Wizards Use Vim
Wizards Use Vim
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Wizards Use Vim

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Last updated on 2019-01-22

About the Book

Wizards Use Vim is a delightful and fun introduction to the the amazing Vim text editor.

The book is at a very early stage and is an incomplete collection of rough drafts at this point. You can still join in early, get the book at a discount, experience how a book gets written, impact its development through feedback and admire how it slowly transforms from garbage to a beautiful emerald.

I'll expand on this as I continue writing the book :D

About the Author

Jaime González García
Jaime González García

Jaime is a full stack web developer and UX designer who thinks it's weird to write about himself in the third person. During the past few years of his career he has been slowly but surely specializing in front-end development and user experience, and somewhere and some time along the way he fell in love with JavaScript. He still enjoys developing in the full stack though, bringing ideas to life, building things from nothingness, beautiful things that are a pleasure and a delight to use.

Jaime works as a Front-end Software Engineer at Google. He spends part of his time as a Developer Relations for Angular and Google in the Nordics developer community. He speaks at conferences, writes articles, runs workshops and talks to developers and companies about how they can do cool things with Angular and JavaScript. He also arranges developer community events at the Google Office in Stockholm as a way to support and encourage the thriving local dev ecosystem and put it in contact with other Googlers.

In his spare time he builds his own products and blogs at barbarianmeetscoding.com (long story that one). He loves spending time with his beloved wife Malin and son Teo, drawing, writing, reading fantasy and sci-fi, and lifting heavy weights

Table of Contents

    • A Note About How I am Writing This Book
      • The Process
      • Chapter Writing Status
      • Ok! Sounds Awesome Jaime! But When Should I Jump In And Read?
    • About The Author
    • Once Upon a Time…
    • Preamble
    • A Note From a Friend
    • The Book of Vim
      • What is Vim?
      • Why Vim?
    • A Taste of Vim
  • Apprentice
    • Here Be Dragons
      • Why is Vim So Hard?
    • Getting Started With Vim
      • The Factions
      • Your Vim Setup Throughout This Book
      • Setting Up Neovim
      • Exercise Apprentice of Vim!
    • Tips For Learning Vim More Effectively
      • Exercise Apprentice of Vim!
    • Creating, Opening and Saving Files
      • Summary
      • Exercise Apprentice of Vim!
    • Inserting Text
      • Inserting Code a.k.a. Writing Code
      • Correcting Mistakes
      • Abbreviations. They Sound Boring But They Are Awesome
      • Exercise Apprentice of Vim!
    • Moving Around With Motions
      • Moving Swiftly Inside A File With Vim Motions
      • Moving Vertically
      • Moving Faster With Counts
      • Exercise Apprentice of Vim!
    • Operators
      • Operator + Motion = Magic
      • Repeating With The Dot Command
      • Exercise Apprentice of Vim!
    • Browsing files
      • Exploring Files and Directories
      • Exercise Apprentice of Vim!
    • The Vim Way: Apprentice
      • Keyboard At The Core
      • Modal
      • Composition. The Secret Language of Vim
  • Master
    • More Editing
    • Copy, Pasting and Vim Registers
    • Undo and Redo
      • Undoing and Redoing
    • Visual Mode
      • The One Thing You Should Learn About Visual Mode
    • Inserting Text
    • Splitting Windows
      • Windows And Tabs Wizardry
    • Tabs
    • Moving Around Files
      • Jumping From File To File
      • Jumplists and Changelists
    • Multifile Editing
    • The Vim Way: Master
      • Integration
  • GrandMaster
    • Configuring Vim
      • How Do You Configure Vim?
      • The One Thing You Should Know: How To Define Your Own Key Mappings!
      • Defining Your Own Commands
      • The Leader Key
      • Keeping Your vimrc In Check
      • Update! Videos!!
      • Curious About Setting Up Vim?
      • Abbreviations
    • Improving Your Mappings
      • Remapping Motions
    • Extending Vim
      • Extending Vim With Plugins
      • Get Yourself A Nice Colorscheme
    • Essential Plugins
    • The Vim Way: GrandMaster
      • Customization
      • Extensibility
    • Vim in VSCode
    • Learning From Vim
    • Yet Another Note From a Friend
    • Afterword. Where to From Here?
    • Contributions
    • Acknowledgments (Thank yous)
    • References
  • Notes

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