Rebuilding Laravel
Rebuilding Laravel
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Rebuilding Laravel

Last updated on 2014-08-19

About the Book

This book is part of a set of resources, aimed at learning Laravel from the inside out. Other resources are:

The content (there) will remain free. This book is also free, and I intend to keep it that way. If you have found it helpful, and would like to help me continue to devote a considerable amount of time towards additional content, you can donate by purchasing a copy of this book. Please don't feel under any obligation to do so!

About the Author

Christopher Pitt
Christopher Pitt

I am a developer and writer, working at Over.

About the Contributors

Dean Broadley
Dean Broadley

Cover Designer

Dean helps me with all my book covers.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Autoloading
    • Rewrite Rules
    • Autoloading Files
    • UTF-what?
  • Application
    • Container
    • Application
    • Service Providers
  • Environments
    • Detecting The Environment
    • Setting Paths
  • Start
    • Mcrypt
    • Facade Testing
    • Facades
  • Configuration
    • Sensitive Configuration
    • Plain Old Configuration
    • Exception Handling
    • Timezone
    • Class Aliases
  • Cleaning Up
    • Request Types
    • More Service Providers
    • Booted!
  • Request
    • But What Is It Really?
    • ParameterBag
    • HttpFoundationRequest
    • Creating New Requests
    • And Then…
  • Router
    • Dispatch
    • Filters
  • Route
    • New Routes
    • Matching
    • SymfonyRoute
    • Validators
    • Requirements
    • Running
    • And The Rest…
  • Response
    • But What Is It Really?
    • Getting The Response
    • Response
    • JsonResponse
    • RedirectResponse
  • Recap
    • Initial Study
    • Further Study
  • Basic Config
    • How Do These Work?
    • File-based Configuration
    • Getting Config Settings
  • Environmental Config
    • Trip Down Memory Lane…
    • Specifying Environments
    • Testing
  • Sessions
    • Architecture
    • Manager
    • Store
    • Middleware
    • Multiple Connections

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