2) Grow: Bigger crops.

3) grow: Bigger fruits.

4) Grow: Faster.

5) Grow with: Total control over each plants health.

6) Grow with: Easier Cultivating. so easy a person in a wheelchair can do the job and laugh at it.

7) If used right way no heavy liftings.

8) Grow: Cleaner, every plant has its own “Container” / Sac.

9) No tractors.

10) Less space = No farming land. Just need a Wall.

11) Total control: water quantity

12) Total control over nutrition.

13) Place it anywhere. Solar cell powered.

14) Pots don´t take any space when not in use.

15) Can be used for seed starting as well as plant finishing, (From Seed to Crop)

What is it about?

Vertical plantations?

It has been used now for long time, different ways to plant vertically.

Sometimes it is to be decorating a wall with flowers.

Sometimes it is to use space better specially in laboratories.

In this book you will learn about the newest mobile, vertical Plant-Cycle works.

You will later on be able to:

1) Buy a ready to assamble model.

2) Build a Vertical Plant-Cycle that is both decorativ and useful.

3) Get information on how and what to plant to get the most out of your Plant-Cycle.

You chose, the price is from only 25€.

About the Author

Martin Liss
Martin Liss

Made in England 1970.

Born in Sweden (Stockholm) 1971.

Senior High in SC Crescent High 1989

Moved To Spain 2004

Moved to France 2014 Became

"The Suiciduial Writer"

Table of Contents

  • Thank you.
  • What is it about?
  • Advantages
  • Chapter Three

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