Beneath the Canals Collection
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Beneath the Canals Collection

16 Zinis for Playing in the Pentolan Catacombs

About the Book

This series of mini zines (zinis) includes:

  • Beneath the Canals, the core tool zini for exploring the catacombs, including rules for procedurally generating them, for random encounters, creating Shards, and generating magic items. Writing by Michael T. Lombardi and illustrations by Jay Labelle.
  • Smoldering Gardens of Bone, a dungeon zini adventure for exploring an alchemist's osseous garden where they practice alchemical gardening and husbandry alike. Writing by Michael T. Lombardi, illustrations and cartography by Abigail LaLonde.
  • Cadavers in the Catacombs, a tool zini for finding corpses whilst exploring the catacombs, including a drop table of interesting details and encounter fodder. Writing and illustrations by Dungeons & Possums.
  • Afraid of the Water, a dungeon zini with an incitement to rescue local who has been snatched and taken into the catacombs by Canal Gaunts, survivors of executions who have made a home beneath the canals and become something less than human. Writing and cartography by Patrick Eyler, illustrations by Michelle Smallwood.
  • The Faceless King, a meta adventure zini which introduces a potentially campaign-inciting problem: coins with little legs are getting themselves inside people's mouths and turning them into cultists, unleashing a horror if not stopped. Writing by Zedeck Siew, illustrations by Jay Labelle.
  • The Fallen Eidolon, a dungeon zini set to explore part of an old colossus-temple, eerily anatomical and guarded by glass golems. Writing by José Kercadó, illustrations by Jay Labelle.
  • Bones and Precious Stones, a dungeon zini exploring a long-sealed section of the catacombs from which small, gem-eyed carbuncles have recently been escaping. Writing by Michael T. Lombardi, illustrations and cartography by Spaghetti Quester.
  • Corpses of Veneration, a tool zini which introduces tables for procedurally generating saint-like figures, their reliquaries, and complex ossuaries. Writing by Fiona Maeve Geist, illustrations by Lauren Bryce.
  • Fatal Fungi and Mysterious Mushrooms, a tool zini for generating strange fungi, their effects and uses, how to craft items with them, and the dangers they might posses. Writing by Donn Stroud, illustrations by Matthew Cartwright.
  • Kofun: Buried Across the Sea, a tool zini exploring the culture of the Yamajin who immigrate to Pentola via their burial practices and chambers, as well as the items and guardians interred there. Writing by Takuma Okada, illustrations by Kai Grecco.
  • Craft and Violence, a tool zini exploring the use of art-as-magic by three different factions to rewrite the world through their works with varying effects depending on the art and the response by the person experiencing it. Writing by Mabel Harper, illustrations by Lauren Bryce.
  • Memories Entombed, a tool zini with tables and guidance on designing burial and funereal practices for peoples interred in the catacombs as well as generating unique items interred with the deceased. Writing by Skylar-James Wall, illustrations by Myca Labelle.
  • The Black Market, a tool zini for procedurally generating black market cells including the characters in them, the favors they ask for, and their esoteric specialties you can only find beneath the canals where the moon can't see them. Writing by Zachary Cox, illustrations by Ben Brown.
  • Knackery, a tool zini adding d66 special abilities called Knacks to your game with rules for gaining and using them in numerous systems. Writing by Michael T. Lombardi, cover is public domain.from page 262 of 'Lil. By the author of “Miss Toosey's Mission,” etc. [i.e. Evelyn Whittaker.]'

Each of the zinis is available in digital and print-at-home layouts for usability.

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About the Authors

Michael T Lombardi
Michael T Lombardi

Mike Lombardi is a software engineer (@Puppet) whose primary goal is to be a force multiplier for organizations and communities by documenting, mentoring, and working to continuously improve processes and tooling. Mike is the cofounder and organizer of the St. Louis PowerShell User Group and has presented at the PowerShell Summit.

He is also the cohost of the PSPowerHour, a bi-monthly hour of community lightning talks by and for folks in the PowerShell community with ever-changing speakers and topics.

Abigail LaLonde
Abigail LaLonde

late30s, Queer, Vegetarian, Wife, Mother, Knitter, Nature Lover, Runner, Avid Reader, TTRP Gamer, Snail Mail Enthusiast, Future Crazy Cat Lady she/her/they/them

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