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Last updated on 2019-01-26

About the Book

Pentola is a high-stakes game set in a bronze-age world where beliefs and actions change the fabric of reality, trebuchets launch travelers past ornate spires, guerrilla artists weave spells through their art, and echoes of an apocalypse haunt a thriving city teeming with its own sordid intrigue.

Take power, become rich, explore the lost city, or sing away the demons from your gondola.

In Pentola, you are what you choose to become.

About the Author

Michael T Lombardi
Michael T Lombardi

Mike Lombardi is a software engineer (@Puppet) whose primary goal is to be a force multiplier for organizations and communities by documenting, mentoring, and working to continuously improve processes and tooling. Mike is the cofounder and organizer of the St. Louis PowerShell User Group and has presented at the PowerShell Summit.

He is also the cohost of the PSPowerHour, a bi-monthly hour of community lightning talks by and for folks in the PowerShell community with ever-changing speakers and topics.

About the Contributors

Chris Allen
Chris Allen


Chris is a voice-over artist and telecommunications analyst from North Carolina, with a rapidly-growing interest in technological accessibility.

Michael Cox
Michael Cox


Table of Contents

  • I Introduction
      • How This Book Is Laid Out
        • Example Text
        • Rules Test Asides
        • In-World Asides
        • Game Design Notes
  • II Core Mechanics
    • 1. Action Resolution
      • Intent
      • Approach
      • Adjudicate
      • Tests
      • Opposed Tests
    • 2. Usage Die
    • 3. Time
      • Initiative
    • 4. Distance
  • III Character Creation
    • 5. Determining Characteristics
    • 6. Calculating Attributes
    • 7. Determining Traits and Ambitions
    • 8. Vocations and Skills
      • Vocations
      • Choosing Skills
        • Archetype Skills
    • 9. Relationships
      • Allies
      • Dependents
      • Enemy
      • Organization
        • Academic Organizations
        • Religious Organizations
        • Guild
        • Spire
    • 10. Reputations
    • 11. Knacks
      • Exercising a Knack
      • Improving Knacks
    • 12. Starting Dweomers and the Craft
      • Common Dweomers
    • 13. Wealth and Equipment
      • Encumbrance
      • Armor
        • Types of Armor
        • Armor Materials
        • Armor Qualities
        • Masterwork and Magic Armor
      • Weapons and Shields
        • Weapon Qualities
        • Masterwork and Magic Weapons
      • Miscellaneous Equipment Table
      • Starting Equipment
    • 14. Improving Characters
      • Gaining IP via Practice or Research
      • Improving Skills Through Use
      • Gaining and Losing Reputation
      • Changing Relationships
      • Spending Improvement points
  • IV The Craft and Crafting
    • 15. Ranks
    • 16. Learning the Craft
      • Manipulation and Complexity
      • Applying Dweomers
    • 17. Dweomers
      • Formulaic Dweomers
      • Secret Dweomers
      • Researching Dweomers
    • 18. Alchemy
      • Researching an Alchemical Formula
      • Producing Alchemical Items
        • Forms
        • Qualities
        • Ingredients
      • Alchemical Gardening and Husbandry
    • 19. Art and the Craft
      • Physical Art Dweomers
      • Ethereal Art Dweomers
  • V Supplication
      • Supplicants and the Ritual of Supplication
      • Improvement Points and Supplicant Duties
      • Organization Ranks
      • Miracles
      • Intervention
    • 20. Organizational Ranks
      • Lay Members
      • Supplicants
      • Principals
        • Living Miracle
      • Champions
        • Miraculous Panoply
        • Warrior Miracles
        • Champion Responsibilities
      • Grantors
        • Grantor Responsibilities
        • Grantor Benefits
    • 21. Miracles
      • Acquiring a Miracle
      • Performing a Miracle
        • Splitting Magnitude
        • Perform Once Only
      • Miracle Traits
      • Miracles List
  • VI Combat
      • Moment By Moment
      • Injury and Recovery
        • Major Wounds
        • Medical attention
        • Natural Healing

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