Async PHP: Early Access
Async PHP: Early Access
Async PHP: Early Access

This book is 63% complete

Last updated on 2017-08-12

About the Book

This is the uncomplicated and practical guide, to building real asynchronous PHP applications, that you've been waiting for.

It's still brewing, but you can get early access to it, at a reduced price.

Table of Contents

Topics include:

→ Creating an HTTP server

→ Watching for file changes

→ Understanding generators

→ Understanding promises

→ Adding new syntax

→ Testing

→ Using a database

→ Validating input

→ Formatting output

→ Rendering HTML templates

→ Creating a build chain

Planned topics:

→ Using fetch (incl. CORS)

→ Adding web sockets

→ Making HTTP requests from the server

→ Forking and Threading

→ Reading and writing files

→ Deploying and hosting (incl. TLS)

→ What's new in Amp 2

About the Author

Christopher Pitt
Christopher Pitt

I am a developer and writer, working at Over.

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