Guidebook for Software Architects
Guidebook for Software Architects
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Guidebook for Software Architects

Last updated on 2014-12-16

About the Book

Announcement: 100% of the proceeds from this book are being donated to the Young Minds ( charity!

How do you go about being a 'software architect'? Is this role dead in our world of 'agile' now?

This is a short guidebook for those people who lead software development and are looking for help on what they could be doing and how they could be going about guiding the strategic technical details of a project or product. 

It's all about Objectives, Principles & Outcomes, so let's get scientific about how we approach guiding software architecture.

Here's the current Table of Contents that's guiding the writing:


  • Thriving on Change
  • Innovation and Experimentation
  • Speed and Competition


  • Simplicity
  • Human Comprehsibility
  • Mechanical Sympathy
  • Separation of Concerns
  • Loos Coupling
  • Idempotency & Safety
  • Antifragility


  • BizDevOps
  • Data Flows & Data Science
  • Hexagons, Life Preservers and Change
  • Events & Event Driven Architectures
  • Reactive Microservices
  • MTBR
  • Simian Armies
  • Cloud Native
  • Continuous Deployment
  • Modular Monoliths
  • Systems that are Easier to Strangle
  • Experimentation, Innovation & Competition

About the Author

Russ Miles
Russ Miles

Russ Miles is the "Biker Software Monk" and Chief Scientist at Simplicity Itself, a global consultancy dedicated to helping enterprises get the benefits out of the latest software architectures and data strategies.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
    • Why?
    • It’s an iterative process
    • Trains, Tools, Cafes and Pubs
    • Apologies for any errors
    • Please send me your feedback!
    • It’s so not “Thanks for all the fish”
    • 2015: The Year of the “Geek on a Harley” tour
    • Doing Good: 100% of this book’s (modest) price going to Young Minds
    • Time to get started
  • The Three Guides of an Architect: Objectives, Principles & Outcomes
    • Why Objectives, Principles & Outcomes?
    • Dangers of “Vacuum Thinking”
    • Iterative, and Scientific
    • Communication, communication, communication
    • Empower, and Lightly Enforce
    • Let’s get started
  • Book 1: Setting Outcomes to Guide Software Delivery
    • Thrive on Change
    • Encourage Innovation and Experimentation
    • Speed & Competition
  • Book 2: Routes to Objectives through Principles
    • Simplicity
    • Human Comprehensibility
    • Mechanical Sympathy
    • Separation of Concerns
    • Loose Coupling
    • Immutability
    • Idempotency & Safety
    • Antifragility in Design and Operations
  • Book 3: Measuring Payback with Outcomes
    • Simplicity
    • BizDevOps
    • Data Flows & Science
    • Hexagons, Life Preservers & Change
    • Events & Event Driven Architectures
    • Reactive Microservices
    • Moving from MTBF to MTBR
    • Simian Armies
    • Cloud Native-ness
    • Continuous Deployment
    • Modular Monoliths
    • Systems that are Easier to Strangle
    • Experimentation & Innovation
  • Just the Start of Your Journey … Where To Go To Next

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