First steps towards… by Luis Gonçalves et al. [PDF/iPad/Kindle]
First steps towards Agile Localization
First steps towards Agile Localization
First steps towards Agile Localization

Last updated on 2013-03-14

About the Book

Agile is gaining popularity. More and more companies are changing their ways of developing software, moving from waterfall to agile, but most of the times localisation does not change, it is still done at the end of the development phase, but there are ways to change this.

The objective of this pocket book is to provide ideas and concepts that would help people to start thinking different and place localisation inside of the iteration. Making localisation part of the iteration activities will help organizations get the localized product to the customer sooner, timely receive the feedback from the customer thus guaranteeing better quality of the final product.

This pocket book is not intended as a complete manual for changing the entire localisation process, its purpose is to provide answers to several "How To´s" to help the readesr start introducing Agile principles in their localisation projects.

About the Authors

Luis Gonçalves
Luis Gonçalves

My name is Luis Goncalves and I am an Organizational Transformation Coach. I train and assist companies with Agile RetrospectiveScrum, and Scrum Master training. 


For more information on this topic, you can find different ideas on the list Agile Retrospectives Ideas or, for distributed teams, by clicking on Tools for Distributed Agile Retrospectives.  


For more information, you can visit my website to read my other blogs about Agile RetrospectivesScrumScrum Master, and general Agile topics.  


If you are interested in an online training, I am currently developing several online trainings that can be found: Scrum Master Training

Wim Calleeuw
Wim Calleeuw

Wim is currently working at Symbio as Team Manager of the Localization Testing team in Finland. Initially based in well structured and process driven environments, he has more recently taken experience from a smaller, more agile project based atmosphere in localization testing area.

Wim has many years of experience in project management, sales management and software testing. He has been working in medium and large size companies, mainly within multicultural teams. He has a strong language background, being able to communicate fluently in English, French, Dutch, German and Finnish.

He is also a certified Scrum Master, with ISTQB Certification for Software Testing.

Vasco Duarte
Vasco Duarte

Vasco Duarte is an Agile Coach with a long experience in Agile adoption and software product development. He's worked for companies of all sizes in the product development business. He is also a regular speaker at Agile conferences all over Europe. You can find him on twitter: @duarte_vasco or read his latest contributions at:

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