Быстрое Прототипирование… by Azat Mardan et al. [PDF/iPad/Kindle]
Быстрое Прототипирование с JS
Быстрое Прототипирование с JS


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Быстрое Прототипирование с JS

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Завершенный на 2014-09-10

О книге

Бесплатная копия книги на https://gumroad.com/l/rpjsru.

“Быстрое прототипирование с JS” — это практичная книга которая знакомит вас с быстрым прототипированием программного обеспечения, используя передовые веб и мобильные технологии, включающие Node.js, MongoDB, Twitter Bootstrap, LESS, jQuery, Parse.com, Heroku и другие.

This book is a translation into Русский of Rapid Prototyping with JS which was originally written in English.

О авторах

Azat Mardan
Azat Mardan

Update: you can check out my books and buy them at http://webapplog.com/books.

Azat Mardan has over 12 years of experience in web, mobile and software development. With a Bachelor’s Degree in Informatics and a Master of Science in Information Systems Technology degree, Azat possesses deep academic knowledge as well as extensive practical experience.

Recently, he has worked as an engineer at the curated social media news aggregator website, Storify.com (acquired by LiveFyre). Before that, Azat worked as a CTO/co-founder at Gizmo — an enterprise cloud platform for mobile marketing campaigns, and has undertaken the prestigious 500 Startups business accelerator program. Previously, he was developing mission-critical applications for government agencies in Washington, DC: National Institutes of Health, National Center for Biotechnology Information,Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, and Lockheed Martin. Azat is a frequent attendee at Bay Area tech meet-ups and hackathons (AngelHack hackathon ’12 finalist with team FashionMetric.com).

In addition, Azat teaches technical classes at General Assembly and Hack Reactor, pariSOMA and Marakana (acquired by Twitter) to much acclaim.

In his spare time, Azat writes about technology on his blog: webAppLog.com which is number one in “express.js tutorial” Google search results. Azat is also the author of Express.js Guide, Rapid Prototyping with JS and Oh My JS!

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