SecDevOps Risk Workflow by Dinis Cruz [Leanpub PDF/iPad/Kindle]
SecDevOps Risk Workflow
SecDevOps Risk Workflow
SecDevOps Risk Workflow

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Last updated on 2016-12-11

About the Book

This is a book about making developers more productive, embedding security practices into the SDL and ensuring that security risks are accepted and understood.

The focus is on the Dev part of SecDevOps, and on the challenges of creating Security Champions for all DevOps stages.

All content is released under an Creative Commons license (CC BY 3.0) and the GitHub repository Book_SecDevOps_Risk_Workflow contains all text, ideas and issues.

Based on real world applications of these ideas.

About the Author

Dinis Cruz
Dinis Cruz

Dinis Cruz is a Developer and Application Security Engineer focused on how to develop secure applications. A key drive is on 'Automating Application Security Knowledge and Workflows' which is the main concept behind the OWASP O2 Platform.

After many years (and multiple roles) Dinis is still very active at OWASP, currently leading the O2 Platform project and helping out other projects and initiatives.

After failing to scale his own security knowledge, learned Git, created security vulnerabilities in code published to production servers, delivered training to developers, and building multiple CI (Continuous Integration) environments; Dinis had the epiphany that the key to application security is "Secure Continuous Delivery: Developer’s Immediate Connection to What They’re Creating". This 'Immediate Connection/Feedback' concept is deep rooted in the development of the O2 Platform, and is something that will keep Dinis busy for many years.

Reader Testimonials

Elizabeth Lawler
Elizabeth Lawler

CEO @ConjurInc

So good to see security issues represented a) in plain language and b) as feature which is non-confrontational!

Daniel Cuthbert
Daniel Cuthbert

Co-author of the @OWASP ASVS standard

SecDevwhat? A great book on SecDevOps and why you should care.

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