Unicorns in the mist
Unicorns in the mist
Unicorns in the mist

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Completed on 2014-09-16

About the Book

This is the second and final edition of the book. All of the video content is here.

I have been working in the IT industry for nearly 30 years. The book is my attempt to crystallise what I have discovered working with teams and organisations of various sizes in that time. I believe strongly that there is a better approach than we've always done it that way even though it hurts. Also, if you've always worked in a dull, hierarchical organisation that uses fear and intimidation to get things done when you start out on your own the chances are that's what you will create. If you only have a hammer then everything you look at is a nail.

You can have your cake and eat it, you can have well organised self motivated teams delivering extraordinary things, you can have a disciplined approach which is still fun and doesn't punish people for learning.

This book is assembled from 10 years of blog posts and articles about writing agile software and trying to get things done, plus about the same again as new writing. If there is enough interest in it I will continue to edit and fill in the blanks, otherwise I will leave it and move on to other things.

I got to it via a long road reading a great many books on software development, management and goal setting, as well as banging my head on just trying to get things done without too much pain.

The book is about 170 pages, it has some things in there that will (I hope) make you think about how you do the business of making stuff, whether it's software or something else.

I come from a software development background, but a lot of the things I discuss fit right in with anyone who wants to understand why some things seem to be so hard when they shouldn't be.

You can find more in the about the author section, including how to engage with me as a consultant.

About the Author

Francis Fish
Francis Fish

Born 1959 in Edinburgh. Father was a doctor and university lecturer in psychiatry and Mother had been a nurse. Both were of relatively humble origins. Father had been a prisoner of war. When Francis was about 5 they went to live in Liverpool because Father had been asked to take up the newly created professorship there. They lived in the grounds of the now long-gone lunatic asylum while they looked for somewhere to live. Eventually they ended up living in a big house in the suburbs on the South of the city.

He gained a degree in Applied Statistics and Computing in 1987 and has earned his living writing software ever since. He is a British Canoe Union qualified level 3 kayak instructor and has an ambition to learn to cartwheel his kayak before his 60th birthday. He is married to a six foot red head; they have two children and live in a big house in Birkenhead. He is committed Buddhist. Find out more from his blog at www.francisfish.com.

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