The Value Mix
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The Value Mix

Create Meaningful Products and Services for Your Audience

About the Book

Create more exciting propositions:

Creating and launching a new product or service is difficult.

That’s because there are lots of uncertainties. It’s inherent to the process of making something new.

Fortunately, in recent years, the management literature has given us methods: new ways of approaching the innovation process. To you, the words “lean startup”, “design thinking”, and “customer development” certainly sound familiar.

These are great innovation methods!

But here’s the thing…

Even by following these methods, you’re still missing a key element of your innovation journey...

...a framework that helps you create new, relevant, and exciting products and services for your customers.

In the Value Mix, you'll learn:

  • How to turn market data into marketing insight
  • The 4 elements that will help you gain deep understanding of your customers
  • What value means in the eyes of your customers
  • How to make an idea more tangible so the rest of your team can be aligned on its implementation
  • The 6 things your customers have in mind to judge your value proposition

What's inside the book:

The Value Mix is an innovation tool that helps you to do two things:

  1. Know your target customers better to create real value for them;
  2. Build a fully-fledged strategy for your new products and services.

The book is sharp. 75 pages (+ 20 pages from the new edition) about creating meaningful propositions for your customers.

By focusing on the interactions between your customers and your product, this framework allows you to be as accurate as possible. This means capturing enough nuances to reflect the reality of our world.

From a practitioner for practitioners:

The concepts and ideas in this book come from hands-on experience from:

  • My journey building my own business: GoudronBlanc,
  • Running innovation projects and inventing new products and services for Fortune 500 companies,
  • Discussions with fellow entrepreneurs, marketers, and investors,
  • Teaching masterclasses at top business schools, including UCL, London Business School, Princeton, and Condé Nast College of Fashion.

The book also connects multiple disciplines, such as economics, design, psychology, copywriting, strategy, and marketing.

It's for you if...

The Value Mix is for you...

  • If you're also passionate about creating exciting propositions that change the lives of your customers.
  • If you're also eager to understand your customers better.
  • If you want to learn how to better work with your R&D, product, and marketing teams.

So you'll enjoy the read if you are:

  • An entrepreneur,
  • A product manager,
  • An innovation manager,
  • A brand manager,
  • An innovation or strategy consultant,
  • A marketer,
  • An investor.
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About the Author

Guerric de Ternay
Guerric de Ternay

Hello! 👋

I’m Guerric de Ternay. Here's a little more about me:

  • I am the founder of GoudronBlanc, a brand that makes high-quality, elegant T-shirts that gentlemen love to wear;
  • In 2018, I published The Value Mix with the ambition to help entrepreneurs and executives create great products;
  • I am now writing The Opportunity Lenses, which aim to help identify new opportunities in a complex and ambiguous business environment.
  • As I love solving big challenges, I also work as an innovation consultant at ?What If! where we help Fortune 500 companies create new propositions and businesses.

Where to find me:

  • Find my latest reflections about strategy and innovation at
  • Subscribe to my newsletter, Progress.

Reader Testimonials


Short, precise and an easy to read!

This is the perfect example of a book that gives high quality and precise information about what are the fundamentals on creating real value for your customers or potential customers. I really liked it and undoubtly I will use it as a guide to stay focus on the core of a business: the customers/consumers. Being a short, precise and an easy to read book, makes it a perfect tool to use whenever you want.

Tanya P
Tanya P


A great easy read that is concise, thought provoking, and practical. This book will change the way you approach your business strategy and how you view other businesses! Highly recommended.


A book to hack value proposition design

The concept of value proposition is among the most hyped and used terms in the business and startup world. Yet a few really know what it means. Guerric did a fantastic job of explaining the essence of designing products that people want. As the creator of, I dissect businesses and business models of any kind. Thus I'm always in search of simple tools that can be used by entrepreneurs to extrapolate insights about their businesses with the aim of growing them rapidly.

Table of Contents

The book is sharp and short.

- It has many examples to illustrate the tool;

- Each chapter ends with a key question that helps you share your proposition;

- It can be read in one go (90 pages);

- There are many visuals to guide through the Value Mix framework.

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