Geek on a Harley, the Road to GOTO Chicago: Chaos Tour Book
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Geek on a Harley, the Road to GOTO Chicago: Chaos Tour Book

Stories of production failure, chaos engineering, motorcycles, communities and escapades on the highways of America

About the Book

A travel journal with a difference... In March and April 2018 Russ Miles, the Geek on a Harley and CEO of ChaosIQ, will be riding 5000 miles from San Francisco to the GOTO Chicago 2018 conference doing a free evening talk on many aspects of software development every stop he makes. This book is Russ's story of the journey, written and published during the tour, and woven together from the stories of production failures and incidents he encounters and that likely we all face someday.

Although this book is free, any optionally paid proceeds from this book will be donated to Girls Who Code.

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About the Author

Russ Miles
Russ Miles

Russ Miles is CEO at ChaosIQ where he works with his clients to help deliver simple and valuable software and change.

Russ' experience covers almost every facet of software delivery having worked across many different domains including Financial Services, Publishing, Defence, Insurance and Search. 

Russ helps to change all facets of the software delivery process in order to remove unnecessary and costly complexity in everything from developer skills and practices, through applying the right processes for the job at hand, to ensuring that the right change is delivered, be it through software or otherwise.

Passionate about open source software, Russ worked with SpringSource prior to the company's acquisition by VMware, leading the Spring Extensions project and helping international clients to simplify their software by effectively applying the Spring portfolio of projects.

Table of Contents

  • The Geek on a Harley, Road to GOTO Chicago: Chaos Tour Schedule
  • Preface
    • Raising Money for a Good Cause
    • Some important and heartfelt thanks!
  • Welcome to a Travel Journal with a Difference!
    • 5000 Miles is just NOT enough…
    • Rough, Ready, Raw and with Typos
    • The Tour in Stark Relief
    • The Book’s Point: Let’s talk “Production” and Chaos Engineering
    • Stories and Technical Pit Stops
    • Show me the Code!
    • The Crazy Origins of this Tour
    • “Ok, maybe we could do this!”
  • Part One - The Birth and Preparations for the Tour
  • Starting at The Lowest Point
    • The Highs and Lows
    • The Show Must Go On
    • Fast Forward to March…
  • The Warm-Up Gig: Build Stuff BBQ evening
    • Too many slides, too little time
    • Kicking off with a BBQ
    • Confessions of an Introvert Speaker
    • Jovita Kažemėkaitytė and Women Go Tech
    • Survival in a Forest of Slides
    • Production Incidents and Chaos Explored in Vilnius
    • So long, and thanks for all the lessons!
  • Technical Pit Stop: Chaos Engineering Introduced
    • The Challenge that Chaos Engineering meets
    • The Principles of Chaos
    • More than just Infrastructure
    • Not just about Breaking things
    • Chaos Engineering is an Empirical Approach
    • From Game Days to Automated Chaos Experiments
    • Giving Chaos Engineering a spin with the free and open source Chaos Toolkit
    • More on Chaos Engineering later
  • Second Warmup in Oslo, days to go…
    • When to decide to invest in Cloud Native
    • A great, practical day of workshops
    • Production Stories from Oslo
    • “That time when I deleted the master node…”
    • You have … spam … from us?!
    • Death by Logging…
  • Technical Pit Stop: Observability
    • Questions, not just the Answers
    • Observability across the Sociotechnical System
    • Observability is Crucial to Chaos Engineering
    • Steps towards Observability
    • Demonstrating Observability and Chaos Engineering
  • Part Two - Starting the Tour in the West
  • Chaos in the Bay: The Kickoff of the Tour
    • Getting Proactive with Chaos Engineering, with Kolton Andrus
    • Resilience Engineering Success at LinkedIn with Michael Kehoe
    • Jet lag calling time on the night, and excitement for the road ahead
  • In the Heart of the Valley: Complexity and Disaster Recovery
    • Commoditising Disaster Recovery
    • “Faciliation of Experiments to Uncover Systemic Weaknesses”
    • Getting Ethical in Chaos
    • Bullfrogs and Hot Tubs
  • Technical Pit Stop: Rules of Chaos Club
    • Rule 1: It’s about Learning, NOT harming
    • Rule 2: Chaos is not a surprise
    • Rule 3: If you know the outcome, don’t do the experiment
    • This is just the beginning…
  • Time Travel and Chaos in Santa Monica
    • Loving the Vibe at Carbon Five
    • Capturing Time through Events to get Better Debuggability
    • On to Vegas!
  • Technical Pit Stop: Chaos for the Business
    • Engineering Out of Chaos
    • Continuous, limited scope, disaster recovery
  • Las Vegas, No Stranger to Chaos
    • Small Group, Big Hearts
    • Breaking away to the Grand Canyon
  • That’s not a ride … THIS is a ride…
    • Allan Stewart on Boundaries, DDD and Events
    • Kolton and Lineage Driven Fault Injection
    • Extending and comparing notes on Chaos Engineering Ethics
  • Technical Pit Stop: Let’s get Ethical… Chaos Ethical
    • When arguments happen, look for the common ground
    • The common ground: Skin in the Game
    • Chaos Sadism
    • Chaos Engineering Requires Collaboration (and something else…)
    • Skin in the Game
    • Next stop … Denver (Via Grand Junction)
  • Part Three - Going Central, and South
  • Thrills, and spills, on the road to Denver
    • John, the Enigma of the 7-Eleven
    • Sand is not an acceptable surface for a fully loaded Harley, apparenty!
    • Thunder and Dinner
    • Listen to warnings!
    • Apocalypse (S)now
    • Relief comes easy
    • Harley Brother-, and Sister-, hood to the rescue
    • Downtown Denver: Books, Beauty and People
    • Re-charged, and with a new-found “Respect for the Road”
  • Long & Boring… except when it’s not!
    • Chaperoned by the Moon and Venus
    • Long and Boring, except it when it isn’t!
    • The end was a thing of beauty
    • Texas in bloom
    • Texas BBQ is the best Pick-Me-Up
  • Technical Pit Stop: The Anatomy of a Chaos Engineering Experiment
    • Driving the Chaos Toolkit
    • The Anatomy of a Chaos Toolkit Experiment
    • Experiment Configuration and Secrets
    • Defining a Steady-State Hypothesis
    • Varying Real-World Events with an Experiment’s Method
    • To Remediate or Not to Remediate?
    • Concurrency?
    • Randomness?
  • Hot, Sweaty, and Mighty Fine
    • Bridges and Bayous
    • Relaxation and Contemplation
  • Part Four - Heading North and East (again)
  • Notes

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