Hacking Portugal
Hacking Portugal
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Hacking Portugal

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Last updated on 2016-12-01

About the Book

As technology and software become more and more important to Portuguese society, it is time for Portugal to take them more seriously, and become a real player in that world. This book discusses several ideas to make Portugal a place where programming, TDD, Open Source, learning how to code, hacking (aka bug-bounty style), and DevOps receive the consideration, investment and respect that they deserve. Application Security can act as an enabler for this transformation, due to its focus on how code and apps work, and its enormous advances in secure-coding, testing, dev-ops and quality.

Table of Contents

    • Introduction
      • Why I’m doing this
      • Summary of Chapters
      • Acknowledgements
      • Please give me your feedback
    • Portugal should be hostile to insecure code
      • Attack vulnerable code
      • Next generation of internet users
    • PHS - Portuguese Hacking Service
      • Portuguese hackathon league
      • Other sources of talent
      • Working together
    • “Made in Portugal”
      • Best in world
      • Portugal as a leader in AppSec
      • “Code Made in Portugal” brand
    • Past innovations
      • Drugs Decriminalization
      • Portuguese innovation for the 21st Century
      • Tesla in Portugal
    • How Secure is Portugal?
      • Our security model is based on lack of attackers
      • The Emperor’s new clothes
      • Think I’m wrong?
      • The financial markets hack
      • Thank your attackers
      • Military
      • Why do we have F16s?
      • Hit by the crossfire
    • Public health analogy
      • Red or blue pill?
      • Public health problem
      • Sane defense model
      • Where is the AppSec industry?
      • Be proactive
    • Hack like football
      • Let’s do the same for hacking
    • Hacking
      • Hacking created the Internet
      • Hackers’ values
      • Creating Your future
      • Be different
    • Open Source
      • Openness is key
      • FOSS Values
      • Open Source is expensive
      • Open Source lingua franca
      • OpenSource.pt
      • Open the source of Portuguese code
      • The next level App Security Social Graph
      • The cathedral’s eyeballs
    • Privacy
      • Defend privacy
      • Cryptography
      • The Need for Disclosure
      • Whistleblowers have an important role
      • Protected by law
      • Limited privacy for state and companies
      • Learn from the music industry
    • Government
      • Collaborative Commons
      • Government’s role
      • Code is Law
      • Who controls the world?
      • Governments can make a difference
      • Iterate exponentially
      • Ministry of Code
      • Clear Software Act
      • Software Testing Institute
      • ASAE for code
      • When regulation loses the plot
      • Portugal-wide bug bounty
      • Insurance
      • Solution is not to buy ‘security’
      • Code Nationalization
      • European Union
      • New currencies for Southern Europe
    • Investment in infrastructure
      • Design companies
      • Example scenario
      • Internet-based model
      • Exponential growth
      • Open Source the project
      • Transportation investment fund
    • Economics
      • Uber
      • Portuguese Emigrants
    • Education
      • Skills
      • Git is a core skill
      • Education
      • University course
      • Threat Models as strategic activity
      • CV
      • For the developers
      • Real time unit test execution and Code Coverage
      • Sharing is a Very Emotional and Dangerous Practice
      • Creating a sharing culture by embracing Creative Commons
    • Actions and recommendations
      • Actions
      • Recommendations
      • Other recommendations
      • Recommendations for education and training:
    • Why Portugal?
      • Easier in a small country
      • Raise the bar of the discussion
      • Big questions
      • Best in ‘graduating high school’?
      • Protect the internet
      • Portugal needs to export engineers
      • What is the future of Portugal?
      • Sail the Code

About the Author

Dinis Cruz
Dinis Cruz

Dinis Cruz is the CISO of the Photobox Group and an active OWASP contributor (Owasp Summits and O2 Platform Project)

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