Practical Jni4Net
Practical Jni4Net
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Practical Jni4Net

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Last updated on 2016-01-10

About the Book

This book contains the Jni4Net related blog posts posted on Dinis Cruz’ blog at

This is the fist draft release of this book, so please send your suggestions, criticisms, ideas or comments to

Notes about current structure: The chapter structure is still being defined and it in a state of flux. Feedback is highly appreciated 

About the Author

Dinis Cruz
Dinis Cruz

Dinis Cruz is the CISO of the Photobox Group and an active OWASP contributor (Owasp Summits and O2 Platform Project)

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Table of Contents

    • Leanpub book, originally based on Blog posts
    • An open book, freely available at GitHub
    • Change log:
    • Introduction
  • 1. November 2012
    • C# REPL a java process (ZAP Proxy)
    • Controlling OWASP ZAP remotely (via Java BeanShell REPL in .Net)
    • Writing and Invoking O2 Methods from Java and Eclipse
  • 2. March 2013
    • Invoking an OWASP AppSensor Java method from .NET C# REPL (using Jni4Net)
    • Invoking Java BeanShell from .Net CLR
    • Loading OWASP ESAPI jar and its dependencies
    • Getting list of Jars loaded in SystemClassLoader
    • Java BeanShell REPL v1.0.exe
  • 3. May 2013
    • First execution of ESAPI.jar Encoder methods from O2’s C# REPL
  • 4. June 2013
    • Another step in the use of ESAPI and AppSensor Jars from .Net/C
  • 5. August 2013
    • Consuming a forked version of Jni4Net
    • Compiling Jni4Net from Source
    • Fixing the ‘Attempted to read or write protected memory’ issue

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